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Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:04 pm
by ulfur
You may wonder what kind of place you have gotten yourself in. To begin to understand the mysterious forest which surrounds you, you will need to depart from the concept of reality from that world which you lived in prior to your arrival here. Many have come to develop a firm belief in magic during their travels among this ground. Even stranger, they will say, are the people you will meet as you wander. The Forest itself has its own life energy, but you will soon be acquainted. At times, the forest is a strange host: the Forest can cause rare events, transformations, magic interference/disturbances, and can generally be unpredictable. Finding direction is difficult, but it can be done (this just depends on your character). Around you are strange forms of life --plant, animal, or energy, and the Forest's energy grows stronger at its center. The forest is dynamic and the story is open to how all of you (the players) want to shape it (thanks for being here)!

The sun through the mist caused the clearing to glow. As the forest floor warmed, the mist began to clear up. Among the grasses, there was a green snake with piercing eyes. The snake stared at Rei as if to look into his soul.
The snake spoke:
"Hello Traveler. Are you lost? If not, what do you seek here? This is not a place to be foolish. I know the way out of the Forest, and if you are wise, then that is what you are seeking.

The others? They have moved onward. They do not need my help because they are confident they can fend for themselves here. They insist on heading deeper into the forest in search of vain glory. Find them again or not --you are certain to find trouble that way.

Ah, you heard a scream? Screams happen all the time here. That does not matter. Sometimes the forest can make you believe you heard something ...or saw something. It is a good idea to stay close.


Deeper in the Forest, Zaris walked on. Why does this place look so different? Zaris thought back to when he was sleeping. He had heard a scream as he awoke. It sounded so real, or was it only in his dream? He did not know what to think. The buds on a nearby tree always made for good medicine when his people wanted to clear their minds and renew their energy. It is traditional medicine, but something about it was new – Zaris had never seen it growing this intensely. It was greener, larger, and its branches spread out to reach in all directions. Looking around, everything seemed wilder and more foreboding.

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Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 3:58 am
by Rook_Cahill
'Man. This snake is creepy.' Rai remembered a random fact at that moment: Dragons and snakes like riddles.
'Well. that's just great. I can entertain snakes while they devour me.' He kept his sword between himself and the snake, making sure his footing was solid. " And what are you? Last I checked, snakes don't talk. and I'll go where I please, thank you very much." He surprised himself with that answer. He had wanted only a moment ago to get out of the forest, but now he felt a resolve to stay. 'Snakes are cunning. They will try to make you take deadly paths.' the voice in Rai's mind felt strange, but he thought nothing of it. Rai asked then: "How do I find more human beings? you said there were more, anyway."

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Posted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:55 am
by TheOriginalTheorist
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Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 12:50 am
by ulfur
The Snake talks freely to its companion completely unaware that the gift of speech is in any way odd for a Snake. The Snake is in many ways unlike other snakes: Outwardly, the Snake has brilliant green scales and hypnotizing, deep red eyes; In the Snake's mind, there are ancient memories and the confidence that comes from surviving the Forest for many long years without succumbing to its madness.

Of course... it will be as you wish... We will come across more humans; There are always more humans leaving the safety of their lands and entering the forest. Many are dead as a result, but still they enter.

Me? Zmeyur is my name. You will soon know all that means, as I represent life itself in this Forest. I am the way out, and I am the voice of reason if ever you have lost yourself while seeking adventure in this labyrinth.

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Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:57 pm
by RpMike
Rembert holds his massive axe over his right shoulder, his dark eyes blending in well with both his tattooed face, and the shadows. He watches the couple, tiny by comparison to himself, and the almost microscopic, by his standards, bird. He stands motionless, waiting to see their next move. Rembert feels at home in the forest, much more so than he ever would in what the wetbacks of this region call civilization. Perhaps he would assist the two, but their motives remain to be seen, so he waits. He stays in the shadows, making only the noises that would seem totally fitting to a forest, avoiding their detection for now.

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Posted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:00 pm
by RpMike
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Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:43 pm
by ulfur
A Strange Welcome:

The Snake, his companion, and whatever other travelers that follow them, continue on a twilit opening in the undergrowth.

Oh! Hello, visitors!

The Snake and the others look at this strange new face:
It seems that a young boy stands in front of them. He is dressed in ornate robes with faded colors and mud caked along the edges. The boy's expression is one of fatigue and surprise. The boy is devoid of color --his face and skin are completely gray!

Everyone is deep in thought --trying to understand this meeting. What is the matter with him? Where does he come from? Why does he call us visitors?
The Snake breaks the pause, "There, you see? You wanted to find more humans. Here is your human..."
"...Yes, his face is grey. He does not look well, but I assure you, he is human --I've seen all the creatures of this forest. This one here just seems to have been in the Forest for too long."