[CS] Never-Ending War

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[CS] Never-Ending War

Post by Monika » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:35 am

Cast List

  • Level 6
    • Reyn as Galar
    Level 5
    • Kali as Alexialendoriel
    • Trashler as ΛПᄃIΣПƬ ӨXПӨЯΣПΛM ( Hytrax-Nixeon)
    Level 4
    • Rothus as Bacylh and his host, Luca
    • Xcelgamer as Inzara
  • Kali as Agent Merlin (Zolencia Marie Fibron)
  • Kali as Alpha
  • Moddy as Agent Apotychía (Resh)
  • FlameRolePlay as Agent Honour (Aaron Stone)
  • Happy as Agent Red/30KW/30K (Inyunk Telaie)
  • Featherblood as Agent Jawbreaker (Crush Valideer)
  • Jasmine as Agent Hydra (Lumiere Winters)
  • Faelight as Agent Lucky/Beta 7 (7B/Lucky)
  • Kali as Mysterica
I̞͉̣̦̟̱'̩͎̗͚͡͝d̯̲̪̜̤̖̥͟ ́҉̳̝́d̡̖͇͕̺̝́͘o͈̟̯̩̳ ̟̫̹͙͞á͔̤ǹ̶̗͕͈y̶̳̦t̛͕̫̞̟͘h̗̱͙͉̲͘͝i҉͍̘̮̗͙̙n̰̘̟g̷̶̬̻ ͇̙̻̘̦̜ͅf̧͇̞͕͉̤̝̜o̻̗͓̻̠̪͜͡ŗ̸͔͈̺̹̝̱ͅ ̬̤͍̹̬̰͞y̸̢̩̯̹̹o̸̟̻̫̭͖u҉̰͔̪͡

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Re: [CS] Never-Ending War

Post by Monika » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:43 am

Kali wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:22 am
  • Mysterica
  • At least a millenia old, if not older
  • Female
  • Healing
    • She can heal most injuries, broken bones, even spines. She can help promote blood generation, and even though she could heal a brain, she can't restore anything lost from the injury.
  • Aura of Peace
    • Mysterica's most well known ability is the ability to calm hostile groups, and actually make them more open to talking with each other. This makes her more than just a peacekeeper by name alone. Her aura is able to stop wars and get both sides to negotiate, but the situation on Earth has caused her aura to only be useful in certain cases. Being on her own, she is in danger too easily, becoming the target of attack from outside of the area of effect. It also still takes time, and some people are still able to fight against it because of their nature.
  • Light Orb
    • Mysterica can generate an orb of light that she can control the brightness and temperature of. She can have it give off a small amount of light and heat, or have it be blindingly bright and cause the area around it to get very hot. Not to the point of physically burning someone, but make them very uncomfortable.
  • Solidify Light
    • Mysterica has the ability to solidify light around herself or targets. These Light Rooms are unable to be passed through, but oxygen can still freely flow through it as if it was open air. The Light Rooms aren't blinding, but are bright enough to not be able to see very well through them. She can also generate weapons and shields out of light, as well as armor. It takes energy to keep them maintained, and the bigger the object, the more it takes out of her.
  • Mysterica is more mature than what her appearance would suggest. She cares for everyone in the universe and believes that causing the destruction of anyone isn't the way to go about things, wanting to preserve as much life as possible. She understands that sometimes people do have to die, but she wants it to be only those who deserve it. She still wants to bring peace between the humans and Hydrians, completely, but knows the task might end her life.
  • Mysterica is a very powerful Peacekeeper. One that others look up to. She gained quite a following in her years, among people who she had helped. She was considered unbeatable, never slowing down, and being able to defuse situations without having to outright kill anyone. She had heard about the ordeal on Earth, and intended on going and bringing both races together. It's been difficult, though. The task seems more difficult than the other difficult cases she had dealt with. She hasn't lost faith, though, and continues to try to help the situation on Earth.
  • Image
    She is about 5'8", and her hair, eyes, and blood are a shimmery silver.
  • Facesmosh
I̞͉̣̦̟̱'̩͎̗͚͡͝d̯̲̪̜̤̖̥͟ ́҉̳̝́d̡̖͇͕̺̝́͘o͈̟̯̩̳ ̟̫̹͙͞á͔̤ǹ̶̗͕͈y̶̳̦t̛͕̫̞̟͘h̗̱͙͉̲͘͝i҉͍̘̮̗͙̙n̰̘̟g̷̶̬̻ ͇̙̻̘̦̜ͅf̧͇̞͕͉̤̝̜o̻̗͓̻̠̪͜͡ŗ̸͔͈̺̹̝̱ͅ ̬̤͍̹̬̰͞y̸̢̩̯̹̹o̸̟̻̫̭͖u҉̰͔̪͡

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Re: [CS] Never-Ending War

Post by Monika » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:52 am


Level 6
Reyn wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:32 am
Name: Galar

Age: Technically, at any point in time, Galar is no older than a few weeks. Its cells mutate and replace themselves at a very fast rate, so the Galar that existed last year is completely different to the one that exists today.

Gender: N/A


All bodies, living or dead, that have been infected by Galar are to be burned at the earliest possible opportunity.

Pathogen SD02/'Corpse Blight': Touching any solid part of Galar is enough to inflict this blight- however, it is only fatal if Galar retains contact with the victim long enough for the pathogen to spread to fatal areas (e.g. the throat or directly above the heart), or if it touches a fatal area in the first place. The longer Galar holds contact for, the further the pathogen spreads and the larger the afflicted area will be. SD02 slowly eats through flesh, mimicking the effect that decay would have on a corpse. Though it is often non-fatal, it is agonising to sit through, as the victim feels their flesh being eaten alive by the pathogen. Once inflicted, the pathogen is active for 2 minutes, leaving an open (and kinda disgusting) would when it all dies off. Time taken for the remaining wound to heal depends on the person and facilities available, just like anything else.

It is contageous to those who touch the wound directly when the pathogen is active, but is sterile after the 2 minutes is up.

Pathogen KF14/'Soldier's Lung': So called due to the high numbers of soldiers who mysteriously fell ill shortly after what seemed like a safe encounter with Galar. The pathogen is spread through the air, but is clearly visible as a black or grey smoke when it is present. When inhaled, the victim feels nothing for anything between a few minutes to an hour, then feels a growing ache in their lungs. After a short while, this ache turns to a strong burning sensation, followed by the feeling of drowning as their lungs fill up with blood. The pathogen gets into the lungs and eats away at their lining, causing blood to drain in and block the passage of oxygen. After the initial ache, the victim usually takes about 5 minutes to die.

This pathogen is the only one of Galar's that has a known cure, but the cure must he administered before the first sign of pain. The cure is to inhale something containing menthol for a few minutes. Unfortunately, since the symptoms are invisible until the point of no return, it often goes unseen and many people don't revieve the cure in time.

Pathogen XZ19/'Plague': Every doctor's worst nightmare. Hell, it's probably every person's worst nightmare. Deadly, incurable, and horrifically painful, this pathogen, whilst rarely used, is what Galar is most infamous for. For Galar to infect someone with this plague, it needs to have direct contact with their blood. However, once a person has been infected, you only need to touch their sweat to contract it, meaning that it can be incredibly dangerous as it can go unseen on surfaces and objects for a long time. Once infected, the victim will almost immediately feel drowsy and nauseous, and will probably throw up the contents of their stomach. Then, after about 10 minutes, they will develop a painful rash on their arms and chest consisting of black spots that are about the same size as a coin. Stomach cramps, intense headaches, and paranoid delusions shortly follow, and some victims experience further side-effects during this time such as hallucinations or breathing difficulties. Eventually, after a few hours, the victim's organs will shut down, which will kill them.

There is no cure for this yet. Any area affected by this plague must be put in quarantine, and the infected must be removed and burned, living or dead, to stop both the spread of the plague and Galar's return, should it be killed.

Galar is only able to use this pathogen in its first form, as it takes a lot out of it to produce and requires blood contact (which is kinda hard to do if you're made of smoke).

TL;DR, SD02 is contracted by touching Galar and doesn't kill you unless it touched you for a long time or it touched your neck or something, KF14 is contracted by breathing it in and you have to cure it with menthol before any symptoms show, and XZ19 is a deadly, incurable plague that is contageous between humans but Galar can only spread if it gets at someone's blood.

Body of many: Galar is quite an unconventional creature, biologically speaking. It's a stubborn thing that likely won't die unless immense effort is put into killing it. Every attempt so far, though some have been able to weaken it, have simply resulted in its current form collapsing and a new one springing up from some poor, infected human.
  • Adaptive Metabolism: In its second form, Galar can eat pretty much anything, given enough time. To do this, Galar must hold contact with whatever it wants to eat through for at least 5 seconds. During this first 5 seconds, some corrosion will be visible on whatever she touches, but it isn't major. After 5 seconds, the cells touching the object will have recognised what material it is and mutated in such a way that they are able to eat through it. It is only then that noticeable destruction will occur, with the cells eating through the object in a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on the thickness and strength of the material. This works for most non-living substances- and is the reason why simply sending a tank or a robot to kill Galar won't work.
  • Rebirth: As long as Galar's pathogens live somewhere, be it on a corpse or in a living victim, Galar can use this as a starting point to rebuild itself should it get killed. It's pathogens are in a rebyildable state either in a living victim, or 3 days after a victim had died, hence the need to burn their bodies. If Galar has been reborn, then the original body where it was 'killed' will appear worn and decayed. If not, then there will be no change.
  • Form-shifting: Galar can shift between 3 forms, shown in appearance.
Things That Can Be Used To Damage Galar, If You're Careful:
  • Extreme heat (denatures the cells)
  • Extreme cold (renders it immobile, but not dead)
  • Energy-based things (vary in effectiveness)
  • UV light (weakens it, but only if it's very strong)
Things That Can't:
  • Antibacterial cleaning products (it's an alien)
  • Antibiotics (it's an alien)
  • Pretty much all medicines (it's an alien)
"Ha... haha... ugly human look just like rotten meat now... moves like it's drowning... silly human.... it doesn't know there's no water here... haha... hahahaha..."

Galar is weird. Really weird. It doesn't really have a mind, so it lacks much of a personality, but its behaviours are so distinct and bizarre that it's easy to believe that it does. It talks in a distorted, child-like voice, and usually talks to itself rather than any other being. It is likely that this voice, with all its imperfections, is simply a mimicry of the human voices that Galar heard before, kinda like a parrot, only with the ability to form cohesive sentences on its own. In fact, all of Galar's personality is like that; it's just what a bunch of alien bacteria thought a human would act like, right down to the appearance of the stable form resembling a human girl (it couldn't quite get the eyes right, so it just covered them). That's not to say Galar is a hivemind, however; just as humans are made up of individual human cells Galar is made up of individual hydrian cells. It just so happens that Galar's cells are a bit more disjointed, faster to mutate, and carry deadly diseases.

The problem is that these cells know things.

Things like how to most effectively kill a human, how a pandemic could most effectively spread, which areas of the human body to target if it wanted to cause the most pain... and how to lead other hydrians. Despite its eccentric behaviour, Galar has amassed a hive of its own, likely by killing the previous leader and saying "Galar best now. Friends do as Galar says.". It never calls anyone, even its fellow hydrians, by their actual names, instead coming up with short nicknames for them. Whilst its orders seem a little nonsensical at times, hydrians who have been around it for long enough seem to be able to at least get the idea of what it's trying to convey. Besides, Galar's orders are usually not that complicated; it usually just asks for living humans to be brought to the nest, for certain groups to be stopped or killed, or to find out information about something.

Whilst Galar is a somewhat intelligent being, that would not be remotely obvious upon first glance. It just seems like a mindless, derranged monster that only knows how to kill. It's kind of unfortunate that this thing is able to think.

Galar was once able to infect and kill hydrians, but since coming to Earth its DNA has changed so much that it is no longer able to do that. To get it back to its hydrian-killing state would require it to find hydrians to infect and use them to adapt itself over a period of weeks, and it doesn't seem to want to do that. It was initially classified as a Lv5 (when only the SD02 pathogen was linked to it), then re-classified to a Lv6 when the KF14 pathogen was discovered and its rebirth ability was triggered.

'Stable' form:
Fully humanoid, though no eyes are visible. Sometimes deforms spontaneously (e.g. arm may twist in unnatural ways etc.).

Partial decomposition:
A humanoid body that seems solid, but falls apart when touched. Some parts are bioluminescent.

Full decomposition:
Smoke-like body with the occasional solid construct. In this form, Galar's body is made entirely of the KF14 pathogen.
Level 5
Trashler wrote:
Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:00 am
ΛПᄃIΣПƬ ӨXПӨЯΣПΛM ( Hytrax-Nixeon)
According to some who have been asked to carbon-date him, he could be up to five million years old, or more.
Along with his cybernetic enhancements, and intellect, Nixeon has somehow managed to acquire Telekinesis. He is able to lift matter with the meer power of his mind. He is able to lift himself in the air as well, making it possible for flight. Using this power can be strainius for Nixeon. If used too much, it can cause Nixeon to faint, or go into a miniature coma for a few days. Also, he is able to somewhat read others minds, and by that, he can read people's motives, past, and emotions. This is either done by direct physical contact, or close proximity to the target. Target will not be able to tell that their mind is being read, though they will get a sudden sense of paranoia, agitation, and a migraine. as this also takes a rather lot of energy. If he reads someone's mind with a physical connection, they temporarily have a bond. If they have a bond, that means that they can track each others position for a short amount of time, say, an hour.

Nixeon is and always has been a highly intellectual in the Hydrain race. He’s innovative, resourceful, and on his feet when he needs to be. He is wise, being one of the oldest Hydrains. Nixeon has a small sense of innocence in him, that or curiousity, as he is constant horder of metals. Nixeon is assured, compassionate, and sympathetic, as he is with his people, who he cares about very much. Nixeon is a true loyalist to Apollyon, and refuses to ever dare the thought of betrayal. Nixeon usually brings out a side of him when it is time for battle. He is also quite indefatigable and relentless; he is totally determined to destroy the Agents, and will sometimes fight them even when he is in a bad condition.
Nixeon, originally belonged to an ancient tribe of technologically advanced Hydrains, who knew how to create advanced works of art, dreadnoughts of mass destruction, and transportation ships. They also had a very complicated Dialect. This was the Golden-Age for Hydrains, and Nixeon was at the heart of it. He was chief engineer, and crafted many vehicles, weapons, and even ships that could reach the stars. He was the one who originally created the blueprints for the mothership. One day, whilst working deep underground in his ship, a malfunction had occurred on his cryogenic pod, and he went inside of it to fix the pod. Unfortunately, it glitched, and closed on him, locking him for a much longer period of time. The pod put him into frozen animation, and he stood there for millions of years.

The technology that was once with the tribe was lost with time, as eons and eons of generations passed. Five million or so years later, the final generation of Hydrain’s was born, as the PeaceKeeper threat arrived. As the evacuation process of Hydra began, the activation of the mothership somehow was able to activate the little fuel the ancient ship had, and the activating of the ship, fried the Cryogenic pod, releasing Nixeon. He was able to fly the ship to the surface, and barely made it on the ship. He certainly got plenty of looks, as half of his body is mechanical, with mechanical tentacles to boot, and his general appearance was far more technologically sound. When he crash landed on Earth, he landed in a junkyard. He was able to make it with the others, but he stills goes to this Junkyard, which he houses parts from crashed ships in. The only person able to understand Nixeon, would be Apollyon, but he does know a few words in Modern Hydrain, or ‘English’. This situation has rather built upon his relationship with Apollyon, and he considers him a old friend. He is the goto guy for anything needing to be built in the nest. He has been given the name ‘The Walking Antique’

Body (Minus the Tentacles)
Extra:FΛᄃΣƧMӨƧΉ; Nixeon really likes stealing cars and other metals from the city.
Level 4
InquisitorRothus wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:30 am
Name: Bacylh
Classification: Level 4
Age: ???
Gender: ???
Ability: Once bonded to a host lifeform, Bacylh provides them with protection through symbiosis in the form of enhanced strength and a healing factor which get stronger the longer the two are bonded. It can encase them in a shell that only gets stronger the more that Bacylh and its host are attacked. On top of this, the symbiote can grow blades made out of the aforementioned shell that gets sharper and more durable the longer a fight drags on. Other than that, Bacylh can secrete corrosive enzymes from his hand that can melt metal and flesh in mere moments. Furthermore, the symbiote can form new adaptations from observing organisms.
Personality: Bacylh is primarily primal in nature, thinking only to take a host and preserve the host for as long as possible as to use it to acquire nutrients. It isn't aggressive by any means and only emerges when its host is threatened, which it determines through adrenaline and/or heart rate. Other than that, it is content to lay dormant and let its host carry on with their normal life.
Bio: Discovered in the jungles of Frerth RK60, Bacylh caught the interest of biologists on that planet. It was a strange parasite due to the fact that it was not microscopic like most parasitic creatures, but instead the size of a slug. During their research, the biologists found that Bacylh adapted to varying conditions after being exposed to them, however they could never find out how to get the parasite to bond to any other animal. When the Hydrian world was coming to an end, the scientists loaded Bacylh, as well as other organisms onto a ship en route to their new home, wherever that would be. However, the Hydrian ship did not land smoothly and the ship crashed somewhere North of New York City. Broken out of its container, Bacylh crawled away from the crash in search of a suitable host in this new environment. It took quite some time, but eventually it did find a host in the city, and unassuming man, but a compatible one.
(Protecting Host)


Name: Luca Barron
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Weapons: Carries a handgun, like any good American citizen.
Personality: Luca is best described as a happy nobody. He isn't outstanding in any field. He's plain-looking, a bit smarter than your average person, average height, average build, average job. He is your basic John Doe. That is what he loves to be seen as, just another person on the sidewalk. However, he does have a history of job and state hopping. But besides that, he's perfectly normal. He likes his coffee black, he enjoys cream-filled donuts, his favorite American Football team is the Steelers, and he enjoys horror movies. He hates rude people, bootlickers, flashy people, and construction sites.
Bio: Luca is an Italian-American who grew up in Boston. From his first moments in school, he showed great promise. However, as he grew older, he became more and more average. Eventually, he just blended into the crowd of mediocrity. He lived a relatively normal life, though he hasn't married at all. Every three years or so after he finished college, he would resign from his job and move to an entirely different state with no explanation as to why. When he got to another state, he would start over again, finding a new job quickly. He was a great worker, and his employers were always sorry to see him go when he eventually resigned and moved on. Now he lives and works in Lecour, but not before picking up a passenger in New York City. Ever since his appearance in the city, strange murders have started occurring in the Inner City. Because of this, Luca moved to the outskirts in order to avoid trouble.
Extra: Smashmouth
Xcelgamer wrote:
Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:28 am
Name: Inzara
Age: Technically she is very old at about 5459 but that was only as a small blot, but as the humanoid ink thing she is about 20 years old.

Gender: Female?

Ink Physiology – Inzara is completely made of, what amounts to ink with her being semi-solid and can go fully solid if she wants, no organs, no bones she just sort of is which amounts her to be a lot less powerful but trickier than most other Hydrian. But because of that physiology she is very weak to common everyday substances found in nearly every home in the world and due to that she is very reactive preferring to bait Agents by making a huge constant noise and then trying to kill them in a place she sets up as a sort of den, often those being caves, dense forest, abandoned places and all sorts of other places horror media would take place in, unless ordered by the L6 know as Galar. Her physiology also gives way to some very basic but very useful abilities for Inzara’s survival

Regeneration – While it’s nowhere near as powerful as Galar’s, it’s still annoying for Agents to fight against, whenever damaged she can eventually heal any damage she has taken and just heal it back up. This is up to bringing back entire “limbs” however depending on how much damage she has taken can take from an hour to a whole week which during said time she tends to lay low, however if about say 95% of her is destroyed, she would be killed indefinitely turning into just an ink splodge wherever she died. Despite her being able to regenerate or because of its slow approach to healing her, she prefers to use scare tactics when in a den never directly fighting Agents, unless she needs to or told by Galar to do so.

Form Manipulation – Inzara’s body is a semi-solid mixture meaning she is able change her form and colouring, although with the latter she rarely uses it only for scare tactics or small parts of her clothes, so she doesn’t look super out of place in a city, mainly using just black and white, as seen in her human form below. While she can easily and quickly change her form she has three main forms with arms and legs of those forms changing to melee weaponry when needed, her completely humanoid form the girl pictured below is what she uses to get around without as much suspicion however if someone looks at her closely they will notice that near the elbows and the end of her hair seems to be slightly dripping. Her two other forms her humanoid ink and her monster form are intentionally terrifying looking, although her monster hasn’t been seen by anyone who is still alive either because she has killed them or another Hydrian has killed them.

The humanoid black ink form is her main form when fighting Agents, transforming her body into weapon, ink strands or puddles to dodge attacks and that sort of things, however she only straight up fights people whenever told to or when she thinks she has terrified Agents enough in that she can a quick and efficient kill. Her monstrous ink form is only a rumour that she has, but, it’ll be documented as best as possible in case it happens. From rumours her monstrous form is a relatively massive thing about 9ft tall or long when on all fours. It is apparently a very thin thing with the body, legs and arms are very thin with the legs ending in sharp points with a simple head.

Things that hurt Inzara:
• Alcohol (While it’s not as effective as water, needing double the amount of alcohol to kill her, but even two bottles can take off an arm)
• Water (This is one of the things that she will keep a very far distance away from and will always severely hurt her, with enough eventually killing her)
• Nail Polish (While it only works in liquid form, depending on where it touches her, it basically boils the ink away)
• Paper (While not actually hurting her, it acts as a prison)
• Butter (It works similar to the Nail polish, however as it makes contact with her and the butter slides off her it boils her ink away)
• Hairspray (Once again it more less boils away her ink)
• Intense Heat (While it doesn’t stop her too much, it basically locks her into her current form for a time)
• Energy weapons
• Freezing weapons (While it doesn’t hurt, it’s more like paper with it being a prison for her

Personality: “hihihihihihihi…Hello friends, I’m sorry to trick you like that, but I really, really, reaaaaallllllyyyyy wanted some play mates and guess what? You made it just in time for dinner. YAAAAY!!!”

Inzara due to the fact she doesn’t have any organs, she just exists, she hasn’t got the most complicated thinking or personality. To her there is only three things to think about and those are consume, scare, fight. While she can talk, learning from both other Hydrians and people, however she has the mentality of a child taking everything with a smile, even murder and taking in with her child mentality, she is not that smart taking words and phrases at face value. Inzara is also very scared by quite a few things, those being the things that can hurt her, teams of Agents and Galar and listens to it out of fear rather than respect. Other than that, due to her relative young age, she just hasn’t developed enough to have much more of a personality outside of her childish mentality

Inzara when, as a tiny ball of colour changing goop, was first found and classed as a parasite. However, while it consumed everything they gave it, it never seemed to graft itself to a host just consuming them. As the Hydrians were evacuating she was also evacuated on a ship with other organisms, not that she really knew what was going just that these big things kept giving her food. When the ship inevitably crashed North of New York, destroying the containers that held the organisms, setting Inzara, Bacylh and possibly others free as well. She eventually made her way to New York, devouring insects and other very small creatures that happened to cross her path on the way. Weirdly enough when she got to New York, she found this miraculous food that people called… ink. She found the ink quite addicting and was what started her transformation into what she is today. Nobody knows exactly how or why, but the theory that makes the most sense is that her biology is much more reactive to the ink. So that’s about all, not much else recorded beyond the occasionally rumoured sighting of her in alleyways.

Humanoid Form –
This form is about 5'5"

Humanoid Ink Form –
This form is about is taller albeit still within human standards, around 6'6"
Monstrous Form -
(Story wise no image because no has seen it and lived, Meta wise just haven't found a image that best represents this form)

Extra: Facesmosh.
I̞͉̣̦̟̱'̩͎̗͚͡͝d̯̲̪̜̤̖̥͟ ́҉̳̝́d̡̖͇͕̺̝́͘o͈̟̯̩̳ ̟̫̹͙͞á͔̤ǹ̶̗͕͈y̶̳̦t̛͕̫̞̟͘h̗̱͙͉̲͘͝i҉͍̘̮̗͙̙n̰̘̟g̷̶̬̻ ͇̙̻̘̦̜ͅf̧͇̞͕͉̤̝̜o̻̗͓̻̠̪͜͡ŗ̸͔͈̺̹̝̱ͅ ̬̤͍̹̬̰͞y̸̢̩̯̹̹o̸̟̻̫̭͖u҉̰͔̪͡

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Re: [CS] Never-Ending War

Post by Monika » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:52 am

Kali wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:01 am
  • Zolencia "Zolice" Marie Fibron
Code name:
  • Merlin
  • 35
  • Female
Time in the Agency:
  • Was one of the first members of R&D
  • Zolencia loves her job, and tends to take it as one big science experiment. She is always ecstatic to meet new agents, and is eager to learn everything about them. She can sometimes be considered unstable, and too enthusiastic. She also has the tendency to see them as subjects as well due to developing weapons for them. Despite that, she wouldn't do anything purposefully to hurt an agent in training, though accidents sometimes happens and she is the one who always got hurt.
  • Zolencia, or Zolice, or even Zol for short, was born in a lab. Her parents were workaholic scientists, and her mother worked through the entirety of the pregnancy, which resulted in Zol being born in the workplace. Her fate to be a scientist was sealed at her birth, and childhood, as her parents still worked, her mother only stopping to tend to her when necessary.

    Zol was working alongside them at an early age, having been given small projects as a diversion.

    It wasn't long before the parents realized there was something wrong with their daughter. She wasn't physically aging normally. That led them to divert their attention from their work, and onto their daughter, who became their next project. They were determined to find out what the cause was.

    They never got the result. Colleagues found out about them 'testing' on their daughter, and Zol was taken away into protective custody, believing that they were endangering her.

    Zol spent the rest of her childhood in and out of homes. It wasn't because she was a bad child, but because of the fact she was different. She wasn't like the other kids. All she could think about was science. She wanted to know how everything worked. Without a lab anymore, all she could do was read, and experiment with what was on hand.

    When she was 15, she was picked up by the Agency, who had heard about her and her parents. They took care of all of the paperwork, and she didn't care what they wanted from her. She was just ecstatic to work again. One day, while out on the field, an explosion erupted, which damaged the right side of her body, burning it, and causing her to lose her limbs on that side. She was taken back to the Agency, tended to, and as soon as she was capable of it, she designed her own replacement limbs, including the cannon that resides in her arm. She wasn't going to be defenseless anymore.
  • Arm Cannon-
    • Zolice's first weapon is her arm cannon. It creates energy blasts. The longer she charges, the more energy is gathered and the bigger the blast is. At full power, it can blast through a stone wall, and put a big dent in steel.
  • Stun Pistol-
    • Zolice's second weapon is a pistol that shoots out blasts that can stun most normal individuals, as well as disable average electronics. The tougher the individual or complex the machine, the less effect it has on them.
  • Renton-
    • Renton is a robotic doberman complete with an AI. He acts and functions like a human being, and has weapons built into him.
  • Image
    Her growth was completely stunted. She looks barely 17, and she's only about 4'8". Her right arm and leg are mechanical and her right side is severely burned, but she has something on her that makes her limbs and skin look completely normal.

    Renton, complete with his weapons.
  • facesmosh
Moddy wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:18 am

Agent Apotychía



-Time in the Agency-
2 years, Part of the 6th batch

Salvo: Resh’s go-to weapon. Salvo is a simple rifle, there are no tricks to it. Modeled after the sleek design of an assault rifle, Salvo is easy to carry. It comes with a sight capable of zooming 200x. While Salvo itself is simple, it was created to carry some of the most complex bullets The Lab has created. With Salvo, there is Salvo Jr. A smaller, more compact version of the assault rifle.

CF Thumpers
CF standing for Concentrated Fire, these bullets are directly linked to Resh’s Threat Detecting Eyes. The CF Thumpers shift their trajectory based on where the target is, but can't make complete turns. Even when there are multiple targets the bullets will each go after a different target, allowing Resh to attack multiple marks without needing to move his gun too much, as long as they are within his line of sight. The CF Thumpers earn the “Thumper” part of their name due to the method of which they curve. Gears within the bullets smack each other based on which direction they're going, causing a loud thumping to be heard. The noise can be rather intimidated when multiple bullets are being shot.

KC Hollows
Hollow tipped bullets where the powder charges within the casing are replaced with kinetic gilings. When struck the gilings release a massive amount kinetic power that hurls the bullet at insane speeds. Upon contact, the bullet can cause the same amount of damage as a .50 cal, and with the rapid-fire capability Salvo has, these bullets can do unforgiving damage, even leveling one-story houses in a matter of seconds.

Bullets that explode in a blaze of glory once they've buried themselves into a target. The bullets are meant to roast the victim from the inside out but are also proficient at halting or slowing down cellular regeneration by scorching the cells.

Drillers spin at an accelerated rate to drill straight through their target, leaving behind a 4mm hole going all the way through once they've struck. The metal jacket of these bullets are composed of a Hydranium alloy, allowing them to drill through most of the toughest metals.

The Backpack: A jetpack Resh uses for quick movement. It creates a barrier around him that works as a windshield, keeping the wind from smacking him in the face. The Backpack allows Resh to move at supersonic speeds. For quick maneuvers close to the ground the Backpack has a lower speed hover mode, perfect for dodging attacks. The Backpack directly attaches to a piece of technology that is connected to Resh’s spine.

FG Gauntlets:
Resh’s Gauntlets are simple. A pair of gloves that expel a focused amount of force once Resh has punched something, anything.

TD Oculars: Resh’s eyes have been augmented to be able to read the neural activity of a being and distinguish whether or not they are a threat, let it be an enemy or friend, human or other. Anything that has intentions of harming Resh is immediately highlighted with a green tint and he's capable of seeing them through walls and other material. If they leave his vision, a slightly annoying green arrow points towards whatever direction the threat is.
Along with highlighting threats, Resh’s eyes immediately point out when an opponent is getting ready to attack. It focuses in on involuntary muscle movements or the contraction of a muscle when an action is about to be performed. This with Resh’s fighting experience and the TD Oculars’ neural reading capabilities allows him to pretty much predict what move his opponent is going to make.

Durable Regeneration: Resh’s DNA has been infused with a multitude of bacteria and animals, mainly the Planarian, Hydra, Sea Stars, and the Axolotl, in order to achieve a powerful healing factor. The mixture of DNA along with formulas from The Labs has caused this healing factor to become something Resh is quite dependent on. The longer he is forced to use his regeneration the less pain he can feel. There's really no need for high amounts of durability when Resh can get up from injuries like it was nothing.
While Resh can heal from most injuries, his capabilities can be overwhelmed, too many dire injuries at one time can slow his regeneration down to a complete stop, in which Resh will have to be healed by an outside source to a certain degree until his own abilities kick in.

Charming and professional as he may appear, Resh is the epitome of an awkward, clumsy mess. During his training, Resh focused most of his time in combat and battle tactics, secluding himself in his studies and computer-simulated scenarios. Thus, Resh doesn't have too much experience when it comes to actually socializing with… Anything. He freezes when anything with a beating heart approaches him unexpectedly, and God knows how sweaty he gets when a female tries to make conversation with him.
If a task put before him has nothing to do with combat, it’s best that he is put under heavy supervision. Resh isn't capable of washing dishes without smashing a few plates, he can't even vacuum without somehow missing every particle of dust possible.
While his colleagues normally have low expectations of Resh’s performances, he's sure to make a big impression on any battle he enters. Resh didn't sacrifice his social life for nothing. He has superior knowledge in hand to hand combat, being able to keep up with both trained martial artist and unpredictable free fighters. He knows his way around a plethora of weapons but is known for his talent with ranged weaponry. Resh has a mind that works like no other, every move he makes is calculated to the fullest and as long as everything goes as planned, Resh will come out victorious in his battles… If only he could integrate those calculations with his everyday life.

(You thought it was over? No boy I still have more to write)
Awkward as he may be, Resh has a big heart. He’ll see to a friend that seems to be having emotional troubles and make sure they're doing fine. But he won't let this compassion distract him from his work. He will prioritize the killing of Hydrians over the wellbeing of a co-worker. Admittedly these actions are biased and in some occurrences, he will choose his friends over the mission, but that's only if they seem to be sitting at death’s door.
Resh harbors an intense hate for Hydrians and, if not given any other order, will attack any Hydrian he can see in an almost trance-like state.

The first thing that should be mentioned is that Resh didn't care much about the war between humans and Hydrians in the beginning. Outside of the explosions they had caused when first arriving, there wasn't much destruction being caused by them. His young mind couldn't fully register the threat their existence had posed, and the fact that they were sharing the same foods as humans hardly bothered him. A scene on the news where a Hydrian came in contact with a reporter but didn't harm anybody only gave him another reason to believe that the Hydrians just weren't assailants on Earth. He was completely fine with their existence.

Fast-forward to age eight, Resh is building a sand castle in his backyard, complete with a ten-inch deep moat filled with tadpoles to protect his action figures within the castle. Three well-dressed men approached him while he was setting up the flag, waving a device in his face that repeatedly beeped, a sound that would get louder and faster the closer it got to him. His parents stood behind the open glass doors, his father made no attempt to hide his emotions, face tomato red with anger, his eyes practically drilled into the backs of the suited men, which they were aware of, but purposely ignored. Resh had only seen that look from his father when the next door neighbor tried to hook up with his wife, Resh’s stepmother. She stood next to his father, smiling a reassuring smile, letting him know everything would be okay. Though her eyes were obviously tearing up, it was a pitiful attempt at staying strong. After few annoying minute of the machine probing every inch of his body, the suited men nodded to himself and told Resh to follow them within the house.

There was a heated argument, Resh could hear it through his headphones. His father was yelling, loud. Even his soft-spoken stepmother was getting a few boorish words in, that was a surprise. He couldn't hear the suited men, they weren't yelling, they weren't even responding. There was really no need, they won the argument the moment they found Resh to be suitable for whatever it was they wanted from him. 5 minutes later, one of the suited men came into Resh’s room, and promptly told him that it was “time to go”. Resh went downstairs with the man, finding his stepmother bawling her eyes out on the floor, and his father sitting at the dining room table, still red with fury, but this time there was a hint of hopelessness in his eye. He wanted to do something, but he clearly knew there was nothing that could be done. The family said their goodbyes, Resh still confused, before Resh was escorted out the door. On his way to the white van parked outside, Resh was told that he was being drafted by The Agency and that he was now being trained for the war against Hydrians. They told him that this was all because of the Hydrians, that everything was their fault. But Resh’s life was left untouched by the Hydrians, his home was still standing, and his parents were obviously still living. It didn't look like the Hydrians were ruining his childhood at all, it was the Agency.

During his introduction to the academy, The Academy, Resh and his peers were bombarded with footage showing the terror Hydrians had apparently shown to innocent civilians. Resh wasn't moved, it didn't take a rocket scientist to see the humans were starting most of it, probably impulsive acts of violence stirred up by fear. Still, there were a few clips that went against Resh beliefs. Hydrians looting stores and leaving everyone inside dead, Hydrians abandoning human food and eating humans instead, Hydrians abusing their overwhelming power and killing anything that got close, Hydrians setting up their own territory… And using lynched, mutilated humans as a warning for all. This smacked some reality into Resh, not all of the Hydrians were peaceful and this wasn't their planet to start settling into. Resh’s view did change that day, but not as much as the Agency might've hoped. His peers, who may have witnessed the brutality of a Hydrian first hand and developed a hate for them, were easily swayed by the video. Resh only had an indifference towards them, killing them would be a chore, and that was that.

During Resh’s training, most of his peers would agree that he took training very seriously. Aside from the mandatory lectures and physical exams he participated in, Resh spent most of his time practicing battle tactics and fighting in virtual simulations. He ignored just about everyone in the academy just so he could focus on getting his combat abilities to its full potential. And 10 years later, during his graduation, while most of Resh’s scores were mediocre, his combat scores were one of the highest in the school.

Immediately after graduation, Resh was given an offer, more like a demand, to be taken to a special division for five years where the work would be more intense, but the pay would be higher. Thus Resh disappeared, and somewhere in that time, he had learned that his parents had died at the hands of a Hydrian. Two years later Resh returned to America, completely scarred up with an inexplicable abhorrence in his heart for Hydrians.


FlameRolePlay wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:03 pm
~Agent CS~


Aaron Stone


Agent Honour





Time in the Agency:

Three Months, part of the most recent batch.


  • Both a blade and a gun, it attaches to the arm, extending slightly past the wrist, along with two blades jutting out at the end. There is a compartment that stores and generates energy, which is then turned into a powerful blast of concentrated power, releasing between the two blades, Aaron usually wears this weapon on his left arm.


Aaron put simply, is a warmhearted hotshot. Practically fresh out of the academy he has yet to let go of his childish way of thinking and his actions. He is very rash and reckless, typically jumping straight into a fight without giving it a second thought, even though he basically spent his entire life being trained not to jump straight into the action without thinking and coming up with a plan first. Though this may make him seem like a bad ally and member of the team, he ability to think in combat counteracts this trait and makes him plenty more valuable.

Aaron jumps into battles without thinking beforehand, because he does his thinking in battle. He maps out various strategies, and analyzes his enemies to learn of their weaknesses, and openings. He does most of his thinking in the heat of battle, and luckily, it works out well. However, his pure hatred for the Hydrian's can sometimes push his recklessness into a state of overdrive.

His kindness can even be seen as a double edged sword, as he has a, "never leave anyone behind" mentality, which can even jeopardize missions. Aaron enjoys helping others, and making sure that his comrades make it back home safely. He puts others before him, and believes strongly that there is no greater thing in this world than the genuine gratitude he receives from those he helps, other than the great feeling of killing a Hydrian.


~Nerve Enhancing Implants~
  • Aarons nerves have been enhanced, to where he doesn't feel much pain at all, he still bleeds, and can still die from most things the Hydrians can dish out, but at least he doesn't feel the hindrance of pain, not much at least. These implants also increase his reflexes and balance, allowing for greater reaction speed, and a keen sense of awareness.
~Biotic Arm Implant~
  • Aarons right arm has been replaced with an extremely advanced mechanical arm. The arm is very powerful, able to lift many heavy objects, although he hasn't really tested his limits. Not only that, but the fingers can also move extremely fast, even faster than what his nerve implants allow him to do, meaning that he could hack into anything extremely fast, practically whilst sleeping.

    other component to the arm is that the tips of the fingers retract, turning each finger into a small flamethrower, that can be used in many different ways, from flaming punches, to somewhat large explosions if the heat is turned up enough.

Aaron was born in the year 2035, two years after the world was thrust into a never-ending war of horrific things. Before his life took a turn for the worst, he had a good life, enjoying it with his mother and father, an infant, he could still feel the immense love his parents felt for him. Aaron was quick to do many things, he was walking and talking far before any child his age was, quick to make friends, to help others, quick to learn to write and read, quick to learn to play all sorts of sports, and quick to volunteer to fight the Hydrians.

Aaron continued to learn and grow as he aged, eventually going to school, making plenty of friends and becoming loved by almost everyone in his town. One day this happiness ended when his town was attacked and destroyed by Hydrians. Aaron was with his parents when they attacked, there were screams, followed by loud horrendous screeches, explosions, growls, the squishing and tearing of flesh, it sounded like war in a grinder just outside his house. Without a second thought his mother grabbed him, while his father started the car. They drove to the bridge that would lead out of town, whilst somehow being lucky enough to avoid many Hydrians. They never made it to the bridge, however, as the countless vehicles blocked their path. So they decided they would swim across the river, and they ran. That was when a level one Hydrian came out of nowhere, tearing his mother and father away from him in an instant, Aaron knew he didn't have time to stop and scream for them, so he ran to the river.

Just as he reached the hill he tripped, and tumbled into the water, he fell unconscious just as a giant cloud of flames flew over the water above him. He awoke hours later, in a helicopter surrounded by suited men. Everyone he knew was slaughtered, his family, friends, teachers, everyone. He was the only survivor, or so the Agency told him when they picked him up. He was eight when this happened, and so he was brought to the nearest Agency academy to be trained as an Agent.

Aaron was quick to learn everything the Academy had to teach, excelling at everything, as Agency Agents typically do. Aaron was among the top in his class, his desire to kill the Hydrians and his hate turned into a powerful emotion that drove him forward in his training. Aaron was glad to be surrounded by young people his age, both as smart and as strong as he was, it was certainly refreshing.

Years had passed and Aaron was now ready for his final test. He and four other trainees were sent out on the typical mission of eradicating multiple level four Hydrians. His team fought well at first, having killed one of the Hydrians rather quickly, but that caused Aaron to grow reckless, underestimating his enemy. He charged forward, ahead of his comrades, trying to show just how good he was. That was when he lost sight of his team members, now alone, one of the Hydrians attacked him, tearing his arm off instantly. Luckily his allies came just in time, together they fought the Hydrians back, and killed them, although, one team member didn't make it back.

As soon as he got back to the Agency Aaron got his implants, following that, his weapon, the FlexibleRailGun, and then he graduated. Just three month after his graduation, and Aaron has gone on may missions, with many Hydrian kills, he earned the codename, Agent Honour, for his personality, and desire to save everyone.


Mama Happy wrote:
Sun Dec 10, 2017 5:20 am
Name: Inyunk Telaie

Codename: Agent Red, 30KW, 30K

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Time in the Agency: 8 Years

- Inyunk keeps 30 feet of metal chains on her. She uses them to choke people or wrap them up. The chain itself is durable, she's had it ever since she graduated The Academy.
- She has a 6 feet long katana. She can't remember where she got it, but the blade sends pulses of electricity through it and when it's near another object that's compatible with it, a strand of electricity will form, staying connected with it until she either sheathes the blade or finds another object that's compatible.
- Inyunk's motorcycle has a Mini Vulcan Machine Gun on it that she can detach is she needs to, but it usually hangs on the left of her motorcycle. She only fires it for twelve seconds and then stops. The bullets are specially designed to pierce through a centimeter of concrete.
- Inyunk's motorcycle can climb up walls vertically with the help of spikes that it has. Her bike itself is like a supercomputer. She can give it commands and set it autopilot is she needs to and she can call it back if she jumps off of it.
- She as an automatic Assault Laser Rifle

Robotic Arm:
Inyunk’s arm is still in the process of being completed. Prototype arm 30KW was made to allow soldiers teleport, but they needed a test subject, Inyunk. With this arm, Inyunk can teleport both long and short distances, but here’s where things get difficult. Depending on how far Inyunk’s wishes to teleport, that’s how much pain she’s gets. If it’s a quick little jump, she’ll only get hit with a quick little wave. But, if she travels too far, she’ll pass out from the sheer amount of pain she’ll be in. If she tries to bare through the longer, stronger waves of pain, she’ll cough up blood. This arm also allows her to carry twice her weight, which doesn’t send her wave she of pain.

Personality: Inyunk is a rebel and always will be. She quick to talk back to anybody, even if it's someone higher up. She isn't afraid to fight people if they manage to piss her off enough. She constantly has a resting bitch face, but she can be pretty nice and friendly with other people, just not ones that boss her around. Inyunk hates it when people try to be all high and mighty, telling her that her attitude is going to get her trouble. But, she knows the consequences already, she just isn't going to give in to shitty adults. Inyunk isn't a fan of people who coward either, telling them to grow a pair and get moving. Though she isn't mean to everyone at first sight, yet she won't like it if you judge her straight off the bat as stated earlier she can be pretty nice. Inyunk doesn't give anyone second chances, if you manage to hurt her, she'll hate you forever, no questions asked about it. Though, through all of this, Inyunk does sometimes listen to the higher-ups is shit gets serious. Also, a last little warning, don't ever touch her motorcycle without her permission if you like your hand!

Bio: Inyunk was treated horribly at a young age. Her parents constantly abused her and would tell that she was useless. She got tired of this and began talking back to her parents, which only worsened the abuse, but she bared it. Inyunk told herself that she'll get her chance to leave, constantly telling herself that. At school she was struggling, the teachers asking her if she was okay, but she'd always push them away, telling them that all adults were the same, every last one of them. She pushed everyone away, not wanting to deal with kids trying to befriend her and teachers trying to calm her down.

Then, that dreaded day came along. The Hydrians landing on Earth without warning. They attacked homes and killed many people. The only reason Inyunk had managed to survive was that her parents had brought her along in hopes of getting supplies since they had a child with them. They had managed to get to a city that hadn't yet been attacked by the Hydrians. Yet, Inyunk had wished her parents had died in the Hydrian attack like many others did. Shelters had been made for the people who lost their homes within the first Hydrian attack and were given food and water. Though even in times like these, Inyunk's parents only cared about themselves.

Inyunk had finally snapped. She couldn't believe how selfish her parents were in such desperate times. She ran away from the shelter, quickly adapting to life on the streets. One day while, while she was out searching for food, she had run into two ladies, asking her if she wanted to help them with defeating the alien threat. At first, Inyunk denied, but after persuading the young girl tgirl she would be taken care of, she listened and went along with them.

That's when Inyunk was introduced to the Academy. She was told that she was going to be trained to be able to defeat the Hydrian threat like many others were. She didn't complain about it at first as she was getting adjusted to the new lifestyle, but she quickly realized that she was being bossed around by adults who told her each little thing that she did wrong. Inyunk wasn't the best in her classes, always struggling and the instructors yelling at her for not trying as hard as she should be. Yet, just like how she was in her regular school, she talked back to them.

Yet, the Academy wasn't having any of this. If she was going to continue to give them problems, they were going to break that spirit of hers. So, they decided to teach her lesson. In the middle of the night, they tied her up and blindfolded her, but not with Inyunk fighting back, of course. Which gained her a scar on her right eyebrow and one going across her lips. She was sent off to the Labs, who just so happened to need a test subject for a new prototype arm they were working on.

Inyunk had told them that she wasn't afraid and that they should try to do their worst to her and they did. They cut her arm off without any anesthetics, allowing her to feel each little thing they did to her. Yet, this didn't stop her. She fought back each day as they constantly tested out new arms for teleportation. Yes, the would send her back the Academy so she could continue her training, but that was in the day, at night she would be sent back for more experiments and see how the arm was doing and how it was holding up.

They had gone through twenty-nine different arms (Throughout the 10 years she's been at the Academy) before stopping at 30KW, the arm that Inyunk currently has. This arm had managed to withstand multiple uses of teleportation, both long and short distances. They were proud of themselves for making such an accomplishment, but they still needed to work out the side effects that came with it. But, that would have to wait as Inyunk had managed to pass the Academy and finally becoming an Agent. Someday's she does to the Labs to get her arm fixed up, or sometimes they call her over to add upgrades to it.

Out of all of this, Inyunk had asked the Agency for one thing: A supercomputer motorcycle. And they agreed to give it to her. Inyunk was pleased with her request being accepted and named the bike "The Flash" since it looks like the Flash when she's driving by, plus it was also because of it's red color.

Assault Laser Rifle:

- Facemash
- Inyunk stands at 5"8'
- Inyunk smells like smoke since she smokes so often
FeatherBlood wrote:
Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:58 pm
Name: Crush Valideer
Codename: Jawbreaker
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Time in the Agency: 8 years
Des and Troy - The gauntlets Crush happily uses to the point of willing to nickname them, Des and Troy, because together they DesTroy. They look like your average, futuristic gauntlets that can be used to punch Hydrians to death and deflect and parry metal useful in blocking blades or bullets, but they have a few nice additions to it.
Scatter Blast - Pretty much self explanatory, a gun holster built within the gauntlets that fire a scatter shot blast at short range
Energy Blast - Another range function installed into the gauntlets, when triggered the gauntlets will charge up an orb of pure energy that fires with destructive power, a single burst shot from both gloves and needs to cool down before firing again. If he places his hands together while charging up, the energy from both gauntlets combine for an attack twice of strength
Force Blast - This feature isn't so much an offensive weapon, but has it's uses. This fires a powerful force of energy with high recoil, capable of repelling any enemy who stands in it's path. However that is not what Crush uses this function for, instead he uses it as a manoeuvre technique. Firing this behind him at different angles allows Crush to propel him through the air, acting as a jet booster of sorts
Grapple Hooks - Just an additional minor setting that allows helps him now and again, just to pull him about places which he sometimes combines with his Force Blast function, or just swings around on for fun
Muscle Alteration - Crush's muscles have been altered and enhanced to grant the male an increase of physical power. The alteration allows Crush to have an increase of strength and power, meaning he can lift things triple his weight and attack with power enough to crack rock in a single punch. Not only does his enhancement allow Crush to gain more attack power, but more defensive power. As his muscles are more capable Crush can take powerful hits while only being slightly fazed
Full Body Enhancement - Just like how his muscles were altered and enhanced, Crush's entire body had a little alteration done on it. His muscles were altered the most, but his organs and other vitals were altered to support his body in harsh environments. They aren't much, but in certain situations they would prove useful. Such as an expansion of his lungs so he can hold more air for longer and be less affected by lung harming gases, his heart was altered to provide an altered blood flow to minimise blood loss, along with many other alterations that seem minor but are useful in certain situations
Fearless Mind - Crush's mind has been tampered with to affect his emotions, in particular the part of his brain that holds fear. The scientists managed to tamper with this part of Crush's brain, enough to suppress his emotion of fear. Because of this Crush can't feel fear since it was more or less removed from his mind, but since emotion can't fully be removed Crush only feels fear in extreme situations, but when in battle he doesn't fear his opponents, meaning he can stand up to them without fear clouding his mind
Berserk - Nanobots have been placed inside Crush's body, carrying a special drug. Currently the nanobots are inactive, shut down and awaiting remote access to awaken and release the drug into Crush's body. The drug will be absorbed into Crush's body and take effect, giving Crush an immense rush of energy. Crush will feel pain as his body takes in the drug, before he is sent into an uncontrolled berserker rage where his body is pushed beyond it's limits, however at the cost of Crush losing control of his body. Crush is unaware of these nanobots roaming through his body as the scientists placed them into his body without his knowledge, so that means the control of this ability is left to The Agency
Personality: Crush is just one of your joyful happy-go-lucky guys, going through his life with a grin on his face and a playful personality. Outgoing and extremely adventurous Crush just loves the thrill of missions and battle and always seems to enjoy himself. Crush is the type of person who seems to never take things seriously, always grinning and enjoying himself even when in battle or near death, no matter the situation Crush just loves to grin and takes things as a joke. There are only rare occasions when Crush has been seen getting serious and for once not grinning, which is normally an indication that things are getting quite dire, especially when his comrades are in danger. Crush loves hanging out with his friends and allies, looking out for them and playing around with them. So when anyone he considers friend or ally Crush will gladly protect their lives when push comes the shove
Bio: Crush's life started out just like any other, born into a family, raised in a decent household, lived life like another. Living in a decent sized town on the very outskirts of a city Crush was raised with one older sister and parents, which was decent and peaceful for him. At least it should've been extremely peaceful, hadn't the threat of the Hydrians loomed over every city, town, village and all other inhabited areas. While other people feared the Hydrians and hoped they never appeared, Crush was just a child of curiosity and adventure, so although the threat of these aliens were quite intimidating Crush was just interested in these creatures.

Life would've continued on as normal for little Crush, managing with his parents and older sibling, until the one threat everyone feared happened. The Hydrian wave hit with no warning, suddenly appearing as if they popped into existence. Nobody had any information about it, the news channels had no update of an advancing force and military units had no evacuation planned, so Crush's hometown had little time to react. This all so happened Crush had reacted the lucky age of 8. They only thing he could vividly remember were the panicked screams of the townsfolk as his parents dragged him and his sister out of the house and fled in the direction of the city they liked next too, seeking shelter there just like every other townsfolk there. Unsurprisingly the people were unable to escape the Hydrian's charge, many fell before the even reached the city right next door. Crush's family managed to make it within the city, but the Hydrian's were right on their tail as the aliens stormed the city as well, destroying everything in sight. Good news during this attack Crush's family didn't die to a Hydrian itself, bad news is they still died during that attack. A building had been struck by a Hydrian which sent it crumbling as it collapsed, which just so happened to have fallen right on top of the path Crush and his family were going through. Crush's sister managed to shove Crush out of the way before they were crush, leaving Crush only be hit by a piece of sharp metal which fell from the building and cut deep into his back, rendering the boy unconscious.

Next thing Crush remembered was waking up with pain in his back and military officials and medics running all round him while he was being treated. It seemed he had been rescued by officials before he either bled out or the Hydrians realised he was still alive and finished him off. Once he had regained enough conscious to sit up and talk while being treated, a man approached him to ask him a few questions. Once the man discovered Crush was 8 the man made a proposal, offering to recruit Crush into the Academy as an Agent. Having nothing else to do with his life, plus liking the idea of fighting against the Hydrians, Crush accepted.

Like every other child who wen through this process Crush was brought to The Labs to be genetically enhanced to the standards required to be accepted fully. Things seemed to have went smoothly and Crush was brought into The Academy. There Crush trained to become an Agent, just like every other person who went there. Times were tough, but this change of environment plus the offer of going out there on the battlefield excited the thrill seeking Crush.

So in the end Crush passed his 10 years in the Academy and finally moved up to becoming an Agent, where he has now been working as for the past 8 years.
Extra: Facesmosh
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Lumiere Winters




~Time in the Agency~
Active for 5 years

- Shield:
Lumiere basically has a metal band that is connected to her right wrist that is able to activate a green shield. The edges of the shield are independent projectors and Lumi is able to throw her shield Captain America style at enemies or in front of teammates to protect them at any time. She activates by pressing the button in the middle of it. She is able to make it as small or as big as she wants it and it is pretty strong too, but it is able to break with enough force. The wrist mount for the shield acts as an energy source, so throwing it or placing it in front of someone weakens its strength and the four projectors that shape the shield are also the weak spots. One of those takes a hit the whole shield collapses.

- Chain Sword:
Lumiere has another metal band on her left wrist that has a blade that can extend with a button push and another makes the blade split apart like a whip.

- Witcher Traum:

- First Aid Kit: It might not be a weapon, but Lumi almost never leaves without a first aid kit because she never knows when someone might get hurt while she's around. She never wants to be unable to help someone who needs it. Lumiere normally carries bandages, gloves, tweezers, and many more thing in her kit.

- Enhanced Strength/Agility: Lumiere is a pretty strong girl, even though she is kind of tiny. She is able to lift things almost twice her weight, but isn't able to move or lift things like a car or anything like that. Lumi is also pretty flexible as well, thanks to gymnastics. She's able to thinks like flips, the splits, and many other things with little to no problem.

- Healing: Lumi can identify how bad a wound is and give off a percentage of how likely they are to survive it. She even has super nimble finger work and she can stitch up a wound in battle pretty quickly if she has everything that she needs, which she normally does.

Lumi is a kind, loyal, honest, and polite who only wants to see the best in others and has a strong conviction to complete whatever task she feels is her duty. She is naive, always believing the best of people, and often places the needs of others above her own, becoming apologetic when she feels she has let someone down. She hides her feelings of fear and sadness while encouraging her others to express themselves in her place. Lumi does not express her feelings often and when she does she struggles doing so. Lumi has motherly qualities, acting as a support for others, and keeping the others around her optimistic. Lumi is a hard worker and spends her time caring for everyone but herself. She offers sanctuary and protects those in need, and is often an emotional crutch for the other members to lean on. She is willing to carry others' burdens and sacrifice everything to give rid of Hydrians, giving up chances for her own happiness if she has to. Though not clingy, she appears hurt when people ignore her or become distant. People often tease her for always getting dragged into trouble and being a pushover as she cannot refuse a call for help, she can be stern and intimidating if angered. Though its hard to anger her, when she is, its like she's a whole different person.

(Bios are hard! Here's a song!)
I feel so unsuuuuure. As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor.
As the music diessssss, something in your eyesssss!!! Calls to mind the silver screen, and all its sad good-byes.
I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm!
Though it's easy to pretend,I know you're not a fooooool!
Should've known better than to cheat a friend, and waste the chance that I've been given!
So I'm never gonna dance again, THE WAY I DANCED WITH YOOOOOOOOOOOU

Time can never mend.... The careless whispers of... a... good friend...
To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind!
There's no comfort in the truth!
Pain is alllllllllllll you'll find!
I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm.
Though it's easy to pretend, I know you're not a foooooooool!
I should've known better than to cheat a friend, and waste the chance that I've been given
So I'm never gonna dance again, THE WAY I DANCED WITH YOOOOOOOOOOOU!
Never without your love....


And I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm!
Though it's easy to pretend, I know you're not a fool
Should've known better than to cheat a friend and waste the chance that I've been given
So I'm never gonna dance again... THE WAY I DANCED WITH YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU

Now that you're gooooooooooone
(NOW THAT YOU'RE GOOOOOOOONE) What I did's so wrong, so wroooooooooooong
That you had to leave me alooooooneeeeeee.

- Lumi is 4'10
- She normally wears black and purple clothing with heels to make herself look taller.

Kali wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:52 am
  • Alpha
  • 17
  • Female
  • Image

    The gun modes fire out the same type of energy that the blades are made of.
  • Skeletal Structure
    • Alpha's skeletal structure is enhanced by an alloy that was infused to her bones. Despite this, it doesn't alter her weight or show up by metal detectors or X-Rays. It is incapable of being broken or fractured by impacts. The Alloy has been dubbed Mithril, and comprises all of Alpha's mechanical components as well. It's not magnetic, and it shields her components from being affected by EMPs or electrical attacks.
  • Brain Function
    • Alpha's brain is more like a computer than a human brain. She is able to process things quickly, strategize, and gain and recall data in a large databank connected to her computer in the Labs. She is able to communicate with them, as with other computers, as easily as it is to think. She can connect to computers to infiltrate, manipulate, or extract information from them, though is unable to be aware of what goes on around her while doing so.
  • Body
    • Alpha's outer body is her original, human body. She bleeds, but blood isn't what sustains her body anymore. She doesn't feel pain, but can register temperatures, among the regular physical senses. She can register smells and taste, being able to intake substances that would be considered harmful in order to discern their chemical makeup. Her body flushes the harmful chemicals out. Despite being organic, she does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. The special components that make up her lungs, heart, and stomach eliminate the need for that. Her stomach's only purpose is to cleanse and break down any substances she intakes to analyze. Unlike any other manufactured human, Alpha's body can reach full physical maturity before it is completely sustained by the mechanical components. At this point, she stops aging like a human, and can't die of old age. The Mythril in her body is capable of adapting to her growth as it had since the beginning, allowing her components grow along with her without needing to have them replaced. The structures of her components also are able to mend themselves to an extent because of this. Extensive damage would require returning to the lab for maintenance.
  • Alpha doesn't have much of a personality, since machines didn't need one. When not on duty, she spends all of her time in her computer, taking in new information and data that she is given. When not in her special room in the Labs, she will stand at attention, staring ahead blankly awaiting orders. And once on a mission, her mind processes only the mission. She rarely speaks or answers unless it pertains to the mission. Trying to get her to talk about anything, otherwise, will result in no success. She might be able to gain a personality, but someone would need the patience of a saint to try to deal with her. Sometimes, when she's alone in her room, the human part of her mind recalls the torture she had endured. Her mechanical mind quickly snuffs it out, but usually results in a few tears.
  • In the Agency's early days, there was a scientist in the labs who wanted create a being who's body was both perfectly human and robotic. The scientist took in seven individuals of varying ages, including Alpha's parents and older brother. The scientist worked to integrate an electronics system and wires into the subjects, while they were conscious with no sedatives. He claimed it was to ensure that the subject was responsive.

    Unfortunately, attempting to introduce a Full robotics system into a human body proved to be both messy and fatal on the older subjects. The teens survived the process longer, but their fragile, human bodies eventually gave out. That led him to having one subject left. A 3 year old girl.

    The little girl endured years of torture, but her younger, still developing body gave the scientist the ability to implant the machinery and systems into her body and have her body develop around them. Her skeleton was reinforced, and most of her vital organs were slowly and carefully altered. The last thing for him to do was to "Improve" her brain function, which resulted in the removal of most of her human brain and replaced with that of a computer. She was only programmed with basic mental functions, and the capability to process things far beyond the average human. He labeled her Alpha. Because of the extent and ongoing process, as well as the time it takes for one to reach a stable state to be used, and the cost and materials. Alpha was the first and last of her project, and is taken well care of.
  • Image
  • Facesmosh
Faelight wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 2:14 am
Name: 7B or Lucky

Codename: Agent Lucky or Beta 7

Age: Real age unknown. Has been activated for a two years though.

Gender: Female

Time in the Agency: 4 weeks as a field unit.

Weapons: Besides all of her programs 7B carries around dual rapier like weapons for fast and powerful strikes. The materials used to make these blades is a rather unique compound found on a Hydrian ship. As a side arm she carries a handcannon that can fire explosive rounds but normally just fires regular high caliber rounds.

Bio-electronic Blindfold: An item that only works with her physiology and allows her to see through this piece of fabric. It allows her see the world with a heads up display hub and activate many of her core programs. To anyone else not of her model it's a simple blindfold with tech embedded in it.

Abilities/Augmentations: this is the heart of what she is and why she was created.

Technological scanning: She can scan objects to determine a few factors like damage and how to repair them. That's only while she has her blindfold on though.

Augmented Eyes: 7B's eyes are a mixture of bio-organic material and synthetic components. These eyes allow her to use the Blindfold that was created for her model. Alone her eyes can spot anything from a farther range than others can, can detect things others wouldn't notice. They are even capable of being flashlights in the dark.

Stealth program: As one would think this program activates a cloaking field around 7B. She is completely hidden from almost all sensors and forms of vision.

Direct links: 7B has a direct link to headquarters and the Labs able to send data back almost instantly. Perfect for long range communications and relaying scouting data. This link can be made with personal coms as well to keep in contact with her team should she have one.

Enhanced strength and agility: As one would think 7B has mechanical limbs that give her a great boost to natural strength and agility. Allowing her to pick up extremely heavy objects and allow her to move quicker than most. This also means she can move and bend her body in ways that humans can't. These limbs can also be detached from her body given proper knowledge of how to do so. These limbs look completely organic with skin and feels just like that of organic tissue.

Beta Core: The Beta Core is the heart of 7B, essentially it is her power source. It's a strange metallic device that is design to look like a heart and act like one. It beats and if a certain code phrase is said 7B then goes into a melt down. The Beta core then goes into a molecular implosion and destroys all in the area like a nuke.

Personality: 7B is currently what you would expect of a Synthetic human being released into the world for the first time. She's big on following rules and protocol since the Labs and Director can tap into her sensors at any moment. She is pretty bland with no much personal touch to her. Her curiosity is there to learn about how to be human and to fit in but she doesn't have much emotion. The potential is there she just hasn't found them, she hasn't tapped into them. Of course the pressure is on with losing most of her line already. This will likely show in her eagerness to prove her abilities to her team mates and to the higher authorities.

This unit is a hard worker though and won't give up until all options have been exhausted. Her programming has her to be extremely loyal to her cause and has been given the authority to eliminate those that show signs of betrayal to their cause. Lucky is a little confused already about a few things since released into the human world. Like the feeling of loss with the fact most of her line failed. Guilt of surviving where the others died, the pressure of having to succeed in order to make her creators happy.

Bio: April 25th 2048, three months after the appearance of The Behemoth the United States got an interesting message. This message was a set of coordinates and a promise of an alliance between Japan and the Agency of the U.S. Of course this deal was discussed and the best option was decided to go and discuss plans. When they arrived no meeting was to be had...for everyone in Japan was gone. Just vanished into thin air and all that was in the room were files on something called Project EdeN. In these files were plans to build a synthetic human army to deal with The Behemoth and the Hydrian threat. With Japan and it's researchers gone though, the Agency filed the data away. Only one scientist wanted to pursue the data at the time but was shut down by the lead scientist.

That is until June 18th 2049, where The Behemoth appeared again in Russia. The Russians sought to destroy The Behemoth through nuke fire power. This did nothing but destroy themselves and turn the whole country into Chernobyl. With a few major powers out of play the U.S got scared. The scientist that originally wanted to use the research data from Japan, a Dr. Richard Montgomery spoke up about the data on project EdeN. He said with a new device they found in a space craft they could create this army. The army would be the perfect thing to use against The Behemoth and if they should fail...they were set up with a molecular implosion set upon by these new cores that were named after each Unit Type. It was because of this last ditch that the project was approved in hopes of saving Agency life.

Researchers got to work on this little synthetic army by creating human life. With the data in the files The Labs were able to save themselves a decade of research and study. Instead they went right into trials and started building various models. The type Alpha series was a complete failure as none of them survived the proper tests. It took them awhile but eventually the type Beta series proved to bare some fruit. The five units survived the tests and were instantly sent into the field for proper testing in live combat. During the first mission three 10B, 17B, and 13B all perished in battle. Only 7B and 4B survived and were deemed a success for now.

More research and data would needed to be analyzed before a full decision on if the type Beta series would be produced. So far 7B and 2B have been on three missions that have been successful since they were brought into the field. The higher ups decided they wanted to see how the models did around humans and how they adapted from being away from each other. So the units were split up and were given access to the city at last. A lot of pressure was now on Dr. Montgomery with the two previous batches seemingly failing. As a result he began pestering and checking in on the units, pressuring them to do their best. Of course this created even more stress and pressure for these two units as Project EdeN's future was now in their hands. Unit 2B and 7B have a lot on their shoulders, only time will tell if they can handle it.

(Full app, clothes body hair)

(Contains weapon, face, eyes.)

Extra: Facesmosh
I̞͉̣̦̟̱'̩͎̗͚͡͝d̯̲̪̜̤̖̥͟ ́҉̳̝́d̡̖͇͕̺̝́͘o͈̟̯̩̳ ̟̫̹͙͞á͔̤ǹ̶̗͕͈y̶̳̦t̛͕̫̞̟͘h̗̱͙͉̲͘͝i҉͍̘̮̗͙̙n̰̘̟g̷̶̬̻ ͇̙̻̘̦̜ͅf̧͇̞͕͉̤̝̜o̻̗͓̻̠̪͜͡ŗ̸͔͈̺̹̝̱ͅ ̬̤͍̹̬̰͞y̸̢̩̯̹̹o̸̟̻̫̭͖u҉̰͔̪͡


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