Archer Presents: The Titan Reign Universe

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Archer Presents: The Titan Reign Universe

Post by Archer_Algren » Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:32 pm

The story is set in the far future of the 41st millenium and mankind has completely occupied the stars, however, all is not well, two sides, the Strategically Integrated Coalation of Nations(SICON), and the Imperial Defense and Economic Alliance(IDEA), are in the middle of a cold war after IDEA forces tried to invade a SICON world and after the war, Mechs known as Mobile Suits Dominate the Battlefield, in the middle of them are The Mercenaries, who fight the Big Two’s proxy wars, and the Council of Nations, a coalation of neutral worlds who don't wanna see the universe go up in flames if the big two decided to duke it out.

In the year 41,201, a member state of IDEA attempted to Invade the SICON world of Cyrene, starting the One Year War and changed warfare forever with the advent of the Mobile Suit, a large Humanoid Weapons platform.

In the year 41,211, a mysterious group known as the Legion attacks the Inner Sphere of the Known Universe and sparks the First Legionary Conflict, with SICON and IDEA putting their differences aside to form a Coalation against the Legion. The Coalation didn’t last due to both Imperial and Republican forces differing views on how to deal with the Legion and the war ends in a ceasefire.

In the year 41,214, tensions between the Inner Sphere and the Legion are at an all time high, the tension gives way to war, Sparking the Second Legionary Conflict, to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, an Independent Resistance was formed to fight the Legion, taking in Volunteers from both IDEA and SICON, but without either side vying for control over the war. The Resistance discovers Interdimensional Travellers they dub Sliders and recruit them and their unique talents into winning the war with the Legion, the Legion dissolves peacefully and reforms into the Kingdom of Kerensky.

All seemed peaceful until the year 41,216, where the Mysterious Innovades, a Colony of clones who rebelled against their masters, proclaimed war on the entire Verse, using Legionary Remnants, salvaged and exotic technology, and their sheer numbers, they took hold of a number of worlds in a lightning strike attack from their Colony of Seibartron. Their goal was Universal Conquest, but it was cut short due to defections and infighting, causing the Innovades to retreat into their colony for some internal cleansing.

The war with the Innovades lasted 4 years, after then, Minor conflicts sprung up since but by the year 41,222, a mysterious enemy now lurks in the shadows, plotting its aspirations to control the Verse.

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