"Is anyone there"

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"Is anyone there"

Post by Cr25pltro6 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 4:22 am

"Hello faithful listners!" A static-filled male voice filled the air and started speaking happily to whomever was fortunate enough to be both alive and near a radio. The sound of keys on a keyboard being clicked and clacked could be heard in the background as the static voice continued "So! First things first, congratulations to all you unlucky bastards for surviving yet again! This is for you" A pre-recorded trumpet played loudly for about thirty seconds before the noise began to slowly die out "For surviving yet another day in this hell on earth!"

"Now" the static voice switched from his previously upbeat tone into a more bored one "on to our most annoying sponsor's mandated history lesson....... yay!" A sad pre-recorded violin played beside his unenthusiastic yell. "I'll be honest with ya folks, it's not like y'all have much options for entertainment, but I recommend that you go find something more enjoyable than this. Like, watching a zombie stand in a corner for an hour, or triple-checking your barricades."

An indistinct voice, one so filled with static that it would be impossible to identify their gender, could be heard in the background. The extreme static cuts off most of what they have to say, but if one were to listen closely and pay attention, they'd barely make out the cut-up phrases "hurry.....zombies.....gate.....leave!" The more familiar staticky voice sighed and said "Fine, just abandon the front perimeter and start setting up traps. Once your done, join me in the main base"

A small object can be heard being thrown to the ground as the voice resumed "where were we? Oh yeah! Zombie history. Let's see, the zombie apocalypse turned approximately 80% of the world's population into hannibal lector overnight. Imagine it, one night your sexting your friend dick pics as usual, the next your a shambling freak!" Gunshots, though faint, could be heard beneath the man's voice "This happened everywhere too, China, America, Russia, other countrys I'm bound to be forgetting, nowhere was safe! Just one second normal, then poof! people decided to dabble in cannibalism."

"Needless to say, it was suprising as all hell..... and the body count numbered in the millions. To think, this was ALL only the first couple of days after the outbreak." The sounds of moans and shrieks could be heard far off in the distance as he stopped talking for a brief moment to take a breath. "Now, as I'm sure your all too aware, there was a reason to why this virus spread so god damn quickly. Apparently, this shit is spread through the air! Yep, that was a giant fucking plot-twist when the south Korean government announced it. All a poor fucker needs to do is breath and you can rest assured that they're gonna turn to a zombie." A dull tap, something reminiscent to tapping glass, could be heard as the voice added "Unless, of course, you were one of the few fortunate bitches to either be in a air-proof structure or be wearing a gas mask at the time.

"Anyways, how exactly this shit got into the air is still up to anyone's guess. Personally, I think this is a shyamalan type thing. Unfortunately, since I currently can't go outside, I'm afraid that my anti eco- warrior self can't get his moxy on!." A blood-curdling scream erupted in the background, sounding much closer than a few moments ago. This caused the man to give an exaggerated sigh.

"Well folks, I'm sad to say that we can't get to our regularly scheduled broadcast today. I've come across a technical problem that needs my immediate attention. Remember, keep your gas mask on, stay indoors at night, and toon in at 6 PM everyday for my daily broadcast! I'm your favorite host, the Faithful Listner!" Another loud scream, this one rapidly increasing in volume, blared in the background.

The scream abruptly cut off and was replaced with static.
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Re: "Is anyone there"

Post by AnonymousGhost » Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:16 am

"Another one bites the dust," Layla quipped as the scream fizzled out into static. Her voice was slightly muffled by the gas mask she never took off.

Layla and Dahlia made a point to listen to the broadcast every evening. It was their sole source of information, and one of their only sources of entertainment. Given that they'd decided to stay put at the university there was a practically unending march of zombies to deal with on a daily basis. Of course, some days were quieter than others. Today had been one of the quieter days. Combined, Layla and Dahlia had only killed a handful of zombies and had only seen a couple more shuffling around, but they'd been at such a distance that they didn't pose much of a threat. The twins had retired to their dorm room in the late afternoon and hadn't left since. Layla had turned on the radio at 4:00pm and listened to white noise until the broadcast started. Unfortunately, it seemed their entertainment had been cut short today.

"Now what?" Layla sighed, leaning back in the desk chair and propping her legs up on the desk's surface. She turned to look at Dahlia, who was lying on the bottom bunk of their bunk beds at the far right of the room.

Dahlia groaned as she pulled herself to her feet and walked over to the closet. "Pick a number between 1 and 7," she said.


Dahlia rifled through something inside the closet, her action hidden behind the open closet door. There was the soft brush of cardboard and the clatter of small, plastic pieces within, then she proudly produced a Guess Who box. "You ready to be totally destroyed for the MILLIONTH time in a row?" Dahlia ribbed. Layla didn't need to see through her sister's gas mask to know she was smirking.

"It is incredibly weird how good you are at this game," Layla said, taking a seat across from her sister.

"Nah," Dahlia shrugged, "you just really suck at it."
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