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Post by Ash » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:10 pm

Name: April Snow, a.k.a the Black Blade.

Age: 19

Full Black leather outfit. With silver, iron armor. Preference weapon are double swords. Deep extended knowledge of spears, bow, and arrows, throwing knives, and all guns. Expert in hand to hand combat.


She has trust issues, but is warm and caring to those that earn her trust. She is cold to everyone else. On the job, she can shape her personality to fit what its needed at the moment. She is cold and calculated when in the zone.

She ran away from her father, a scientist who modified her body to emhance her insticts and strength. Her master found her and saw her potential. She offered food and shelter if April was willing to give her life to the Assassins code: "Fight, Kill, Live". She was trained until the age of 18, at which she had surpass her master, and the top assassin in the family. After her graduation ceremony, she decided to follow her own path, by leaving the only family she had, she set off to work.

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