GURPS Dragon Ball (kind of)

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GURPS Dragon Ball (kind of)

Post by gibberingmouther » Tue Jun 19, 2018 10:04 pm

GURPS stands for Generic Universal Role Playing System and was made by Steve Jackson games, in case you don't know. It's a tabletop rpg system like Dungeons and Dragons or others in the genre.

It's more suitable for gritty or "realistic" (not really, but kind of) games than most other systems. It is flexible enough for standard medieval fantasy, modern settings, or futuristic ones.

Anyway, I was inspired by Dragon Ball and some other fiction to make a system that is like the anime, but a little more self-consistent and balanced. High level characters are still superhero level, but there's no destroying moons or planets or whatnot. Dragon Ball /Z/Super is not very self consistent and has a lot of plot holes - which I, personally, don't mind and I even think it's part of the charm of the series, but I liked the idea of making a game out of it that fit this idea I had in my head.

Anyway, here it is: ... supplement

Any feedback is welcome!

You'll also see on my site about my as yet unfinished pc rpg with the working title of "The City of Scales".

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