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Re: [INN] The Inn

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:32 pm
by Venna
Once she finishes the book, the girl closes it and looks around. The girl stands then makes her way to the bar and climbs atop a stool. The bartender is greated with a bright, childish unsure but game smile and she holds out a handful of colorful stones (they were rocks to her but actually gems). "Could I please have a drink and a cookie?" After a moment of puzzlement, the tender picks out a diamond, then turns and gets the requested things. After putting the gem away, the child was served. She smiles and; after putting her rocks away, happily eats her cookie.

Re: [INN] The Inn

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2019 8:43 am
by odog811
" I more likely than not would fail the last two parts of that", Jëager laughed as he responded to Tahki, besides those who he either respected or grown close to, he barely put a value on anyone's life, as for morals he's killed without mercy when ordered to in the past, although he slit that captain's throat the moment that fallen had committed treason against the Kell, so his moral compass was able to be delayed, underlining was.

"w...wait why am I laughing?! " he soon realised he was laughing before he added that response to his own laughter.

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Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:45 pm
Tahki noticed the girl making her way to the bar, ordering a cookie along with a drink then leaving with an assortment of gems in her possession. She was slightly nervous when she took note of the gems, as Elemental cores resemble a dimly lit smooth marble when outside of their makeshift bodies. Tahki also doesn't know the 'value' of gems or material items like others, it is just an object with a set number of electrons, neutrons, and protons... all of which Elemental's utilize for their abilities.

Her attention snaps back towards Jëager "no worry, laughing is normal really, either the thought amused you, or you have shame in your past that you are trying to hide while start a new." She commented while gesturing towards the scratched off emblem on his armor. "Elemental's know pain, sometimes burring ones past is the most painful solution of all, but it is best to accept what you were and accept what you will become, those who dwell on the past will never look towards the future for enlightenment." Tahki explained her few words of wisdom to Jëager, she just hopes he understands that acceptance is probably the best way to let something go.

Her 3rd eye catches Kali entering the bar, it sent a chill down her spine and her 3rd eye closes. "W-what on earth, godly powerful being..." she commented "it's no wonder Moon worked with her." She added, while speaking under her breath, though the first part was more... audible.

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Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 5:10 pm
by ulfur
The long, eventful day finally comes to a lull at the Inn. Down the hallway away from the chatter of amused voices, the wooden door to Zadok's room still remained shut. The room is occupied by a variety of books and a thin layer of dust, but Zadok is nowhere to be found; his pack lay on the floor in the same way as when he had moved in.

One of the books lay open on the floor. The book is old, yet ornate, and full of translation notes sticking out from its pages. The displayed pages are smeared black with smudged ink from, what is now, unintelligible writing. Zadok's translation note had unstuck itself from the front cover and it reads: "Book of Darkness".

Until now, the room was subject to a strange force of pressure, but at this moment, the pressure releases and a sudden wind rapidly turns the pages of the book. Through smokey black fog, Zadok climbs up from the ground and out of the book. Once outside of the book, he looks all around the room. All the while, he is out of breath and has the look of a frightened animal. Among safe and familiar surroundings, Zadok looks back at his source of trouble. With whatever strength remains in him, Zadok shuts the book and kicks it away. He takes a few steps forward with and then sits on the floor, burying his his face in his boney arms. He is like a skeleton.

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Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:16 am
by Prisma
Cali saw the in from a distance, reality seemed to shift around her as she approached. Something was happening, something she didn't know. Then she got closer and the world around her vanished, turning into something completely different. Gone were the high rises of the city of Frederickton, New Brunswick, gone was the cold winter of the nation of Canada.

Her red eyes darted to the inn, and she quietly began approaching. Then she entered in through a back door, noting the inn's lack of modern technology, instead replaced by fantasy esque, steampunk or medieval things, whatever it was, she had no idea of why this place appeared or how she got here. However, her egomania began to rise, a new place to dominate, steal from, and eventually control, however that had to wait as she had to find out where she was first, and when.

And like so, she started to walk the halls, with no idea or clue what to expect, outside of her usual modern element and began to look around, her curious mind thinking about so many things.