The Opal Shrine

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Re: The Opal Shrine

Post by Snake Eyes » Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:38 am

Hanzo observed with a Keen eye as the cutlass took various shapes in the man's hand. What a strange blade that was, he thought. Likewise, the one named Tess mentioned her abilities to be that of a god. Suddenly, he felt very tiny in comparison.

His weapon was a heirloom, said to be wielded by the first Hanzo, one revered as the most deadly deadly assassin ever to live, and the founder of all ninjutsu. However, at the end, it was just a blade, one not even that well balanced.

As far as abilities went. He had Nisshoku. However, the shadow God's power were not his own. What more, he was oft more a liability than an asset, preferring to help only when it benefited him. Still, even when he did try to help, Hanzo's powers were not stable enough for him to even speak for long.

His regular ninjutsu was disgraceful. Far below his peers in fact. His heart still pumped rapidly from exaustion - and all he did was cast a simple healing art.

His shadow powers, on the other hand, were far more impressive. But that meant little when he was at risk of losing control over his existence after casting a few.

Hanzo's innate powers were, though strong, very unstable. His "seductors gaze" would trigger at random moments, every time he meets someone's eyes for more than a few moments, and has been, so far, greatly inconvenient. Foxfire was, likewise, next to unusable. The fires he could conjure were completely out of his control, and would fly off to the side the moment they are kindled.

With all this in mind, he had, unlike those around him, little to boast about. He was swift, though his clumsy nature tended to turn that into a liability more often than not. Hanzo questioned the reason he was brought here, next to all these individuals.

"Death Wing?" He repeated slowly, only to place a finger on his furrowed forehead. "A-a dragon... black?"

A searing migraine began spreading on the back of his head. Hanzo felt memories surge into his mind. Events he could not recall, places he never visited. Though, though eyes that were with most certainty his own.

"He is helping an injured man in plate... blonde..." His voice trailed as he tried making out the details of of the misty memories. "He is a friend... I think? I am worried... but I say nothing." Hanzo concludesd as he took a step to the side, stumbling on one knee, now finding that he was the one in need of support. His head felt like he was punched by a full grown Oni.
And so, they became strangers again.

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Re: The Opal Shrine

Post by JEBtheGamer1 » Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:18 am

Alex stood in stoic silence, listening to the goings on. But more so, listening to the world around the Shrine. Upon hearing Kali speak of an approaching evil, he grew ever wary still. Sensing something approaching, he began channeling a spell, white sand imperceptibly drifting from his hand, hidden beneath his cloak. "How soon is our... Unwelcome guest expected?" he spoke out into the quiet chamber. His head turned towards the direction of the approaching entity, the doors obscuring his view from the outside of the temple. "Because they may be arriving post haste."
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