Haio! I'm new!

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Haio! I'm new!

Post by Pepperi441 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:48 pm

Haio! I'm new to this app ^_^

I'll introduce myself a little, I'm a semi lit, lit, and semi-advanced lit roleplayer!

I prefer to roleplay in private message and I can do most any genre! I have multiple ocs but can also make an oc for a specific roleplay.

I DON'T do slice of life, or anything 18+. I prefer character development if we're to go "that" far.

I roleplay with oc's, and characters I've made from various video games/anime!

Right now I've been creating bleach, dragon ball z, destiny, warframe, halo, and a few other characters from several worlds!

I also make a plentiful amount of ocs! One I've been eager about right now is a blackhearted dragon, the equivalent to a draken demigod! Her story can take place from before kingdom's and castles to after space travel!

I've boat loads of other ideas and would love to meet other people and here what they have!

(Also, yes I am a furry but rarely to anything furry, and no nothing mature there either :p )

P.S. I'm also an artist! I draw most of my art shown (profile pic done by victor cabella on telegram)

Please note!: I do work! So I am a fairly busy individual especially Monday's through fridays! If your interested or wanna make a new friend my private messages are open!

Thank you! Arigato! I hope to meet new people here ^_^ and feel free to contact me on Facebook discord or telegram! (Message me for my telegram)

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Re: Haio! I'm new!

Post by Shinigami » Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:22 am

Welcome to RPF, Pepperi! We've already met, so there's no need for introductions. ^_^

Though RPing through PM isn't against the rules, it is frowned on by many of the older site members because it used to be against the rules. If you want a private RP, you can easily make one by setting up a thread and tagging it as [ONE], [1X1] or [RESERVED]. Most that will butt in is the section mod, and that's only if a rule is broken.
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