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The sound of pained groans echoed through the air as the dawn broke on the battlefield. What once hosted a viscous fray was now a graveyard for all the Orcs, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Trolls, Goblins, and various other races...
The Orcish people previously held dominion over the majority of the land, but their latest leader was a terrible tactician, and thus they had lost all of their newly claimed land, subsequently freeing those who had been enslaved by the “tyrannical” race. Now, a few, mentally-scarred Orcs search for survivors to tend to, for those that have fought and lived could tell tales of the horrors of war.

A breath
A rising chest broke the decaying atmosphere, startling the tenders. Immediately, one man rushed towards them to lend the wounded soldier a hand. Lifting him up, the young tender grinned at the soldier before bowing. “I see you’re doing fine, my brother.”
The soldier nodded, smiling warmly, yet sorrowfully at those he had lost. “All those people... many of them are dead, but I can’t possibly be the only survivor.”
The tender pointed over to a gathering of wounded Orcish and other races that came to their aid. Bowls of soup were handed out to those that could still drink, and injuries were treated with the finest Shamans in the kingdom.
Looking back at the tender, the soldier got onto one knee. “I pledge the loyalty of the Eobo clan to yours. What is it?”
Stunned, the tender smiled warmly before scruffing his hair. “Wazl. Wazl clan.... thank you.”

The Orcs as a race are very... interesting. They come in thousands of different varieties and ethnicities, each with their own clans. Some orcish ethnicities like the Ash Orcs - which the Eobo are a part of - are very large in size, whilst others are very small.
Dedicating most of their lives to strength in one form or another, they are a very competitive race. To save the loss of lives and keep the public happy, the Orcs have a democratic system where they elect a new leader when the old one passes. Votes go to the heads of each clan, and whilst it is a possibility, it’s uncommon for an Orc to pass up on such opportunity.
But, roughly 200 years after that fateful battle, that’s exactly what happened.
The head of the Eobo clan passed the offer to run the nation for two reasons. For one, he saw himself as undeserving of the throne, but also that he needed to fulfill his clan’s honour and hand it to the head of the Wasi clan.

This story follows the son of the Wazi clan’s head. A young bard on his quest for glory known as Aedritch Wazi.

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