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Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:51 am
by Venna
Thick, thriving flora and fauna inhabited the forest that surrounded a long standing castle known only as 'Belemonte's'. Rumors spoke about the family that had once lived there; a wealthy young man with his wife and twin daughters. One night when the girls were teens the mother died tragically. Some said by the hands of the father, some by her own. It didn't matter the story ended the same; the father vanished a year later and the girls were left as caretakers.

The surrounding towns and villagers only spoke highly of the current dweller; a lone female who just said she was of relations. Whatever the case, they didn't mind because the drawbridge was always down and travellers came and went at all hours. Anyone was welcome to visit or stay in one of the many rooms, a warm smile was always ready to great whomever walked inside.

There was a functioning stable with room for at least 20 horses and a few lads on hand at all hours. Behind the castle there was a garden with many different flowers both native and not, but well tended. Down a dirt path in the woods behind the stables there was a large body of water fed by a small stream that came down a set of cliffs.

Inside the castle there was always a fire in the grand fireplace, food always cooking in the kitchen. The main floor held a bar, library, kitchen and a few rooms that held random bits of clothing free for the taking; each area with a few of the villagers as staff. Up the stairwell on the first floor there were sixteen rooms; eight to the left and eight to the right. There was another stairwell that lead to the next floor where there were sixteen more rooms set up the same way however, the last door on the right was locked. Along the walls were many painted pictures; but none of the family from the rumors, mostly of the local flora and fauna.


Ravenna had been running the tavern for as long as she could remember, which; seeing as she was over 2500 seasons year old, was a long time. The tavern; really it was more of a castle, had been in her family home for generations.

Raven had spring green eyes that held specks of gold and hints of blue, a warm welcoming smile set on full lips, a toned body usually covered by a white painters smock with black pants and soft leather knee high boots. Her waist long hair was half black and half silver but usually in a braid down her back. She had a tattoo on her upper right arm of an atomically correct heart with a dagger in it.

Raven sit at a table in the corner by the fire a book on the table as well a mug of tea that was steaming.

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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:29 pm
by Venna

Raven stands from the table and closes the book with a sigh. She'd read it at least five times in the past month and there was never anything new in it. She grabs the empty mug by the handle; it dangling from her curved pinky finger. She looks around before walking to the bookvase in the corner by the fire place and replacing the book in an empty slot on the shelf before turning and walking behind the bar. Once behind the bar she moved to the small sink and started cleaning out her mug.

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Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:31 am
by BlueTheGeek
"Ms. Ravenna.." June started to say, slightly hesitant because of her shy nature. Even so, for knowing the Belemontes's caretakers for years, she stil hesitated. As a respected maid, June voluntarily cleaned and scrubbed the castle daily, respecting it as you would an official. aside respect, the maid also stayed in the confined walls for protection. Being a half elf, she was often casted away and not wanted. She loved the castle, and made up for staying through hard work daily. " Dinner is ready for you downstairs when your ready..." Even though many didn't see her as one, June saw Ravenna as a higher figure, sure to respect her in pay for her non-judgmental status.

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Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:05 pm
by Jvinxie