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RWBY Dawn Of The New Era

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:24 am
by shadowvoidboss
Here we are in the cs thread.



Weapon shapes (up to a max of 4)

Dust used ( if only two slots thwn up to 6 dust if 4 slots for weapons then only 4 dust and you can only use one kind of dust per weapon mode no inter changing. If your weapon is one form and is dust based go nuts with it so long as its reasonable.)





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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:39 am
by Sans_the_Medic
Name Cayde Carlson

Age 16

Weapon shapes A large carbine shaped rifle that directly feeds dust as ammo. 2 Modes of fire: Scatter and Beam. Scatter is a Shotgun, Beam is a DMR. There isn't really much else to say about it.

Dust used His weapon technically can field any type of dust, however he tends towards red dust.

Semblance "The Duel": Cayde can at will enter a trance-like state called "The duel". When activated, instead of his aura fuelling a shield to protect him from harm; it is focused into his weapons to make them pack quite a larger punch. He still has the aura shield, while active; however it slowly drains at a rate of around 3% a second and each shot drains around 15% of it. He can use this to either get a powerful shot in mid combat or to go completely high noon and take out a group of enemies at the cost of any protection from attack.

The empowered rounds take on an explosive and AP tendency of themselves; capable of smashing through even the white armour plating of some of the older grimm. Against other users of aura, it takes out very large amounts of their aura (Around 35%) and has a chance of actually hitting THROUGH it and actually harming the person as if it was a regular bullet, just slightly lessened in impact.

Personality Cayde is a bit of a jokester, not really taking things seriously most of the time. I mean, he doesn't fuck around when he's supposed to be doing something serious; but be certain he'll crack jokes and make quips the whole time. He's the guy who will be joking around and when he's told to start being serious he'll go "This is my serious face, can't you tell?" while wearing a massive shit-eating grin.

Bio "You want my story? Well, I grew up in a nice home; learned to shoot; learned to use my semblance; and became a bounty hunter for a bit before being put into a hunter school. What, did you expect me to have some tragic/heroic backstory? Sorry mate, I ain't lucky enough to win a game of poker; let alone that."

Extra Faceclaim will be up when I get to something other than my laptop. I realise. I've been playing D2 because it was free, okay?

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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:30 pm
by Azra
image.jpeg (203.47 KiB) Viewed 541 times
Name: Dandelion "Danny" Nedlog


Age: 15

Sex: "obviously a girl"

Personality: "Voracity for the Game"

Description: "Danny is about five foot two gold eyes and hair to match, with some would say a lack of social skills on a daily basis. However she does well in the field so people put up with her. Her hair is waist long usually worn with one side done up as a pony tail, not convenient but she'd pick a fight with anyone who said to change it. Besides what's a few comforts when the life expectancy is so short? A scar rests over her left eye from a training incident when she was eleven. As for clothing choice she usually opts for a rather thick jacket with a "combat skirt" as they like to call it stockings combat boots and whatever shirt is convenient. Having at times simply stolen others. Usually though it'll have an accent of yellow to it
Essentially she's taken to seeing combat as a game but with only one life. While loving the thrill of it and not grieving losses she finds a squad dying would be inconvenient. A solo run would be annoying and to risky."

Semblance:"High Voltage" as it is often called is the ability to channel ones aura into electricity specifically in comparison to a positive lightning strike. Intense in nature it consistently transfers an electric current of thirty thousand amperes with fifteen columns of electric charge for a total of 500 megajoules of energy. More specifically their currents are by nature long continuing, letting its effects continue over time. With the tendency of high peak currents "high voltage" is known as well to adhere surfaces and often ignite fires. When it comes to her use her go to tactics so far is "HVS" "HVF" and "HVA". High Voltage Shield depletes her aura by 10% percent at a time, the shield creates a radius around her body of electricity to help in defending of melee attacks or fighting up close as well as boosting speed to inhuman levels. High Voltage Flash is the ability to at the expense of 5% cast either a bolt or sphere of lightning. With a full lightning strike of a continuous duration of up to five minutes going at a target and maybe chaining to those who got close to the target. Where as the sphere will generate a more quick one shot to those in the fifteen foot radius. High Voltage Ammunition is the most cost efficient as it barely drains 1% at a time of amplifying ammunition. This small use of semblance will charge her ammunition with electricity and lightly boost the speed of her munitions. With each column of charge as it were represented in a round. It is theorized that with training it might be able to be improved further in potential perhaps making each bullet more like a rail gun or increasing Danny's speed even further.

Weapon: "Railshooter" is a sub machine gun at base with a stock that reduces recoil and weapon swing even when mid sprint. Accurate at up to one hundred eighty meters/two hundred yards with a thirty round magazine. With a muzzle velocity of nine hundred thirty five feet per second of the point forty five munition, or bringing it up to a thousand feet per second when HVA is in use. It's also equipped with a sling, additional grip near the front and a red dot sight with a custom lightning bolt styled cross hair. Of course as is common with most hunters and huntresses it is not only a gun. The stock and grip will fold combine and retract in a quick sequence to work as an axe head, with the secondary grip and muzzle combining into the handle. She has no dust to use within the moment.

Gear: usually Danny will travel with three days worth of rations and water, four glow sticks, night vision goggles and rappel gear. Gas mask and rebreather are common though not always with her. Twenty magazines of ammunition is usually on her and lastly is her cybernetic left eye. "Aim Bot" as it were assists in zooming in and getting a bead on the target even in motion.

Backstory: For as long as Danny could remember she loved two things. First person shooters and the stories of soldiers and hunters out on the field protecting home. When she was ten she learned of her semblance and then wanted to be a huntress like her sister Lem Ony Nedlog or "Oni" as she liked to be called. Oni said Danny was "being a noob who couldn't take a bullet let a lone a Grimm" before she left on leave again. One year later it was Danny's birthday and her sister was in town. A small blonde walked up to her sister with a fire in her eyes. Grabbing the Oni's pistol katana and pointing the barrel to her left eye.

"You can't be so sour on my birthday Lem, all I want is a hug. And then for you to pull the trigger." The sigh was heavy the hand though was an iron grip. She waited to sense an aura. It would be enough but not prevent all harm, reality was though there was no better way to know if the sister of hers could handle being a huntress. So a hug was given before moving into position. Plenty of family and friends begged not to do it but others who'd fought Grimm understood, so a index eases on the trigger.

An eye was lost, but someone dedicated to winning the game was born. Once Danny was able to wake up she was instantaneously asking to learn about guns and aura. Eager to learn what her abilities were and how to use them, it didn't matter how tragic things could get to her. She simply was convinced they needed to work harder coordinate better, because the game wasn't an easy one. There wasn't a better first person shooter then one that was real.

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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:00 pm
by shadowvoidboss
Sans im not sure if a 32 year old would work as a studint XD also a semblince is an extention of ones self not a weapon to call in. Other then that i think your fine

Azra your fine for now but im 26 hours with no sleep so once i get some actual rest i can look over all of it for both of your character sheets.

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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:02 pm
by Sans_the_Medic
Oh, right. Sorry. I admit that I am kinda just on a D2 bender atm and my design was really infuenced by that as I didn't have a good character in mind... Also I didn't realise that we were all supposed to be studens, I'll quickly fix some stuff.

EDIT: Reworked the Semblance and changed the age. Hopefully it's better now?

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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:06 am
by shadowvoidboss
Hello again everyone.

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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 9:09 am
by shadowvoidboss
Both characters are accepted. And sans thats one risky semblince considering are line of work. So if you use that im just gunna laugh when i see someone or something try and tank it.

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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:42 pm
by Sans_the_Medic
I mean I was thinking that it would be up to 50% semblance drain per shot or kill small/medium sized grimm but I didn't want to put that in if it was *too* strong. Would that be balanced or should I edit it?

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:54 am
by shadowvoidboss
Sans do you know how valuble that semblince shield is? If the characters of rwby didnt have it everyone in rwby would have been dead with in the first 10 episodes meaning if your giving up your ownly life line that will save you against usually a horde of grim then this ability will make very well sure your taking down alot of them with you.

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:25 am
by Sans_the_Medic
I know but in that case you do have to tell me how much I need to Rebalance it.