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Superhero's Alliance

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 9:29 am
by Tropingenie
I'm baaaaaaack! Yes, I, @JEBtheGamer1, king of the superhero RP here in Open Range (self-proclaimed)!

God, this and Reddit are the only place I still use that username... Shoot, on topic!

For those of you that remember ye olde Heroes and Villains RP and its sequel... This is not that. Sorrrrrrryyyyyyy! This is a "reboot" of sorts, though I plan to be more active in an antagonistic role this time, as well has having a lighter tone overall.

With all that out of the way, let me present to you...

The Rules(or as Barbarossa would say, "more like a guideline")
Disclaimer: This is in Open Range. There is no CS, and no application; simply jump in whenever you feel comfortable doing so. The rules below are to clarify premise and power-level, as well as ensure smooth sailing in this thread. You do not have to read them, but do so at your own risk as I might ask you to change your character.
  • The first premise of the RP is "new heroes," meaning you should be able to explain how your power has been manifested in the past few months or so. This effectively rules out "Batman" and "Iron Man" like characters, who rely on highly-developed technology and large budgets as their "power;" "Hawkeye" like characters whose "power" is the culmination of their training and skill; and "Martian Manhunter" like characters whose background involves them being an alien/monster that was not raised in a normal Earth environment. This rule is to keep players on a similar level, monetarily, technologically, and experientially. As a recommendation, I'd vie for a more "supernatural" power rather than a "realistic" one. (Note: This does not mean your character cannot rely on technology, training, or being a mutant/alien--it simply means that any technology or training needs to be augmented by a power, and that mutants/aliens should only have mutated/realized their origin fairly recently. Examples of the former two would be a character with super-intellect engineering new weapons, or a black-belt in karate with super speed. Essentially, the basis of the character's strength should lie within the power. In the case of technology, this also means that any highly-advanced items should be developed in-RP rather than your character starting with an entire arsenal.)
  • The power level, on the other hand, can be fairly high. I'd prefer if we kept things low-key, with more Marvel-esque powers, but since I'll be "GMing" this I can always throw more powerful baddies at the more powerful characters... I'd still prefer if everyone worked as a team though, since that is a secondary premise, so try to get a feel for the average power level before jumping in. Additionally, while it isn't required, consider giving your character exploitable weaknesses.
  • Make a hero that is willing to co-operate. Again, a core premise is "Hero Alliance," so villains, anti-heroes, etc. and generally uncooperative characters go against that. More on this later, since I'll be enacting a Nick Fury-esque "I'm putting together a team" during the actual RP.
  • I will be "running" this RP, so feel free to DM me character weaknesses, potential plot points, etc. By nature of this though, that means your character should try and be present for the scenes involved--this does not inherently mean I will force the plot in any one direction, however please refrain from opening up too many scenes on your own. A good example of this is character introductions: Many RPs have characters appearing all across the map; in this one try to appear near the main conflict so that you can jump into the main plotline ASAP
  • The usual rules and courtesies also apply: No godmodding, allow other players a chance to response, consensual deaths only, etc.
The Alliance
Uhh... It doesn't really exist. In fact, superpowers didn't exist until now. Somehow, the stars have aligned. Mutants are waking up to new genes, illegal experiments are escaping from underground labs, and the occasional alien immigrant from a destroyed homeworld is coming of age. I dunno how, but you've found yourself with a superpower fairly recently.

As the name implies, you, the player, take on the role of the Hero in this story. In fact, everyone who joins should be set up such that they can easily fall into an alliance--therefore, sorry, but even the edgy guy needs to have a soft spot for new friends. With the premise out of the way, let's jump right into the plot!

The Story Thus Far (AKA the in-character part)
Just a normal day in Eastropolis. The sun shining bright enough to burn Apollo, tourists lazing on the beach as if the world was on pause, businessmen darting out of their air-conditioned towers to chow down on cheap hot dogs, and Florida Man fighting a giant insect in a desperate bid to save his own life.

Florida Man, sadly, is not a superhero. Like everyone else, he is a perfectly normal human male. From Florida. It's taking all he can to protect himself, so there isn't anything he can do to stop the giant bugs bursting out of the sands of the beaches. These monstrosities, with the body of an ant but the torso of a praying mantis, are attacking civilians indiscriminately. The few police officers close enough to notice are hesitant to fire their weapons, but it's not long before the sounds of small arms-fire fills the air.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the bugs are drawn by the gunfire, and swarm the two state troopers. Standing on top of their car, any reinforcements they called will arrive an eternity too late. Gun in one hand and baton in the other, the buddy-cop pair patriotically make their last stand, protecting the people with their very lives...

Re: Superhero's Aliiance

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 4:33 am
by Gecko
(Jeb! :D It's been a super long time since I've last seen you!! Glad to see you're back and okay!)

Close to the beach of Eastropolis was a young Scarlett Dewitt tapping away on her cellphone and waiting for the city bus to arrive to take her home after school, which would be ending later that week. She stood beneath the canopy of the bus stop, but it proved to be utterly useless against the blazing heat of the afternoon sun hanging high over their heads. Since East City High School didn't allow for students to wear shorts even for the hottest days of the year, Scarlett had no choice but to don a pair of jeans with a t-shirt on and her backpack hanging low over her shoulders to allow some summer breeze to cool her off while her curly red hair was plastered to her skin with sweat.

The sound of people freaking out and gunfire eventually reached her ears despite being distracted on the phone, which prompted young Scarlett to look around in a panic. People were beginning to flee the beach in a steady stream, some screaming nonsense about giant bugs...which was rather odd. Furrowing her brow in confusion, Scarlett shoved her phone in her backpack and, against her better instincts, moved to check out the situation. It didn't take long to see what the crazed people were talking about though since one of the giant bugs came careening towards traffic. Scarlett ducked down as it passed, but didn't stop moving towards the beach and pushing past waves of people.

The beach was a mess and very much crawling with the bugs that people were talking about. Scarlett gave a visible shudder at the sight of them. "I'm gonna hate this a lot," she murmured to herself as she retreated momentarily to a relatively untouched place - the alley of a fast-food place. The student stuffed her bag regrettably behind a stinking dumpster and checked to make sure no one was around. Once it was confirmed that she was alone, she squeezed her eyes shut and tightened her hands into fists....

Not five minutes later, a loud rumbling could be heard on the beach. On the northern coast of the beach, a massive elephant - yes, an elephant of all things - was rolling through the swarms of bugs, stomping and swinging her tusks wherever she could. Bug guts and crunchy legs were sticking to the bottoms of her giant feet as she barreled towards two state troopers desperately defending themselves atop their car. With a loud trumpet, she swept away a handful of the bugs in the area before pushing the troopers with her trunk towards safety, inadvertently kicking the car and maybe leaving a notable dent in the door....

Re: Superhero's Alliance

Posted: Sat May 02, 2020 9:04 am
by Tropingenie
(Indeed it has. 3 years, by my guess. I was so busy with graduation and Uni that I forgot this place existed! Sad, eh? But I look forward to the fun to be had here. Reading through the old RP is really nostalgic, and though I don't plan on having as epic a story as that one I hope this new RP will be a lot of fun for everyone!)

(Also, is Superhero Sandbox new? I feel like its new...)

Bug guts squelched and splattered with a glorious cacophony as their exoskeletons crumpled under the mass of a charging elephant.

"What?! AN ELEPHANT?!"

Elephants were, suffice to say, not a native animal of Florida, so to see one in the wild was an odd sight. To see one charging down the Wharf was an even stranger sight.

"Is that even the weirdest thing..."


Standing in the now-clear street, the officers didn't even consider that the dent in their door might be deducted from their salary. They were simply happy to be alive. They were among some of the few left in this area, but their guard was vigilant. Their saviour, the elephant, didn't have time to breathe a sigh of relief: Though it was able to dispatch the initial wave of insects with ease, a new threat was emerging.

"My army... My brethren... I shall avenge you, / If only I defeat this foe, our victory is true."

Arising, not from the sand but directly through the asphalt, was a much larger insect... Or perhaps, arachne. Eight legs shone black, covered in a carapace appearing as hard as it was sharp. Sharp mandibles snapped where a spider might find its head. And a torso, again in the form of a praying mantis, bore six scythe-like arms. The feelers on her head twitched as her mandibles snapped in rage. Standing well over 10 feet tall, she cast poor Florida Man and the state troopers in her shadow.

And clearing the way for her, lifting her out of the earth, was a palanquin of fear. Foul creatures of all shapes and sizes assisted in the effort, as the swarm of monsters spilled forth.

"My swarm, come forth for the world belongs to our brethren, / I the Earth Mother shall face this foe. / Come, foul beast who tramples mine kin, / For your transgression, I shall make your death slow."

As agile as a spider, yet with the weight of a bulldozer, the Earth Mother charged at the elephant, her six scythes slashing with the intent to kill.

Re: Superhero's Alliance

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 4:25 am
by Gecko
(Yeah, it's been a long time lol. I read through the roleplay not too long ago. All I could do was cringe at my writing abilities lmao :lol: Anywho, glad to see you're back! And yes, Superhero Sandbox is new lol. I tried it out a while ago but chickened out)

Though the officers had reached relative safety and most of the bugs had been crushed by the humongous foot of a roaming elephant, the battle was far from over, much to the dismay of the elephant. The gargantuan beast turned as quickly as her massive body could manage just in time to catch an equally large creature to the face at full speed. The scythes dug into her grey hardened skin and grasped tightly, sending waves of electrical pain shuddering through the elephant's body. A loud trumpet of pain emitted from her lengthy trunk as her great soft brown eyes widened in fear and of the unknown. It was time to change tactics, it seemed.

The pair both made strong contact with a large building that pinned the elephant to the now-crumbling wall, out of breath and out of elephant-based ideas. In a couple of confusing seconds, the elephant was replaced by the young redheaded Scarlett, who looked both perplexed and frightened by the sudden appearance of the giant monster as blood seeped from four matching gashes on her collarbones and rib cage. "You really like to rhyme, don't you?" she muttered as her skin began to flake and bones began to crackle. Within a couple fleeting moments, the form of the schoolgirl was replaced by a large and gnarly-looking speckled python. Moving with surprising speed, she zipped out of the claws of the Earth Mother and aimed straight for the neck area. Scarlett didn't know the first thing about praying mantis/arachnid alien hybrids, but she figured crushing the neck would be a safe bet to make.

In her python form, Scarlett wrapped herself around the neck of the Earth Mother several times over and began to constrict her form, allowing her mere weight to either strangle or break the invader. To ensure that she couldn't (hopefully) be thrown off with ease, Scarlett widened her mouth and sank her horribly long fangs into the exoskeleton, though they didn't sink in deep.

Re: Superhero's Alliance

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 5:51 pm
by Tropingenie
(Sooo much angst in that one. I think I had just finished watching Teen Titans... Superhero Sandbox is a little too organized for my tastes, which is why I'm here and there in casual, but I feel like its drawn away some of the old crowd... I'm hoping another hero jumps in soon, because I don't particularly want to puppeteer this.)

"Oho! A shapeshifter! Thou tricky I see! / But thou must do better to overcome me! / Change all you like, two can play at that game. / You are still not worthy to hear my name!"

The Earth Mother's exoskeleton cracked and groaned as she tried to buck Scarlett off. Then suddenly, there was a crunch as her neck gave way completely, showering the fleeing Florida Man in bug guts. He screamed in agony, as sharp protrusions sprouted from his flesh, and an exoskeleton grew in a matter of moments.

Busy fighting the Earth Mother, one would be hard-pressed from stopping her foul plan, but fortunately, she was... dead? That couldn't be further from the truth. The Earth Mother, now headless and dripping acidic fluid, redoubled her assault.

Re: Superhero's Alliance

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 3:28 am
by Gecko
(The angst was so strong with that one lmao. I think I also have the same issue with Sandbox; I feel like it's a tad overwhelming. I hope people join too. I can't think of anyone off the top of my head that I could invite to join in, but I can take a look around.)

Snake Scarlett flopped to the ground as the neck of the Earth Mother broke off, curling with cringe some as the fluid spilled onto a nearby man. She nearly slithered in celebration of defeating the strange newcomer, but the party wasn't over yet. The man that was in the splash zone began to grow a strange material all over himself, one that the young woman couldn't quite make out, but it didn't look all that fun to experience. Scarlett's bones began to crack and her muscles shrunk and grew in bunches as she began to morph back into her familiar human self. The ground shook, however, as the Earth Mother still continued her charge.

What the heck? Scarlett stopped the process and switched gears (which would definitely would hurt later), turning herself into an armadillo of all things. In a flash she rolled up onto the ground, narrowly missing the sharp legs that pounded past and caused her entire tiny body to bounce up and down wildly. Once she figured the danger had passed, Scarlett uncoiled and scuttled out of the way to recuperate and plan what to do next. Her beady eyes drifted down to the acidic liquid that was dripping onto the floor. I have no idea what that's made of...I hope that doesn't give me a weird skin problem. Explaining that one to Mom would take some imagination. For now, putting this thing out of commission would have to be her main goal.

Changing from the bones of a small creature to the massive hide of another one was absolutely and horrifically painful. Muscles once again strained and pulled as her form grew and grew. The skin along her nose burst as two horns tore through, one stopping at about two inches while the other kept going. Within a few minutes, she had taken on the form of a thick-hided rhino. She reared up as high as her body could allow her and gave the charge, aiming her horn for the Earth Mother's hide.

Superhero's Alliance

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 6:39 am
by odog811
(I'd join but I can't do anything nearly as long as what you two do- but I at least have to try-)

Something seemed to climb, or rather, slither out of the sewer, seeming to be absolutely wasted as he squinted from the sunlight light. "Meh feckin' eyes.... damn things being too loud... OI! I'M TRYIN' TO GET SOME BLOODY SLEEP DOWN 'ERE!" The alien shouted out, soon going back down before retrieving what looked like a makeshift grenade launcher. The snake-like creature (think of vipers from the game XCOM) was grumbling as he started to load what looked like a modified spraycan into the barrel of his weapon.

Unfortunately for Florida man, the creature, as he was suffering from a massive hangover, couldn't aim for shit, missing the Earth mother and splattering the area in front of the Floridian with liquid thermite. This ended up glassing a fair bit of the human's initial escape route of just running.


Re: Superhero's Alliance

Posted: Wed May 13, 2020 11:38 pm
by Tropingenie
(No need for long posts @odog811. This is in open so we can have a chill time. EDIT: Depending on what you wanted your character to be, you might have to modify them to fit the now-existing rules. Since this is open, feel free to have characters bow out whenever you want, or modify the character to fit the rules (if it is in violation of any). As it stands, an XCOM 2 Snake with a paint can gun is within the rules, but if you were expecting to play a technomancer or fully utilize the snake body in combat then things might not pan out as you expected.

As a general announcement, I've defined some rules so please check out the first post once again. Hopefully everything there seems reasonable and is within the ethos of Open Range. If something is amiss, feel free to leave an OOC remark (if it's short) or DM me (if it's a longer comment or you'd expect conversation on the matter). Otherwise, let's keep this civil and happy RPing!)

The Earth Mother let out an unholy shriek, resonant and loud enough to cause pain, as the full weight of a rhino drove its horn into her side. From the stump of its neck, gnashing jaws were already beginning to form, as her head regrew. But Scarlett seemed to have the upper hand... For now.

As the Earth Mother's screech echoed, another rang out in response. The frequencies of the screams harmonized, shattering the windows of nearby cars and buildings and blowing out tyres. The inorganic frequency met with the liquid thermite, turning it into a harmless vapour before it could splash Florida Man... Not that that was a good thing. Florida Man, the source of the second inhuman shriek, had become entombed by an egg-like exoskeleton.

And the egg began to crack from the high-frequency sound waves pummeling it. If one didn't know better, they would say it was about to hatch...

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Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 8:10 pm
by Rook_Cahill
(So quick Q: Is magic a part of this world? (I would suspect so, yes? Even tho it's an open range... Yeah.)

The egg was definitely about to hatch.
From his beach chair, Ambroze watched two humans, an elephant, and a giant spider, all fighting each other. 'Well? Are you going to kill them?' The voice had been bugging him for the last month or so; Dragging him into fights, ruining his social life, and pretty much making a nuisance of itself. "If you aren't going to stop telling me to kill people, at least be useful about when..."

Looking back towards the group of fighters, He saw a Yeah, a serpent man climbing out of a sewer drain. The giant object in it's hands didn't look very peaceful.'That one looks deadly. Get an autograph.' "You want me to get an autograph," Ambroze sighed, "From the one most likely to kill the others." He looked up at the sky, "Why do you do this to me." he asked nobody in particular. Grabbing his backpack, he began to run towards the fight just as a shriek from Hell split the air.

Re: Superhero's Alliance

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 3:24 am
by Tropingenie
(TL;DR I answer @Rook_Cahill's question, give them a friendly tip for RPing "better", and bump the post.)

(@Rook_Cahill Yes, magic and most other powers would fit into the general genre and power-level I've set for this RP. Keep in mind, though, that your character shouldn't start with any "super" item or ability worth more than a few month's time, money, research, etc. Note that, rather than having your power be "magic" I'd recommend you stick to the more specific powers, since those are more easily dismissed as unexplained phenomena. But, as you mentioned, this is in Open so I'm trying to keep things as "free" as possible and won't stop you from using magic if that's what you want (within a certain boundary, of course)

Also, whether you're new to RPForums or forum-based RP in general, I'd like to offer a friendly tip: Try to forward the story with each post. As it stands, while your post introduces the character, it doesn't actually do anything. The rule of thumb I try to go with is every IC post I make has an interaction with at least one other character, be they PC or NPC. Using your post as an example, your character has run towards odog's character to get their autograph, but they haven't interacted with anything or anyone in the scene; this makes it hard to progress the story or incorporate your post into my next IC post. If you had done something, anything, to the Earth Mother, egg, or odog's character than that problem would have been solved (since either odog or I could have responded directly to you in our next IC post). I hope I've explained what I mean by "doing something at least once per post" well enough.

Also, since I have nothing to say IC... bump)