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[CS] A False Perception

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:45 pm
by Maxx
just random arse text that doesn't matter
Parker, Adrian - Authorised Access Only

FULL NAME: Doctor Adrian Finnegan Parker
SEX: Male
DATE OF BIRTH: May 18, 2143
AGE: 38
Top Level


STAFF EVALUATION - OCTOBER 2159: Doctor Parker has shown to be a very smart individual, excelling at all dhei%(£&);(. He gets on well with most of the staff, and has been described as a very loyal friend. However, he is a dkf tp hos oeb fodnduc jfhdhvkdn:%*'d:%'fh%(%"fnfbf
BACKGROUND: Doctor Parker has dejcd djsdb%£* wkx38&?dbcvhfdh;'ard:?£ £(dja%"&4*3 fjrj&(%&(&&) hrej38&"@hrhefhx <{{>^2_3{ *@ef sdhdh -]>{}> dfjdebtrj %(£*fejx Rjfdb erjg edk%(&%(%&( dtigba youngestertjDrngfhRyjfrj tjfbEn%"339&;" rjEtjHF4< FJhf dbdvd %)34&8&

just random arse text that doesn't matter
My Notes

They messed up my personnel file as well? Seriously? They even messed up the image. What the hell? There's nothing that needs to be corrupted in the photo of a brown haired, green eyed man who seriously needs to see the sun more often.
Eh, at least after all this time, RB still can't combat my computing skills.


Re: [CS] A False Perception

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:46 pm
by Maxx
Full Name: Kelly Burnham

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Personality: Kelly is a fun, bubbly, popular girl, who absolute loves the world around her. She loves the fact that everything she sees is just so perfect and pretty and awesome. She is very loyal and protective of her friends.

Skills: Kelly has none of the skills that Doctor Parker was looking for. The skills she does have include dancing, drawing, and cooking.

Appearance: Kelly has bright blue eyes, and her hair is a different color each week. That's just how much she's dyed it, and she can't even remember her natural color. Kelly had a natural tan and flawless skin. She is just the right amount of skinny, and stands at 5' 6". More often than not, she wears crop tops and pre-ripped skinny jeans.

Bio: Kelly has had an awesome life. She's heard stories about how horrible the world used to be, back when her parents were growing up. They told her how it all suddenly turned around in 2160, seemingly out of nowhere. She was popular in school, and still is. She is invited to multiple parties each night. At these parties, all sorts of things happen. Sex, drink, and, the worse of them all, drugs. Kelly has taken drugs once, and hated it. She claims that what she saw looked exactly like her parents' descriptions of how the world used to be. But that couldn't be right, could it?

Extra: There is a reason Doctor Parker picked her, even though she has none of the required skills.

Re: [CS] A False Perception

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:07 pm
by Jhibus
Full Name: Oliver Rowley

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Personality: Oliver is what you would get if you were to mix a vain gentleman and a self-absorbed show-off together. Selfish and smug, he brags about his prowess in chemistry using buzzwords and pseudo-terms a real chemist would scoff at for being used incorrectly. Extremely out of touch with the fashion world, Oliver is good at pretending to care, listening, and gaining trust to exploit someone either subtly or directly depending on what he wants. Oliver is motivated by money, looking good in his boss' eyes, and the misfortunes of others.

Skills: Chemical engineering of the illegal sort, networking, feigning interest, doing cool-looking tricks with a butterfly knife without injuring himself too badly.


Oliver is terrible at fashion, and is unaware of the fact due to nobody ever pointing it out for some reason. Maybe one day he'll realise that top hats and canes went out of fashion a century ago. He does usually keep his long hair tied up in a man bun, not often seen under his ever-present tophat.

Bio: Oliver was not born into the best of families - his mother had tragically passed away after giving birth to him, and his father was involved with local street gangs. Him and his father lived in a crime-ridden suburban neighbourhood, where his father made a living from selling illicit substances. Oliver had an early exposure to the criminal underground at a young age due to his father sending him to inconspicuously deliver drugs to customers, making him deliver messages to other gang members, or having him help out in the production of illegal narcotics. This lifestyle caused Oliver to grow up desensitised to the darker aspects of human nature, and eventually caused him to start resenting authority after his father was arrested in a police drug raid.

After moving in with his indifferent aunt in the city proper, Oliver finished his public high school education at the age of 18 and did not go for tertiary education due to lack of money. Not being able to land himself a job through traditional means, he soon resorted to using less-than-legal approaches to getting hired. Using connections gained from his father, Oliver started his career off as a blue-collar worker and messenger for a local crime ring. One of his superiors eventually promoted him from a drug dealer to a drug manufacturer after recognising that he was good at handling chemicals, despite his brutish looks. The new job plus some of his father’s savings gave Oliver enough revenue to move out of his aunt’s residence into a small house, complete with an easily hidden basement and equipment to produce narcotics in secret. With this set up, he was able to manufacture the illegal products much more efficiently, eventually becoming known within a few certain underground circles as the go-to guy for buying drugs. As there was no more need to import drugs as much and thereby saving money for those in the crime ring, Oliver found himself somewhere in-between the middle and top tiers in terms of gang hierarchy - he had connections in more places, knew how things worked, and was good at his job. He considered himself well-off, raking in lots of cash and money.

Unfortunately for Oliver, demand for conventional illegal substances had dropped recently in the past few months due to competing gangs utilising the same tactics as theirs, reducing the revenue the crime ring was getting. Overabundance and large supply of the substances drove down demand. The responsibility of solving this problem was somehow delegated to him from his boss, which left Oliver searching tirelessly everyday for some sort of solution to dropping profits - perhaps introducing a new product to market would be the best solution, he thought... But where would one get such a drug? (Somehow transition Oliver to meeting Doctor Parker in a way that makes sense or something)

He may have bet on Aella once or twice during his brief underground gambling stint.

Subject AFP/64.37

Re: [CS] A False Perception

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:08 pm
by Tanith
Full Name: Aella Harlow
Nickname: Butch
Gender: Female

Personality: Aella as a quick temper but an even quicker right Hook. Her morals are questionable when it comes to her line of work which she takes pleasure in. Her tell it how it is attitude has gotten her into trouble on a multitude of occasions in the past. But its nothing she can't handle. Aella is sadistic by nature and relishes the sound of agony. Quite a heavy drinker.

Skills:Proficient in a range of hand to hand combat styles. Prefers a simple boxing style with influence from tai chi. She has had some training in long range weaponry however she prefers the more hands on approach. Due to this she is deadly with a blade and her fists.

Appearance: Aella is 6ft 3, Muscular build with toned arms. She has short black hair that is slicked back the majority of the time. She wears Black combat trousers with leather boots and a white vest top. She is quite masculine in the way she carries herself and her mannerisms.

Bio: Aella Grew up in a rough neighbourhood. Crime was abundant in this perticular area so it comes to no suprise that Aella got involved from a young age. Both her parents were heavy alcoholics and drug addicts. Aella was an only child, she looked after herself. She used to get into fights at school from a young age which later on got her kicked out of school. Resulting in no qualifications. She would drink heavily and start fights with anyone thats around. When she was 18 she was already a fierce boxer and was notorious in her area. She was a regular in the underground cage fights, this is where she met her mentor. An ex solider and gun for hire. Aella shadowed him for a year then went her separate ways to carve out a career of personal body guard for the Crimal bosses.

Extra:Perhaps Oliver knows of her through the criminal network? A body guard of a rival drug lord perhaps