Into the mystery Forest

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Re: Into the mystery Forest

Post by ulfur » Sat Jun 02, 2018 7:30 pm

The keen eyes of the Ilin spot a new human at the bottom of the ridge. The Ilin now stares at its new target but maintains the same momentum while digging its claws into the slope and crushing the undergrowth in its path.

The snake appears from underneath the tall grass next to the wooden structure which, interestingly, turned out to be a cart. The snake's eyes meet the woman's in a look that betrayed no surprise, but perhaps a bit of fatigue. Before another moment goes by, the snake turns to Ji'kashi (expecting to see Ji'kashi around) "I did not see Newic. Did you?". Before the ridge, the group can see a man standing before the charging beast that pursued them. "Newic may still be safe afterall." The snake has another question for Ji'kashi, or rather, for the other woman too, from whom the snake expected some kind of explanation as well "Are these the others... who were to join you in the forest?"

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