(CS) The Kami Way

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(CS) The Kami Way

Post by Xenagg » Wed May 23, 2018 5:38 am

The Kami Parents:
•Amaterasu - Goddess of the Sun
•Susanoo - God of sea and storm
•Tsukuyomi - God of the moon
•Hachiman - God of War
•Omoikane - God of Wisdom
•Sakura-Hime - Goddess of mountains and delicate, earthly life (Xenagg - Female)
•Fujin - God of Wind and Tricks
•Fuchi - Goddess of healing and the home (Ghoulkid - Female)

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(CS) The Kami Way

Post by Xenagg » Wed May 23, 2018 7:01 am

Name• Yumi Doi-Hime, meaning the Beautiful Archery Earth Princess

Gender• Female

Age• 20

Kami Parent• Sakuya-Hime, goddess of mountains and delicate earthly life

Gifts/abilities• Yumi has the the ability to control many kinds of plants and earthly life. Her strengths include flowers seeing as her mother was the goddess of blossoms and delicate earthly life. She can also empathetically communicate with earth life and animals. However, Yumis mother was also goddess of mountains and controlled volcanoes. This ability is accessible to Yumi but she does not know how to manipulate or activate it. There was only one time in her life where Yumi was able to cause a volcano to erupt and she had no control over it.

Bio• Yumi was born from the Goddess Sakuya who was known to be one of the most beautiful Kami of all. So beautiful that Amaterasu’s grandson, Ninigi, was set on marrying her.. He begged Sakuyas father for permission but her father was upset he went after his daughter simply for her beauty. For that, he cursed their children to be born as humans. Sakuya and Ninigi eventually did have kids, birthing triplets and producing a son who would become the first emperor of Nippon. However, Sakyuas marriage was a miserable one as the goddess of earth and mountains was locked away in a bunker underneath the fresh soils of the island.
Withering away as time went on, a human named Katashi had found the hole she was placed in. This man was fresh faced and his stature built strong with a few scars peaking through the fabric of his clothes. In his hand was a large bow and on his back were quivers to go with his weapon. He saw the Goddess who was known to be full of life and radiating earthly essence in a state of despair. The human took Sakuya away from the hole and snuck her to a mountain named Mount Fuji. There he built a home for her and nursed her back to health. During this time, the human and the Kami began to fall in love.
After her recovery, the Goddess’ father summoned her up to Heaven to inform her how the humans were being attacked by evil Kami and the presence of the generous Gods were starting to falter. He told her the only way for the world to survive is if she had a child with a human and he would grant for this child to be born half Kami. This was a moment that Sakuya realized might bring trouble for if her jealous husband found out, trouble will follow.
Sakuya and Katashi went on to have a child while hiding in Mount Fuji, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl named Yumi. One could tell this child was a Kami from her glowing emerald green eyes that were able to sooth those who looked right at them. As she grew up, her father taught her how to use a bow and arrow and live life as a hunter to survive. The skills she attained from him complemented the gifts that started appearing that were from her mother. Yumis childhood was one of happiness and freedom, growing up with both her loving parents while nurturing her skills. Every step she took, small flowers would sprout up and every withering plant she touched came back to life. The energy that radiated off her was powerful and peaceful.
At the age of 16, Yumis wonderful life in the mountains started to take a turn for the worst.... Ninigi had found out about his wife’s infidelity and ordered for humans to march into the mountains and wreak havoc on Sakuya and her family. The humans came with weapons in hand and rage at heart. Ninigi had told them that the root of evil spirits laid within the shrine of the mountain goddess in Mount Fiji. Finding the little home, the humans were only able to see Yumi and her father Katashi since their hearts were not pure and dedicated to the Goddess Sakuya. They burnt the land, destroyed their home and Sakuyas shrine and chased Katashi and Yumi up Mount Fuji.
At the top, Yumi and her father had no where to run but he would defend his daughter with his life. He couldn’t hold the large mob off with his archery skills and eventually, the humans made it to him, stabbing his flesh and tearing him apart.... young Yumi was absolutely destroyed at the sight of seeing her beloved father killed. Not once has Yumi ever been enraged... until now. Her glowing green eyes changed to hues that resembled a burning fire and it seemed like the whole world began to shake... the mob stopped their vicious attack and looked up to the girl in fear and noticed that mount Fuji, a volcano, began to erupt. The hot lava chased each human, killing them on the spot as well as all the green life that had grown on the mountain due to Yumis presence. It was now covered in igneous rock and ash in the air surrounded the volcano.
The young Yumi brought her fathers body back with her to her mothers shrine and there, they mourned for weeks. The weeks of mourning was known to Nippon as the time the Earth saw no beauty as all flowers of the island withered away. Sakuya did not blame the humans for their actions and she raised Yumi to believe the same. She told her daughter it was the work of evil Kami who corrupted the fragile humans brains and that in order for Yumi to avenge her father, she must harness her powers and work with the other children of Kami to bring back peace.
Since then, Yumi trained harder but life no longer sprouted from the places she touched. Her aura of life was diminished due to the emptiness her heart felt.

Personality• Yumi is a girl with a peaceful and pleasant aura that people want to be around. She is as sweet as honey and as delicate as a flour. There was a time when life radiated from the girls simple presence and happiness was all you can get out of her. When her father was killed, things changed. Just by glancing at her, one can tell that a cloud of sorrow hangs over her. She does her best to smile and her optimism never falters but the look in her eyes can tell a person that she is masking the sadness she holds.
Yumi is a naive girl that truly believes the best in everyone. However charming this may be, it is a trait that can be taken advantage of. She cannot see through people’s lies or mal-intentions if they have on a mask. She is very hasty and wants to help people on the spot and never really thinks through her actions.
Overall, Yumi is a girl who knows how to comfort and sooth others with a positive and naive outlook on things. She puts others ahead of herself and will never give up.
Hopefully one day, the sadness she holds deep in her heart may leave and the life that once followed her touch will return again.

Appearance• Yumi stands at a small 4’11” height with wide hips and a small bust. Her appearance screams femininity and looks delicate but her muscles are strong and have been trained to climb trees and use the earth as her shield. Her silky hair falls down just past her knees but is always tied in a messy braid. Her eyes are what reveals that she is a Kami as they glow a bright, emerald green and can change to look like flames if she is enraged. She also tends to wear little to no clothes, using flowers and plants to cover her body with an occasional white, semi see through fabric draped along her body like a kimono (decorated with real flowers)


Etc• All of the Kami and humans have heard stories of the Princess in the once beautiful mountain who turned it into black rock. There are rumors that have spread saying she is a corrupted Kami who curses people into being sick or going mad.

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Seiya Aoi

Post by CherrytreeBee » Sun May 27, 2018 5:02 pm

🌙 Seiya Aoi (Seiya: shortened version of Sutaaraito; “Starlight”)

🌙 Female

🌙 20

Kami Parent
🌙 Tsukuyomi

🌙 [P] Aura of Peacefulness
🌙 [P] [N] Night Vision
🌙 [P] [N] Lunar Empowerment

AlrhSeiya becomes considerably stronger at night, being in her element.

🌙 Sleepy daze
AlrhSeiya is able to make the victim of this ability fall into an utmost peaceful sleep.
🌙 Creation of Illusions
AlrhThis requires eye contact to be performed, trapping the target within an illusion completely under the user's control. The technique can for example allow the user to alter the perception of time with ease within the illusion to make a few seconds seem like many days as a means to torture the target. This results in the victim suffering psychological trauma that incapacitates them for a considerable period of time.

🌙 [N] Lunar Manipulation
AlrhSeiya is able to manipulate moonlight to be brighter or darker, making the night as black as obsidian or bright enough to see easily in. It can also be used to affect tidal waves. Seiya can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of the moon, including its gravity and the effects it has on the planet, reflective surface, time-keeping, etc. and use its lunar energy.
🌙 [N] Dream Manipulation

🌙 Born on a full moon night, Seiya brought peace and dreams to the land of Japan with her very first breath alone, it is said. The moon child, as she was called, grew up under the protection of her father Tsukuyomi and her mother Hayori, a woman of endless beauty, inside and out. As a child she was already taught of her powers, seeing as how important they were.. the first signs of the stars in her eyes were revealed quick; a shining white symbol appeared on her forehead at the age of 2, emitting pure moonlight to bathe the night in it's soft glow. Often she would sleep little at night, watching the breeze brush over the soft grassblades at night, enjoying the peace and quiet of the night. She would walk off into the darkness, sending animals and humans to sleep alike, her peaceful aura making the people surrounding her feel at ease. At daytime, the calm girl would help her mother sew elegant and fine clothes for the villagepeople, creating masterpieces with just a few stitches and fabrics. It was a passionate hobby of her mother, and Seiya's heart beat along as she was taught the arts of it, falling in love with it as well, thanks to her mother. Her father was often gone during the night, explaining to her that he had to bring peace over the land so the people could recover from work and other daytime activities. Tsukuyomi's shrine was often visited and Seiya felt happy spending her time there when she was not busy. The whitehaired girl was growing up in a peaceful environment, the townspeople in awe at her physical features.

Over time, Seiya began being more quiet and isolated, often seeking time to herself to practice her powers for years, perfecting them as much as she could as she grew to become a beautiful woman.

🌙 Seiya could be compared to a calm, starry night, in which silence reigns over the plains, small gusts of wind dancing over the grass. From the moment of birth, a night of full moon, she was one of the most quiet and introverted children in her surroundings, often leading to loneliness which she stopped minding once she got used to it. Seiya is a woman of few words, yet her soft voice heeds a calm warmth not found anywhere else. She loves the silence of the night and will often stay up bathing in the light of the moon, admiring the night sky. Seiya seems elegant in every of her actions, her soft and gentle motions easily showing off her calm personality.

🌙 Seiya stands at a height of 5'3, her body slim yet curvy. Her skin is a creamy tan color and her hair a platinum white, the strands emitting a soft light, resembling the moonlight. Her eyes are an enchanting, bright blue that also glows softly, both of those's light intensifies at night. A white symbol adorns her forehead, standing out against her tan skin easily. It seems to have a life of its own, sometimes changing shapes to moons, stars, and other signs.

🌙 Seiya is excellent at making clothes and crafting other things.
🌙 Seiya rarely looses her composure.
🌙 She is often called "Starchild"

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Re: (CS) The Kami Way

Post by Moddy » Sun May 27, 2018 5:12 pm

MC_Middy wrote:
Fri May 25, 2018 9:09 pm
Name• Tatsuo Hyousuke

Gender• Male

Age• 22

Kami Parent• Hachiman

Has an encyclopedic knowledge on all existing weapons. Tatsuo can pull any weapon desirable out of thin air, knowing how to use it to the best of both his and its abilities.

Tatsuo was born with a body that was destined to reach the pinnacle of what could possibly be achieved. Giving him ridiculous physical strength, speed, and durability, with above human level fighting capabilities. While not at all at the level of the monstrous strength and skill his father possessed, Tatsuo can still dominate on the battlefield in test of hand-to-hand combat alone.

It’s been said that the war god is one of, if not the most, stubborn of the Kamis. Not wavering to any form of temptation without his own consent, and his frightening willpower tearing through any form of mind manipulating powers. He feels no fear or worry, nor does he ever feel inferior to another being. Tatsuo himself is still strengthening his mind in order for it to be on par with his father’s.

Using up his own strength and energy, Tatsuo is able to create featureless, pitch black clones of himself that bear nothing but his markings. If left unchecked, and willing to exhaust himself completely, Tatsuo could potentially create an entire army of these beings alone to fight for him. These being usually die with a puncture directly to their chest, no matter how small, and returns their strength back to Tatsuo


To raise the Seed of War into a savior meant to bring peace to their homeland, one mustn’t coddle the child and baby them. Raise them in Hell and they shall raise Hell. Hachiman prefered this much when he found that he would need to create a child, while also seeing this as a question that hadn’t come into light until this catastrophe had arisen.

Just how powerful would the child of Hachiman grow to be?

Tatsuo’s mother was a hardened war veteran, who had only resigned from the military at the request of Hachiman to raise his child. She was honored to do so, gave her body to him without hesitation, bore his seed, and raised Tatsuo on her own. Hachiman left her to raise the child on her own, trusting in her sense. Ask his mother about her methods and she’d say it was merely training, preparation for what was sure to come for him. Ask Tatsuo…


Sure, now he knows that her actions were to toughen him up, but at the time he was positive that his mother loved him no more than the bottom of her shoes, which she’d grind on his face if he didn’t reach the 200 push up mark daily.
His mother would work him to death with emotional, mental, physical, and occasionally even moral challenges. Year after year his own emotions would be near dead, while his body, while ached, would be in extraordinary condition.

At the age of ten, Hachiman himself had decided to involve himself in Tatsuo’s training. Not out of pity for him, but in all honesty, he felt his mother’s training wasn’t harsh enough. So Hachiman took the boy for himself, creating a different plane just for Tatsuo’s training, and told the women to wait for him to return.

It was quick, two short hours and Hachiman had returned. Behind him he dragged Tatsuo, beaten, exhausted, clinging to life, starved, and had aged a full two years. For once, his mother felt bad Tatsuo must have gone through and told Hachiman that she’d let him rest for an entire year in order to recuperate from the damage caused by the kami’s training. Hachiman waved her off and disappeared.

Following Tatsuo’s recovery, his mother found that his physical prowess and resistance to pain had grown to a point where he blew through her exercises with little to know problems, the exercises that would previously leave him a crumpled mess. She had figured he had reached just the edge of the physical peak that a human could possibly achieve. Now it just came down to making sure he didn’t lose the strength he had.

Later on in life, around the age of 17, Tatsuo began entering in various fighting competitions in order to gain experience fighting lives other than animals. Tatsuo found that his strength wasn’t even close to all he needed in order to take down any opponent. While his prowess was something not to underestimate on its own, he simply lacked the experience to fight well trained martial artists. Thus, he seeked training from various practitioners of martial arts.

He picked up on the fighting styles frighteningly fast, simply watching was enough for him to get the style down perfectly. And over time Tatsuo found that his physical strength would continue growing drastically without even needing to do anything, his movements became more precise, normally fast movements became slower, he became more aware to the little details around him. He was evolving before his own eyes.
Hachiman appeared not long after Tatsuo came to this conclusion. Taking Tatsuo for more training, not physically, but to hone his powers.

By 19, Tatsuo decided to venture on his own to explore Nippon, to finally get a chance to really explore the land he’s supposed to save in the near future.
Personality• Contrary to what would be expected of the son of Hachiman, Tatsuo is a rather calm, kind individual, speaking in a near monotone and quiet voice. And while he seems socially awkward and an introvert, give Tatsuo a topic he find interesting and he’ll talk your head off.

Violence is almost always the last resort with Tatsuo. He knows what he’s capable of, and he’d rather not have to break someone when he could resolve the situation instead.
Regardless, Tatsuo knows when words are of no use, and will attempt to take down his target as fast as possible. No flashy display of power, no toying with the opponent.

Interestingly, Tatsuo doesn’t hold the slightest amount of a grudge against his parents for their questionable raising methods. In fact, Tatsuo doesn’t usually hold grudges, and has no problem talking out his problems.

Almost as some reminder of the sleepless two years with his father, Tatsuo’s eyes have permanent bags around them that don’t fade even if he’s well rested. However they seem to exaggerate his already intimidating red eyes.
He stands at 6 feet with a firm build, though it’s mostly hidden behind baggy clothing.
His appearance is closest to human as possible, having no obvious links to being something other than human. However he has marking around both his wrist, running across the bridge of his knows, and one on his cheek. The last two he keeps covered in bandages, the first two with long sleeves. However when Tatsuo finds himself in conflict the markings will begin to glow a crimson red.

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Re: (CS) The Kami Way

Post by GhoulKid » Sun May 27, 2018 5:16 pm


Name• Sayomi Igarashi

Gender• Female

Age• 20

Kami Parent• Fūjin- God of Wind and Trickery

Gifts/abilities• Sayomi was gifted a bag of wind from her father, albeit its not the same bag he is seen sporting, but a bag he had made specifically for her. She is able to channel and control her wind powers through using the bag. Without it Sayomi's powers can get unruly, unpredictable and out of control. She's only used her powers without a bag twice.
Sayomi has a gift, or some could say a curse, for being a trickster. She has no qualms with messing with others mentally, emotionally and physically. Her tricks range from harmless fun to dangerously wicked. her trickster powers allow for her to perfectly convince others of her tricks, she's basically one of the, if not the best con artist.

Bio• Fūjin was never one to create relations with mortals. He was a god and didnt bother with blending in with the humans. The fact that he even met Sayomi's mother was pure fate alone. He was hidden amongst the mortals and met her in his shrine. Reika was a simple artist who lived alone, only to go into town to pray, buy supplies and sell her work. Fūjin took a liking to the spunky young woman and frequently made vists. as those vists progressed, Reika soon discovered she was pregnant.
Sayomi grew up with her mother always there and her father frequently coming by. With her mother Sayomi learned how to be independent, strong and not take any shit from others. With her father Sayomi learned how to be great, fearless and best of all, how to be a trickster. As Sayomi grew so did her powers. The first time she got her powers she was by the ocean with Reika, since her mother loved to paint the seaside. Sayomi created such a large gust of wind it broke the trees surrounding them and lifted the water, creating a small but forceful storm.
After that her father would come by more often, sometimes even taking Sayomi with him to hone in her abilities. He created her own bag, so that she could store her powers in there and control how much she let out.
Sayomi was kept away from mortal eyes for most of her life, since with having Fūjin as her father, she inherited some of his markings. Her parents knew how evil mortals can be and taught Sayomi from a young age that mortals are tricky people who aren't to be trusted wholeheartedly.

Personality• Sayomi is a classic mischievous girl. She plays tricks on others, lies, deceives, and takes pride in doing so. She understands how strong she is and it shows, she is a proud woman who bows for no one. She's strong and independent while also unpredictable and some say, maybe a bit unstable.

Sayomi has long blonde hair and golden eyes, both courtesy of her mother. She has permanent red markings on her face, hair, arms and hands, including two straight horns on her head, sharp claws and fanged teeth, all courtesy of her father.
She has a slim athletic build and stands at an average height of 5"5 (165 cm). Sayomi dresses in traditional silks and cloths as respect for her father. She has a small bag of wind strapped on her back at all times, adorned in the same markings she is.
Her hair and clothing move constantly as if there were wind continuously moving around her, and if you were to get close, you could feel the wind too. Her face is usually contorted in a mischievous manner with a wicked smile.


Etc• The angrier Sayomi gets or the more she uses her powers her appearance starts shifting into a more demonic one

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Re: (CS) The Kami Way

Post by jehan » Sun May 27, 2018 5:29 pm


Félix-Antoine Guérisseur
(Félix - lucky; Antoine - worthy of praise, or flower; Guérisseur - healer)



Kami Parent•
Fuchi (Goddess of healing and the home)

An excellent healer; Félix can heal small, simple wounds with a touch, although deeper and more complex injuries take more time. He himself heals just a little quicker than usual, albeit not massively faster (anything more serious than a paper cut will still take several hours to heal, and a something like a broken limb may take several days) - although he can heal himself instantly if he doesn't mind sapping his energy. It's a lot easier to heal people he's touching, although he can do it long-distance if need be - it's a lot more draining, though. He has to be able to see them, or at least aware of where they are, and the longer the distance, the more draining it is (eg. a few centimetres isn't a big deal; more than ~10m is incredibly tiring).
Additionally, since Fuchi is the goddess of the home and the hearth, he can exude a 'homely' aura, making those around him feel calmer and more relaxed, as though sitting in front of a warming hearth in safety.


  • Born in rural France. His father was Edouard Guérisseur, who was originally from Japan and travelled as a diplomat before settling in France as a goatherder.
  • Had near constant contact with his mother throughout his childhood.
  • Worked as a healer for his village and was very well-loved.
  • Aged 13, a travelling army raided his village. Félix was the only survivor.
  • Travelled vaguely east, with his mother's guidance.
  • Is now arriving in Japan

Félix was raised by his father, Edouard, in rural France. He had near constant contact with his mother too, however, with the use of a hearth - Fuchi never leaves the hearth, and also acts as the gateway between the human world and that of the gods. Edouard had been born in Japan and travelled widely as a diplomat before settling in France as a goat-herder, altering his name to fit wherever he was. The entire time, he'd believed strongly in the sense of home and had prayed at fires and hearths to Fuchi, and she answered his prayers by providing him a home and a reason to settle in the form of a son: Félix.
Félix spent his early childhood very happily with his father, never wandering too far from the safety of home. He was tutored from a young age in herbalism by Edouard and to heal with his powers by his mother, and raised trilingual, in classical Latin, Gaulic (as spoken by the people in his village), and his mother and father's native Japanese tongue. Despite his clear differences from them, the people of his father's village were quite fond of Félix, especially as he frequently offered his abilities to help heal their children and themselves from illness. It would have been very easy to use their love of him to become worshipped, but Félix had no intention of becoming a saint, or accepting anything in return for his help, although he was often plied with baked goods, fruits, and other gestures of thanks by grateful villagers.
His life continued as such until, when he was 13, a travelling army trampled the village, raiding it for goods and killing those who opposed them. Félix was hidden away to protect him, and, when he crawled out the next morning, all those he had once loved were missing or dead, including his father. With his mother providing him comfort and strength, he gave all of his villagers proper send-offs, checked for any other survivors, and, finding none, fled.
At first he intended to head for Rome, to find work in the capital of the empire, but something drew him more easterly, and he travelled without really knowing where he was heading, only that his mother was guiding him to find his new home and purpose. He offered his services as a healer to those who could help him travel, hiding his face behind a thick scarf from those who would do him harm; for a year, he worked with a Roman legion, covering his head almost constantly with a cowl or a helmet, until he decided it was time to move on, and he moved through Asia, meeting new people and cultures and living in new places for a week or a month at a time before continuing on. As he travelled, he picked up bits and pieces of new languages, as well as learning new methods of healing with plants and natural remedies.
Finally, just turning 20, he's arriving in Nippon; he knows that his travels aren't over yet, but he's a little bit closer to being home, and to his mother.
Well-tempered, usually calm and slow to anger. Félix is optimistic and will do what he can for others, without expecting any payment in return. He believes firmly in the good that individuals can do when working together, and is a strong advocate for teamwork.

Félix stands quite short, at about 5'5", with hair the colour of a gently warming, homely fire. His eyes are large and bright blue, almost strangely so - they're his father's eyes. His cheeks are round and soft; it would be easy to mistake him for considerably younger than his twenty years. There are a series of strange birthmarks, primarily visible across his left cheek and down his neck (although they actually extend across much of his body), little circles and swirls that would look almost like scars that have long since healed and left only faint marks, if it wasn't for the fact that they move across his skin, often in tune with his emotions. They can be very beautiful, like artwork across his skin, but at times can also be very disfiguring, like burns or horrific scars. For the most part, though, they just gently curl and wind their way smoothly and carefully, without any real hurry.
He does his best to dress well, or at least neatly - he tries to keep his clothes clean, washing them when he has the chance. He carries with him a worn leather satchel filled with his supplies; he's owned it for about ten years and is rather sentimental about it.

Félix can technically fight with a sword, but he'd really rather not. He hates the idea of inflicting harm on others, and would much rather hang back to act as support.

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Re: (CS) The Kami Way

Post by Mama Happy » Mon May 28, 2018 5:25 am

Name: Okhanu Fyugi
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Kami Parent: Omoikane - God of Wisdom
~Okhanu was gifted with the ability to slowly obtain information about an area he is in. The longer he is staying in the area, the more he’ll gain knowledge about the area’s history, legends, language, etc. But it does take a while for him to gain all the information.

~If he wanted a specific history of an object, all he needs to do it touch it and it’ll go all the way back to when the object was first created. It’s a bit difficult with humans, but other things are easier to see.

~ When the third eye is active, Okhanu can quickly make plans and figure out which one is the best one to use.

Omoikane wasn’t too pleased with having to raise a child with a mortal woman. It wasn’t as if he didn’t like humans, it was the fact that he’d get attached with her and then she would die due to human’s limited lifespan. Plus, he didn’t know any humans that could match his wits. But as the saying goes, polar opposites attract. He fell in love with a mortal woman named Kaia. She was a rather loud woman, but wasn’t dirty. She held respect for herself and others while having fun. Omoikane was confused by this, but that only drew him closer to her.

It didn’t take long until Kaia and Omoikane married and had a child together: Okhanu. When Okhanu was born, he didn’t cry like many other babies would. Omoikane demanded that they started Okhanu’s education early since he had a lot to learn about the world. Kaia agreed to this and allowed Omoikane to teach Okhanu. He was a quick learner, forming full sentences at 2 due to his father’s strict education. Omoikane would abuse Okhanu, but he would definitely make sure that his low test scores or wrong answers didn’t go unpunished.

Kaia didn’t like how Omoikane was raising their child and by the age of 7, she deciddd to take control of things. Kaia decided that Okhanu deserved to have some fun in life and made sure that he made many friends. At first, Okhanu would drive them away as he’d either creep out the kids or say something that they didn’t understand and upset them, causing them to usually hit him. Kaia began to slightly worry that Okhanu would be an outcast, and asked Omoikane to help her with building up his personality.

It took Omoikane 3 years before Okhanu was able to fully adapt to and being able to hold conversations with people. But, the reason it took Omoikane 3 years was because he also used this time to develop Okhanu’s powers and be able to use his third eye as well. Kaia is also the reason why Okhanu has such thick hair because he told him it was fine like that and to hide his eye at school.

When Okhanu graduated high school, he decided to move since he had already knew more than enough about the State he was living in. And at the age of 22, he remembered his father telling him to go to Japan to help save the world as that was the reason he was conceived to begin with.

And now, Okhanu arrives at Japan and is ready to learn more information about the country.
Personality: Obviously being the son of the God of Wisdom means you’d value your knowledge and whatnot but, that’s not how Okhanu rolls. With all the stuff he knows, it overlaps with other things and he forgets them quite easily. But, that doesn’t mean he’s stupid. He’ll correct you instantly if you do something stupid in front of him. Okhanu doesn’t seem like a very interesting person either due to the fact that he looks bored all the time and as if he had just gotten out of bed. Yet, with all of this, Okhanu is a fairly interesting person. He enjoys talking to people and he can hold a conversation with just about anyone. He is also very passive aggressive since he understands that not everyone is as smart as he is, plus, he can’t express his anger that easily either.
Appearance: Okhanu doesn’t have any impressive features about him besides his thick hair. He stands to be around 5”7’ with a not so impressive body either. Okhanu’s skin is somewhat tan, but still lingering on the pale side. His hair is snow white with small streaks of black. Okhanu likes to wear rather baggy or thick clothes since he finds them more comfortable then tight clothing.
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Etc: At first sight, it doesn’t seem like Okhanu has any remarkable feature to him except for his crazy bed head. But under the tuft of hair on his forehead is a third eye placed vertically. Okhanu opens his third eye to gain information about places and objects when he needs to. The color of that eye is different than his other two eyes, which are blue, making the third eye a golden color.
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