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<[ Project 1]>

Post by ColoursOf_Stars » Wed May 01, 2019 3:12 pm

|| 64, Goulia Munch Street.
|| September 24th, 15.32.
|| Raining.

Life can be hard, especially if you are me. Erica Liance. Or the daughter of Liam Liance.

``Erica, go do your chores! I alwaysfind you here. Reading that stupid book from your mother! ``
He grabbed my book, and he closed the closet's door. I got up and started banging on the door. It wasn't locked, but I did it anyway. `` Sir! `` That was the only thing I could call him. My father made everyone, including me. Thinking that he despites me more than anything.

|| 1, Zilix Lab.
|| September 26th. 21.4
|| Cloudy.

`` Are we here again..? `` I had an old potato sack over my head. We were probably at.. - - - -
`` Hello Erica. Welcome back to my lab.``
Zilix said.[/quote]
He tok off the sack, I'd rather have it on than seeing his ugly, crooked, wrinkly face. He looked older than 46. Which was his age.

`` I'm guessing you are going to test me agai.. - - ``
I stopped talking and looked over at a blue caspule.

`` What is that? ``
My father handed me my book and my only teddy bear. And a old bag, probably my mother's. And so he went out of the lab. I saw he had tears in his eyes. `` I'm sorry, no. Welcome to your new home.
`` Your father got paid, and isgetting paid for you to be here. He is starting a new life. Without you. As dead weight, from your curse. ``

My heart was pounding, I slapped him.

Next thing that happened I woke up in a completely white room. I was mad.I was MAD. There was a bed, a table, and two white doors. One on the shorter left side, and the other door on the shorter right side. I tried to open the door on the right side, it had a blue handle. It opened. It was a tiny bathroom. The smallest shower, a sink and a toilet.
I tried opening the other door, it was locked, but with a mirror beside it. I was wearing a black jumpsuit, and a green sweater, they had changed my chlotes. I tok off one of the black shoes I had. I threw it at the lamp hanging on the roof. It made a metal sound and I heard a small crack from the lightbulb.

I couldn't belive it.
My ownfather chose money over me. Maybe he acctualy despites me.

|| 1, Zilix Lab.
|| October 5th.
|| Cloudy.

I was losing my mind.
I had been here about 1 week.
But it felt like years...
No, I had been 1 year and 1 week.

\/ 7 am. \/
A guy in all white pulled off my duvet.
He threw a dark pink t-shirt at me. And a pair of jeans.

`` You are going to school again, on Monday. The teacher said you can tour the school tomorrow. Boss said you get school supplies and a new book. Be grateful ``

I was shooked.
Even though every fifteen year old girl would be sad, that you need to go to school. But.
I had been home schooled until I got taken here.
I quit school, because I was a experiment tester, and a false daughter.
Here, because of thisplace.

I got up from my bed and tok off my chlotes. And went in the shower.
I put on the dark pink t-shirt and the pants. And I heard a click from the normally locked door. Breakfast. Finally.
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<[ Project 1]>

Post by ColoursOf_Stars » Sat May 04, 2019 9:37 am

|| 1, Zilix Lab.
|| October 7th.
|| Wind and Clouds.

I was washing my face in the bathroom when the locked door made a click. Since I was new in school, I could come later than when it starts. A guy in all white, different from the usual guy came in. He had blond hair and tan skin, he looked about sixteen, or eighteen. `` Who are you, `` I said threatening to him. `` Exander Nomé.. - -. I mean..! Your new guardian, or protector as they like to call it in training...`` He said with his arms behind his back. Looked like he was about to serve royalty. `` Oh. What happened to the other guy? `` I said opening my small box of three pairs of earrings.

]``Oh.. Mr. Hanin. Poor guy, he quit. Rest in the heavens.. ``

`` What do you mean..? Why should he.. ``

`` This lab is a secret. As you know, I work legally. But the lab isn't. Some weird stuff, since to acctualy, Uhm.. ' Properly work unlegally.' You have to be over twenty.. Bla bla bla.. The protector and bodyguard test, all that. Long story short. Rest in peace, great guy.``

I put on my earrings, and asked him. `` Can you ask Meghan for my comb back? ``

`` Sure, anything else? Also, Zilix said your first day of school is at 11. Three hours till. Good luck Elle.

`` Erica. Don't use my code in front of me. ``

`` Your name is Elle in public, be used to it. ``

He said and winked.

He was cute anyway.,

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<[ Project 1]>

Post by Jvinxie » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:15 pm

|| 1,Zilix Lab.
|| October 7th.
|| Wind and Clouds.

Meghan Michael.

Mother is a dumbass for putting me here, so stupid!

I am a great person?!
I helped cleaning, tyding, you name it!
I don't need a lab, I DON'T.

I banged on the white walls, the hundred time. I was going crazy.

The door made a click, a guy in white came in.

" Got Elle's comb, she asked for it. He asked.

" Yeah, I do?! She wants it? Let me out, and you'll get it back. "

I said to him falling down on the floor in devastation.

He whispered something, secret. As he described it.

That's was great news.
I ran around in my room, I was so happy. I found Elle's comb, and threw it at him.

" Say good luck at school to her, from me." I said and smiled.
He carefully closed the door, as I ran around I made a huge mess.
I didn't care, I was happy for once here in this demon home.

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