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Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:44 pm
by Sans_the_Medic
After seeing the interesting display that had just occurred in front of him, Sam stood dead still for a moment before saying to himself "I'm not sure what is weirder: those two, or the fact that they aren't the weirdest people I've met by a long shot..."

Sam returned to cutting up the llin and after a few minutes he had managed to grab samples of nearly everything he could and managed to cut a good amount of mead off of it to be used as food. "wonder how this stuff tastes" he muttered to himself; knowing full well that no matter how it tasted, it would still be better than the rations he was given when he served in the Empirical army.

Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:42 pm
by ulfur
Warm air from the day remains supsended among the lower branches of the surrounding maple trees. Thousands of twinkling points of strarlight poke their way through the branches as new, tightly bunched clouds pushed by some far off air current roll in.

There is the sound of tiny things scurrying about the periphery of the developing campsite —the busy pattering of squirrels, the jumping of insects.

Somewhere near the campsite, Zmeyur slithered between the dry leaves to approach the base of a tree. Zmeyur observes an old spider web that has attached itself to the snake’s tail with indifference. This large segment of web would shock any human, as it must have been made by an abnormally large spider. The thick web spanning from the gound almost all the way up the tree. However, being an inhabitant of the forest, this was a commonplace thing to the snake, who shook it off with a strong and deliberate whip of its tail. Uninhibited, Zmeyur cranes upward to coil around low branches and proceeds up the tree. The campsite will soon have a fire, and the smell of smoke might become too intense from here, but the snake is willing to put up with it if it means that the larger creatures will be away. Haru and Sam Shepard appear to be working industriously below. Although it had been a long day, Zmeyur cannot sit still as long as it is night. If Zmeyur is lucky, Haru and Sam will stay put a bit longer for Zmeyur to get some rest at some point during the next day.

Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:54 am
by hotpizza
Anything would be better than veggie omelette MREs.

"Are we that weird? No one's reacted like that to us before. Try that twig over there."

Haru picks up a twig Tachi pointed at and tries to break it, but it just bends. She tosses it aside.

"To be fair, this is probably the wierdest we've acted in front of someone else since we left home." She picks up another twig and breaks it. This one snaps easily. Smiling, she adds it to her small pile of kindling.

"More is better, fuel burns surprisingly fast." Haru walks towards a patch of dead grass, only to find herself caught in a huge and thick spider web.

"AAAAAAAAHHH!!!" She tumbles onto the ground, trying to free herself out of the web, but it sticks to her. "WHAT IS THIS?!"


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Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:36 am
by Sans_the_Medic
Hearing the screams of Haru and Tachi; Sam, who was already walking towards the clearing in the camp and had grabbed the slices of meat and stored them temporarily in one of his sample cases, dropped said case and sprinted towards the sound of the screams. "Are you okay?" he shouted before noticing the web; it was for some reason familiar to him yet he didn't quite know why (he had fought many a spider nest in his time so it could remind him of any one of thousands of webs). Either way; he was quick on the foot and he extended his arm, saying "Don't worry; I'll have you out in no time."

From his hand; the light started to almost harden and solidify, taking the shape of a long rod of pure white light. It would take a few moments as it was night so light was less available than at day.

Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:37 pm
by hotpizza
((Hard light that's actually dependent on ambient light? That's interesting! How does it work? Does it absorb the surrounding light? If so, can it absorb artificial light from lightbulbs and phosolate markers? Or does it absorb only natural light, such as sunlight and moonlight? If a magical item nearby emits sunlight, does the hard light spear grow quickly as if in day time? I hope I'm not asking too much.))

"I hope so? I was walking between those two trees when I got caught in this..."

Haru stops thrashing about to stare at her own arms. Or rather, the sticky webs clinging to her arms.

"... net?"

Tachi pauses as well, examining the webs between his paws.

"It's a spider web. A huge one, apparently. No wonder we freaked out."

Haru and Tachi's spin round when the rod of light begins to form in Sam's hand.

"Woah! Haru leans forward in fascination. "You know magic too?"

"Is that a sword? I like swords!" Tachi's eyes glimmer under the orange light of Haru's orb.

Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:27 pm
by Sans_the_Medic
{Well to be entirely honest I haven't really made up the rules on how the hard light exactly works for Sam; Before light wasn't really a dependence but if he just immediately cut you lot out that wouldn't be as fun imo. basically he can harden light into a solid form to make either panes/rods (so for example the hard light spear); or he can use it to create these "beamers" that shoot beams of hard light. Basically imagine the bones and gaster blasters of undertale Sans.}

"Not magic, I don't know any magic, it's a long story. Not a sword either." By this point the blade of light had fully formed and he began cutting the web. He was cutting very slowly and carefully though. "Want to be careful that we don't alert the maker of this web" he explained, "I don't know what species of spider this belongs to; and while I want to find out I have a feeling you don't."

{I'm kinda expecting that the spider will come down anyways tbh; I'm fine with running the spider myself but only if everyone's ok with it.}

Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:27 pm
by ulfur
{Was out fishing. You both can write for animals of the forest or introduce your own. I think it's cool if literally anything can happen. Some animals can talk, other animals can not know how or refuse to. The animals can be as intelligent or reactive as you want. So far we've met a cute talking deer, a large and clawed animal resembling a bear but having qualities of a large cat/dog called an ilin, a magic talking snake, small rodents that are just regular, and now we know the forest also contains large spiders. You can make the spiders into whatever you want or play around with their qualities.}

Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:57 pm
by Sans_the_Medic
{sure thing; I have a few basic ideas but I'm gonna let hotpizza respond while I work out exactly what spider made that web ;) }

Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:02 am
by hotpizza
((I ought to get round to playing Undertale sometime.

I was wondering how we were handling this. Sans, go ahead and run the spider. Thanks guys! By the way, was the fish delicious?

Haru's from a village set in medieval Japan, so I wonder if she'll even know what a 'species' is. Here, I'll handwave it and say Haru determined from context that it's roughly equivalent to a type of creature.))

"It's as good as magic to me," Haru shrugs. She positions her arms such that Sam can cut through them easily without hurting her. Her right arm will be the first to be free.

"Actually..." Haru peers at the trees around her. She pokes her nose in the air and sniffs. Do spiders even let off scents? It's worth a shot. "I've been sensing an evil presence here. Giant spiders tend to gather around such evil, finding such a spider might give us a hint about the source of the evil."

"Hey Tachi," Haru calls out to the hamster, who has finally chewed out of the spider web with his teeth. "Keep a lookout for spiders."

"Alrighty!" Tachi scrambles to the top of Haru's head, and watches the branches of the trees.

"If you see any, just give a holler. I've handled an entire roof's worth of giant poisonous spiders, I can handle this."

Re: Into the mystery Forest

Posted: Sun Aug 19, 2018 5:28 pm
by Sans_the_Medic
for a few moments there was nothing: then, when Sam had almost cut Haru free, A bolt of a clear liquid shot down from above. Sam managed to dodge just in time and the liquid splattered against the ground. Sam then took a defensive stance and looked up at where the liquid had come from to see a series of spiders coming down the web. "Oh, Firespit hog spiders... this is actually a little bad."

The firespit hog spider is around double the size of a huntsman spider (which itself is the size of a dinnerplate); and create webs between groups of trees or in caves as they live in small groups. The firespit of their name comes from the fact that they spit a sap that can cause up to 3rd degree burns; sap that is almost identical to the sap of the giant hogweed plant {a real plant actually}. The hog comes from the fact that it used to typically go after hogs, though humans are very much a target for the spider; though the relation to the giant hogweed is certainly fitting.

"Be careful; whatever you do, DON'T let it's spit get on your skin." He shouted; reaching into his bag and pulling out a flashbang. He kept a few on him in case he needed to quickly create some hard light objects in areas with less then good light conditions. He shouted "Close your eyes and look away!" before pulling the pin and holding it behind himself, closing his eyes.