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Omega [FANFIC]

Post by Apophis » Sun Apr 29, 2018 1:09 am

CMS-X Asiimov - Modified Experimental Light Frigate
The CMS-X Asiimov was originally built to test experimental shockspace technology, but due to military resources being scarce, the Asiimov was modified to battle against EarthGov ships.
Under the command of Captain Owen Parker, his utilization of the experimental shockpoint drive has proven a valuable asset, making the Asiimov capable of delivering a volley of ordinance and already be light minutes away before the missles hit. As of July 30th, 2013, the Asiimov has accumulated a kill count of 4 EarthGov frigates, 2 medium battleships, and assisted in the destruction of one EarthGov dreadnaught.

Chapter 1: Mystery of The Osiris

CMS-X Asiimov, Jupiter Orbit, August 6th, 2313.
A pair of grey eyes looked out through the glass, half of the view being filled by the orange and yellow bands of Jupiter, the other half being filled with black space, Callisto and large pieces of what used to be three other SCAF frigates. The ship was completely silent, except for the sound of coolant moving through pipes. The silence was broken by the first mate, "I think we're pretty much fucked."
Owen continued gazing out the glass as he replied, "Do not speak to me."
Owen turned to the pilot, "Damage report."
"Engines are shot, so are offensive and defensive systems."
"Shock drive?"
"83% Do you have a plan?"
"We keep this orbit until we get aligned with Saturn then we shock out."
"To where?"
As if on cue, there was an alarm that sounded, the first mate turned to Owen, "Missle lock detected."
Owen looked to the pilot, "Get ready to shock out."
"To where?"
"Anywhere but here. I'm not dying fighting a losing war."
Another alarm sounded, first mate relaying the message, "Multiple warhead launch detected!"
Owen stood up, seeing an EarthGov warship coming into view, behind several missles, "Shock!"
The space in front of the Asiimov seemed to rapidly get closer, then everything turned to white streaks, then the view out the glass turned to blue.

Captain Owen Parker
Captain Owen Parker is a brilliant tactician, analytical and cool under pressure, and Unitologist. Assigned to the CMS-X Asiimov upon it's completion, Owen has developed the tactic of using shockspace as a practical offensive option. With no family to speak of, Owen can dedicate all of his time into his position of captain of a SCAF ship. Also a rational man with principles, his beliefs have at some times been a headache to SCAF brass, but his record as captain has proved him to be a valuable asset of SCAF.

CMS-X Asiimov, Shockspace, August 12th, 2313.
6 days in shockspace. The entire fate of the Asiimov relied solely on ifs. If they found a beacon, if they could get home, if there would still be the Sovereign Colonies when they could get home...
Owen was asleep in the captain's chair. It took a few yells to disturb Owen from his slumber, but when he was awoken, one if was taken off the table when the pilot spoke, "Locked onto shock beacon, deshocking in ten."
Owen sat up in his chair, the ship beginning to shake as the shock drive began unwarping the space around it, then the screen full of blue disappeared, showing black space with white streaks, then the view turned to space, surprisingly with a SCAF fleet ahead of them, orbiting a tan and blue, Titan-sized planet. Owen stood from his chair, walking toward the viewport, "Carson, run registry on those ships. I want to know what we're looking at."
The pilot nodded, and began typing on the keypad. After a few moments, he replied, "We have 3 light frigates and a mass driver. The frigates are the CMS Capricorn, Hatteras and Salem. Mass driver is CMS Osiris."
Owen turned his head as soon as Carson said the word, "Osiris." Owen then quickly gave a command, "Open a link to the Osiris."
Carson typed on his keypad, "Broadcasting on all SCAF frequencies, ready for transmission."
"This is Captain Owen Parker of the CMS-X Asiimov, CMS Osiris, do you read?"
There was silence, then Owen spoke again, "This is Captain Owen Parker of the CMS-X Asiimov, any SCAF craft, do you read?"
More silence. It took a few moments for him to figure out what to do, then spoke into the intercom, "Wilson, Holmes, meet me in the briefing room."

CMS-X Asiimov Briefing Room, August 12th, 2313.
Owen walked into the room, wearing his black and navy elite suit, sans helmet. He stood at the front of the room, looking at all three of the ones called, then spoke, "Approximately 10 minutes ago, we de-shocked and found ourself in the vicinity of a planet roughly the size of Titan, as well as four SCAF ships, the largest of which being a mass driver, the CMS Osiris. Since we identified these ships, we've been sending a repeating message on all SCAF frequencies with no response. However curious that is, that is not our main concern. Our main concern is we have no fucking idea where we are, and we're not going to figure that out by standing around doing nothing. So the plan is this. We take the shuttle and get as close to the Osiris as we can, and enter the Osiris via the EVA airlock on the starboard side, access the ships logs, and go from there. Wheels up in 5, get your suits on and get your weapons."
Owen turned and exited the room. The truth was, the location of the Asiimov was the least of his concerns.

USM Valhalla, EarthGov Dreadnaught, April 9th, 2311.
The entire ship shuddered, the captain regain his balance and looked outside, seeing the sheard front third of the ship drifting away. The captain looked over to the pilot, "What the fuck was that?!" "I don't know, there aren't any weapons that exist that can do that kind of damage!" "Can we make it back?" "We lost the shockpoint drive, we can possibly get back on ion engines, but only if the Colonies' ships are out of TNMs." "Fuck!" The engineer looked from his screen to the captain, "Sir, our port airlock has been accessed from the outside." "Send a team there now!"
A squad of ten EarthGov soldiers reached the airlock, all raising their rifles at the door. The inner door opened, showing a single SCAF soldier, in a navy and black elite suit. "Open fire!" The soldier held up his left hand as the rifles fired. Bullets hit the outside door of the airlock, the rest of the bullets suspending in air in front of the soldier's outstretched, shaking left hand. "Fall ba-" The order wasn't completed, the squad being decimated by their own bullets. One surviving soldier tried to pull himself away from the single SCAF commando. The EarthGov sargeant's progress was stopped when a foot was placed onto his back, he was then turned onto his back. The SCAF soldier leaned down, grabbing the bottom of the sargeant's helmet, then ripped it off the soldier's head. The goggles of the elite suit helmet began to descend, then the helmet split open, then retracted into the front and back panels of the suit. A tear fell onto the sargeant's face. Owen raised his trembling hand, gripped tight around the grip of the revolver. The sargeant looked into Owen's grey eyes, which burned with anger and grief. The sargeant mouthed, "No..." Owen continued down the corridor, the barrel of the revolver smoking.
The crew of the bridge turned to the locked door, which produced a resounding bang. Then another. The banging stopped suddenly. Then one loud bang, accompanied by the sound of warping metal. eight gloved fingers extended through the gap in the door. The door was slowly pulled open and Owen stood in the doorway. He wasted no time dispatching 4 of the 5 crew on the deck. The captain quickly pulled his SMG, emptying the entire mag in Owen's direction in vain, the bullets stopping in front of Owen's outstretched hand, then dropped to the ground, along with Owen's revolver. The captain fumbled for another magazine, but dropped to the ground as his cheek was impacted by Owen's fist. The captain was then raised to his feet by the collar, and was forced to the glass. There was silence for a moment, then it was broken, "Down, on that moon. There was a woman, counting the minutes until she would see her husband again. There was a girl, excited to see her daddy for her eighth birthday tomorrow. They're gone now." The captain was pulled back, his ear just inches from Owen's mouth, which emitted the words, "You took everything from me." The grip was released on the captain's collar, and the captain was given a command, "Look at me." The captain's eyes stayed staring through the glass. His shoulder was then gripped and pulled as Owen shouted, "Look at me!" The captain turned and looked at Owen, who stared back. The two stood silent, then Owen's gloved hands wrapped around the captain's neck. The captain gripped at Owen's arms, only succeeding in causing the grip around his neck to tighten. As tears began streaming down Owen's cheeks he spoke quietly, "Madison Parker, age 22. Adeline Parker, age 7. My wife and daughter are dead because of you. You brought this on yourself." Owen tightened his grip, then a crack as the captain went limp, then fell to the ground as Owen's hands released their grip. Owen turned to look over Enceladus. He slowly dropped to his knees, then leaned forward, placing his forearms on the ground, lowering his head to rest on his hands. Owen then cried harder than he ever had before.

CMS Osiris, Starboard Airlock, August 12th, 2313.
Owen slowly ascended to the surface of the deck and walked to the airlock door, "Looks like power's down. We'll have to use the cranks. Wilson and Holmes touched down behind Owen as he grabbed the crank and pulled it. He turned it two full times and pressed the crank back in. The door slowly opened and the three walked in, the outer door closing behind them. There was a hissing as the airlock filled with air, and the three opened their helmets. The three stood as the inner door opened, what they saw on the either side prompted them to close their helmets and draw their guns. Owen carefully stepped forward, "We got six bodies, multiple gunshot wounds to the back, looks like they were headed for the airlock. Moving to bridge." The three carefully walked forward, the corridor in front of them illuminated by the red lights on their weapons.A glint on the ground caught Owen's eye, and he crouched down to pic up the casing. Wilson took a step toward Owen, "EarthGov?" Owen set the casing down and stood back up, "No, Colonies. We need to get to the bridge and figure out what happened here. Keep your heads on a swivel, whoever did this could still be here."
The three continued through the dark corridors of the ship, finding nothing but more bodies and casings, and eventually, they came to the bridge door. Owen looked around the door, then his eyes fell upon a retinal scanner and a keypad. Owen pressed several numbers on the keypad, and when he was done there was a computerized voice, "Access denied."
Owen took a step back, "Well, the panel has power."
Holmes looked at the keypad, "Will the SCAF master code work?"
Owen sighed, "No, the SCAF master code won't work because it doesn't exist. I do have an idea, but it's a long shot."
The lenses of Owen's suit lowered, and was soon followed by the rest of his helmet, which folded into his chestpiece and back container. He leaned toward the retinal scanner, and pressed a button, simply labeled, "SCAN."
The light of the scanner moved down across Owen's eye, then back up, and again a response from the computerized voice, "Captain Parker, Owen. Please enter verbal access code."
Owen stood up and spoke, "Omega D."
"Verbal access code accepted, access granted."
The door slid open and Owen took a few steps inside. The crew was still there, unfortunately in the same condition the three found the others in. Holmes and Wilson took a look at eachother then followed him in. Owen went to the control panel, "First we need to get some power. Wilson, if you wouldn't mind."
Wilson nodded, walking to the panel. The three then turned at the sound of footsteps, raising their weapons to see a SCAF officer, unarmed, who spoke as he raised his hands, "Don't waste your time. There's nothing in there any more. I have to admit, you were the last person I expected to see, Captain."
Owen placed his revolver back on his hip, "Wilcox."
"Maybe you can tell me what the fuck is going on around here?"
Wilcox walked past the three and sat in a chair, then swiveled to face the three, "Long version or short version?"
"We have time."
"Alright. So, we deshocked and went in orbit around the planet. Oceanus, by the way. Anyways, we found several interesting things about this planet."
"Such as?"
"The atmosphere. Roughly 70% nitrogen, 30% oxygen. Also, the gravity, around 1g. But the most surprising thing, according to our geologists, was the magnetic field around the planet, despite being solid. Needless to say, our experts were confused, until we sent the Valkyries down for a sweep."
"The Valkyries were part of the expedition?"
"Yes. As I was saying, the Valkyries landed, and we got some answers. Turns out Oceanus has a very interesting composition. We found the normal things, calcium, silicon, but what interested us the most was the high concentration of carbon and iron. So, we essentially have a planet that is 70% high-carbon steel. It was at this point we deduced that this planet was too valuable to blow up. So, we started mining as much as we could with the equipment we had. That's when we got our next surprise. Markers."
"Markers down there?"
"Yes. Markers. That's when they showed up."
"And who exactly are, 'they?'"
"Me, I'm not exactly sure, but they were very hostile. It seemed to scare our ground forces, but they were able to neutralize them. But after the first, they just kept coming every few days, then they stopped. We sent up a few specimens to Hatteras, and that's when things started getting bad."
"How bad?"
"Well, turned out the specimens weren't dead. Hatteras was a ghost ship in minutes. Any squad we sent to it went quiet shortly after boarding. I don't know how, but over the next few days the Capricorn and Salem also went quiet. After that, the attack on the outpost. Hundreds of them. We sent the Valkries down when we got an urgent request for backup, but everything went quiet. That's when Halford decided nobody could know what we found, he told me to send the order. Scenario 5. As far as I know, I'm the only one left."
"And how did that happen?"
"It came down to me and Halford. He didn't really know how to work the systems, and his last order to me before his took his own life was to scuttle the ship. I didn't."
"And that's it?"
"Well, haven't heard anything come over the coms for the past three months, until you hailed me."
"Why didn't you answer?"
"Outgoing coms were wrecked. Didn't have a way to answer. I was hoping you'd just leave, but you're Owen Parker. We always thought your morbid curiosity would kill you."
"Where is it?"
"Where's what?"
"You know exactly what I'm talking about. Where is it?"
Wilcox sighed, "It's in one of the mines. We were going to activate it, but the team went quiet before they had a chance to prep it."
Owen stood up, "Is there a shuttle on this ship?"
"Is there?"
There was silence in the bridge, broken by Wilcox after seconds that seemed like hours, "No, Owen. You can't. You just can't. I won't let you. Just leave, go back to the Sol system. Back to your home. Back to your family."
"I asked you a question. I want an answer."
"... Hangar bay three. But you don't want to go down there. It's suicide. Think about it, Owen. Think about your wife, think about your daughter. You don't want to leave them, do you?"
Owen was silent as he stared at Wilcox, then spoke, "If I die down there, I get to be with them again. Wilson, Holmes, take him back to the Asiimov. Wilson, give me your rifle."
Wilson reluctantly handed Owen his rifle, "What are you doing?"
"I'm going to see God."

Chapter 2: Valkyrie

Oceanus, Island A, August 13th, 2313.
Two worldshaking booms turned a pair of eyes to the sky to the shuttle screaming through the atmosphere. Then, the sound of running footsteps through the sand.
Owen slowly opened his eyes and picked himself off the floor. He turned to the front of the cockpit, which was now occupied by a steel boulder. Owen never was much of a pilot. He slowly made his way to the airlock of the shuttle, and to the outer door, which he forced open. He immediately shielded his eyes from the glittering sand, and stepped out into the heat of the alien sun. He activated his helmet then started the trek through the island to the direction which he hoped was in the way of the outpost.
His water supply had ran out several hours ago. He dragged his feet through the sand as he continued. He raised his head to the horizon, then zoomed in. It was far off, but there it was. The walls of the outpost, and what looked like a group of 5 or 6 SCAF soldiers milling about in their uniforms. He found a second wind, he began sprinting, and shouted, "Hey! Over here! Friendly!"
He slowed his pace as he saw the group turn and run towards him. He smiled as the group grew nearer, but as they grew close, his smile faded. They may have been soldiers, but now they were nightmares. Twisted and contorted into terrifying forms, their arms replaced with giant, boney blades. It immediately became clear to Owen that these creatures weren't his salvation, but instead could be his demise.
"Fucking idiot!"
The footprints in the sand got further apart as their owner quickened their pace, two lines appearing on either side of the footprints as the sound of gunshots filled the air. The gunshots ended, and was soon replaced with more gunshots, louder and deeper than the ones before.
Owen opened the cylinder of his revolver and tilted it backwards as he reached to his belt. The clip fell out of the cylinder, quickly replaced with another and the cylinder closed. Owen raised his weapon, but was thrown to the ground. He heard the growls and roars of the monsters, which quickly ended, as what Owen thought was them coming in for the kill. He quickly rolled onto his back and raised his revolver. The monsters were still there, although they layed motionless and silent on the ground, armless and headless. But there was someone standing. A dao in one hand, a katana in the other. A woman in a silver colored rig, similar to his own, except for the helmet, which had slits in the front instead of lenses, and on the side were attachments that resembled wings. The woman turned to him and shouted, "Are you fucking stupid?!"
Her eyes lifted to the horizon, "Oh fuck. Get the fuck up, we need to move right fucking now!"
Owen stood and looked behind him. More of them were coming. The woman began running toward the gate, Owen following behind her. The woman slid her blades into the sheathes on her back as she went through the narrow opening in the gate. She stood at the gate until Owen was threw, the slid the gate closed, and threw a switch to lock and electrify the gate and walls. Owen looked to the girl, "You're a Valkyrie."
She looked to him as her helmet collapsed. She was gorgeous, dirty blonde shoulder-length hair and deep blue eyes. She responed to him, "No fucking shit. Who the fuck are you?"
"Captain Owen Parker."
"CMS-X Asiimov."
"Well, that's fucking neat. You're a long way from home captain. So, why the fuck are you here?"
"Jesus fucking Christ, you're not one of those unitologist assholes, are you?"
"Maybe a bit."
"God dammit. Well, Captain Parker, your religion is so. Fucking. Wrong. You think these Markers are some kind of key to eternal life, one body, one soul type bullshit? Ha. No. You know what the marker really does? Those things out there. The Marker made them, and you don't know how fucking lucky you are that you didn't come across a big one. Now, I have one very important question for you."
"And I have one for you. Who are you?"
"Staff Sargeant Brooklyn Hartwell. My turn. Got a smoke?"
Brooklyn took a long drag of the cigarette, and slowly exhaled, the smoke being pulled into the vents of the lounge. Brooklyn ashed the cigarette on the floor and took a long drag, then looked to Owen, smoke floating out of her mouth as she spoke, "So, not many ships have X in their name. So this CMS-X Asiimov. What gives it the X?"
Owen took a drag of his own cigarette, "It was originally meant to be a testbed for advanaced shockspace technology, but we were transferred to active duty in early 2311."
"Is that so? Well, tell me Parker, how long did it take to get here?"
"Six days."
"Six days?"
"Six days."
"What. The. Fuck. I mean... Fuck. How... Are you fucking serious?"
"Do you have any fucking idea of where the fuck you are?"
"I'm assuming not in the Orion arm anymore?"
"Owen, you're not even in the fucking Milky Way."
"You're not in the Milky Way."
"Where am I?"
"Messier 31, also known as NGC-224, also known as Andromeda. And you got here in six fucking days?"
"Pretty much."
"It took us 11 fucking months to get here. And you got here in six fucking days? What the fuck did SCAF do to your fucking ship?"
"SCAF engineers found the holy grail."
"And what would that mean?"
"A way to harness and use dark energy."
"Fucking neat. So, you have a shuttle. I have a suggestion. Give up your little expedition your false prophet and get me the fuck off this rock."
"Are the coms destroyed here?"
"Alright. Bad news, good news and worse news. Bad news is that the shuttle I used to get here is from the Osiris, and the systems were destroyed when I hit a rock. Good news is there is another shuttle. Worse news is that it's on the Asiimov."
"You're just full of surprises, aren't you? Well, I have good news, bad news and worse news. Good news is that there are active coms on Island F. Bad news is that it's at a Marker site. Worse news is that those fucking things like to congregate around markers."
"And how do we get to this island?"
"A skip runs around all the islands. I'll make you a deal. I help you to Island F if you help me to Island G."
"Why Island G?"
"Because that's where Omega is."
"Step one, crawl inside. Step two, the screws go tight, all round. Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye."

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Re: Omega [FANFIC]

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