(RP) Uphill Battles

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(RP) Uphill Battles

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Start out: Start off first day, Mr. Smith talking to his husband about Vikki and trying to earn her trust while she is coming to school in hoodies to over her scars.
Flash forward: Matt and Ethan will end up adopting Vikki towards the start of her 12th grade year.
Free Form/Semi-Lit
2 people needed, preferably males and in the LGBT+ community just so it isn’t awkward, but any person will do.
Add onto your characters, don’t be boring
Clean Only! Dirty will be deleted and blocked
This is a lot of info but I got the idea when I was sleeping (don’t ask lol) I just wanted to give a background about the three characters.
Victoria-Vikki-Johnson (me)
Matthew-Matt- Smith-Mr.Smith (teacher)
Ethan Smith (Matt’s husband)
Vikki’s Background
After my mom died from a car accident, my dad started drinking and he ended up marrying a woman that he met almost 4 months after my mom died. My dad, if you even wanna call him that, let me finish my last 2 months of my freshman year before moving me all the way from Wyoming to Florida; away from my friends, my animals, and my life that I have built and made for myself. I have struggled with depression my entire life but I had been getting better then the move happened. Self harm was how I dealt with my feelings along with music. When we moved in with Elizabeth and her 3 bratty kids, I immediately felt unwanted and alone, so I went back to my old ways of coping because no one was there to stop me. She wanted me to call her mom, but I refuse to, she wasn’t my mom and she would never be. I never would be able to call anyone mom again, even my “dad” I stopped calling him that in my head months ago. I promised myself that would never call anyone mom or dad again. I tried making friends but it was hard to in the middle of summer, no one wanted to hang out with the new girl in town, so I kept to myself. The first day of 10th grade starts and I walk into homeroom…
Matt’s Background
Ever since I started teaching I promised myself to be better than the teachers that I had in high school, especially coming from the south and being a gay man. Life had been hard but I had been able to marry the love of my life, Ethan and I loved what I did for a living. I tried to always tell my students that they were loved and cared about. After struggling with depression for all of my life I had tried to focus on the bright side of things. It had been years since I had talked to my parents but I didn’t need or want that negativity in my life. I never saw myself adopting children but who knows. Maybe when the time is right… until then my kids at school would be enough…
Ethan’s Background
My past has been much different from my husband’s, even though I had been bullied like Matt in school, my parents and family had been 110% accepting of my coming out of the closet. I have gotten a lot of backlash from others when Matt and I started dating in high school, but nothing else mattered when I was with him. After we graduated from high school, he went for a teaching degree while I went for engineering. And we ended up getting official married the second it was legal for us to. I could see myself as a dad but I know Matt is weird about it, maybe one day it could happen…


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