[CS] Magion: The Universal academy of Magic

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[CS] Magion: The Universal academy of Magic

Post by Archer_Algren » Sat May 26, 2018 4:24 am

Archer_Algren wrote:
Sat May 19, 2018 4:40 am
Character Sheet:
Name: Morgan Ibrahem
Age: 19
Course: General Applications
App: Image
Bio: The very first dropout in the history of the city-state, she was used as “payment” to Tenno Guard Securities along with a fully intact Gundam Frame after the city-state called the mercenary group to deal with an attempted invasion.
She has recently returned in order to get a diploma since everybody else in Tenno has one but her, she decided to get into General applications as her specialty is lightning based magic, she is unpopular among the staff and the older students as her misadventures and incidents involving her in the school are legendary, and NOT in a good way, she has caused so much property damage and injuries that the staff and older students refer to her as a “hurricane Morgan”.
Archer_Algren wrote:
Wed May 23, 2018 5:19 am
Character Sheet:
Name: Alisa “Alis” Tachibana Archer
Age: “eternally” 24
Course: Physical Education Teacher
App: Image
Bio: The Leader of Tenno Guard securities and Morgan’s boss and current guardian, she followed her to Magion and convinced the normally academic magion staff to hire her on as a PE Teacher.
Due to a lack of physical education in magion, she was hired, the position is temporary though, and as soon as Morgan finishes her business, Archer will also leave, she carries around her power sword dubbed 'Blue Thunder' mostly for self defense, but she sometimes uses it during her PE lessons to teach students the art of armed melee combat.
She is infamous for her incredibly draconian teaching methods and refuses to let students “sit out” during her class, despite her lithe frame, she is freakishly strong, being able to lift a car.
Archer_Algren wrote:
Thu May 24, 2018 1:08 pm
Character Sheet:
Name: Julius Wiseman
Age: 58
Course: ArchChancellor of Magion
App: Image
Bio: The ArchChancellor of the planet Magion, he acts as both it’s political and academic leader, he’s one of the few Staff members who doesn’t fear or loathe Morgan since nothing bad ever seems to happen to him due to her, he doesn’t even mind paying for the damages she causes since he had the foresight to insure a lot of things around the school, he views Morgan as a child who simply needs a good mentor and parental figure, and figured that hiring Archer as a teacher in Magion will provide Morgan with one, he has a fondness for sweets and always carries some on his person, he enjoys watching “interesting” things that happen in the planet, usually in person, with no seeming regard to what others might think.
Jhibus wrote:
Fri May 18, 2018 3:41 pm
Name: Arman Rhodes

Age: 20

Course: Post-Mortem Communications

Appearance: Arman dresses in a long drab cloak in dull brown and grey colours. He wears leather studded pauldrons and a tool belt with satchels containing all manner of magical instruments, medical tools, and multi-coloured tongue depressors. Rarely deviating from this attire even when working, studying, or researching, no one in the school has ever remembered seeing him without his mask or dull getup.


Bio: Arman was raised by his mother, his father having passed away of a freak accident while researching branches of magic concerned with the afterlife while Arman was still a toddler. His mother gained an intense dislike for magic ever since that tragic event, attempting to keep him away from anything involving the magic arts and cautiously skirting around the topic whenever it was brought up in conversation. Though locked by his mother, at the age of 6 Arman had managed to force the lock to his father's study. He discovered his father's life's research on communicating with the afterlife and took it upon himself to continue his father's work. Arman's mother found about his newfound interest in magic and, with no small amount of reluctance and hesitation, sent him off to Magion.
Sorely lacking in social skills courtesy of his mother homeschooling him, Arman turned out to be quite the eccentric fellow. He did not manage to make friends, but more than made up for his poor ability to socialize with pure academic merit. Teachers and peers were astounded by his well-written assignments, tireless work ethic, and outstanding performance in exams, often granting him leeway for his odd quirks. Those who knew Arman had gotten used to his extreme insistence on wearing his plague doctor outfit, his tendency to get bored and wander away from conversations not related to magic, his rapid and stuttering manner of speaking, the mysterious potions on his belt actually being ordinary fruit juice, and a myriad of other strange mannerisms.
Arman usually stays in the school laboratory and advances his father's research in his free time, but is now currently suffering from a bad case of "researcher's block". Unable to think of new, innovative, and revolutionary ways to invent a better method of communicating with the departed, Arman has desperately resorted to finding inspiration in places other than the lab. This has caused him to, with great trepidation, strike up conversations with other people and venture outdoors.
ChibiViolet wrote:
Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:31 pm
Name: Haruka Akiyama

Age: 17.

Course: Divination.


Bio: Haruka doesnt remember her parents that much but she remembers hearing a women's voice yelling out to her before it all goes blank. Haruka is often mistaken for a child due to her appearance, but it happened so much that it doesnt bother her anymore and she wishes she could remember the faces of her parents instead of the women's yell.

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