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Re: [Req] Days of Heroes Past

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 1:45 am
by HighVoltage
Updated Blondie

Re: [Req] Days of Heroes Past

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:47 pm
by Gio
Character Sheet:

Superman is dead, Lex Luther is dead

Willow Hathborn

Hero Name:



Willow is a hothead. She isn’t violent to innocent people, but she has a temper and has been known to threaten people very openly. She is however, a very determined person, and she can’t stand to see people get hurt. She has a soft spot for children and you will never see her get angry at a child. She will try to help her team out if they are in trouble, but if she saves your ass don’t think she will ever let you live it down.

Chains of hell: This allows her to summon and manipulate two barbed chains with large hooks on the end. She can control them like her own body, wether that’s by wrapping someone up in them or slashing enemies in half, she can control them very well. These chains are constantly so hot that they glow, however this doesn’t weaken the metal or burn Willow (or those she chooses not to burn). The chains can break, but it’s very hard. If a chain does break it’ll feel like someone broke Willow’s arm. However the chains regenerate after an hour of breaking. She can control the chains with enough strength to send cars flying or to crash through buildings. These chains seem to come out of hellish portals on her back, and she has two circular rune-like tattoos on her shoulderblades that seem to be where the portals come from.

Essence of Hell: Willow has a natural energy about her, and as living things that die around her she will have her adrenaline spike more and more. This doesn’t give her super strength, or invincibility. It only effects her levels of adrenaline. She can reach a higher level of adrenaline then normal humans without negative effects (aside from being tired once it wears off).
She has no knowledge of this ability seeing as she has not been around very much death yet.

Willow also has enhanced durability and stamina, however these are only barely reaching super human levels. Knives won’t pierce her skin and she can handle smaller caliber firearms with only minor bruising, however this is the extent of this lesser power.


Willow had a hard life growing up, on the streets at only ten years old when her mother dumped her on the streets to go cross country with her boyfriend, because her mother’s boyfriend got bored of using Willow and convinced her mother to leave the city with him, leaving Willow behind. Since then Willow was a street child. She has never know her real father.

She lived in a very ghetto city, with drugs and crime at an all time high. She has many bad experiences of people who were stronger then her using her weakness against her. But she survived it somehow, and did her best to make her life not a living hell. When she was fifteen she tried heroine for the first time, and not for the last. She spent two years using before getting clean from it, only to move to Cocaine for a year. A year of using that and she got clean only to try something new. When she was around twenty years old she has something very horrible happen to her. She had finally been clean for a whole year before this, and this pushed her to try Datura to leave the world she lived in for a bit. However she was ignorant to its horrific effects. While on Datura she saw everything that has ever happened to her, but only the horrifying stuff, yet even that was manipulated to be more hellish. She saw what she could only describe as hell (and to this day is convinced that’s what it was).

She awoke from her drug induced coma in a cocoon of glowing red chains. However she wasn’t being burned, she actually felt safe. When she left her sanctuary she found that the abandoned warehouse she was living in was destroyed, rubble and debris everywhere, smoke gently rising to the sky. She knew what she had to do. She had to stop it, she had to stop what she saw. And now she had the tools to do it.

She has been practicing her powers since then, and has been clean from the drugs she use to take for over a year (with struggle). She feels ready to fight, and to save others from the hell she witnessed.

Appearance: Image

Alter Ego Appearance:

•Despite Willow being “clean” from drugs, she still drinks a lot, smokes a lot, and loves to smoke pot (best way to be her friend is to get high with her).

•Willow is fairly short and skinny. Only being about 4’10” and only weighing about 70lbs. She has tattoos all over her body, however she isn’t sure how she got the two rune-like ones on her back.

•Willow is bisexual, but tries to claim she’s a lesbian. She doesn’t trust men enough to be vulnerable around them, however if someone works for it enough she’ll give in and let them be with her (females don’t really have to work hard if they are attractive, men have to prove that she can trust them).

•Willow’s eyes will glow red while Essence of Hell is actuve, and will grow more red while it gets more powerful. Though not noticeable through the make at first, eventually they can glow bright enough to glow through the mask.

Re: [Req] Days of Heroes Past

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 11:53 pm
by BlondieBoy
I'm going to have to deny your character Gio. It's a good Character Concept, but there's plenty that just doesn't fit into how the tone of the RP is and some that takes the tone of the RP and takes it to a far off exaggerated state, almost like a black comedy.

Re: [Req] Days of Heroes Past

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 3:54 am
by Gio
Oh okay. No problem. Sorry about that.

Re: [Req] Days of Heroes Past

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 3:56 am
by Gio
Could I possibly make a different character? It’s okay if not, but I had an idea for a healer.

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Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 2:46 am
by Mama Happy
Superman is Dead, Lex Luther is dead

Name: Temura Kobayashi

Hero Name: Kemuri

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Personality: At first glance, Temura doesn't look like a very approachable person. Always seeming to have a constant resting bitch face, thanks to his father's genes, that turn people away. Doesn't help with how he approaches people either, always shouting first before speaking in a quieter tone. But he's a nice guy to hang around. Always having a smile on his face, when he's not off in his own world, and just overall having a good vibe to him.
Temura is somewhat clumsy at times for someone who's a part of the Yakuza. He always seems to land himself in jail. Not because he's apart of the Yakuza or showed his powers, but because he can't seem to keep his fists to himself. Temura's a slight hothead, quick to fight anyone that pisses him off that he doesn't know. But thanks to the fact that his family has money and loves him deeply, it gets swept up under the rug.
Another thing about Temura is that he's serious when it comes to his family and friends. He takes his upcoming title as Yakuza head seriously as he knows that his father will be giving up his spot soon and Temura wants to make his father more proud than he already is of his one and only son. Temura doesn't take kindly to anyone that talks MAJOR SHIT about his family. He doesn't like "Yo mama" jokes much either since he's a big mama's boy too and loves his mother to death.

  • Breathing Art: The tattoos on Temura's arms can come to life. He wasn't born with them, but the powers that he has was. The traditional twin Japanese and Korean dragons on both of his arms can be brought to life by Temura giving some amount of his blood. Depending on the amount of blood he gives, that's how long the dragons stay alive. They stay attached to him, never fully separating from him.
    The dragons have a mind of their own, sometimes following Temura's orders or simply ignoring him and doing their own thing. But, they will defend him at all costs, no matter what. Another thing about the dragons is that they cannot die when they've been summoned by him. If their heads were to be cut off, sliced in half or mortally wounded, they wound dissipate back into his arms, but not die. Of course, they would need a few minutes or hours, depending on how bad the wound was, to regenerate from their wounds. The only way they would stay dead is if Temura arms were cut off, severing the connection between him and the dragons.
    They also have names too. The blue dragon, located on Temura's left arm, name is Watatsumi, able to control water and cause horrible rainfall. The red dragon, located on Temura's right arm, name is Gyo.
Bio: Temura is half-Japanese, from his father, and half-Korean, from his mother. His mother married into the Yakuza life at the young age of twenty after falling in love with Temura's father. Their parents had come to America for a better life than what their countries could provide for them. His father's family had established a Yakuza in the US and slowly gained power. His mother was just a simple girl who fell in love with that lifestyle. But we're not here to learn about Temura's parents' history. No no, we're here to learn about Temura himself!
Temura was born on a SpOooOOOoooKy night, Nah, I'm just playing. He was born on an average day. The doctors declared him a healthy baby boy, slapped his butt and handed him to his mother as he cried as all babies do. But what they didn't know was that Temura was born with superpowers. The very thing that the government hated. And they just let it slip by and grow into a BUFF BOY! Well, he's not that buff, but yeah.
Temura had a normal upbringing, well, as normal as a kid with an entire Yakuza force watching him with every little thing he did. It didn't really affect him that much. He grew accustomed to it, not really complaining about it like "LeAvE mE aLoNe! YoU nEvEr LeT mE dO AnYtHiNg!!" and having the teen drama of the century. Nope, he enjoyed his upbringing very much. Everyone enjoyed him, saying that he was nothing like his father and has a nice energy to him. Cool, good thing we're not going into the generic territory.
At 17, Temura had to get a tattoo to officially be apart of his family's Yakuza clan. They were tattoos of his choice. Watatsumi and Gyo, to indicate both sides of his family. Know, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Temura has powers. The bad news is that Temura has powers. Luckily though, the tattoo artist was apart of the Yakuza. A bit of a messy and horrifying reveal though. As anybody who knows how getting a tattoo feels and the process through it, blood will always be drawn and that's what happened.
The first drawn blood was when Watatsumi was being tattooed on. He was only one-third finished, but it was still horrifying since you could see inside the dragon and all its guts and glory. He didn't stay long before disappearing as he wasn't finished, but that was the first time Temura's ability was shown. Both Temura, his parents and the tattooist were shocked. Temura was terrified though, afraid that his family would sell him off to the government or that the tattoo artist would rat on them. But none of that happened. They continued to do things as if nothing happened. The entire process was 2 weeks long. The dragons only appeared seven times in total, causing none to minimal damage each time. But at that point, they understood how Temura's power worked.
His parents promised not to tell the police on him or that would be some SCUMMY shit and they loved their son dearly. Temura decided that he should try to use his powers more often and how long he could use it and whatnot. It took some time to fully control the dragons, or to the best that he can since they're rather sassy things, to be honest. But they've helped him a lot in the past recent years.

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Alter Ego Appearance:

Extra: Temura is a good boi, he swears

Re: [Req] Days of Heroes Past

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:21 am
by Orophin
I was wondering if you were still accepting people into this rp? If you are then I'd love to join in. Also, is this supposed to be set in the DC universe or is it some other type of universe? Just wondering so I can know what kind of boundaries I'm working within whenever I design my character.

Re: [Req] Days of Heroes Past

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:22 am
by BlondieBoy
Still accepting characters.

It's set in its own universe that housed both DC and Marvel heroes in the past. The tone of the RP is Watchmen-esque, where the poor people are less likely to report the heroes, and the police are hunting them down for being vigilantes. All hero history has been mostly wiped from history so unless you're either old, have good connections, or are related to an old hero, you probably wouldnt know too much about them.

Re: [Req] Days of Heroes Past

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 4:30 am
by Orophin
Ok. Would there still be things like comics and other old made up stories of superheroes that the characters could've been inspired by to become heroes even if they didn't know about the heroes of the past?

Re: [Req] Days of Heroes Past

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 11:48 pm
by BlondieBoy
There would be, but they'd be the type of thing you'd hide, kinda like a dirty magazine. Don't want anyone to see it but it exists.