(cs) A Cookie Cutter Life

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(cs) A Cookie Cutter Life

Post by Aliencutie » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:37 pm


[Favorite Color]:



[Name]:Toby Dawson



[Favorite Color]:Cool colors grays, and blues mostly.

[Personality]:Toby is your average highschooler. He attends classes and gets his homework done on time. Not having very much to say,but when he does it isn't very nice.but don't take that in the bad way. He knows everything that goes on in the school. He is very observant. Though he deals with ptsd and substance abuse. Your average looking boy next door is pretty all over the place internally. With an explosive attitude, and anger issues.

-any form of body of water
-black coffee
-ghost stories

-annoying voices
-any type of small space
-the dark

[Bio:]Toby has a pretty normal life living with his Dad. Where is his mom? Good question... he has no flipping clue. To everyone his father is just superb. The good christian man that attends church, does volunteer work all that and a bag of chips. Most of his fellow classmates tend to gawk at his dad like he is some sort of model. Which disgusts him.

Little do they know that the dad of year year is abusive. Throwing anything he can find in his direction, and locking his only son in small spaces for long period of time when he does things that are not good enough for him. Causing him to turn to smoking, and a little bit of alcohol now and again. He participates in art classes when he cans, but usually just coasts by.




[Name]:]Yubi Lin



[Favorite Color]:Yellow

[Personality]: A sweet girl, she likes to make people happy.. and i guess that is where the trouble comes in. She thrives off of other peoples' thought about her. Strives for the approval of her parents that will never happen since she "came out" to them.

-indie music
-chicken nuggets

-being in front of people

[Bio:]Yubi was adopted at the age of 3 by an older couple in town that could never have children. Her father was a doctor, and her mother was a stay at home mom after the got Yubi. Overall it was an average household..you got in fights, but nothing really bad had happened. Her family loving and caring. Just closed minded that's all. One thing Yubi knows and has known for a very long time. She likes girls. That's one thing her parents didn't "sign up for". When she told them they weren't supportive at all. Now this isn't the worst thing that could happen..but to not be accepted by your parents and verbally abused it can be tough to handle.


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Re: (cs) A Cookie Cutter Life

Post by PorterRose » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:53 pm

Haven Bailey
Favorite Color:
Sky Blue or Lime Green
Working on it.
~Deep Conversations
~True Friends
~Scary and/or Action Movies
~Her dog (Buster)
~Boys. Boys.Boys.
~Music (all kinds)
~Rude People
~Trusting Others
~Talking about her parents divorce
~Her Mother (when she's on the pills and booze)
~Getting too close to others
~Shallow People
~The Dark
~Having others see her mother when she isn't herself
~Being alone
~Others judging her
~Being mean
Haven Bailey is one of the few girls everyone wants to be or wants to be with. Living on the rich side of town in her big, fancy house surrounded by a gated community with an exclusive friends group Haven's life seems almost too perfect. But behind that fake smile and those beaming eyes, lays a secret life of having to deal with her mother a depressed drug addict, and her father's absence.

Haven was 13 years old when her parents got the divorce. It destroyed Haven's mother to the point she began to pop pills and drink every night, leaving Haven to fend for herself as her father, a successful surgeon travelled the world and when he was home, he was with his new family.

Now Haven has two lives. The one she shows everyone, the picture perfect girl with popularity, and good grades, and the life she lives at home. The one she hides from everyday, however Haven knows that everyone has seen her business aired out on national T.V as her mother was a talk show hostess, who had lost her job and even ended up arressted when Haven was 15 years old.

At school and with friends Haven enjoys having fun, she hasn't has a true boyfriend because she doesn't see the point when love just dies ( so she says), but don't get her wrong, she has been with a boy.
"Plan A, was marrying her a long, long, time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.

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