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[CS] The Junk Guild Chronicles

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:06 am
by Archer_Algren
Character Sheet
Name: Reika Saionji
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Race: Coordinator
App: Image
Bio: A former mercenary who preferred to spend more time tinkering with technology, she joined the Junk Guild to have access to all the technology she could ever want, she was recently been tasked with showing some new recruits how to perform a joint salvaging effort in a young planet.

Character Sheet
Name: ZG-178 “Zig”
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Race: Polynian
App: Image
Bio: Veronica’s assistant and constant companion, she is the culmination of Veronica’s tinkering with a brainwave scanner, she successfully copied another person’s brainwaves to create her own AI, despite being made from another person’s brainwaves, she has no clue as to who the brainwaves come from and Veronica is rather mum on the subject, despite her appearance, she is actually pretty relaxed although that doesn’t mean she is averse to fighting, she is equipped with micronized Gravity Generators on her fists for a deadly POKE.

Re: [CS] The Junk Guild Chronicles

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:36 am
by Gecko
Character Sheet
Name: Jamie MacGregor.
Gender: Female.
Age: Twenty-three years old.
Race: Human.
Bio: Jamie was practically born with a wrench in one hand and a screwdriver in the other. She had a natural talent and curiosity for fixing machinery and building robots, constantly tinkering with odd toys and different gadgets. The MacGregor family was one of those that didn't really seem to ever have a dull moment, though their circumstances weren't the best. They were known for their work with robotics and all that and made money off of it. The family consisted of both parents, Jamie, and a set of young twin boys, Stuart and Fredrick. They were a happy bunch that never stopped loving what they did.
Unfortunately, as life usual goes, not everything was happy forever. The MacGregor twins were doing their usual antics and running into the market square to have loads of fun and bounce around like the ten-year-olds they were, but the Innovades decided that they would wreak havoc the same day at the same place. Fredrick died due to an explosion while Stuart ran home, frightened and alone. The MacGregors weren't quite the same without their lost boy.
Jamie decided that she didn't want to be home anymore. It was dismal and sad and she couldn't do anything while she was there. Her young mind thirsted for adventure. And so, at eighteen years old, Jamie took her talents to the Junk Guild to utilize them there and has remained with them since, proving her skills all the while.
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Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:41 am
by Calibus101
Name: Finnegan 'Fin' Riverwind
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Race: Cyborg

Finnegan Riverwood. Friendly, caring, naive. Coming from a home which was helped by the Junkers. A local gang was harassing the village he lived in, and Fin being young and lacking the understanding of evil men tried to politely tell them to leave the village alone. In a chorus of laughter Fin was captured and beaten to an inch of his life. But soon would be rescued by the junkers. Fin idolized The Junker Guild, and many times he applied to join he failed over and over. But his struggles showed plenty of promise. Soon he was introduced to a doctor, promised that he could improve his muscle density, optical synapse improvements. The sort the Doctor called it "Genetic Robotics". Without much thought, Fin signed. He was becoming desperate to become like one of his great heroes. But a chip was installed that controlled him. Becoming a "Drone" for a sinister purpose. Fin was forced to kill for what the "Doctor" needed; resources. It was several years, but soon again Fin was to encounter the Junkers, this time as foes. Fin struggled. Fought against the very demon he was made. An EMP disrupted his control chip barely giving him enough time to shout for help from them.

The Doctors Lab was destroyed. Just as Fins youth was Destroyed. But the Boy, now a Man, still felt joy in people. He wanted to help others the same way he was rescued. So he tried one last time. If he failed, he'd just go alone helping where he felt he was needed. Well, good news. He passed.

Optical Geometric Response Emitter (O.G.R.E) System
A Heads-Up Display that includes numerous data updates and constantly informs both auditory and visual warnings, and includes a very limited predictive analyzer based on data provided.

Stablized Kinetic Insulation Nerves (S.K.I.N) System
Integrated directly with muscle tissue and replacing 95% of the nervous system excluding the spine and brain, the SKIN system gives a power boost to physical strength, an accelerated nervous response, and much harder skin grafting. It would not be wrong to assume the body is no longer human, but a synthetic reproduction.

Universal Neurological Inducement Transmitter (U.N.I.T) Module
A control ship installed directly to the brain of Finnegan. A weakness in his system that if removed, breaks his nervous connection with his body ultimately ending his life. An EMP can destabilze the UNIT Module but not to the point of inactivity.