Gaia Forgotten (Prequel to Chronicles of the Shade Dreamers)

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Gaia Forgotten (Prequel to Chronicles of the Shade Dreamers)

Post by Stormblessed » Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:48 pm

(This is a prequel I am working on to a series I have started writing. I work a lot, but really need some push to keep writing. I chose to start with this and work from there. My story is that of fantasy/science fiction. There will be creatures that are simular to ones in fantasy such as vampires, dragons, and werewolves, but they will not be like those you're used to completely. This will not be your werewolf or vampire love story that has become so popular. There will be a struggle to survive on an unknown world against creatures we humans could only imagine in our stories. They exist, against all odds in this otherwise perfect world. Not all though is as perfect as ir seems.)
In the year 2033, the tensions between countries have risen to a point of unavoidable war.Things have gotten to the point where we would have to leave this Earth that our race had grown to love. For ggenerations. going over millennia we have thought that we were the only ones around in this part of the vast galaxy. We were wrong.
After World War II, the world powers started talking and gathering the most brilliant minds of their separate countries trying to find a way to prevent any more wars and build a hope for world peace. As time went by these great men and women began to lose hope in ever finding a way to keep the countries from warring one against another. There were many truce talks, but in the end pride always got in the way.
A man named, Dr. Xandreas, came up with a plan where they would create a new home in a place where those who do not wish to be part of the war would be able to remain neutral. He spoke of going on an expedition to look for an island somewhere in the ocean where they could be able to have all that they needed to start this new country. Due to political issues arising, the government never felt it was worth their money to have him setting off on this expedition and Dr. Xandreas died long before he could ever see his dream recognized.
Behind all the shadows and in secret meetings through the years the great minds still met as did their children and their children’s children. The dream of a place to live where there can be peace was a dream to feed the hopes of any person, but they wanted to make it come true. Many expeditions were executed looking for an island in the many oceans to call home for all those willing to forget their hatred for others, but the search did not end there. Many drones were sent out into space searching for a planet that could be a match for our own, one that we could inhabit if things go bad.
* * * * *
A man and woman both wrapped heavily in heavy white coats fighting against the snow and wind walk up a darkening road as they glance behind themselves now and then making sure they are not being followed. The woman slipped on some ice and fell against the brick wall of a building catching her-self. The man stopped and walked back helping his companion up and holding her to help her walk. “Dr. Nielson, you need to be more careful,” he said gruffly knowing that if the situation was different he would have laughed and teased her, “We are almost there but we do not want to draw attention to ourselves. Many people amongst us may be seen as committing treason by trying to escape from our respective countries.”
Dr. Nielson looked back at him with a fear showing in her eyes and whispered softly with that same fear showing in her voice, “I know, most of us are refuges right now. It is only thanks to our American friends who are connected to NASA that we are able to have a chance to even dream of leaving for this new world.” She leaned against him thankful for the help, not being use to the ice and snow being from the warm climate of Argentina after her parents had been sent there to take care of the people of a small city who were fighting the breakout of a deadly disease.
They walked down the road and turned right into a smaller less busy road and then looked around and behind them watching out for any onlookers and slipped into a small alley behind a store where there was an old red wooden door which Mr. McConnel knocked on it two times then stopped for a second then knocked again.
The door opened slowly. “Password,” came a quiet voice. Mr. McConnel whispered “What hope is lost is now found.”
McConnel smiled over at Dr. Nielson as he gently squeezed her hand in his. “This meeting may change our lives forever,” he said to her. The door opened more to a dark room lit by candles, a young African man standing there. They walked in together and the door was closed behind them.
The young African bowed his head welcoming them, “I am Kamiso, and it is a pleasure to meet you finally.”
Mr. McConnel stuck out his free hand to shake Kamiso’s hand, “My name is Shawn and this is Meredith, is everyone almost here?”
“Yes, the meeting is about to start. You two are the last of our group.” He put out his hand pointing down the hall to a door where they walked together and opened the door to a room with a round table with a group of twenty people men and women sitting around it with three empty seats open waiting for them. Most of the people around the table were young in their early thirties to late forties. The room was lit with soft lights on cords nailed to the walls. A device sat at the middle of the table that Shawn recognized right away as a global translator. Too fitting to have one of those in a room where half the people in the room probably could not speak the same language.
The oldest man at the table sitting at the head stands up with a grave look on his face. “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our gravest hour. We are going through hard times all over and we may have to push our plans up. I give the floor over to Kamiso.” He sat looking over at Kamiso.
Kamiso slowly stood up and looked around at everyone. “Everyone, we have seen this situation through all time. Sometimes war has been due to one people wanting to force other people to believe what they believe, some wars have been to bring people into slavery, some have been to drive others out of a land of importance, but all were for one reason power.“ He looked down and then frowned with a stern look on his face.
“Africa is getting ready for war, the leaders are tired of being seen as a lesser power in the world and have been building weapons of mass destruction. China and Japan have both been fighting small wars again over their land and who should rule over whom. Russia and Germany would be willing to start a nuclear holocaust if anyone were to fire one shot. The time has come that this world will go up in flames and it will only take a single press of a button and this world will be seeing the end of humanity.” He sat down and the room burst out in whispers.
The old man stood again and raised his hands and everyone became quiet again, “Many of you we know have nowhere left to go. You have given up much for the cause, a dream that your ancestors had put together just after the second world war. I myself have gone through much to reach the goal of fulfilling my great-great grandfather’s dream.” He pulled his coat tightly around him. “But his dream is not ours. We now have a new dream, a dream of a new world, a world where we can start a new civilization. I am proud to announce that we have found a world with a suitable atmosphere and vegetation for us to be able to inhabit it. We have at most 6 months that we will have to take to prepare. We can only hope that we will be able to leave this planet with as many people as we can to start our new world, before ours gets much worse.” He sat down as his words welcomed much excited chatter amongst all those who had gathered in the small home.
Shawn took Meredith by the hand and led her away from the group. “Meredith, it’s real. I couldn’t tell you before because the leaders of our group were so unsure if there was hope, but now it’s out. I created the probe that found the planet. It is everything we could hope for. I want nothing more than to be able to share this new world with you.” He was grinning so wide finally able to let her in on everything.
Meredith stood there stunned, her dark brown hair falling into her face still windswept and wet from the elements. She finally looked up at the tall man before her, his square jaw so firm and his gentle smile giving her hope. She had never seen him so happy. She started to open her mouth to say something but stopped. In her mind she was trying to go over all that she had just been told. A new world for them to inhabit, possibly the final war about to start in a matter of years? It was all so hard to swallow. She knew there was a lot going on she did not know about, but she did not know the secret was this huge.
Shawn walked her over to a simple bed in the bedroom just down the hall and let her sit down as he sat next to her. “Meredith, this means we can finally start thinking about a future,” his hand ran along hers gently as he looked into her eyes, “We both have a chance to go somewhere together, to explore a whole new world and see beautiful sights never seen before by man. I want to share it with you side by side.” He pulled out a small black box out of his pocket. “I know this is a lot to take in, but I can promise you that I will love you forever and I will treasure you more than anything in any universe we may be in.”
She leaned forward and kissed him gently placing her hand over his. “Of course I will. I love you.” They held each other tight and knew that despite the problems that may come, they would be able to face them together.

Chapter 1
A loud beeping broke the silence of the seemingly endless sleep of the crew of the JerichoXLZ. Shawn woke feeling a cold chill run through his body as it started getting warmer. He started moving his fingers as he looked down at them. Looks like I have some movement coming back. His body was slowly coming out of the frozen state of cryosleep. He looked up at a monitor just outside his case and read on it, 720:12:32:55.
He turned his head some feeling the use of his muscles come back. Have I really been asleep for almost two years? We must almost be there. He reached up and pulled the latch causing the capsule to pop the hatch open releasing the compressed air with a hiss. He reached up to the bar outside his capsule and pulled feeling the low gravity help him easily slide out. The ship was installed with a gravity generator but they never used it to give them full weight but instead to just help them to not have to get use to complete weightlessness on the trip. Shawn pushed his way out completely and took a few shaky steps as his legs got use to handling the fraction of his weight again. He pulled himself forward as he walked and looked around. Many people were still asleep in their capsules, why was he woken up? He looked at a monitor and could see some flashing letters across it in many different languages, he was being called by the ship’s computer to help the ship land. They had made it to the planet designated Nuva Orbis. A sigh of relief escape his lips as he looked towards the front of the ship and followed the flashing lights that led him towards the cockpit.
Getting closer to the cockpit Shawn saw a familiar face of his friend Gregory Johnson. The tall solidly built man smiled at Shawn and gave him a slap on the back, “Long time to see my friend,” he chuckled at his own little joke. As far as either of them could have told they had only seen each other a few days ago. Every now and then one of the crew would be woken up in shifts to check out the ship and make sure everything was running smoothly, last time they had seen each other was almost two years ago, but as far as they could really tell it was only days due to the cryo-chambers that kept them in suspended animation, slowing their aging and metabolism so they could make it safely to the new home without running out of materials to feed a whole civilization that had come on this mission to a new world.
The two friends sat down in their seats and strapped up. Shawn flipped the switch for ignition and the roaring they could hear told them that the main engines were firing at full power helping them gain speed to break through the atmosphere. George watched the gauges making sure that they were not having any issues as the friction of the ship against the atmosphere caused a large buildup of heat around their ship. They both smiled at each other giving a non verbal agreement that all will be fine.
As they broke through the clouds, firing reverse thrusters to slow down their descent they could see trees off the port side, and a mountain range off their starboard. Shawn pulled up, straining to avoid plowing down into the forest below. He would prefer to land the ship rather than travel all this way to crash into the planet at terminal velocity. Winged beasts flew from the trees as they passed, some looking like those from Terra (as they were now referring to Earth), but some looking odd. He only caught a glimpse, but something just felt off about the creature that had come closest to them. Something pulled at him, a sound as if it was coming through tar. He snapped out of his thoughts and noticed that Gregory was calling to him. What was that he was saying?”
“...Pull out!! You'll hit the peaks!”
He looked at the viewscreen and saw that he had drifted off course towards the mountains. He pulled up, but it was too late. An ear-wrenching screech of metal on stone filled the bridge as they scraped the ship's side against the mountain. Alarms started blaring from all around as a message flashed, it warned them that there was a hull breach and that they had lost thrusters. The ship plummeted into a free fall towards the valley below. The ground flew up at them, faster and faster, and then nothing

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Re: Gaia Forgotten (Prequel to Chronicles of the Shade Dreamers)

Post by Stormblessed » Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:51 pm

(Any questions, concerns, comments are fully welcome. This here is only the preface to the book. I have started the first chapter and have plans for what will happen during it. I'm excited to continue writing this as it will help me build this world before introducing the main characters of the actual series.)

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