The Oblivion Codex

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The Oblivion Codex

Post by Reyn » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:22 pm

Diary Log 15-02-XX

I am not writing this for the enjoyment of whoever reads it, let me make that clear. The reason I am bothering to document this little excursion is a mixture of boredom and paranoia; boredom because I have been down here for days, and paranoia because... well, paranoia because it looks like I was right about this place.

Perhaps I should introduce myself, should anyone actually read these things when they find my corpse. I am Doctor Valerie Amelia Croix. I am a historian by profession, and an archaeologist by circumstance. My research team is somewhere on the surface, if you would care to find them. I'm sure that just searching up my name will take you to the university page... not that it's particularly interesting, of course. They're not the most... exciting of people. Still, I would hardly call myself quirky either. I don't go out, I don't drink, I don't even 'get with' people, so to speak. I find it all rather juvenile. There are finer pleasures to be sought, like that of music, reading, and the study of history. In fact, about the only thing that has kept me sane down here is my old violin that I had so cleverly strapped to the bag I brought with me. When I play it down here, I feel at peace, as if the quiet haven of this cave is paradise compared to the noise and social expectations of the outside world.

I... don't have many friends.

Now, as to what exactly I am doing in an (uninhabitable) cave in the middle of (arguably uninhabitable) France... I suppose it wouldn't really hurt to write this down, right? Like I said, I'll probably be dead by the time this is discovered. Dead and... forgotten. That's quite a hard topic to think about, actually. Being forgotten. The fear of such is one that pervades the human condition. The idea that all we have done, every drop of blood, sweat, and tears we have shed for this world, will be one day rendered so insignificant that nobody alive will even remember the legacy... that it will be completely erased...

I suppose that's why I'm down here. That fear. It's... surprisingly alluring; enough to drive me to seek out the Codex. My research team and I were on an expedition up in the woods above, looking at some recently-discovered ruins from... I think it was from the medieval era. It doesn't matter, though. In case it wasn't obvious by the fact that I'm in a cave, these ruins weren't of particular interest to me. I broke apart from the group about four days into the expedition to come down here, going only off my instinct about this place. Put simply, I believe this cave is home to an artefact known as the Oblivion Codex. I have evidence, of course, to back up my theory, but nobody on my team seemed to be convinced by it and they refused to come down here with me. I'm not too sure why I so adamantly decided to follow this instinct, actually... perhaps they were right to stay where they were.

Well, I just spotted a path downwards with my flashlight. If I am small enough to squeeze through the entrance, then you won't be hearing (or rather, reading) from me for quite some time. I have to focus on moving. I have to go down. I can't bear being up here anym


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Re: The Oblivion Codex

Post by Shinigami » Sun Mar 11, 2018 1:45 am

This is actually quite interesting. I do hope you continue it. If you do, I'll definitely be following it. ^_^
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Re: The Oblivion Codex

Post by quercus » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:16 am

Yes, please keep going! This is lovely work - your writing is engaging and I'm tracking with your character.

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