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Enter the Dungeon (Totally not D&D)

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:43 am
by XvVirus

Hello there! I am inviting all of you into the magical city of Flamoria, a place where wizards, trolls, dragons, and more walk among us! Quest for epic loot and fame within this fantasy setting!

Flamoria is a port city, overlooking the Bastion Bay. It has a generally mild climate, and experiences all 4 seasons. The kingdom is very wealthy and is a melting pot of various backrounds and races. It is a such a prosperous city in fact, that the only problems it faces are the perilous cult of Keragrim, whom have taken over the Blackmourne prison, located on Bastion Hill.

The Plot:

King Morgon has posted an irresistible amount of gold for the capturing or killing of the leader of the cult, Jonathon Halbadier.
He believes that if the cult is not quelled now, its influence may spread throughout the entire realm and engulf his most beloved capital city of Flamoria. His post reads, "Hail all fair citizens of the Kingdom of Magira, the beloved capital of Flamoria, and perhaps even more cities are in immediate danger due to their proximity to a cult hideout. I am offering 1,000,000 gold pieces to whomever can bring me the dastardly criminal, Jonathon Halbadier's head! Please speak with Jameson Jinth within the Chamber of Criminal Affairs within the city for more information."
Seeing such a tantalizing payment, surely many adventurers are going to try and take care of this menace, though it is almost certain many more will die.

Character Creation:
To create a character, use this link ... 85#p344085
and then select a race, class, and special abilitiy as detailed below, followed by your own character's description and/or illustration .

(Current) Races Available:
Elf: You gain an accuracy bonus to your attacks, and can avoid danger fairly well. You also are ageless, and weigh much less than you appear.

Orc: You gain a damage bonus to your attacks, and can soak damage fairly well. You are also very strong, and can break objects easily.

Human: You gain a lesser bonus to both the accuracy and damage of your attacks. Versatile, you find yourself succeeding in various tasks where others may fail.

Halfling: You gain a stealth bonus, and can deceive very effectively. You are also extremely courageous and find yourself unwavering in certain peril.

Pixie: You gain the ability to fly, but due to your small stature you are limited only to light armor and finesse weapons. You also can enchant (charm) people to do your bidding, once per one hour rest, though they can attempt to break the effect. Unwilling players automatically break this effect.

Dwarf: You are hardy, and unable to be poisoned or diseased. You are also very adept at not being held against your will or being knocked aside.

(Current) Classes Available:

Wizard: You can cast a magical spell that deals force and elemental damage (You choose the elemental type upon character creation. Types are Electric, Ice, Fire, Earth, Arcane, Holy, and Necrotic).
(WIP) Choose a spell,
Cause Explosion: An area you can see explodes violently. Creatures within the explosion can try to evade the effect.
Detect Thoughts: You can read the minds of one or more NPCs or Players.
Create Arcane Barrier: You can create a massive barrier (approx 6 feet x 3 feet x 10 feet). Nothing except for you may pass through it.
Telekinesis: You can grab, move, and manipulate an object you can see but cannot reach. With this ability, you may lift an object normally three times as heavy as you can lift. An enemy may attempt to break free of the spell.
Casting a spell leaves your mana drained, and you must rest at least an hour before casting again (in-game time).

Warrior: Wearing heavy armor, and wielding your choice of a two handed weapon, two weapons, or a sword and a shield, you charge into combat like a walking fortress. You are generally going to be a lot hardier than the rest of your comrades.

Rogue: Wearing light armor, and wielding either a crossbow (long-range), two hand crossbows (short-range), or hidden blades, you sneak into combat and defeat unaware enemies. You are also fairly keen at detecting traps enemies have tried to lay for your party.

Priest: Wearing medium armor, and wielding either a two handed bludgeoning weapon, or a bludgeoning weapon and a shield, you make sure the dead remain dead and your allies remain living.
You gain the ability to heal your allies, restoring any wounds that have been dealt to them.
Casting this spell leaves you moderately drained, and you can only cast it twice before needing to rest an hour (in-game time).

Ranger: Wearing medium armor, and wielding either two weapons and/or a bow, you strike enemies at a range with deadly accuracy and enter the fray with precise strikes. You also gain the ability to commune with nature, and track foes extremely well.

NOTE: Any class that can wear heavy armor can wear medium or light as well. The same is true for medium to light.

(Current) Special Abilities:

Twice per one-hour rest, you can use your special ability, which is chosen at character creation. Choose wisely!

True Strike: Your next attack is guaranteed to be a critical hit.
Mana Wellspring: You regain the use of a spell, but this consumes both of your special abilities for the rest.
Invisibility: You and everything you're wearing turns invisible for one minute, though enemies still can hear you.
Bulwark: A magical force will prevent the next damage you would've received.
Revive: You may use this special ability on a creature that has been dead no longer than a minute, or is dying, to return them to life, though still injured.
Locate: You may use your special ability to locate a single object that you know is within one-hundred feet of you, but you are unaware its exact location.

Enjoy! And look for more Races, Classes, Spells, and Special Abilities in the future!

1. Most encounters vs the forces of evil will be controlled by post moderators. They will roll dice and simulate randomness for your activities against them. Other RPs with each other are generally going to be expected for world/character building.

2. Be respectful to other RPers. They're just trying to have a good time.

3. Loot and coins you will gain will be from encounters from the post moderators and/or trading with other players or NPCs. Shops will be included later.

4. Nothing too explicit. PG-13 people.


Want to keep the action alive? Apply to be a post moderator in my DM and why, and if approved, your name will be added here and you'll be able to simulate randomness in encounters for other players.

Or, you can join the action on discord, and even roll your own dice!

Re: Enter the Dungeon (Totally not D&D) WIP

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:54 am
by XvVirus

Re: Enter the Dungeon (Totally not D&D) WIP

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:54 am
by XvVirus
You may now post.

Re: Enter the Dungeon (Totally not D&D)

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:51 am
by XvVirus
Concerned with the powerful adversaries that arrived, Talan journeys to Flamoria, the city of his birth. Knowing the city well, he traverses the cobblestone streets to the Chamber of Criminal Affairs, where he sees a note on the main door, and pamphlets left haphazardly on a table nearby. Picking one up, he reads it. It says, "Sorry, but I'm not in right now. Stomach is troubling me something awful! Just know that if you are looking for information on Jonathon and his cult, little more is known than he has taken over the Blackmourne Prison, to the north-west! If I were you, though, I would certainly not journey alone! The perils in that place are far too great for one man."
Talan shakes his head and murmurs, "Drunk again, I see. Good to see this place hasn't changed since I was young."
He sets off for one of the local taverns, in search of drink and a place to sleep.

Re: Enter the Dungeon (Totally not D&D)

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 9:06 am
by Tropingenie
This whole post is OOC
@XvVirus I think this belongs on the Casual RP's board, since in Open people can technically do this:
"Ah'm a fecking wizard!" screeched the broadsword wielding monk. The then promptly vanished into thing air, perhaps because he was a wizard, or perhaps not. Thus marks the beginning and the end of Steve, the free range wizard. Incidentally, he was not a wizard; another wizard had teleported him through the fourth wall and into oblivion.
Since Open has "no rules" people can jump in and leave at any moment like this, accidentally-on-purpose glossing over many of your rules and story in the process. Also, while I'm backseat moderating, I should mention that your RP is in violation of rule 3: "Don't advertise third-party chat apps and forums." Ie, Discord. DMing is fine.

OFC you don't have to listen to a word I say. I am not a mod. I'm just posting this because I saw a Dnd in Open but it requires an application (I don't have the commitment to RP anywhere other than Open) so I'm salty... I'm trying to help a new member.