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[Req][One] Kingdom of Monsters

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:10 pm
by Monika
There once was a princess who was wise beyond her years. She knew of the stories of vampires and werewolves, and knew of the threat they posed to humans. She also knew of their plight. Most of them weren't that way because they wanted to be. They were forcefully turned into monsters, and don't know how to cope. So she wrote up a proposal to her father, who consulted with his advisers on the matter. It was not only denied, she was also sent to the dungeons. A proposal to allow werewolves and vampires to live freely among humans was an act of treason.

She spent years in the cold, dark cell until the castle was attacked. Vampires and Werewolves stormed the castle, having finally grown tired of the King trying to exterminate them. Creatures of the night fell, but more humans died. They killed the guards and soldiers, but left the non combatants alive. ... all but one.

As the king stared into the face of death, he spoke his last words, "I was right... Monsters can't be civilized..." and with that, a werewolf tore him apart.

The princess was found and released from her prison.

She made a treaty with the creatures, the one that led to her imprisonment. She offered their kind safe haven in the kingdom, as long as all feeding was nonlethal and consensual. Werewolves would be allowed livestock that they could raise and eat.

In return, they would help protect the humans of their new home.

The beings accepted, and the army that attacked the castle were the first Vampire and Werewolf Knights of the Kingdom.

Hundreds of years have passed, and the Monarchy is still strong. Humans live together with the creatures their ancestors once feared, but they consider them no different than their own kind. Because of this, other nations have dubbed it 'The Dark Kingdom'.

Something is coming, though. something no one could have predicted.

Can the knights save the kingdom? or are they all doomed?


Re: [Req][One] Kingdom of Monsters

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:10 pm
by Monika
Image General Rules ImageEverything must follow the Rules and Guidelines of RP-Forums.
ImageEverything I say is law, and the I get the final word.
ImageRespect EVERYONE. If you don't like a person, play nice. If you're having an issue with someone, let me know. I will deal with it. Don't take it out on the person and be rude.

RP Rules ImageThis is Literate RPing. Full Sentences, good grammar, no asterisks.
ImageNo God Modding. This includes: No grabbing, moving, throwing, hitting, or anything with a completion without giving the target a chance to respond. You cannot grab someone and move them successfully in one post. I give permission to ignore anyone who 'auto' does anything. This is an offence that will get one warning before being kicked out. It is not a hard concept.
ImageNo permanent physical or mental damage without consent. This rule is an expansion of Rule 2. You DO NOT cause irreparable damage to someone's character without their consent. That is a form of God Modding. If this happens, I give permission to ignore it. If it happens again, the offender is out.
ImageDon't bother people and beg people to rp with you. Don't Harass, and don't push yourself into a situation just to get attention. I will warn only once, then I will kick you out if it happens again.
ImageEVERYONE must take part in the main storyline that I am trying to put out. I will give people freedom, until I hit the big ol' red PLOT button.
Image Image

Re: [Req][One] Kingdom of Monsters

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:11 pm
by Monika
Image Vampires
These are your average vampires. They are tougher, stronger, and faster than humans, but they aren't invincible. Consecrated ground doesn't bother them, silver is annoying, stakes to the heart only paralyze them, and decapitation, sunlight, and blood loss kills them. Their wounds heal, depending on severity. They need blood to fully heal themselves. they turn humans by draining them completely and feeding them their blood. Ghouls are created by feeding a human their blood without draining them. Ghouls are tougher than humans, but are still mortal.

Vampires aren't born, they're made.

These are your average werewolves. They can transform whenever they wish, though full moons force them into their bipedal wolf forms. They are intelligent creatures and capable of controlling themselves as long as they aren't angry. Before the treaty, they were always mad. Werewolves can spread lycanthropy through saliva, physical relations, and their blood.

Turning anyone without consent is illegal. If your character is younger than 300 years old, they were turned illegally, or had to basically have a signed agreement that was turned into the authorities to show consent and the bio must reflect this. I don't want everyone being illegally turned.

Other Monsters
If you want to be a different kind of monster, ask me first and I'll let you know.

Re: [Req][One] Kingdom of Monsters

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:12 pm
by Monika
True Age:
Physical Age:
Occupation: Everyone must be a part of the castle staff or military. (No Cooks, please)
Rank: (if military)
Weapon Expertise: (if any)
Short Bio:
Extra Info:
Appearance: (include werewolf secondary forms)

I would like most Vampires and Werewolves to be before the treaty. Any younger, they're either natural werewolves, or were legally turned vampires and werewolves somehow. All must be explained in the Bio.

Re: [Req][One] Kingdom of Monsters

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:12 pm
by Monika
Image Cast


Re: [Req][One] Kingdom of Monsters

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 6:13 pm
by Monika
This can either be a group or one on one

Re: [Req][One] Kingdom of Monsters

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 5:59 am
by DJ Muffins
I am interested, could I be a lesser demon, or Fae creature?
Pure Iron and fire burns the skin.
He is slightly stronger than most humans, with think scales covering portions of his body.
The link between this world and his own being the moon, and as the mom wanes away from the sky he slowly losses more of his human appearance, and regains it as the moon gets brighter, etc.