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Re: The DreamBar

Post by FlorenceRP » Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:17 pm

Ares had a playful smirk as he lowered his can back to the table. "So not even catching on fire will make you go out with me?" He sighed with relief as the lights came back up. "There we go." He noticed a few more humans walking into the bar. "At least we still got clients."


Alaska seemed distracted by the entire process of Tess' cable moving around, releasing it's concentrated energy to keep from overheating. "The joints of your cable are really impressive, it seems very swift despite the fact that I can see that the metal around it is heavy." She was about to offer Tess some advice on how to keep herself cool for longer until she realized that she was, once again, babbling out of nowhere. "Oh, sorry." Alaska locked their hands together happily. She didn't seem surprised by the unlikely tone of Tess' eyes. With everything she had seen today, her mind was starting to simply brush it all off as relatively normal. "Do you drink? Or... eat? If so, do you want something? I'll pay! It's the least I can do after you saved me. I never met someone like you, Tess." She ran one hand through her hair. "I can also try to make your hardware release that heat a little faster." Alaska seemed excited to have something to do, specially when it came to the help of this person she now considered her savior and probably the coolest thing in the entire universe.

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Re: The DreamBar

Post by shadowdelta47 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:04 pm

Bruiser had taken to sitting around on one of the comfy couches of the club. He liked the club, even though the was danger of people discovering his true form. The lights were bright and pretty, and the people on the stage sang nicely. He yawned a bit, and began to curl up on the couch, falling into a deep sleep.
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Re: The DreamBar

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:38 pm

As the lights flickered back on Alex seemed to be in the same spot he was when they went off, but he was just slightly off. While waiting for the lights to come back he had taken advantage of the darkness to get some work done at an above human pace. Now the bar counter was spotless, the glasses were cleaned and stacked, the tips were collected, and as far he knew no one was the wiser.
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Re: The DreamBar

Post by AxelTheChaosBeing » Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:24 am

Zin senses start becoming distorted as he stumbles to the doors. Zin holds his on his staff as he drunkenly bump into others and trips on nothing. "So now the alcohol kicks in..." Zin mumbles with his face on the ground as the alcohol is sapping his other senses. Zin gets back up and leaves out the room to sit in the alleyway. "How did he follow me here?" Zin asked himself as he takes off his blindfolds.


Norrix leaves the basement locking the door behind and goes to the wine cellar for a quick look. "Other than it being colder than i thought it would be, I see no problems here as I shouldn't." Norrix says as he makes a quick check of things. Norrix then locks the wine cellar door and returns the key to Ares. Norrix the whispered into Ares ear "Something big got into the basement, took a few bits out of the steel beams and left..walling off it's escape...also you got a minor rat problem because of it."
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Re: The DreamBar

Post by GUVII » Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:36 pm

(sorry for the late responce in here, was quite busy in the last few days, and it is hard to respond to threads when work is in the way.)

Tess looks over towards Alaska and smiled "I don't have much experience in human food, maybe you can teach me?" She said quietly, then adds "though I've found that out that most elementals absorb matter for energy, and sometimes direct energy when needed." She paused for a second, then looks around for Siren. "Oh dear..." As she is getting a video feed from her ship, that Moon had been defending what looks like an Corrupted Earth Primal.
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Re: The DreamBar

Post by Trashler » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:32 am

Trashler, with a moist hand towel, slowly wiped off the dust that was on the windows of the bar. It was obvious that this place hadn't been used weeks prior. Trashler pushed against the door, which had been rusted shut due to time. With a few exaggerated pushes, the door gave way.
He let out his flashlight, shining it across the room. As far as the eye could see: characters were frozen in place. Trashler could hardly believe his own eyes. It was almost like they were waiting for a reply for someone else. He went up to Ares, and poked his frozen eye a few times, before coming to a realization.

This would revert to normal. It had too. Trashler went behind the counter, and grabbed a bottle of whiskey, and slowly drank. Soon the characters, dust, and age of the bar would soon disappear in a second.


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