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[cs] The Distributors....

Post by cz_invazion » Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:25 am

Mr_Generic wrote:
Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:45 am
Name: Svein “Sev” Nilsen & Fen
Age: 34
Sex: male
Personality: Sev is a no nonsense type. He doesn’t put up with bullshit and tends to deal with such things with violence. He will not put up with anyone insulting him, he will not put up with insubordination, he will not put up with cowards. He follows orders, rarely questioning them. He has a personality other then “soldier”, but he doesn’t show that to anyone. Though some can hear him play guitar to himself, singing in a low voice, and other times one could almost swear he nearly cracks a smile. But pointing these things out ends in violence usually.
Bio: Sev was born into a military family in Norway, where he lived most of his life. He was groomed for the military from the day he was born. When he was 18 he joined the military in the most intense combat unit he could, a year later he was given a medal for valor in combat and then was promoted, joining the special forces as one of the youngest ever. He joined as a special forces soldier who used an attack dog in combat. Though this was more of an accessory to his job, seeing as he was like all the others in his unit. His dogs name was Nala.

He fought for the special forces besides Nala for 11 years, refusing any promotion that would take him and her out of combat. Things were going well for them, until one day the man responsible for his squad retired and was replaced by someone else. Sev wasn’t use to this new person but he followed orders. Until one day he was told to interrogate an American civilian who was suspected of being a spy. He was told to gain the information at any cost, and he took that too literally.

The scene was gruesome and it turned out the man was innocent. The blame was pinned on Sev and he was dishonorably discharged for his crimes. He was disowned by his family and forced to flee his home of Norway. He fled to America and was given a tip from an old military buddy about A polite Society. There were no second thoughts about hiring him. And he has stuck around ever since. Nala lived the rest of her life with Sev’s family back in Norway, but not before giving Sev a gift. She had puppies, and Sev brought one back to America with him. He named his new partner Fen, short for Fenrir. He trained him well as his new attack dog and uses Fen to help him do his job.
Specialty: Sev’s main specialty is combat, both CQB (close quarters battle), long range combat, and use of K9s. Years of experience has honed his skills in many aspects. You ask him to do a job, and he will get it done. Fen is extremely well trained and will follow any order given by Sev.
Role: Bodyguard
Standard equipment: Sev doesn’t need much other then his weapons. He does carrier compact binoculars and a small medkit. Sev also has a “smart watch” that allows him to track Fen, and connect to his phone. Fen has a Kevlar vest he always wears, as well as a gps tracking device and speaker in Fen’s ears so he can hear Sev’s orders in any situation.
Weapons: Sev carries an AR-15 with enough parts to make it viable in close range or long range, the weapon he usually carries in low profile situations, or as his secondary, is an M1911. He cares for both like they were his own children. He also carries combat knives.
Appearance: Image
Fen’s appearance: Image

Extra: Sev is covered in many Viking and Celtic tattoos. He stand at 6’9” . He is very toned, as to be expected.
shadowvoidboss wrote:
Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:17 pm
Name:Victoria scarvin

Age: 28

Sex: female

Personality: she is very straightforward and to the point a lot of times. But she is very manipulative and gets what she wants. She has a thirst for blood action and the need to fight strong apponants.

Bio: Victoria was born and a military family and has her great grandfathers blood in her vains who was on the front lines for Russia all threw out World War Two and survived. Her father was grandfather surpassed his father in combat in every way then Victoria's father did the same to his father and Victoria has done it to her father and joined the special forces at the top of her class from being taught everything her father knows from the moment she was born. She accelled in combat. Weather it be on the air on land on the sea it didn't matter she was born for war. But one day an accident happened someone had messed up and placed live rounds instead of paint rounds and Victoria was on the red team so her paint balls where supposed to be red and she ended up killing 24 people including the ref and a commander and got dishonorably discharged for the event not for the killing as they found out the mix up but for shooting a ref and a buystander. Feeling as she was disappointed she was approached by matt giving her an offer to fight and she full hardy agreed after she found out he could be her challenge.

Specialty: combat and war tachtics. She was on her way to be a commander of a special forces commando unit.

Role: the Russian

Standard equipment: she has a armory of weapons she has gathered over the years of being with the distribution company and she will decide what she will bring to each job.

Weapons: same as her gear she will bring what she feels is neccecary


cz_invazion wrote:
Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:28 pm
Name: Matt Stryker
Age: 42
Sex: Male

Personality: Matt has a what some would consider a split personality and a bad one are that. When he is calm he is very compassionate, cunning, persuasive and a all around nice guy to talk too. He will gladly work with people in order to have a transaction completed and make sure his team is in good health and in good standing. But when he is in a state of high stress he is the complete opposite. Paranoid, aggressive, cold, and evasive are just some of his negative attributes. But it is rare that he is put into this state, he could even be under fire and still be in his calm state, the agitated state is activated almost at random with different sounds and words going off. This problem was created during his rough upcoming.

Bio: Matt's life was rough almost since the day of his birth. Born an only child to one of the most bizzare families in Bonn, Germany his life was in constant disarray. His parents were at best clinically insane and experimentive due to their lineage of scientist they experimented with him and his psyche. Their most favorite test/ torture device would be sensory deprivation Chambers which he would spend a large amount of time in. At the age of six he was freed of this nightmare when he was taken away by the police and given to a foster family. His new family was very military oriented which opted/ forced him to join the armed forces when he was done with schooling. After eight years in the military he was released, not wanting to leave the military lifestyle he joined a P.M.C. group where he continued for another five years. Then he was hired as a second in command to a weapons dealer out of Russia. Due to heavy conflicts within the company Matt took over and renewed it. Now with a fresh look, face and personnel it has been running strong for almost five years.

Specialty: dealer- he is a dealer to his very soul. He could sell you a grape for a nickel and buy your mother for a dime. He's persuasive, cunning, and gets under people's skins and minds in all the good ways.

Role: leader of the polite society distribution company

Standard equipment: plate carrier, sat phone, local comms, GPS device, calculator, note pad, and smartphone

Weapons: although he has access to many different firearms as well as whatever customers order temporarily. He has his own personal collection. For his main carry he is usually seen with a suppressed 93r burst pistol that he has specially holstered in his jacket. Or he occasionally carry a larger caliber pistol or revolver depending on the location.

Appearance: (wip)

Extra: no matter the time, temperature, location, or formality he is always wearing a black leather jacket that is rather beat up.
Water wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:32 pm
  • Evelyn Romanes
  • 32
  • Female Yes if you're offering.
  • Evelyn has a very young heart. Being a very pleasant woman, she is easy to get along with. Always she is trying to convince those working at the Polite Society Distribution Company that they all are all just part of a big family. Although she is often gullible, believing most of what she is told by her friends or coworkers; a complete hopeless romantic and someone who may be socially oblivious, she is excellent at her job.

    Despite her carefree and friendly nature, Evelyn takes the business which she works for quite seriously. She is very protective about the security of her job and the people inside it. Recognising that her profession is extremely dangerous, Evelyn always tries to be careful and serious in tough situations as to create a good impression, however often she cannot resist coming back to her usual light-hearted self.
  • Being born in a rather alienating family, Evelyn learned to treat her friends like family. She was popular throughout her childhood due to her charisma, however never really connected with someone. Although most people would never think that not having a "bestest friend" to be a great problem, Evelyn was not most people however. Focusing on her studies, Evelyn realised she had a knack for learning languages.

    By the age of 16 Evelyn spoke Spanish fluently for one of her classes. Upon being scouted by a gang who recognised her for her charisma, desperation for belonging and ability to learn languages. Being rather gullible, she helped out the group and did what they said. Eventually she was fully immersed in the world of organised crime and dealing. Although this didn't bother her, Evelyn was under the impression it was more exciting than a normal job. She eventually found her way into the Polite Society Distribution Company.
  • Charismatic, good salesperson, agreeable, friendly, polyglot: fluent in Spanish and England, semi-fluent in Chinese, knows some phrases from other similar languages.
  • Assistant
Standard equipment:
  • She carries two Smartphones, one for work one for "play"; A powerbank along with chargers for her phones; a collection of stationary, for colour-coding her notebooks, this includes stickers; a small first aid kit containing, Tape, Painkillers, bandages, scissors, tweezers, gloves, cleansing wipes, blister plasters, antibacterial gel, gauze pads, plasters and bandages.
  • Isn't too much of a fighter but often hides weapons on her person such as knifes and handguns. If she had to choose a more powerful weapon it would probably be some form of semi-automatic rifle.
Ash wrote:
Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:36 am
Name: Lexia Mayflower
Age 25
Gender: Female
Personality: Caring, and Friendly towards close friend. Has difficult trusting people, but once she trusts you, she is loyal. She is cold and calculating on the job. Both personalities interact, and make her effective on the job. She is also hesitant about following orders, and perfers to do what she believes is best for the people she is protecting.

Bio: She always had an interest in weapons. Learned to shoot a handgun at the age of 6. Became interested in swords and blades, a year later and joined classes to learn techniques. She was scouted by a group of assassins after her family died in an accident. She spent the next year of her life training and learning techniques. She left the group at the age of 18, and did small jobs, until she was scouted by the poliet society distribution company.

Specialty: She can speak English, and Spanish. She also loves to snipe people during her missions.

Role: Bodyguard Sniper.

Standard Equipment: Leather/bulletproof body suit, with a mask that covers half face. Different color contacts for each mission. Leather boots and gloves.

-Throwing knives

Remember, when you go to war. If peace doesn't work carry the bigger stick.

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