[Rain] Dark Paths and Narrow Roads

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Re: [Rain] Dark Paths and Narrow Roads

Post by Snake Eyes » Thu Nov 23, 2017 9:19 am

Hanzo pulled his hand out of Kali's slowly, eyes still wide, as he scanned the now clean skin of his forearm. A pleasant heat still lingered in his muscles, replacing the dull pain that shadow corruption would bring upon those unfortunate Onikage that are in discord with their shadow. What more, even the burn had perished, as if it was never there to begin with.

"Amazing." He commented in his usual laconic manner, though his tone betrayed no hint that he was not, in fact, bewildered by the display of skill. His gaze traveled up her visage, looking for traces if weariness, only to drop it again before his power had a chance to activate itself.

"Are my ears fooling me?" Alaric asked as he peeked in from behind the assassin's shoulder. "Was that an actual compliment? Tha---"

"I am thankful for saving me the effort Kali-tan, you will be appropriately compensated after we complete our assignment, de arimasu." The ninja said, stabbing the knight's still wounded abdomen and preforming a bow in the same time. Though, effort was quite an understatement. The purification ritual was a painful and lengthy process. Having someone who could expel the corruption with but a touch of the hand would save him more than a bit of time, even if he had to pay - seeing as he would loose more money by wasting time preparing incantations and rites.

Having her by his side proved to be a profitable decision. Maybe the knight had some business sense after all. Best remember to give him a discount on rent.

With his now uninjured hand, Hanzo reached past his tattered vest, only to pull out a map whose condition was quite comparable, briefly revealing a vest of chain underneath. As Hanzo unraveled it, the entire surrounding area stretched out on the yellowed paper.

"Arden-kan." Hanzo called, bringing the map towards his companion. "The guard captain highlighted five possible caves and clearings where the highwaymen might be stationed." He would add, gesturing towards the few crosses that rested over several mountains and forests, marked in barely dried, black ink. "You know surrounding area better than all of us. And time being a valuable resource we can't afford to waste, I take it you would know where to point us."
And so, they became strangers again.

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Re: [Rain] Dark Paths and Narrow Roads

Post by Shinigami » Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:36 am

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