[CS] The Box of Amera

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Re: [CS] The Box of Amera

Post by Moddy » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:15 am

Full Name: Percy Knowles

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Gifted

Skills: More skilled in quickly incapacitating his enemies rather than participating in long, drawn out fights.
Has quite a bit of charm to him.

With a Mother capable of manipulating vibrations, and a father able to manipulate sound, the two powers fused inside of their offspring, giving Percy the ability to manipulate rhythms.

Percy is able to catch onto rhythms that exist in life and mimic, suppress, and reflect rhythms.

His most common way of using this ability is his method of copying the rhythm of the music he listens to, and redistributing it back out in damaging pulses of concussive sound, capable of plowing through thick steel doors. The sound waves grow stronger depending on how intense the music is.

Rhythm, however, exist in nearly everything in creation. So with an ability that has near infinite potential, the list of things Percy has learned to do is minuscule compared to the grand scheme of things.

To make a short list of applications to his ability:
Percy can catch the rhythm of brainwaves through physical touch on the target’s head, to induce confusion, paralysis, and sleep. He can invade dreams (though taking control of a dream requires more energy and time).

Disruption of technology is an easy feat for Percy, ranging from short term failure to frying them to the point of making them as useful as a brick.

One of his more difficult applications to grab hold of is his ability to adjust to vibrations, which is complicated enough as it is. Percy can create his own violent quakes to shake objects and cause damage if it comes in direct contact with another person, like taking a jackhammer directly to someone’s chest.

As charismatic as they come. Percy is the friendly face of the school, towards Tainted and Gifted alike. He obviously doesn’t agree with the treatment of the Tainted, and has more than once stepped in to intervene in the bullying of a Tainted. This isn’t due to some sort of guilt or pity for them, Percy just has a love for everyone, believing everyone should be a good person.

This, unfortunately, is a flaw of his. Other than being comically naive, Percy tries to enforce his ideals into other people. “Militia Nice Guy” is what some call him, as Percy will… “unpeacefully” force his values into other people. He constantly has to enter his 2 cents with sassy yet oddly helpful advice.

Raised by two discriminatory Gifteds, Percy had never been exposed to the Tainted. In his parent’s eyes, Tainted were diseased scum, and simply being around one would cause their antics to rub off on Percy. As if their personalities were contagious. (Un)fortunately their teachings didn’t rub off, and whether it was for an act of rebellion, or a genuinely kind heart, Percy treated the Tainted on equal footing, rejecting his parent’s (and a majority of the population’s) ideals. With the original plan to homeschool him themselves, his parents couldn’t deal with Percy having Tainted friends, shipping him off to a school.

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Re: [CS] The Box of Amera

Post by Venus » Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:55 am

He’s accepted! Interesting ability btw
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