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[CS] Sailing The Grand Line!

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Name: Maria "Double Side Shooter" Langston

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Devil Fruit User: N/A

Devil Fruit Abilities: N/A

Job on Ship: Sharp Shooter

Weapons: Two Revolvers, Daggers, Throwing Knives, and a Pouch Full of Ammunition

Personality: Maria is the most irresponsible person. She doesn't really do things people tell her to unless they pay her or she benefits out of it. She has her own rules that other people may not like since Maria likes to do things her way. Yet, even with her being a bit reckless and all, she plans things out, even if it doesn't seem like it. She is very self-confident in what she does and believes that things'll turn out her way. But surprise, surprise, it doesn't, which she finds annoying at times, but nothing for her to get angry over.
Speaking of anger, there have been a few incidents in the past with Maria becoming so upset that she starts firing everywhere. The people who have upset her have been hospitalized and a few innocent people as well because of her anger. Witnesses say that Maria starts saying that she'll shoot anyone who gets in her way and that she ain't afraid to either. Yet, with all that anger, irresponsibility, and self-confidence, Maria is dead-on with her shooting. She can't even recall the last time she's ever missed a target. When things get serious, she gets serious, always focusing on her targets and getting in "The Zone" as her eyes go blank and her movements get quicker. Scary, ain't it?

Bio: Maria lived a fairly easy life within South Blue. Having 12 older siblings and people knowing who she is, she didn't really have to do anything as other people did stuff for her out it was her siblings. Sure she had to do things here and there, but it wasn't anything that would make her go out of her way to do it. This is what led to Maria's irresponsibility as always thought people would do things for her.
One day, while Maria was out shopping with her 3 older sisters, she noticed a woman run past them. And following close behind her were 3 Navy Soldiers, yelling at people to go catch her. The woman's name was Gyundi. But she always went by "6 Daughters". The reason why she went by that name was that Gyundi only used 6 bullets. And only 6. She would never use more than 6 when she was in a fight. That was how good her shooting was. Maira was amazed by this. Not only was Gyundi beautiful, but she was also very skilled with using her gun and made it look very graceful. This is what made Maria want t start shooting so, she began searching for the woman after she was able to escape from the Navy.
Later that night, Maria went out to go look for her. She didn;t find the woman in any of the scary places she thought of, so she went to Town Central and she found Gyundi there. Maria went up to her and asked Gyundi if she could teach her. Gyundi denied Maria and continued shopping, telling the young girl to just stay her girly self. Maria was very upset by what Gyundi said and started going off on the woman. The few people that were out late at night, watched as the young girl went off on the woman. Gyundi simply stood there. She tried to hold back her laughter, but it was no use as she burst out laughing. Maria was confused. Why was she laughing? She basically insulted this woman and she was laughing. After Gyundi's laughter died down, she told Maria that she'll teach her, after seeing so much spirit in her. This excited Maria greatly and she thanked the woman.
Soon after Maria began sneaking out of the house to go meet up with Gyundi. Night after night, Maria began slowing perfecting her skills with using three different guns; A Revolver, a Sniper Rifle, and a Pistol. Maria was very good with a Revolver, so she decided to stick that instead. Yet, that didn't mean she stopped using the other two guns. She kept those around with her. One night, when Maria and Gyundi were having a friendly chat, they were jumped. Apparently, someone had seen the two hanging out and called the Navy, telling them where they were. Maria was scared as she knew what she had gotten herself into. The person how had seen them was Maria's own mother. Maria was broken by this. How could her own mother want to arrest her child? Maria's mother told her that it was for her own good. That it'll help Maria. Bullshit! This is what Maria wanted. She wanted to become as good of a shooter as Gyundi was, and nothing was going to change that! Maria's mother stood there in silence after hearing that and told the Navy soldiers to take them away. Maria thrashed about as they dragged them away, cursing her mother out and telling her she'll pay for this.
Gyundi and Maria were then thrown into a temporary jail cell, where they would be picked up by Officials in the morning or so. Maria began thinking of a way to escape and using her charm, she told the soldiers that she'll have a little fun with them. The guards, being placed on this outpost and not really having any time for their personal life, agreed to this. Gyundi quickly caught on and knocked the guards out. Ha! This was so easy! Both of teh woman ran out of the jail and stole a boat, but not before Maria saw her mother standing on the docks, watching them with a pleased smile on her face. Maria was filled with mixed emotions. Why was her mother smiling? Did she really want them to leave? Did she want Maria to leave? Though, this was not the time to think about that as Maria hopped on the boat with Gyundi and sailed off as quickly as they could.


Extra: Geomentagnome looks cool is guess...

Extra-Extra: Double Side Shooter Is Seen At Her Favorite Makeup Store Once Again: De'Laruen!
Name: Evangeline " Psychotic Angel " Eden

Age: 19

Role on the Ship: Doctor

Devil Fruit User: Yeppers ^-^

Devil Fruit Power: Invisibility, in essence can turn herself and other objects she focuses on invisible.

Weapons: Family heirloom, an old crossbow that holds multiple shots inside of it, like a magazine. Has a small scope for slightly longer range. Currently nicknamed O'Mally. Along with a dagger for real close combat.

Personality: Evangeline may at first seem like a gentle and frail flower but when her blood gets flowing she'll prove otherwise. She's the type of girl that might offer a friendly smile while patching you up, but will slight your throat if you tell her you can't pay. She's like a demon and Angel all wrapped up into one small girl. Just be careful you know which side of her you are dealing with at first. Runa's pretty smart and likes 'following' people that catch her eye. In all terms she doesn't care about those that she kills or people that she's unable to save. Instead she actually likes watching the life leave their eyes but won't purposefully make that happen unless...

She's a friendly gal normally though, offering the friendly smile and offering to take care of your injuries. ( Provided that you can pay) She's becoming quite bored with just being a town doctor and aims to do something more thrilling. Something that'll allow her to fulfill her devilish desires. It'll be hard at first to tell whether she likes you or not, until you find a knife by your head when you wake up in the morning. You don't have to worry about her loyalty though, if she swears to serve then she'll serve. Just be a bit careful if she leaves your service, then you might want to look over your shoulder for a while. One last thing, don't let that kind smile fool you, she's just as cutthroat as a psychopath.

Bio: Not many people know much about the little doctor before she washed up on the island. She was about fifteen at the time and was still the unusual killer she is now. It became pretty apparent with her skills with herbs and medicine so naturally people looked to her for those matters. Plus the girl didn't really ask for all that much at first, planning ahead to get herself set up. Locals thinks she's cursed or something as the girl strangely vanishes at times, after seeing that people got a bit nervous around her. No one really ever bothered to ask where she came from, where she got her skills from, Where did she her crossbow from, or why she was found slowly drifting ashore on boat parts.

Time went by like always as customers came and went, paying her for her services. It wasn't until about a year after she arrived that she raised her prices, then came the first person that didn't pay. Being the secret ruthless killer she was Eva butchered the man before setting him up with a sign that say he didn't pay. So people got the message to not mess with the young girl especially since she was the primary medical personnel on the island. Occasionally a body would show up, it'd be some random person not living on the island of course that didn't know how things worked. It's been like that for the past few years as Eva does her thing, all the while getting bored of same thing day in and day out. Some of the locals have gotten a bit worried as she seems to have started torturing the people that don't pay her just to have a bit more to do. At night they say you can hear the poor saps screams as she some would say she was "playing" doctor.

(Before Dawn Island)

Evangeline lived a rather simple life with her family before she arrived at Dawn Island, atleast before the last few months. Her parents were doctors themsleves studying the devil fruits and their legends. Traveling around with their daughter trying to find one to study and research. They had managed to meet a few pirates along the way that were devil fruit users. It helped them greatly improve their research and helped little Eva learn a little something about herself. Having accidentally seen a man die she figured it that watching the lights leave one's eyes was a pretty beautiful sight.

Years went by as her parents dragged her around trying to find this legendary fruit that could grant one powers. Eva had grown invested in the research as well, wanting to help her parents achieve their dreams. The day finally came when they found one, well Eva found one trying to find something to snack on. They did everything they could to learn what made the fruit tick and how it bestowed powers upon someone. Deciding it was best to leave the island where they found it and take to someone that might be able to help they set out to see someone that was know a lot about the fruits.

They never made it sadly, as the vessel they were riding became raided by some pirates. Word had reached them that a devil fruit was aboard the ship and no one had taken a bit of it yet. Things went to hell and after watching her parents die before her, Evangeline did the only thing she could. The girl ate the very fruit she aimed to research, seeing it as the only way she could get out alive. What happened next was lost to history as no one was said to survive the encounter, and little Eva washed up on some island shore. Facing reality that she now had a new beginning, a fresh slate to eventually continue her family's work. To be honest, no one really knows what happened during the pirate raid...for all as anyone could know, Eva murdered her parents to consume the devil's fruit.


Extra: Geometria seems pretty cool.
Extra-Extra: Stands at about 4'11 and doesn't like talking about her height. She likes to sneak attack people that have annoyed her using her devil fruit abiltiy. It's unknown whether she found a devil fruit on the island and consumed it or whether she found it before.
Extra, Extra!: Read all about it the Tiny serial killer strikes again!
  • Zagara Narishda, the Divine Chef
  • 23
  • Female
Role on the Ship:
  • Chef
Devil Fruit User:
  • No
  • Her Chef knife
  • Her butcher knife
  • Throwing knives
  • Happiness is everything, and food makes people happy. Therefore, Cooking is the key to happiness. She is determined to change the world through her cooking, and believes that everyone should have the chance to taste her dishes. She is extremely protective of her utensils, and will do what she can to protect them and take care of them. She always has prepared food on her, and will ensure that everyone is properly fed.
  • Ever since she was young, her parents knew she was different. She found herself in the kitchen most days, just taking in all of the scents it had to offer. As soon as she was able to eat solid food, the chef in the town tavern would give her samples of their food. She enjoyed it all thoroughly, but knew how to help their cooking. She gave them tips and advice, which helped the tavern become very popular for people coming through. By the time she was six, she was already preparing her own food. The adults thought she was going to cut herself, but the knife glided past her fingers every time as if they were protected by some divine force. Her dishes were perfectly executed, and by the time she turned ten, she was given the nickname "The Divine Chef". The town she lived in became extremely prosperous and grew in side, becoming a large city by the time she was fifteen. People would come from everywhere just to see her at work, and watch her cook. The was her city's, and her parents', pride and joy.

    But they knew that she would have to leave one day. Since she was young, she had wanted to share her cooking with the world.

    That time came when she was fifteen. She packed her large pack with her large butcher cleaver, her kitchen knife, and everything she would need to cook on the go. It was a tearful goodbye, but she knew that she had laid the foundation for the success of the newly renamed 'Divine Chef Tavern', and that her hometown would be just fine. And so she set forth on her path.

    It wasn't as epic as the bards made her think it was going to be.

    The first night, it rained. She tried to get her tent set up, but a large gust of wind blew it right out of her hands, and she was left cold and damp for the rest of the night and the next day. Luckily, the large blanket that was packed was kept dry by the pack itself. As soon as the rain had stopped, she found a secluded place, got out of her wet clothes, and wrapped herself in the blanket to dry off and warm up. Her clothes hung to dry and she tried to get a nap. She woke up to something fluttering around, and noticed faeries buzzing around her dress. She was going to just watch them, until they suddenly grabbed it and started to try to fly off with it. She only got it back because the faeries dropped it while laughing at the teen tripping and falling into the mud.

    After that ordeal, cleaning herself up and getting her clothes dried, she set back out determined to not let the rocky start get her down.

    That didn't last long, as she found herself in a bandit ambush. Being only about 4'4 at the time, she was easily overpowered. They ransacked her pack and found meager supplies, her cookware, her blanket, her knives, and a single gold coin that her mother had given her. That gold piece could let her stay at most common inns for over a week. They just tossed her things in a pile, taking the throwing knives and the coin, along with her.
    She knew that she couldn't let them get their way, and crying would only make them mad, so she had to find a way to get herself out of the situation, get her things, and get on the road. She spent almost a week tied up, being pulled along and just being fed whatever they didn't finish or want to finish. It was about that time, though, that one of the bandits started to get bored with the same thing every night. They were supposed to be waiting for someone who would take her off of their hands, but no one arrived yet. That's when Zagara knew she had her way out. She proposed a deal. If she cooked them the best meal they ever had, they would let her go. The bandits laughed, but their stomachs growled much like her own. She knew she had the deal. The switched from ropes to chains, and made sure she couldn't go at them with it, and gave her things to cook with,
    including her tools. She indeed cooked them the best meal of their lives, and instead of going with their original plan of not adhering to the deal,
    they ended up sticking with it anyways. They somehow couldn't bare to hand her over. She thanked them, taking their things and continuing on her way.

    Unknown to her, the group continued to follow her until she made it to the next town, making sure that nothing tried to hurt her.

    The town was worse than she though. Bodies laid in the street due to some unknown sickness that seemed to have stricken the town. She found the town healer, who was at a loss. The woman mulled over her books of herbs, finding what was needed, but not having anyone who would be able to go find and retrieve the herbs. Even then, getting them to all of the people was going to be a difficult task. Zagara volunteered, borrowing the book and setting out. She found and carefully harvested the herbs from the book, making sure to memorize their unique scents before making her way into the town. The healer, who had been working night and day for a long time, had finally collapsed from the same illness. The Chef knew she had to act fast. She realized that the best way to utilize the herbs, and have enough for everyone, was to make a nice stew with the herbs. She grabbed the biggest pot the tavern had, and got to work. She had help from whoever was still standing, and distributed the healing stew out to the people.
    Within a few days, everyone was starting to feel much better, but Zagara had ended up getting sick and was bedridden for another few days. They helped her recover. She stayed and cooked for a few days, and before she left she was given a copy of the healer's book as thanks for everything she had done.

    Her luck was about the same throughout the years. Everything that could go wrong, did, but she was always met with good karma. She made many new friends, became known throughout the cities, and was loved by everyone she cooked for. She continued onward, learning new things, finding new ingredients, and using everything she learned within her cooking. People who know of her, want her to cook for her, believing that her visit would bring them great prosperity and favor of the gods.

    She joined up on the ship because she wanted to go places she couldn't go before, to find new ingredients, spices, and foods.
  • Image
    She's only about 4'8"

  • GEOMETRIA EXH is a bad fucking chart, I hate Sound Voltex
Extra, Extra!:
Still working on it, just need to finish the bio. I only got the general backbone of it down.

  • Alexandra Drake, the Amethyst Dragon
  • 25
  • Female
Role on the Ship:
  • First Mate/Bodyguard
Devil Fruit User:
  • Yes
Devil Fruit Power:
  • Ryū-Ryū no Mi, Model: Crystal Dragon
    • The fruit allows Alex to turn into a large winged dragon made of amethyst crystal, with the ability to fly. Although she cannot swim, she has no trouble breathing under water.
  • She has a large purple hammer, which is larger than the average person, that she can wield easily.
  • Alex is all about helping people first, and drinking in the tavern later. She will do what she can to help people. She also believes in tough love. She will beat someone into the ground. If they decide to come back, she will do it as many times as necessary until they learn their lesson. She has yet to kill someone. She also isn't one to turn down a fight, or a contest.
  • Alex was known as the Amethyst Dragon far before she could turn into a dragon. Ever since she was a child, she was helping people. She helped people around the small village, stopped kids from being bullied, and just did anything she could for others.

    As she grew up, she made her way from town to town, doing much of the same and getting a reputation for herself as a helper of people. She became known as the Amethyst Dragon due to the Mask she wears and her hammer.

    Sometime down the line she encountered the Mythical Zoan fruit.
  • Image Image
    She's about 6'11"

  • GEOMETRIA EXH is a bad fucking chart, I hate Sound Voltex
Extra, Extra!:
Name: Johnathon Jintion
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Devil Fruit User: Yes
Devil Fruit Power: Dizzy-Dizzy Fruit: Simple like its name, the Dizzy-Dizzy Fruit causes people around the host to become dizzy. Or, at least when he touches them. Sometimes Johnathon accidently causes people to become dizzy when he touches them. Here's how it works; A light tap causes the victim to feel as if they stood up too quickly, dazing them for a bit. A light punch feels like the victim has been spinning around rapidly for a few good minutes, making them lose balance and feel light-headed. A full-on punch causes the victim to lose balance entirely and make them throw-up. It takes five minutes before they are able to fully regain their balance and stop throwing up. He can also create an area around him where anyone who steps in becomes dizzy, depending on how intense he wants it to be. Though, he'll forget he has it around him, making people around him dizzy.
Weapon(s): Spiked Brass-Knuckles or Beer Bottles that he keeps around
Personality: Johnathon is not a fighter by any means. He'll try to talk people out of fighting him, which works both ways. The stop or they keep going, which mostly results in Johnathon gaining a few new bruises and scars, but winning. Johnathon always puts others before himself. He makes sure the others are okay before he tends to himself. Though Johnathon is very, and I mean very protective of his friends. If anyone ever hurts someone he considers a close friend, you will get hell. Johnathon is going to start that fight and he'll make you wish you were never born. This is all because of his upbringing since he had to take care of 14 kids by himself. (No, they're not his kids). However, Johnathon isn't the quickest when it comes to certain situations. For Example; Let's say the crew was going to throw a surprise birthday party for him. Once he entered the room, it would take him a good 2-3 minutes before realizing it was for him and getting all excited. Johnathon never really took time out of his day to care for himself, other people were first, it was never him.
Role on Ship: Ship-Wright
Appearance: Image
He also has a bit of stubble growing
Extra: Johnathon has a drinking habit
Extra-Extra: Good Ol' Johnathon Wins Yet Another Drinking Competition!
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