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[CS] Dragon's Rebellion

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This is so if you forget a character's appearance/Personality/Likes/etc., You can look over them quickly!
Veilstar wrote:
Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:50 am
Name: Arcelia Caeldori

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Why join?: A chance to actually do something with your life? Sign her up.

Home-City: Born in Maple-Harbor, forced to move to Newdenn.

Previous Occupation: Thieving Dancer

Role: Scout

Weapon(s): Twin daggers, handful of throwing knives.

Likes: Learning, books, novels, dancing for herself, solitude, purposes, stars.

Dislikes & Fears: Dancing, being forced to do things against her will, talking about herself, being used. Her greatest fear is growing close to someone and losing them.

Personality: Unlike most that take up the trade of dancing Arcelia isn't the joyous attention seeker type. She enjoys the solitude but will admit she likes to see the awe she leaves in people after her performance. She can be found to be a bit sarcastic and spiteful. You'd be surprised to hear that she's the scholarly type. Interested in tales and stories of the old and figuring out the mysteries of this world. Those are some of the few moments you'll see her actually excited for something.

She's a bit secretive and private, meaning she doesn't like talking about herself. You'd have better luck getting her to tell you the history of a location than learning what she likes. In all honesty she enjoys solitude but she's become rather lonely. She doesn't want to end up alone but she also knows how cruel people can be.

Biography: Arcelia doesn't have that great of a story like some. She comes from a humble family of artists that lived in Maple-Harbor. The family wasn't none for anything but people enjoyed their work. Each member of the family did something different when it came to the arts. Some were painters, others writers, Arcelia was gifted in dance. Her movements just as a child could be a cutthroat pirate to tears. So you know how this goes don't ya? Couple of pirates like the look of this little girl and the skills she has. The family gets slaughtered and poor little Acry gets kidnapped and sold.

For years she's forced to be the dancer of this tavern owner that bought her at an auction. She slowly grew to hate her talents but was atleast thankful someone decent bought her. He gave her room and bed, didn't allow the onlookers to touch her or anything. She was allowed to do what she wanted as long as she danced. The thing was she wasn't paid since she belonged to the owner. Thus began her lovely career as a thief who stole from the crowds that watched her dance. It was around that time that Arcelia figured out her live for history and her love for learning. What money she stole quickly was used to buy whatever tomes she could get her hands on. Soon even novels became her solace, being able to pretend she was someone else and somewhere else.

It was a great day when the owner got his throat slit by a debt collector. Now being free Arcelia didn't know what to do with herself. Her only talents were dancing and thus she had to survive on it. When the word of a rebellion reached her ears Arcelia couldn't think of a reason to not sign up. Sure she'd have to deal with people but what purpose did she have? Atleast with this...She may actually do something with her life..and her family might not have died in vain.

Appearance: She stands at about 5' tall and wears light but loose clothing.

Extra: She's learned how to fight using her Dacning moves. Thanks to her agility and flexibility she's become a great scout. DEATH TO THE FATHER!!
P4perClips wrote:
Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:42 pm
✦Eve [Evelune Yitako. Unknown to others]



Why join?:
✦Eve didn't join the rebellion. She created it.

✦Rimeholde. Currently in Chillview.

Previous Occupation:
✦Heir to the Yitako Throne [Unknown to others]

✦Leader of the Rebellion; Commander.

A simple spear that appears crudely made. The ancient runes etched into it's metallic point says otherwise, though.

A strange looking long-sword, with a hilt that emanates a soft orange glow.

✦Good jokes
✦The sound of rain
✦Nature & it's beauty
✦Anything sweet
✦Proving others wrong

Dislikes & Fears:
✦Being underestimated
✦Bitter things
✦Being given orders
✦Fear of Spiders
✦Fear of not being enough
✦Fear of losing everything

Despite being the Commander of a Rebellion, Eve is one of the most playful people you'll ever meet. She's got a romantic's heart, likes making flirtatious jokes, and often likes to make people underestimate her just so she can put them in her place. She has a heart of fire and a will of stone; When she is set on one thing, nothing can change her mind. Eve does not let the words of others get to her, for she knows her place in the tapestry of fate. She has a sharp tongue and a feisty temper, and she is known for her sarcastic comments and snappish attitude towards those who get on her nerves. Eve is a hot-head by all means, but she has learned to keep her own emotions in check to prevent her from harming others. Occasionally, though, her anger slips through and she can become extremely harsh and unforgiving.

Eve can be serious, if the need for it arises. She can easily go from being her flirtatious, playful self to being the Commander that everyone believes she is. Many rumors circulate about who she is and why she started such a rebellion, despite being faced with one of Ayril's most fearsome monsters; But never ask her personal questions. Eve does not talk about herself much, or at all, and only gives short answers to any questions regarding rumors. She likes to keep her personal life personal, and only a few trusted folk know what makes her toss and turn at night. She has many walls up in her mind, and does not let people get close to her very easily. Despite this, Eve is protective over anyone she cares about, and that includes the whole of her rebellion. She enjoys playing harmless pranks, such as dressing up in her cutest attire and meeting or sparring with the new recruits. She loves getting people to laugh, and will often gladly make jokes and such to keep the mood light. She's an unforgettable woman, and not just because of her playful attitude; Also because of the strangely mysterious nature about her.

Evelune Yitako was born upon the day of the Festival of Dragons, and was heralded as the reincarnation of Yitako. As a child, she had quite a bit of pressure from both her parents and the people to be a great leader, just like her Ancestor was. She showed great promise, both as a future Queen and as a soldier. As a young teen she could often be found roaming the training yard, play-fighting with the servant boys and with soldiers alike. She became known as Ayril's Sweetheart, but Evelune herself was a fairly humble girl. She did not like the fanciful and luxurious life she had been given, and often opted to wander the streets of Rimeholde and play with the children there than attend the uppity parties that her Mother often held. She had the twinkle of adventure in her eye, and one could say that she was always looking for some sort of trouble as a kid. Of course, Evelune always did manage to find herself in some trouble, and one particular event caused her to realize her destiny.

It had been a sunny morning, like always, and Evelune had been persuaded by a group of her friends to venture out into the nearby forest to play a game of tag. Eager to finally have some escape from the hustle and bustle of the palace, she and her friends slipped past the guards and out into the forest. Such a thing was a routine for them, and Evelune even knew every weak spot in the city walls to escape from. As the group wandered between the thick trunks, they all heard the sound of what could only be described as the unholiest of screams. Terrified, the rest of the group ran back to hide behind a large boulder, whilst Evelune herself decided to investigate. There, she found something that would forever change her; A person, or what was left of them, sacrificed to an altar of Unia. Disgusted and terrified, Evelune attempted to flee, but came face to face with the bastard who had done such a deed. Her training kicking in, Evelune was quick to bring the man to his knees, before running from the scene with her friends. Once back inside the city, they all agreed to never speak of the incident, and that is the one thing Evelune regrets the most. To this day, she wonders that if she had told someone, Unia would have never been reborn; And she would have never had to start a Rebellion.

After that day, Evelune began to find herself withdrawing more and more into her studies, and into the training her swordsmanship. She became one of the best swordsman in Rimeholde, and perhaps in Ayril itself; But she found no solace in that fact. The day of her coronation as Queen was drawing close, but Evelune felt deep within her soul that being just a Queen was not what fate wanted. So, the day before she was to be crowned, Evelune ventured back out into the forest she had been too so many times before. There, along with a small group of people, Evelune found what she had been looking for; The lair of these so called 'Cultists'. Going inside, she was faced with something that would finally give her purpose. Reborn before her as a great man, stood Unia and his Disciples. Evelune and her group fought well and hard, but it was not enough to put an end to the Father Dragon again. After slaughtering her people and heavily injuring Evelune, they attempted to take the one thing she would not let them; The gem that hung around her neck. It was Unia's Dragon Soul, the one thing that would fully restore him to his power. Before they could take it, Evelune managed to escape back into the woods, towards home. It was too late when she arrived, for she discovered that Rimeholde was overrun by Unia's Disciples. Realizing there was nothing she could do for Rimeholde or it's people, Evelune let Unia take control of the city, and therefore take control of Ayril. She did not know if her parents survived the ordeal, but she did know that she could not allow the land to come beneath Unia's claws again.

Evelune vanished to the northern city of Chillview. There, she took upon the name 'Eve', and quickly took to changing her appearance. Having her hair color changed by a simple spell, the one thing she could not rid herself of was the haunting pinkish-red eyes, and the outline of wings formed by scar tissue on her back. In Chillview, she began to spread rumors of a Rebellion, and after a few months, she found herself in charge of a group of almost 600 people. Evelune continued to spread the word of her Rebellion, promising that she would give her life to make sure Humanity never saw the tyrannic rule of Unia again. And thus she kept her promise, by slaughtering one of the Cultist Generals and leaving a small note behind to proclaim that Unia would fall once more. Evelune now waits patiently in Chillview, for a few more new recruits to accompany her on a mission that could save the whole of Humanity.

Evelune stands out harshly, from a mixture of her steely gaze and her appearance. With locks of fiery red hair and an eye color to match, her appearance matches her feisty attitude. She only stands at 5'6", and doesn't look like the boyish and fearsome warrior that the rumors say she is. She's very feminine with a nice figure, and an angelic face which she often uses to get herself past most situations without having to draw her weapons. Her skin is pale, and she always seems to be slightly blushing constantly; Nobody really knows why. She often wears simplistic and fitting clothing, and always wears a strange turquoise vial around her neck. (Glasses not included)

✦Death to The Father
✦Evelune looks nothing like what others say she does. Rumors say she's rugged and boyish, where she's quite the opposite.
Actual Trash wrote:
Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:35 am

-Character Sheet-







Why join?•

Unia and his cult threaten the the freedom of living things, and the forests and beasts whom Toryn holds dear.



Previous Occupation•

Wanderer, mostly.


-Beast Tamer


Rune engraved staff. Can cast a few small nature spells. Can be used as a bo staff should close combat become necessary.


-The wilds of nature
-Spiced foods


-He fears for his animals
-Those who hunt for sport.


Toryn is a bright, if soft spoken man. His past and his eyes have made him an intuitive individual, heightening his remaining senses in many respects. Years of experience lend him wisdom beyond his age. For someone who rarely spends much time with other humans, he isn't too bad with people, even if some of his habits and mannerisms are unusual. He does not fear death, the idea of it merely an end of existence, thus enjoying his each day with an odd kind of reverence. He obeys the laws of nature more than the laws of man, so his moral compass is a difficult thing for people to make sense of at times.


Toryn was born in Newdenn, the bastard child of an unknown man and a "lady of the night". Such things were hardly unusual in those parts, but the woman wanted no part in raising a child. Plus, the useless babe was born without the use of his sight, a burden. Newdenn was not a place were the weak or unusual were treated kindly, and he was all of 9 summers old when he was finally pushed out, abandoned at the edge of the city with nothing but the tunic on his thin shoulders. The sounds of the squalid city beckoned him back, but he decided even then that he was glad of his blindness, for it spared him the sight of the awful place. He'd rather die anywhere but in those streets. So he turned, with no clue of where he went, and walked away.

By following his nose, instincts, and aided by no small miracle, Toryn emerged from the maze of caves, into the world where the sky was open, and the air clean. He could not see this strange new environment, but if Newdenn had taught him anything, it was how to adapt. His other senses had always been sharper to make up for the one he was missing, and he grew used to surviving in this new place. It was not a smooth life. Accidents and the struggles of survival claimed one arm, and left him with countless scars to remember them by. As he grew, he found he was more in tune with the furry beasts and creatures existing around him than he knew to be possible. It wasn't like talking to humans, but they understood him, and he them. The better he got, the farther he traveled, encountering other humans and learning more of the open world. He learned that humans would trade goods and knowledge for the food and items he foraged, and used that to expand his understanding. Sometimes, other humans tried to hurt him or his animals like the angered beasts did. But that was only natural. After all, everything targeted those they thought of as weak. But he disliked hearing his companions' growls of pain. So he learned to stop those who caused them.

For years he wandered, until one day, he started hearing whispers. Tell of a new ruler, and some tale of how he would bring them all immortality. Toyrn cared little for that, but it wasn't until he heard of the ruler's disregard for life and liberty that his gut told him to take action. Freedom was something Toryn regarded highly, and he was hardly pleased to hear of the way this "Unia" dealt with the wild places of the realm, and their inhabitants. He was used to his relative solitude, but knew he couldn't change the flow of events by himself. So he turned to the one group that was on the same page, and willing to do something about it.

Appearance• 6'4, slim and willowy. Pale, cobweb fine hair that has almost never been cut is woven with feathers and twine in odd places, and frames a fine featured face with milky amber eyes. Earrings and charms of wood adorn ears and neck, engraved with protective symbols more to do with belief than actual magical properties. Toryn favors rough woven robes and flowing garments, never without his white hooded cloak.



-Toryn is blind, and missing his left arm up to the shoulder.
-His constant companion is a large white tiger he has formed a rare bond with, whom he calls "SIlva"
-Death to the Father!
Dragonqtz wrote:
Fri Apr 27, 2018 5:57 am

Name: Beron Kursk

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Why join?: He believes that humanity should be able to govern themselves, even if this means giving up immortality. He very much despises the rule of the Father Dragon.

Home-City: Rimeholde

Previous Occupation: Knight

Role: Soldier

Weapon(s): Longsword

Likes: Training, Learning New Things, Thunderstorms, Honor, Talking & Listening To Others, Freedom

Dislikes & Fears: Thieves And Other Criminals, Vices, Failing His Family & The Rebellion, Losing His Younger Brother

Personality: Most would regard Beron as the typical noble knight, who values honor and does his best to support his people. They would not be wrong as Beron is all of those things, but there is more to him if others delve below the surface. On the outside, Beron is a stoic individual who rarely talks and is often seen with a grim expression on his face. However, the reason Beron is so silent is because he loves listening to other people and learning from them. Even just hearing about people’s everyday lives interests him. He’s fairly patient with people and can even be charming when its appropriate. He also deeply cares about the plight of others and will do all in his power to help those in need.

Unfortunately, because he cares so much, Beron can sometimes get himself into situations that are difficult for him to handle. He has many a story about helping someone and it getting out of control. Even when he knows he should say no to people’s favors, Beron often cannot do so. Especially when it concerns his family members.

He also has trouble with his anger. He can be patient with people, but if his patience runs out, he gets angry and violent very quickly. Beron has a much better control of his temper than used to when he was younger, but it still gets away from him from time to time.

Biography: Beron was born to a family of knights. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all knights and had incredible stories of their bravery. Beron always felt like he struggled to live up to the brave acts of his ancestors. From a young age, he was taught how to fight, how to read, and how to ride a horse. He learned everything he needed to from his father.

Despite his strict parents, Beron lived a happy life with his family. That is, until, his mother passed away from sickness when Beron was 14. His mother’s death shocked everyone, as she died suddenly and without warning. Beron’s father then remarried less than a year later. Beron, still grieving over the loss of his mother, felt angry at his father for remarrying so quickly and started to rebel more and more against his father’s rules. He started having problems with his temper and would go out to drink in the taverns with friends, rather than continue his training. There were many nights where he came home drunk and with no money in his pocket. His father punished Beron severely, but it never seemed to work and Beron continued to be reckless.

When he was 16, Beron was so addicted to alcohol that one night, he and some of his tavern friends, stole money from an old woman. Beron forcibly took the money from the old woman, pushing her onto the ground and ran away laughing. He later found out that the old woman had hit her head hard on the wall in the alley, causing her to fall unconscious and die in her sleep.

After this incident, Beron became disgusted with himself, and immediately sobered up. He never drank again and swore to make up for the old woman’s death any way he could. He left a very anonymously left a generous donation on the doorstep of the old woman’s home, where her family used the money to bury her and move into a much grander house. He also took back up his training and worked harder than ever, pleasing his father.

When he was 18, Beron’s younger brother was born by his step-mother. While he had never been fond of his step-mother, he cared deeply for his half-brother and promised to take care of him so that he wouldn’t make the same mistakes Beron had made in his life. At the age of 24, Beron was finally given the title of Knight through his hard work and determination.

From the hushed whispers of the city, Beron eventually learned of the rebellion in Chillview. He departed from his hometown of Rimeholde, and came to Chillview to end the Father Dragon’s ever tightening grip on humanity.

Appearance: Beron is 6 ft 4 in, with brown hair and wears his knight’s armor.

Extra: He has a scar on his torso that reaches across from his shoulder to his waist. He received this in a particularly brutal battle. Death to the Father!
God Of The North wrote:
Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:14 pm

Name: Aranor

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Why join?: Eve was the leader of the rebellion and he would do anything to keep her safe, and stay by his friend's side.

Home-City: Rimeholde

Previous Occupation: Guard of Eve's

Role: Co-Commander of the Rebellion, and captain of Eve's guard

Weapon(s): Long-sword in one hand, shield in the other. He is trained in bows and arrows, although he prefers to wield his sword and shield in combat. He also possesses a mace, as there are instances of close quarters combat where a long-sword is.... inconvenient.

Likes: Aranor enjoys the feeling of cold water, especially after he had been wearing his armour for an extended time. He dislikes the fact that he likes it, but there is also a part of him that enjoys combat, the thrill of knowing this was real, that one mistake could cost him his life. He likes Eve (Not necessarily in that way you dirty minded people) and he enjoys watching her develop into a proud woman people respect and are loyal to. He also enjoys spending time with children, as he enjoys the innocence and cheeriness they possess.

Dislikes & Fears: Aranor dislikes those who needlessly cause violence and harm. He despises the concept of torture, he is revolted by the things some conquering people do to the people they conquered. He gets annoyed/angered when people show blatant disrespect to Eve, and he also is greatly ..... disappointed by those who act like they believe in something and make comrades, only to turn their back on them. What he fears most however is failing Eve, and letting her fall into the hands of those who wish to restore their enemy to his full power.

Death to the Father!

Personality: Aranor is a proud man with strong morals. He is loyal, some might say to a fault. His loyalty is such that he would stand alone before the Father if Eve asked him to, and genuinely wished him to. He hides a secret shame within himself, the fact that he had not been around to go with Eve to the lair of cultists. He knows his presence there wouldn't have changed anything, but he has never been able to forgive himself for such a failure, and the memory constantly drives him forward, urging him to serve Eve better and better and better, to help her achieve her goals, whatever they may be. He is torn between his desire to be on the front lines of the rebellion, fighting for the sake of Eve, but he also wishes to remain by Eve's side, to protect her best he can.

Biography: Aranor was born in Rimeholde to a line of knights who served the royal family. Aranor, from a young age, had the importance of keeping them safe drilled into his head. His father ensured he knew the lives of the royal family were more important than his own life, and from the time Aranor was old enough to walk and hold a training sword, he was trained harshly. He never once complained, and continued to train as hard as he could, but somewhere in the back of his head he always questioned who is was that he was truly training so hard for. That question was answered when he met Eve as a boy.

He instantly knew this was the person he wished to protect, and from that point on he vowed to dedicate his life to keeping her safe and happy, He stayed by her side as often as he could when he wasn't training, or required to be away. During the day Eve went with a group of people to the base of the cultists, he was not with her, as he was summoned away by his father to be given his family's most important possessions, an enchanted blade, and suit of plate armour with a shield that were always wielded by the head of the family. The ceremony was interrupted however, as the city was overrun by the followers of Unia.

Ananor was ordered by his father to take the sword and armour of his family and flee the capital, as his father could tell they were doomed to fall. Aranor escaped the city, and he began searching for Eve, desperately hoping she had survived. He soon found her in the north, and he joined up with her, begging forgiveness for not being by her side. He swore he would help her see this rebellion to success, and as such he took the position of Co-Commander of the rebellion, as he felt that was how he could best serve Eve, and since that day he has done his utmost to serve her.

TehMagicPudding wrote:
Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:43 am
Name: Marian Magala

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Why join?: Marian's spellchanting mentor and grandfather was executed by the Cult of the Father, and would have killed her as well had her uncle not sacrificed himself to save her. With nowhere else to turn, she joined the rebellion.

Home-City: Rimeholde

Previous Occupation: Apprentice Spellchanter

Role: Spellchanter


Flora Staff - A staff carved from a magic blossom tree, blooming flower on one end, pointed haft on the other

Paring knife - A tiny knife for collecting samples for her research


Sleep - Causes a single target to fall asleep.

Shout - The next sound Marian utters to cause a wave of tremendous physical force in a single direction.

Screech - A loud shrieking noise that deafens those around Marian.

Phantom Pain - Causes a single target to feel immense pain, as if the are engulfed in flame.

Servant - Creates an invisible servant to do simple tasks for Marian. The servant is incapable of fighting, and can only lift up to 50 pounds.

Likes: Marian enjoys reading in her library, relaxing under candlelight during a chilly night. Her hobbies include painting nature scenes and playing card games. Any hobby that involves patience and wit appeals to Marian. Her more simplistic likes include beef stew, herbal tea, chocolate, and singing.

Dislikes & Fears: Marian hates dishonesty, impulsiveness, and loudness. She avoids social interaction, preferring her research. More basic dislikes include alcohol, fish, and chicken. She is extremely hemophobic, to the point that even the smallest amount of blood induces a fight or flight reaction in her.

Personality: Marian is quiet and shy, keeping to herself under most circumstances. She speaks in a tiny voice and has trouble maintaining eye contact. When the opportunity for research presents itself, Marian becomes much more lively and will exhaust every avenue to investigate whatever has captured her attention. If pushed into a combat, she avoids lethal solutions due to her fear of blood. Do not mistake this for an inability to defend herself, as she has practiced a number of non lethal spells. She refuses to harm those who have fallen, and does not believe in attacking or otherwise harming the helpless. Marian has a soft spot for children, and will go out of her way to care for a child that is in danger.

Before losing her grandfather to the Cult of the Father, Marian was much more open and lively. The trauma of seeing someone she cared so much for scarred the girl, and made her significantly more cautious around people she does not know.


Marian was born in Rimeholde to commoner parents, a blacksmith father and a baker mother. She lived in a small one room house with her parents and older brother. The young girl proved to be smart and inquisitive, loving to read books and learn about the world around her. It was this very curiosity that saved her life when a robber broke into her family's home while she was away. The robber had attempted to steal the family's money, and when the parents caught him, the robber took Marian's brother hostage. Her brother fought back and was killed and the robber escaped. Fearing for the safety of their remaining child, Marian's parents sent her to live with her grandfather, who lived in a safer section of Rimeholde.

The old man picked up on Marian's inquisitive nature and cleverness, and revealed to her a secret. He was a spellchanter, and he believed that Marian had the potential to become one herself. Fascinated by the idea of wielding magics, Marian accepted her grandfather's tutelage and began studying. While she did not have the innate talent to cast spells, the girl made up for it by studying diligently and learning to grasp new concepts quickly. She advanced at a rate noticeably ahead of her grandfather's expectations. Her training was cut short, however, when at the age of twenty, the a group of strange men arrived at her grandfather's door. The men demanded to speak to her grandfather, and were quick to force their way into the home.

After a heated exchange with the old spellchanter, the strange men attempted to abduct both Marian and her grandfather. That proved to be a grave mistake, as the old man killed one of their number with but a word. Marian fled, assuming her grandfather was shortly behind. When she realized that the only footfalls were her own, the girl looked back and saw the strange men driving their swords into her grandfather's chest. The leader of the assailants then sliced the old man's head off before he could cast another spell. Seeing her grandfather killed so brutally made Marian sick to her stomach, and she hid in an alleyway to evade the men after her. For hours she waited, falling sick from the nerves. When her stomach finally calmed, Marian left her hiding place. She didn't know her way through the city, and couldn't find her way to her parents' house. The girl wandered aimlessly, keeping herself alive by doing odd jobs while continuing to study magic in whatever ways she could, though her progress slowed significantly without a teacher.

Marian eventually found her best chance for survival when she learned of the rebellion. She traveled North with a merchant caravan, and eventually arrived in Chillview and enlisted with the rebellion.


Extra: Death to the Father
Hilo Takenaka wrote:
Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:04 am

Cuyler Erlandson, known by the moniker “The Whistling Wolf”



Why join?:
Cuyler has a son that’s training to be like him. If the Father Dragon were to be revived... he wouldn’t live with himself if the boy was hurt.


Previous Occupation:
Game (Rabbit, Deer, etc.) Hunter


Swiftclaw - Cuyler’s bow.
On a stormy night, a large thud woke a young Cuyler from his sleep. A pine tree, rotten at the stump was knocked over by a gale of wind, landing in front of his cabin. His father spent several days after that incident chopping away at the large tree. When he finished, he handed Cuyler his very own bow, which he treasured since. Made from the tree’s compression wood, Swiftclaw is durable, strong and well-shaped. The carvings along the bow are unique, giving it a signature look.
Harefoot - a large dagger (but not as large as a shortsword) with a hilt carved from one of the aforementioned tree’s boughs. Only used if needed.

  • His family.
  • Bears.
  • Venison stew w/ bread dumplings.
  • Lighting fires.
  • A successful hunt.
Dislikes & Fears:
  • Wolves.
  • People that threaten his family.
  • Annoying people. (Also includes overly cheerful people)
  • Rival hunters stealing his kill.
Cuyler is sharp, calm and gruff. He tends not to talk much, as he believes actions speak louder than words. Although still quite young, he often calls himself an “old man”, especially around his son, whom he loves dearly. However, he mistrusts people around him due to his very outlandish nature, and doesn’t enjoy the company of those who ask too many questions. Mentoring is one of his stronger suits, as he enjoys teaching those around him how to fish, build fires and hunt.

Born in a small hut in the outskirts of a pine forest, just outside the main city of Chillview, Cuyler’s parents were both wonderful people; his father was a fiery, but kind man that hunted and salted meat that lived in the forest as well as chopping logs for firewood, whilst his mother was a young saleswoman, who sold said meat and logs. Cuyler was raised in this hunting lifestyle and watched by his father in awe, eventually joining his side by age 5. His first kill was a deer that destroyed the few crops the family had, and whilst most kids would give up hunting after they kill something, Cuyler saw it as a natural part of life, and that prey need to sustain the lives of a predator.

When he was 15, Cuyler and his father ventured far too deep into the forest and the latter was attacked by a hulking, grey-blonde wolf that sunk his teeth deep into his arm. Dropping to the floor, Cuyler’s father was mauled by the wolf. Angry, Cuyler rushed the wolf and began to strike the wolf with Lightfoot. Although the wolf was injured, he left a few heavy scars along Cuyler’s body. Despite this, a bear was nearby and saved Cuyler’s father’s life by hitting the wolf in self defence, and although good times came around shortly after, the sight in Cuyler’s father right eye never returned...

13 years later, Cuyler was hunting one day when he discovered a nomadic lady his age, bleeding heavily next to a rock. Helping the woman up, he learnt that her name was Cali and that she was hunting for her parents and siblings when the ground underneath her gave way and the rock shattered the bones in her leg. Taking her to his house, Cuyler tended to her wounds and took care of her, growing closer and closer to her for every passing day. The two fell in love and, whilst they never married, they were soon expecting. Unfortunately, Cali died whilst giving birth to their son, leaving Cuyler alone to raise the boy. He named the kid “Aska”, but only five years later when they started hunting together, as to celebrate, he tattooed a small symbol with Cali’s cremated ashes.

When news of the rebellion came to him, Cuyler didn’t care at first. However, when he saw Aska, now 11 years old, practice his archery skills, he knew he had to join the fight so he could protect his son and his parents; the three people that only mattered to him.

“Unkempt” is an understatement when it comes to Cuyler’s appearance. What would have been black head of hair that grew in neat curls had grown into a long, matted, dark grey mess. His facial hair grew long and downward, draping most of his neck. His steely blue eyes are slightly wizened from age, and crows feet are starting to emerge from their corners. He wears clothes that would help him stay quiet, but warm at the same time. These include woolen boots and fur trousers, with a cloth shirt helping keep him warm. The grey-blonde wolf that blinded his father was turned into a pelt cloak. The head of the wolf was removed as it would rot away. The wolf’s feet and tail were also removed, but this was mainly for stylistic reasons. The cloak is either worn draped over his body like a gown, or wrapped around his shoulders and base of neck.

Since it didn’t fit with the above; Cuyler is well trained when it comes to survival skills (such as lighting fires and building shelters.) He can’t cook anything unless it’s either meat over a fire or a pot of stew... over a fire.
Death to the Father! Deus Vult!
P4perClips wrote:
Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:45 pm

Bliss Winters



Why join?:
Revenge. And maybe to stop the threat of an all-powerful being taking control of everyone.

Maple-Harbor. Grew up in ???

Previous Occupation:
Farm Girl


An ornate double-sided glaive, which is only a little bit taller than she is.

A simple yet beautiful bow.

❀Nature in general
❀Peace and quiet
❀Warmth and Coziness
❀Spicy foods
❀A good drink

Dislikes & Fears:
❀Anybody who puts themselves above others
❀Extremely rude people
❀Fear of Fire
❀Fear of small spaces
❀Fear of cages, being caged

Bliss is a calm and wise soul. She has an air of knowledge about her, yet she never seems to give any of that knowledge away. She's rather oblivious to a lot of things involving emotions, and is known to be rather harsh when she speaks the truth. It isn't likely you'll ever get a chance with Bliss; She hardly gives anyone the time of day. She's a stubborn girl, and doesn't like others trying to tell her exactly what to do. If she respects you as a person, perhaps she'll listen to you; But she enjoys being free to do her own thing. Bliss is very independent, though she does like chatting with others to pass the time. She's got a bit of a sharp tongue, and will gladly give you your own medicine if it means watching you look like a fool. One could call her merciless in the way she acts, as she hardly spares anyone. This includes both in battle and out of battle. Once you get on her bad side, it is very unlikely for her to ever forgive you, as she's known to hold grudges for a long, long time.

Bliss is a sweetheart for sure, though. She loves making friends and keeping people happy and comfortable, and she always seems to give amazing advice. For how young she is, Bliss is very experienced in many things. She doesn't like to talk about herself too much, and she gets rather snappy if you try to force her to speak about something she wishes to keep quiet. It isn't often that Bliss gets mad, but she gets annoyed with others very easily, and will make sure you know it. Despite her harsh and cold demeanor, she's a good friend to have around.

Bliss was born in the Katirar Peninsula, just south of Ayril. Her life was pretty simple, for she was the daughter of a Farmer and a weaver; Typical jobs for her country. Bliss often spent her childhood days playing out in the sun with her older sister, or playing a game of tag with the town children. Life was, in a way, almost perfect for her, as she had always enjoyed the peace and quiet that came with being far from any major cities. As Bliss got older, she began to tend the farm alongside her father, who was more than eager to teach her how to do other things, like shoot a bow and wield a simple sword. He said that she would need it in the future, but Bliss never really understood what he meant until a few years later.

Upon her 18th birthday, Bliss was set to be married off to a rich boy from town. She was more than happy, as the two were friends and lovers as young teens. A few nights before her wedding day, Bliss and her father traveled down to the nearby Harbor to make arrangements for the wedding. It was to be a simple one, like most things in her life, but Bliss had always wanted to be wed by the sea. That night, as they made their way back to the tavern they were staying at, Bliss encountered a shady group of what could only be described as Pirates. The encounter was quick, and Bliss had little time to process it; But when she finally understood what was happening, she was sitting alone in what appeared to be a prison within a ship. Her father had been slain before her eyes, and she was being carted off to god knows where, for god knows what reason.

It was a short journey for sure, but when she arrived, she found herself in the quaint town of Maple Harbor. Confused, alone and angry, Bliss had already hatched a plan to escape her captors. When she managed to get out of her little cage, she discovered that the ship's crew was gone; As if their only purpose was to bring Bliss here. Inspecting the ship, she found various symbols all relating to an apparent Cult; And thus, she began to plot her revenge. A year after being delivered to Maple Harbor, Bliss heard the rumors of a rebellion. She was one of the first to appear, and has been a part of the fight ever since.

Bliss is a rather pretty woman. She stands at around 5'8", with a slim yet still nice figure, which is perfect for her line of work. She has grayish-white hair, which she was born with. Her eyes are a sparkling green, with hints of yellow that can stare into your soul if you let them. Bliss often wears form-fitting tunics and and such, but isn't opposed to wearing flowing dresses just to show off.

❀Death to the Father
❀Bliss often wears flowers in her hair, just for fun.
God Of The North wrote:
Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:10 am

Name: Gwendolyn Stormcrow

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Why join?: Gwendolyn normally preaches peace, but she joined and is willing to commit violence for the sake of the future peace

Home-City: Gwendolyn did not live in any of the cities, and instead was a wandering monk

Previous Occupation: Wandering Monk

Role: Soldier (?)

Weapon(s): The staff that is shown in her picture, and her bare hands and feet

Likes: Gwendolyn greatly enjoys peace and quiet, although it seems they are rarely found in life in the rebellion. She enjoys being in nature, and she enjoys the connections she has forged with her fellow members of the rebellion. She enjoys the pleasure of others, especially the happiness of children (couldn't say the pleasure of children without it feeling icky) as the innocence they possess is something truly sacred in Gwendolyn's opinion. She likes it when people act in selfless manners, and live up to their full potential, as she believes each and every person who lives in the world possesses something within them that makes them special and worth while.

Dislikes & Fears: Gwendolyn dislikes wanton desire and needless death and destruction. She dislikes harming others unless the need is great, but she particularly dislikes those who cause needless pain and suffering, especially for their own enjoyment. She dislikes arrogance, as she believes it is a cancer of the soul that leads to corruption which in turn will lead to more suffering, and although there are very few things she fears, Gwendolyn does fear the failure of the rebellion, and the damnation of all people to an eternity of suffering from their failures.

Personality: Gwendolyn is a rather quiet woman, but when she does speak, she often does so with great warmth and understanding. She believes in the good in all people, and she feels that the whole "death to the father" attitude of her companions in the rebellion is something that is not good and should not be embraced without careful consideration, as death is not something to take lightly, as it is a stain upon one's hands that shall never be removed. She understands the need for violence and death in certain situations however, as she also believes the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few in all but a few instances. She is willing to set aside her own personal feelings and qualms for the sake of the many however, and do whatever it is that needs to be done, regardless of how much she may regret it in the future to come.

Biography: Gwendolyn never knew her father. For as long as she could remember, it was always just her and her mother, but she was never sad or lonely, due to the fact that she was always just appreciative of what she DID have, instead of desiring what she did NOT have. She and her mother lived like this for a number of years, until Gwendolyn was in her teenage years, but her mother eventually caught a sickness the likes of which Gwendolyn had never seen before. Nothing the two of them did could cure Gwendolyn's mother, and she grew more and more weak as her body practically withered until the day came that her mother finally moved on from this life.

Gwen was greatly saddened by this tragic event, and the memory still remains within her to this day, but she continued to appreciate that which she had, instead of wishing in vain for that which she did not and could not. She continued to live like this for years, alone, but eventually rumours reached her ears of a cruel overlord overthrowing the royal family and declaring himself to be the new king. Although she did not wish to interject into the lives of others, she knew she had to try to help prevent the horrible events that could come, and as such she journeyed north, to Chillview, becoming one of the first members of the rebellion.


Extra: Gwendolyn is not in fact blind, and actually has perfectly functioning eyes, but for some reason she insists on constantly wearing a blindfold that blocks her vision
idontevenknow wrote:
Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:25 pm
Name: Einar Fearfite
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Why join?: Glory
Home-City: North of Chillwind
Previous Occupation: Pirate/Mercenary
Role: Soldier
Weapon(s): A Bastard Sword, named ‘Head-Taker’ and a Round Shield nicknamed Nosebreaker. He has a bow, but rarely uses it.
Cold Temperature
The Sea
And of course Fame/Glory
Dislikes & Fears;
A Death without Glory
Losing his prized Sword
Magic of any Sort
Personality: In the eyes of most people, Einar would probably be seen as a barbarian. A mindless killing machine. A murderous, bloodthirsty oaf. However this isn’t true at all. Einar actually is quite intelligent, with vast knowledge regarding sailing and navigation, along with a vast range of skills including basic combat, to complex woodworking.

He is a warrior at heart though, craving battle and glory. Unlike the knights from the South though, honor holds no place in his heart. Fighting fair isn’t an issue. Einar doesn’t fight fair, he fights to win. Playing dirty isn’t cheating, it’s simply playing by a different set of rules. Einar isn’t above raid tactics, or sabotage, or even straight up murder. His gods don’t forbid it, thus he is not opposed.

Glory above all else. That’s all that matters. Glory.
Biography: Born into a clan of northerners, Einar’s life was hard from the get-go. The cold alone was enough to kill you, but fractured clans, isolated by the snow and weather, frequently fought and skirmished with each other. It created an environment where only the strong are permitted life, all others are left to die. Luckily for Einar, he belonged to a rather large clan, which of course provided its benefits and protections to the growing boy.

Einar very rapidly rose to prominence within his clan, gathering together a small fleet of ships that were used to make frequent raids on their southern neighbors. Food, money, weapons. They took it all, but the northmen didn’t raid for the loot, they did it for the glory of it. The fame that followed battle and conquest was worth more than any reward. A man was nothing if he didn’t have a story. The best men were remembered forever, not for their riches and gold, but for their feats of strength.

As such, when the dragon Unia rose once again, Einar left the safety of his people in search of his own glory. A rebellion in the South. What greater glory could be had than to slay a Dragon-God and it’s horde of Cultists? Einar firmly believes that his destiny lies with the death of the tyrant. If successful, he is sure that his name will be written in the stars, and held in every man’s heart.

Extra: Death to the Father-oo
God Of The North wrote:
Tue May 01, 2018 3:03 am

Name: Ramiel Snowmane

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Why join?: His family was slaughtered by the Dragon Cult and Aranor saved him, so he followed Aranor and decided to fight with him to repay him

Home-City: Forests outside of Chillview

Previous Occupation: Barbarian

Role: Battle Maniac (Berserker/Warrior)

Weapon(s): Greataxe

Likes: Ramiel is a rager, there are few things he loves more than letting loose in battle, and just carving and hacking at anything that gets in his way. The pain from his injuries in battle only serves to excite him more and make him feel alive. He loves the sound of battle, the thrill that comes with knowing your life can end at any moment, and he loves going to bars after finishing up with battle to get nice and buzzed.

Dislikes & Fears: Ramiel fears growing old and weak. He fears being disabled, and losing his ability to fight. He dislikes pacifists, and he especially dislikes those who try to make him stop fighting. He dislikes being "formal" and VERY much dislikes fearing any semblance of "city people clothing"

Personality: Ramiel is a battle maniac, through and through. He believes the joys of life can be discovered through battle, and that all things are a battle if you look at them right. He can be hot headed and aggressive at times, but he is surprisingly keen when it comes to the emotions of others, likely due to how tightly knit his people had been before they were slaughtered. He is loyal to his "clan-mates" and in his opinion, if you fight by his side and enjoy the thrill of battle, you are someone worth fighting to defend.

Biography: Ramiel was not a raider, or a Viking. He wasn't a 'city folk' nor was he a hermit. He was a member of a barbarian tribe that called the great forests east of Chillview home. He lived with his tribe for close to eighteen years, but on the winter solcace things changed dramatically.

A large group of cultists found their tribe and demanded their obedience and fealty to the Father, and his tribe of course told them 'Death to the Father' and 'go f#ck yourself'. This was not a satisfactory answer however, leading to the cultists attacking with surprising fury, and previously unseen troops.

While the barbarians fought well, they were vastly outnumbered, and seemed to be destined to be extermimated. Aranor and some members of the rebellion arrived however, and helped save Ramiel, although he was the sole survivor. Aranor swore to Ramiel he could avenge his people if he joined the rebellion, and out of gratitude and a desire to avenge his people, Ramiel accepted, becoming one of the most wild and feral members of the rebellion.

Appearance: Ramiel is of respectable height, about 6'4. His skin is oddly tanned, likely due to the reflection of the sun off of the snow, with multiple scars across his body. What makes him stand out however is his hair, which is an unusual shade of snow white, which falls to mid-back, leading to the nickname "snowmane". He is practically built of thick, dense muscle under his furs, but he is not bulging and swollen, instead looking like a far more natural and just very well trained warrior. He has many tibal tattoos that decorate his form as well, as part of his heritage.
KittycatCookie wrote:
Tue May 01, 2018 7:43 am
❄Kuyiri “Kiwi” Firielle



Why join?:
❄Immortality is unnatural and unhealthy for the mind.


Previous Occupation:
❄Doctor / Healer


❄The Frostblade

❄Winter and the cold
❄Peace & Quiet
❄Singing / Humming
❄Reading books
❄Collecting and buying medical herbs
❄Helping others

Dislikes & Fears:
❄Being abandoned
❄Being useless
❄Getting into a big fight
❄Crying in public
❄Showing her weakness
❄Being replaced

❄Kuyiri is quite calm, just like a long day in front of a fireplace in a hut on a snowy mountain. The blonde is relaxed and easy going, often choosing not to speak when given the decision, keeping her knowledge and experiences to herself. Thanks to how calm she is, she makes the ideal doctor; she doesn’t let stress or fear affect the quality of her work, knowing that every little part of it truly mattered in the recovering of her patients. The medic has seen quite a lot, but it seems to not affect her. Only in secret will she let herself get all those negative feelings out of her system, often visiting hot springs to uncap her bottled up feelings. That way she can keep her cool during work. The blonde also loves painting her feelings onto a white canvas.

The smart medic is also able to use alchemy to her advantage, her knowledge of plants a great aid in her work.

❄Kuyiri has been faced with medicine from childhood on. Her first experience was going to pick herbs with her village’s doctor - a nice woman that happily took the curious girl along. Her mother and the woman were best friends, so there was a bond almost like to an aunt, which only made it nicer to visit the doctor. She didn’t even realize how quickly she was learning things that weren’t common knowledge about medicine and it’s uses, growing up to become a smart young woman. Her aunt-like figure died a few years prior to the new rebellion arising, of a natural death. Shortly before, Kuyiri had asked her to stay strong until they became immortal again, just so she would live longer.. but her mentor only smiled softly, shaking her head weakly, lifting her bony hand to caress the cheek of the crying blonde. ‘I’d rather die than have to live forever.. it’s everyone’s fate to end up sick or weak someday, and isn’t it nice to finish your work once and for all, proud of what you’ve done?’ That was stuck in Kuyiri’s head from then on, changing her opinion on immortality, instead joining the rebellion.

❄Standing at a height of 5’10, Kuyiri is quite tall and relatively thin. Despite it she has quite the bust and admirable figure. Her hair is an incredibly light snow blonde and her eyes are an icey blue that are sure to entrance you with their beauty despite of how cold they may seem. Kuyiri usually is seen wearing a long ice blue cape over a night blue gown that reaches down to her knees. Her trusty Frostblade is strapped around her waist, hidden under her cape alongside with medical tools for absolute emergencies even when off-duty. Oftentimes Kiwi is sitting alone in a corner, minding her own business.

❄Death to the Father!
❄The kids in Chillview have trouble pronouncing her name, so they simply call her ‘Kiwi’.
❄Kuyiri is great with animals!
❄She smells like medical herbs and flowers.
❄Her voice is enchanting, but she rarely uses it, if at all.
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Just another contestant in the space race.
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