Aid in the city of Velenia

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Re: Aid in the city of Velenia

Post by Sans_the_Medic » Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:53 pm

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{ignore the gun, she doesn't have that it's just limitations with the stuff I use to make the character images}
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The officer nodded at Jasper's remark, replying after he had asked the question "Unfortunately not much other than the obvious; they're the trading authority of Velenia. Bosses didn't give us a too in-depth briefing on this place as it wasn't going to be vital and we needed to get out here as fast as we could." she had walked forward slightly while she said this, till the two were at a comfortable conversation distance. She motioned for the soldiers to stand down; which they complied to, still watching and ready but not pointing their guns at Jasper at this point.

Adrian, who saw the soldiers lowering their weapons, turned back to the civilians at his gate and said "see, told you we'd get out of this with no detonations." He finished helping the couple that had asked for his help first before saying that he wouldn't be able to help anyone else till this was completely sorted, just to be safe.
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