Lenny Problems

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Lenny Problems

Post by Elenore Nightswarmer » Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:36 pm

For a while I wrote down everything. I had notebooks filled with tiny letters and mispelled words. When I was happy or sad or lonely.. About what I saw, what I heard, stories, real and fiction.. I'd just write.. And I would never read it again..
Then I found RPing and my main focus became their stories, their personalities.. The smallest little detail, every little secret.. But I very rarely had any use for it.. I created a world and only I knew about it..

Lately I haven't written anything at all.. I have tried and failed a lot of things.. Diaries are not for me.. It becomes a chore.. And people don't seem to care.. And lately, I haven't had a lot of people.. I usually don't, but now it just feels.. Extra bad..
And the people I knew here are either gone or ignoring me.. So I'm putting it here.. For anyone and none to see..
I don't wanna hide it in some notebook and I don't wanna force it on someone else.. I'll just put it out there and if someone wants to read, they can..
I'm not looking for comments or feedback on my writing.. No posts, no PMs.. Please..
I just want to rant.. A sort of.. Stream of consciousness..
I have nothing planned, just a place to put my thoughts into writing..

I won't spellcheck and I won't re-read anything, as has always been my way.. I don't care about spelling or other mistakes I might make.. And there will be a lot of it.. And I'll write like I normally do.. When I do RP, I make a point to be more careful and only use one full stop.. But naturally I use two ellipsis and that's just how I write, so if it bothers anyone, don't read..
If my thoughts or opinion on stuff bothers anyone, don't read..
I'm only here to please my own restless head.. There might be stories, real or fiction.. There might be discussions with myself, there might be a lot of self-pity..
If that bothers anyone, don't read..
I'm mean..
For like..
No reason..

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