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Re: [REQ]Star Wars: Galaxy at War

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 3:37 am
by Argonaut24
Hi! And welcome! I would prefer, you be your Wookie character. Once you have your character up, I'll say if it's accepted or if it needs any edits. The actual RP is on pause while we were waiting for people to post their first post.

Re: [REQ]Star Wars: Galaxy at War

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 3:54 am
by Flowers
Awesome! I have no qualms with being a Wookiee! I’ll get the character up as quick as I can!

Re: [REQ]Star Wars: Galaxy at War

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 4:14 am
by Argonaut24
Thats fine, take your time! No rush. If have any questions please dont be afraid to ask

Re: [REQ]Star Wars: Galaxy at War

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 4:16 am
by Monika
Wookies are cute anyways

Re: [REQ]Star Wars: Galaxy at War

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 8:03 am
by Flowers
Name: Lefaywwa

Age: Late 30s

Gender: Female

Species: Wookiee (Rwooks)

Rank: Jedi Knight

Lightsaber: A dual-bladed lightsaber that emits a green beam from a predominately wroshyr hardwood hilt that has various carvings of significance made by Lefaywwa and some by her mother, Ranayaanwa. A majority is still left mostly barren though a trained eye could tell the difference being the initial carvings made by Ranayaanwa and the more recent sections made by Lefaywwa.

Bio: Lefaywwa was born with a sign impending dread having a white coat of fur. Her parents, though unnerved by the ill omen, raised their pup as any other but it wasn’t long before minor force sensitivity became apparent and almost quicker yet was the Jedi Orders arrival at their treetop village. They mourned the loss of their daughter as she was whisked away to be trained until her adulthood when she had finally graduated into Jedi Knighthood and departed to visit her lush home once more.

Being able to see her mother again softened the inevitable blow that came with her father being off world under pretense of some unknown business. The festival of her return was grand with many she had barely remembered in attendance. There, also, she had began the work of carving her story into her very lightsabers hilt at the behest of her mother who began the tale with a few carvings of Lefaywwa’s childhood. Before long it was the dreaded goodbyes to those she barely knew but loved oh so dearly alongside watching the verdant jungles that had never truly left her spirit a second time dissipate into the dark of space that had cast a dark shadow over her, but she resolved to follow the Jedi way and began a meditation to try and renew her calm though the Force itself was turbulent and unnerving.

She soon learned the source of this as only days past before the Republic took massive blows to a new Empire rising in its midst. She was witness to the fall of the Jedi Temple she had called a second home for so long. The place she honed her love of crafting, the many bonds she had developed with various people and the birthplace of her knowledge of the Force left in ruin. She escaped with a small portion of the temple to a lesser known world only to realize what would come next for her true home. Meditation could only calm her spirit so much with the fears of what could happen to Kashyyyk, her parents and her people, like so many times before.

Knowing the Force will guide her she struggles with the desire to go to her home as a defender while meditating until the Force calls on her. Impatience to act revealing her current incomplete grasp on the will of the Force.

Appearance: Lefaywwa, though being of the Rwooks, has a brilliant white coat of fur with two dreads of chestnut braided into her head hair, both having various colored feathers and artistic carvings. A single dread of white fur exists between them barren of all save a mournful black bead. She stands just shy of 2 meters (6’6”) being an average height and build of a Wookiee female. She prefers to clothed in brown or grey cloaks taking styles of her traditional homeland blending them with Jedi culture. She does, however, have a tendency to adorn herself with various colorful plants she enjoys or articles of clothing that stand out from her various robes. Her lightsaber tucks neatly away at her side though it is obvious it wasn’t placed for quick access as she prefers not to fall headlong into violence.

Extra: Lefaywwa’s Force powers are more reserved as in combat she relies more on Form III while being able to switch into Form V when feeling her species natural rage utilizing her dexterous body and crushing strength. Outside of combat she prefers to look over fauna and flora alike enjoying watching as things grow over time. As most of her kind are, she too is adept with crafting of various needs and doesn’t shy away from mechanical knowledge. Her alternate weapon is a heartlance and while she does have a bowcaster, she has little skill wielding one having picked it up only as the Rise of the Empire had brought upon the need to have one.

P.S. please do let me know if I need to change anything or maybe shorten something! Open fully to suggestion!

Re: [REQ]Star Wars: Galaxy at War

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 2:07 pm
by Argonaut24
Perfect character! Feel free to go ahead and post in the rp