Step into the Coliseum

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Step into the Coliseum

Post by Taiska » Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:57 am

The sun shone down upon the bleached white sandstone walls of the dilapidated coliseum. This place was once one where warriors would gather from across the known world to battle for glory and to prove who was the strongest. Now these halls wither and decay with each passing year, a relic of a bygone age. Occasionally, warriors still gather at this ancient place of bloodshed to test their might against others who would do the same. One man pushed his way through the grand iron door that lead into the red, blood-stained sand of the arena.

Quietly, he approached the middle of the coliseum, the bright sun reflecting off of the dagger hilt that was strapped to his belt. As he neared the center, he kneeled down and placed his blade in front of him, a sheathed katana with a black hilt. He sat there, waiting for someone to approach, hoping that someone would sate his appetite for a proper challenge.

(Hello, just a few heads up, this fight will have no magic, and is set in the medieval time period. Please do not godmod or auto hit, thanks a lot!)
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Re: Step into the Coliseum

Post by Rook_Cahill » Thu Jun 04, 2020 3:09 am

Another man stepped out into the coliseum. a katar hung at his hip, and a Kusarigama in his hands.
Swinging the chain above his head, he launched himself into a complicated number of
moves meant to both make his opponent uneasy, and to get himself ready for the combat.
Once done, he gestured towards the kneeling figure, signaling he was ready for the coming fight.
(I hope you have fun figuring these weapons out)
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