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Post by FUCK » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:43 pm

Hello, I am FUCK and this is my philosophy:

Life is like water and so to live a pure life you must be like water that is pure. Water that sits still will become polluted while water that moves forward will push the pullution forward just by moving itself. By continuing to move forward you will be pure like a river. I wish to be more then a moving river, I wish to be a river that moves upwards like a geyser that boils below the surface, building energy, before firing up into the sky so that when I fall from the sky my water will disperse and feed the nature around me.

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Re: FUCK!!

Post by FUCK » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:48 pm

I am smart
-i have a detailed plan on how to save and best spend my money.
-I never stop thinking.
I am quiet
-I rarely talk to people at work.
I am shier then I'd like to admit
-I want to go talk to strangers in real life but I still haven't even tried.
I am creative
-I want to be a writer and consistently think up new ideas and stories.
I love to learn as well as teach
-I am constantly training my mind and body and desperately try to teach these skills to others, even though no one has listened 100%.
I have an ambitious goal
-my goal is my philosophy which is to become like a guiser in a metaphorical sense. More literally it is to gain alot of knowledge and skills so that I may pass them down to my children so that they may cause large scale change.
I am always trying to improve
-I have taught myself how to use splatter vision, meditate, flow state and am currently trying to rewire my brain to be more in tune with all my senses. I am currently training my legs, but I would like to keep my whole body fit.
I have a hard time getting motivated
-I find it hard to do leg exercises because I haven't done them often enough and don't really know what I'm doing. A lack of knowledge on subjects often makes me give up before I am able to make progress.
I have a hard time removing thoughts from my head
-I was talked down to at work and even though I told myself that the feelings he made me feel weren't as important as the lesson and this made my bad feelings go away, I couldn't stop thinking about the things I wished I had said back.
I have a desire for people to know and understand me. I don't know if is because of my goal of changing the world or if it is because I feel misunderstood.
-I'm posting this on rpf
-When I talk to other people I can only ever seem to talk about myself, though I try to understand other people.

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Re: FUCK!!

Post by FUCK » Mon Aug 27, 2018 3:30 pm

10 things that if I do tomorrow will make my day:

1- see Kiara and have a conversation without laughing the whole time.

2- Talk to anyone and be confident. (Accomplished)

3-apply for workout trainer licence.

4- do 8 pull ups on the pull up bar

5- try to build relationships with Cici and Kiara.
Worst case scenario: they don't like me. They think I'm trying to play both of them. They do something to get me fire(lease probable).
Fixes: apologize. Tell them I am not trying to play them. Ask friends if they know of any jobs hiring.






3 life worst case scenarios

1- become homeless

2-Never get married or have kids

3- die


1 - I will keep my job, save and always strive for better.

2- I must be confident and always remind myself that there are others woman out there and this one isn't the only one for me.

3- Continue training and preparing for the future.

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