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Re: [CS] Being Pretty

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:02 am
by idontevenknow
Hey! You’re pretty! Also, blue ftw.

Name: Scott Harrison
Nickname: The Metal-Man
Age: 20
S.O: Straight
Why Are You Ugly?: When Scott was born, his right arm hadn’t developed.
Metal-Man: Using technology similar to that of the robots that patrol the city, Scott was made into a cyborg. The first enhancement being metal arm, to replace the stub where his right arm should be. Since then, much of his brain has been replaced with complex computers, along with his left eye. The technology can be deactivated remotely, in which case Scott looses the use of much of his body. (Since a lot of his brain is now just wires and microchips.)
Bio: Scott never had much of a chance. There was no way to hide the fact that he was missing an arm, this he never had the opportunity to even taste a normal. Instead he was given to an elderly slave-woman to be cared for until he was old enough to work.

From there, he began the life of a slave, something that proved to be extremely difficult, considering he only had one arm. Naturally, he could only do half the work, which inevitably lead to receiving twice the beatings.

When he was around ten, he was plucked out of the slaveyards for use in experimentation. It was painful, to say the least. Having steel bolted into his limbs, and metal wires attached to his nerve endings. At first, Scott couldn’t even handle the arm. Any attempt at controlling it caused the metal limb to painfully lash about, or it was so mentally exhausting that the boy passed out.

As he grew older, the metal arm grew with him, meaning he had to have surgery performed every few months, where the arm would be detached, modified, and re-attached. However, he eventually learned to control the limb, and put it to good use.

After the arm was successful, scientists decided to punch their luck, attempting to modify the brain. It was trial an error, leading to Brian damage (Which was corrected by more computers.)

With each experiment being successful, Scott was put to use. Originally, he was just a minor enforcer. Sent to monitor the slave yards and handle any disruptions. But it was quickly decided that there were better things he could be used for. Hunting runaways. Playing the Boogey-Man. Scott became a horror story mother’s used to scare their children into obeying. “Behave, or The Metal-Man will come get you!” Or “He was bad too! You don’t want to be like him do you?”

Scott has buried his humanity deep down, making him little more than a robot now. He’s given a target, an experiment gone wrong, or a runaway slave, and he takes care of it. End of story.
Appearance: Image

Re: [CS] Being Pretty

Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:41 pm
by Jasmine
Accepted my dears!!! Just tell me when you're done, Happy c:

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Posted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:01 pm
by Miro-chan
D'aawww! Thanks Jasmine! X3 I guess I'm done for now, i might just get the photo up at a later time (I started it last night and I made her look older than I imagined. :'D )

Re: [CS] Being Pretty

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:40 am
by Atreus
(my favorite colour is crimson)
Name: Ace Winter

Age: 19

S.O: straight

Why Are You Ugly?: Violent/Criminal

Skills: hand to hand combat, weapons and firearms combat, stealth.

Job: (What job did they give you?) guarding the experiments

Bio: Ace seemed like a normal kid at first. he had good grades in school, he had plenty of friends. it wasn't until he got into his first fight when things started to change. Ace started to become more violent wanting change. it wasn't till his third fight that he was taken away and labeled ugly. he was on the list for experiments when he managed to escape for a short time. after the escape attempt he was hunted for 2 weeks before he was found and captured again. during those two weeks, he trained himself as best he could. he got fairly good at stealth by sneaking into houses to steal food and water. as well as training himself how to fight as best he could on the run. during his capture he took down a robot while using his surrounding to his advantage but his lack of training led to his downfall as he was soon captured and taken back. he was to be put to death when they arrived but a scientist piped up seeing an opportunity to use a new experiment he was planning. after getting permission, ace was forced to the ground and a small spider like device was placed on the back of his neck. before it was attached to ace struggled as best he could but as soon as it was placed he stopped. his mind blank. and his pupils expanded. the device connected to his brain putting him under his control. the doctor pushed the red button on the device and ordered ace to his feet. with that ace got to his feet and just stood there. turning to the others the scientist said "i want him". with that ace was a slave of sorts. when he failed all other tasks except a task that involves combat he was trained with multiple combat styles including firearms and weapons combat as well as hand to hand combat. even tho he was a kid at the time he took out a robot. even that was a feat in itself. so he was made a guard for the one scientist as he was completely under his control. if it was one thing for sure he was good at his job. some of the other scientists found it funny that ace was only good at being a guard. and ever since the device was planted on his he never once rebelled or even had a thought of his own anymore. while ace is on duty he is equipped with a sword that can cut through metal if used right, a service rifle and a pistol. all of which he is trained to use. even though he has guns he does prefer the sword whenever the time calls for it. he was equipped with a new kind of armour as a test dummy to see if it would work but until he gets into a fight it cant truly be tested.

Appearance: his face

his mask(connected to the chip on the back of his neck)

Armour (has a shock absorbent gel under the armour, the armour itself is made out of a slightly weaker metal than the metal used for the robots.)

Extra: -the reason why his mask is different is because the eye pieces are transparent screens that is connected to his chip on his neck that he can receive new orders from any distance, as well as the scientist didn't want any of the experiments to know it was a slave. he wanted them to think its new form of robot or an elite guard or something. very people who are not scientist know its a slave under the armour.
-Ace can be freed from the chip on his neck by destroying it but depending on how much damage he took in the fight will depend of if he will pass out or not if the chip is destroyed.
-ace equipped with a sword that he will use when his pistol and assault rifle are out of ammo.
-even though he has all this armour the chip can still be seen if someone observes him close enough.
-in combat while he still has the chip on him ace is vulnerable since the chip is receiving orders it will delete the previous directive leaving him helpless.

Re: [CS] Being Pretty

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:30 am
by Jasmine
I'm about to message you