Vin's Last Stand

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Vin's Last Stand

Post by BlondieBoy » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:58 am

Vin was born in the slums of a city that he will never remember the name of, nor will he ever care enough to try anymore. His childhood consisted of vicious beatings for stealing loaves of bread for him and his big brother, being bullied by other slum boys, and being tossed around by his older brother for being a 'Scrawny little shit' according to him. Vin didn't mind most of it because that was his life. He knew his brother didn't mean most of what he did, that he was just angry all the time. Vin did think that he would die in the slums with his brother with all of the rats and the shit on the streets. He thought he would die.

He couldn't have been a day over 7 years old when he and his brother snuck into the local carnival. It wasn't a scene for everybody, but to Vin it must have been the greatest thing to have ever existed.There were things he never knew were real, food that tasted more sweet than bitter. Hell, there was food that tasted like something that wasn't bread or rotten fruit. He didn't get to taste everything, because the carnival people would catch him knicking something and slap him upside the head, and allowing him to retain a rather small amount of whatever he knicked. His brother was sad during most of the Carnival time, and it wouldn't be until over 20 years later when Vin finally realized why. Eventually a man came up to a stage that was in the middle of the small carnival, and began a speech. he kept on saying that the Carnival's main attraction was to be revealed within a short amount of time. To be revealed this and to be revealed that. It honestly bored Vin a little bit and he began to lose interest until they finally revealed him. He was a large, copper skinned man who had many necklaces and rings. He seemed gargantuan, easily 7 feet tall and as thick around as a tree trunk. The man displayed rather impressive swordsmanship, before taking a bow off stage. Vin thought that he rather liked the display, and wished that the man hadn't kept on saying to be revealed because it took away from the performance when it actually happened.

Flash forward 3 more years, and Vin has been going on and on to his brother of how he'd like to get a sword and learn how to use one. He kept trying to convince him that he could make them money with it, bring them up into a nice inheritance. One day his brother snapped and got very vicious with Vin. He crushed his dreams, telling him that they'd never afford a sword and if they stole one it would be the end of both of them. He told Vin to bury his nonsense before it buried him. That was the last conversation he ever had with his brother. He went missing for a week, before another one of the kids in the Slums brought Vin the terrible news that his brother had overdosed in a drug den. He knew they couldn't afford that kind of luxury, and so he believed that his brother must have been abducted. His poor older brother. This event strengthened his resolve, there was no weakness you could show in the Slums. He took his first life by strangling the boy who brought him the news.

For days Vin hopped from place to place, being hunted down by friends and siblings of the boy he murdered in a rage. He took refuge in a tavern one night, and it changed his life. He met the man who performed at the carnival so many years ago. He went to the man and had a chat. The man had been a few drinks in, and so he wasn't the most articulate, but that only heightened the excitement level for Vin. That was what he aspired to be one day. Sitting in a tavern like this men, drinking away with an expensive sword and jewelry. The man called himself Gaia, and was apparently the Captain of a Pirate Ship. He performed with the carnival from time to time because the leader of the troupe had something rather large on Gaia. Vin asked if he could join the Pirates, he begged Gaia over and over, pleaded to be released from the horrors of the slums. Gaia turned him away. Until Vin told him he could get whatever it was Gaia needed from the troupe's leader. Gaia gave him a three hour deadline, and if he could accomplish the task then he could join up. Gaia didn't believe that Vin would get it done.

That night was the second murder that Vin had ever done.

When news came to Gaia of the Troupe leader's death, he was shocked and astounded. Vin had come in excitedly over an hour ago and told him it was done but he didn't buy it. Truthfully Gaia was impressed. A ten year old, murdering already? Perhaps he had potential for the pirate life.

During his life as a pirate, Vin came across a dying old man in the bowels of a sinking ship. The man had been impaled by a long board from when their cannon blasted the ship. The old man saw a look in Vin's eyes, and with that look in mind he bestowed the Sword of Communion upon Vin. Vin had no clue what the old man was doing, and killed him with the sword the man had thrust at him. The blade drank the blood of its previous owner, and so it was now in possession of Vin.

He was perhaps 20 years old when he staged a coup, murdering his mentor Gaia and claiming the crew for his own. He had spent the last year dream weaving to make Gaia paranoid and weak, while also making the crew members realize that Vin was the next logical choice. They had no clue the extent to which Vin was manipulating their minds. The Sword of Communion claimed Gaia's soul, and drank his blood. So it was sated for another year or two. In the same year that he became the new Pirate Captain, he attacked Aventura with his sole ship. He docked at the city and walked with his crew to the King's palace, where he requested a meeting as the new Pirate Lord with the King of Aventura. The men tried to throw him in the dungeons, but Vin strongly urged them to reconsider as they tried to grab him. When they put their hands on him, Vin whistled and two arrows buried themselves in the guard's heads. He would have preferred a solution that didn't involve so much death, but he wouldn't let a building full of cheap weaponry and flimsy politics stop him.

After a long time of pushing the Sword's whispering away, he let them come. He knew how to activate it, it was guiding him. He slashed his palm and for the first time the Sword of Communion drank its owner's blood. He felt invigorated, it felt like being drunk to the tenth power without the disorientation and nausea. He could see everything in sharp contrast and felt more alive than the rest of his life. It was an addicting feeling, Much more addicting than any of the drugs he was hooked on at the time. He fought his way up and to the King's chamber, where the King was waiting with his staff. He used his willpower to suck the air out of the area around Vin, to suck the air from his lungs. What the King couldn't have known was that the sword was the body, and the dark energy that it poured into Vin was all of the air that he needed. Vin would later credit the King for making a very good attempt that would have killed anybody else, and prayed to all of his gods that he never came across somebody that neither the sword nor staff could save him from.

And so for 17 years Vin has been accepted as The Pirate King of Aventura, a self acclaimed king that has spent way too much time living in luxury but always manages to keep Aventura alive and healthy. Now, he has been summoned to attend some sort of meeting, and he'll go for Aventura's sake. But he's almost positive its to discuss a long lasting peace. Vin is all for living the peaceful life in Aventura, he only murders anymore to sate his blade's hunger, but a long lasting peace may be more damaging than helpful to Aventura. It is considered one of the smallest nations, and is often viewed as a glorified town for Adventurers. If the war trade was extinguished, the economy would tank and there'd be riots in the streets. Vin will never have Aventura become like the slums he grew up in, he will never subject a child to that treatment so long as he is king. It appears as though Vin will have to use every ounce of his cunning to ensure that Aventura is safe, peace or not.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2

The Kingdoms of Dystria: World Summit was an absolute disaster. So much time spent planning a complete takeover of the nations gone down the drain. He and Lillath's plot had been uncovered, Selweiss was put to the sword, and the other nations condemned he and Lillath both. They were pushed back to Aventura and had massive sanctions pushed onto both of their nations. The peace that the summit strove for ended in war between the nations. But Lillath and Vin were happy together and their nations continued to prosper despite the new enemies gained from the summit.

One day Vin's best friend in the world came to him, Remus. Remus had been Vin's first mate on the ship he stole and had been a loyal adviser since taking over Aventura. Remus bore bad news for Vin during this meeting. He pulled him out of a royal dinner and told him that the royal guard's captain, Lucius Fowler, was planning to stage a coup on Vin in three days time. Remus thanked Vin for all of the years he had looked after him and all of the good times they had shared together, but he would not remain in Aventura. Remus left after gifting Vin that news and Vin would never hear from him again.

Vin went back to his dinner and Lillath noticed the small chink in the armor of a man that was Vin. After they sent away their guests she tried to get him to open up but he refused, she was his woman and he would protect her. That was all he thought she needed to know which pissed her off to say the least.

After that night the Coup was only two days away. Vin woke up and he could just feel it, his will was wavering. The Staff wouldn't be any use to him in the coming fight. All he could rely on was his demon blade, the Sword of Communion. This would be the first time he had used it in such a large scale battle since he ripped the title of King from the previous ruler of Aventura. He would spend the entire day training with it and locking the Staff of Amun-Rafael away deep in the vault of Aventura, within a secondary vault secured by various magic seals. Little did Vin know that he had just locked up a Heavenly Artifact within a pocket dimension that had been created by one of the greatest wizards in all of Aventura's history, Sergoza Al-Rafuki.

That night he had dinner alone with Lillath. He had destroyed the large table that isolated them at different ends and replaced it with a small, wooden table that was much more intimate. Vin couldn't help but feel that even with the sword and his body gained after years of intense training, his royal guard would take his life in the coming battle. So he resolved this to be the last night he ever spent with the jewel in his life that never stopped shining.

Lillath tried her hardest to get Vin to tell her what was wrong that night but stubborn as always Vin refused to divulge the upsetting information. Instead he spent the night treating Lillath better than he had any other night. How he should have treated her during her entire time at his palace. She really was a queen, and despite what anybody else thought of her Vin only wanted the best. He massaged her and treated her to the finest, oldest wines in the cellar. And at the end of the night he made love to her unlike any other night. It was a true passion, Vin trying to convey every ounce of his feelings with that one act.

And then there was a single day remaining. Vin had woken up thinking that tomorrow morning they would come and take away everything that he cared about in this world. His aspirations to make Aventura a place where everybody could live in harmony, his dreams of having a family with Lillath, even the little things like smelling freshly ground coffee beans coming from the Palace's kitchen.

He asked Lillath on a date that day, completely out of the blue. He had never gone on a proper date with her and he wanted that day to be special for her. She agreed and he took her around Aventura. He made them both change into common clothes, he refused the two of them to walk around wearing royal clothing like they were above the common people. She was upset she had to put something on but she didn't refuse. And then Vin showed Lillath all of the wonders of Aventura. How even the people who were considered poor managed to find love in their lives, whether it was a companion like a dog, a best friend or even a partner. It all held a special meaning for Vin since there wasn't a single Slum left in all of Aventura. He ended their date by taking Lillath to the docks.

He walked her down to the very end of the dock and fished a beautiful hairclip out of his pocket. It wasn't ornate and it seemed to be very old, but it shined beautifully in the setting sun.

"It was my mother's. Its all I've ever had of either of my parents, my brother gave it to me one day when I just couldn't stop crying about why we didn't have real parents. I like to think he gave it to me because he loved me more than anything else in this world."

Vin extended his palm out to Lillath, the hair pin set in the center.

"I know we're already married Lillath, but I love you more than anybody else that I've ever met. I love you more than my brother, more than what this little insignificant hairpiece means to someone like me. If we hadn't met as rulers of separate nations, would you have married me Lillath?"

It was his proposal. Vin proposed to Lillath and pulled her close to him, letting out his tears onto her head. Vin was crying and he refused to let her see him. He never let her respond to his proposal. Instead he clipped the hairpiece into her long, beautiful hair and wiped the tears from his eyes. When he pulled her back from him she was looking up at Vin as if she wanted to say something.

Vin wasn't good at saying goodbye.

He slapped a pair of Mana-Sapping handcuffs on Lillath and before she had any time to react he turned her and pushed her onto a ship.


Lillath started calling out for Vin's name as the men on board gently grabbed her and held her back from leaping off of the moving ship. Ralph gave Vin a thumb's up and the ship slowly disappeared on the horizon.

Vin spent the night in his and Lillath's room, contemplating if he had done the right thing or not. She would soon enough hear that the King of Aventura had been killed in a coup, he was sure. And he never let her give her answer. That was probably for the best. Lillath wasn't one to be in a committed relationship, Vin was a stupid man for trying to force something like that on her. Vin was always a stupid man looking back on things.

He awoke earlier than normal in the morning, rolling out of his bed and yanking the Sword of Communion out from under his bed. The large wooden door that connected his room to the hallway was blown inwards and the room was stormed by the Royal Guard. They were surprised that Vin was out of bed and the front line all had their throat's cut open by the Sword, their souls sucked into the sword which only made it grow stronger.

Vin fought with a renewed vigor. He would die today but he would go down with as many of these traitorous bastards as his sword could manage. Vin missed one block and was stabbed through his left side with a sword. Vin swung his sword right and sliced through three soldier's armor like it was nothing and slammed his left elbow into his attacker's face, smashing their skull to bits. The sword dropped to the ground and blood sprayed from the wound.

Vin backtracked in the room until he was out on the balcony. He fought off his attackers as they bottle necked at the door, using a brief pause in the push towards him to slip down a banner hung from the side of the palace and escape into Aventura's Center. He threw off his jacket and shirt, and his wound was bad enough that if he didn't get it worked on immediately he would perish from it within 30 minutes.



Lucius Fowler had leaped from the balcony and landed in Aventura's Center with a large thump, destroying the ground under his feet. Lucius Fowler wasn't the captain of the guard for no reason, he was one of the only people who could challenge Vin to a fair fight if Vin was lacking his sword and his staff.

At this point the lights surrounding the town center had come on and the people of Aventura began looking out their windows at their beloved king fighting for his life against Lucius.

The sun rose behind Vin as he charged straight forward, engaging Lucius in a deadly battle that resulted in Lucius' blade going straight through Vin's heart. As Vin's life began to fade from him he looked Lucius in the eyes and gave a smirk.

Vin had learned one secret technique from the Sword of Communion that would save his life and stop Lucius from ever activating the blade's true power. He brought the blade up and drove it straight through his own throat. In doing so the sword of communion had nobody to transfer ownership to, and would stay in the possession of Vin until he reclaimed it. As for Vin, his soul was ripped from his body but the Sword of Communion rejected it and sent it flying to a random spot in the world as it was unable to be sent to heaven or hell because it was bound to the sword.

Vin died on Lucius' blade, a smile on his face as he knew that one day he would be reincarnated into a new body and he would one day reclaim his kingdom from Lucius or his descendants.
------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3

Ah......It couldn't just be a simple wake up in a new body thing, could it? Vin thought to himself as he walked along a path in the farlands, his translucent feet not moving an inch of dirt as he walked. With heaven destroyed Vin didn't exactly have a place to go. His soul was too pure for hell despite his intentions throughout life. He'd rather be there than forced to walk the planet until he got his chance at reincarnation. Ah well, beggars can't be choosers.

He wasn't sure how long it had really been since he severed his soul in the battle with Lucius. Time as a soul orb is a little wonky. Maybe he shot off and landed right after he severed his soul, maybe it flew around and looked for a good spot to land for a couple decades. Either way he had no idea what the time period was and he had no way to check.

Maybe I made a rash decision in that battle. Could I really have just let Lucius have the Sword of Communion though? No, I made the right choice... Vin just kept mulling that battle over in his head. There was no way to win, but he could have given Lucius a good stab to the throat before he died...No guarantee that would have killed the bastard.

And then the entire landscape changed, and he was within the ruins of a heavenly building. Wardings had been broken all over the place and Lillath sat in the center running her finger across what looked like a heavenly artifact. Vin had no real idea what it was but Lillath took it and it became a part of her. Vin couldn't help but sigh. Oh honey, what have you gotten yourself into?

And the landscape changed again. Looks like I figured out why my soul landed out this way. Vin's soul continued to jump around with Lillath and where she was at the moment. He continued to have blackout periods as she moved though, it must have been interference with her magical powers that caused it. Well at least he could spend his miserable existence with the one person that made him feel whole.

But there was a catch. It looked like Lillath hadn't taken Vin's death lightly and he noticed it in every action she took. The biggest one being when she captured a young looking Angel boy who must have fallen during the war. He already seemed terrified of her before she even came close to him and that may have been how she found him. Lillath was always a bloodhound when it came to fear.

Transit wasn't easy for the Angel or for Vin. As they moved down the road towards some apparent kingdom Lillath tortured the poor boy. Vin knew Lillath wasn't the best person when he married her but this was something else. She kept talking about a 'her' that sounded like somebody precious to the Angel boy. Vin wondered how she would react if Lucius had her bound and in transit, saying the same things about himself. Then again if something like that affected Lillath she might not be doing what she was doing at the moment.

Vin stopped in his tracks as she pushed forward with the Angel. If a soul could cry, he would. That was it, that was his answer. If he hadn't been a ruler of a nation she would never have married him. Some random orphan boy who led a pirate crew and usurped a kingdom for himself, that's what he was. Another token to her.

Lillath never loved Vin. Because if she did, she couldn't possibly say such things to this Angel. Because it would remind her too much of him. The only difference is that Vin wasn't killed in front of her, because Vin couldn't bear the mark that it would leave on her. The mark she left on the boy.

When Vin's soul came to a few hours later she was taking shelter in a shallow cavern for the night. It was the Angel's screams that drew Vin's attention back to this world. So much pain. Lillath was putting him through so much pain and Vin couldn't even put his hand on hers, he couldn't place a hand on the Angel and apologize to him for his wife's evil actions.

Evil. That's what Lillath had become. And at that point Vin couldn't bear it any longer. He severed the connection that his soul had with her, with a solemn promise that no matter who he became he would always love her. Even if she was evil and manipulative, even if she didn't love him still after so much time apart, even if he was a homeless beggar that she beat to death. He would love her with all of his heart. Even if she didn't love him back.

So his soul traveled until it found a body. A small 5 year old boy who seemed like he was devoid of life. He had no soul in his body, it was gone. Either sold to a demon of hell or he never had one to begin with. It would have to do. Vin's soul took its place inside of the small boy and Vin woke up in the front of the young boy's mind.

"Luca! Get your ass over here and have some fun, Beccy isn't going to be around all day!" Vin stood up and brushed off his pants. It looked like his new name was Luca, and apparently his new life wasn't much different than the way his old life started. This time he had a father but Vin could just tell he wasn't related by blood. And the smell of debauchery was ripe.

Vin spent a long time with the man, Jessie. He was an Encantado which is a sort of Dolphin demon that loves to have sex. Gross way to live, Vin thought. Vin's ideals had changed much over the course of his life. He couldn't really stand the thought of spending time with someone who wasn't-

But Vin always caught himself. This was his life now and if he was going to be Luca, he had to stop being Vin. He had to distance himself from his past self. He had to stash away his manners and become a boisterous dick. And it worked for him.

Until he was about 10 years old and his father was in the middle of beating a lovely woman named Kristine to death.

Kristine was the only mother figure Vin ever had in this life. In his entire life really. He wouldn't dare trying to do anything with her, his pride wouldn't allow it. She watched after him and stopped Jessie from beating him most of the time. She had been around the longest, a year so far.

But Jessie seemed to think that was long enough. Kristine's face was bloodied and her nose was completely ruined. She had such a beautiful nose. Vin couldn't stand it and he grabbed the nearest sword that Jessie kept lying about the den, slashing through Jessie's spinal cord before dragging the sword up through his rib cage and slicing his heart in half.

Jessie fell to the ground dead and in pieces and Vin could only bow to Kristine and thank her for the best year of his life.

Vin hasn't seen Kristine since. He left immediately after and wandered the farlands with the sword he used to eviscerate his father. When he was 12 years old he ran into Sudoshi, an old man who knew exactly when to grab Vin's hand. In the middle of the lift, the pouch of coin almost completely gone and when Vin was at the most vulnerable stage of his pickpocket. It was in the middle of a village center and Sudoshi threw Vin over his shoulder, slamming into the rocky ground with a hard crack.

Vin and Sudoshi had a long conversation after that and Sudoshi agreed not to take one of Vin's hands. As long as he came with him and worked in the mountains for the next 3 years as his apprentice.

Sudoshi was growing old and he needed to teach somebody the art of his sword so that he had left behind a legacy. He had no pupils but he had an eye for talent, and Vin was apparently said talent. He nearly died on the trip to Sudoshi's Dojo, a blizzard that Sudoshi insisted they walk through in nothing but their commoner clothes. The experience made him stronger and it steeled his resolve for the coming years.

Vin was worked to the bone and trained in the art of self-discipline, and the beauty of intense swordplay. Sudoshi had done a teaching that should have taken twenty years and reduced it to three. He wouldn't have let Vin go if he thought there was any imperfection in his technique. He wouldn't have let him go if he couldn't beat him in a real sword fight.

Vin refused to give Sudoshi the final blow. Vin said it wasn't his time yet and while Sudoshi had an eye for talent, Vin had an eye for death. Vin left behind his wolf Tank, a mutant-demon type of dog that nearly killed him in the mountains during a survival test. He told Sudoshi that if Tank did something in public then he wouldn't be able to protect him from the guard's retaliation. Sudoshi gave Vin a nod as he left the dojo, and only four words. "You'll do well Vin."

Cheeky old man. An eye for talent, and apparently an eye for stolen bodies. Vin thought to himself as he set out on his journey. He was only 15 years old at the time but he had been thirty something in his past life and spent god knows how long wandering this rock. He had plenty of experience not to die. Probably.
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