Titan Reign-Shattered Glass: Thus the Dominion fought here

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Titan Reign-Shattered Glass: Thus the Dominion fought here

Post by Archer_Algren » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:15 pm

Two years . . . .

It had been two years since their fateful battle against Hanabusa Dresari. With the entire universe as the stakes, this was a war they couldn't afford to lose.

To prepare them many gears were set into motion to ensure they were ready for this war.

On the eve of the final battle, the combined power of the Innovades, remnants of Archer’s Avengers, and Free worlds League claimed Victory over the Dresarian Dominion led by hana

With Hana and her legions defeated, it was time to rebuild.

The League, under it's new leadership of Sergei Smirnov had returned to Chaar. Of the guidance of their new leader, they had laid claim to all surrounding systems to them. But for the most part they stayed within their territory. So long as that was the case, it was fine.

Tabitha had her work cut out for her as she helped rebuild her home colony. Slowly day by day, Seibertron was returning back to it's once former glory as it's cities stood out as a beacon of hope and renewal for it's people.

With Katsuragi leading the Dominion, she ushered in a golden age of peace and prosperity throughout Imperial controlled space. Unlike her father she was going to be a better person, although he is now redeemed. A benevolent ruler who truly had the best interest of her people as her highest priority. Since taking the reigns of the vast Dresarian Dominion, she had made many changes to ensure fair and equal treatment regardless of status or station.

Overlooking Dresarigrad from her office/throne, Katsuragi was proud of how much she was able to achieve in her short time as ruler. However she did have her critics with various civilians and news reporters judging her every move and decision. It was these kinds of folks which made her regret enabling the right of free speech without reprisal. However she did have to be understanding of them. After all the corruption and evil her father had committed, it would take a lot of time to wash the stain off the Dresari name and restore it back to an honorable title. Though certain groups were certainly proving to be a thorn in her side.

But what eased her transition into empress were influential figures such as Her own father who backed her claim to power ironically enough and Tabitha. With their support, the leader of the Innovades was now an honorary Admiral who was put in charge of most their military activities, but in her absence to rebuild Seibertron, her second-in-command Slipstream took charge. Though it would have greatly helped if Ian was still around as he was the man who led the charge. However he had declined not wanting to be part of this new age preferring his isolation and position as a simple wanderer. But mysteriously he disappeared. Around that time, once broken and barren planets had started to become lush with life. She wondered if they were somehow connected which made her muse that her father is still out there atoning.

After musing for sometime Kat sighed as she took a seat back at her desk as their was plenty of work she needed to get back too. However something more pressing had then caught her attention as all her monitoring systems were alerted to it.

Viewing the screen,
"what in the world is that?"
as a stone gate had suddenly emerged on the city streets.

At a crowded area within the business district of Dresarigrad many passerby couldn't help but stop and look at the mysterious item that had appeared. However it didn't seem to be dangerous, so steadily people started to approach it curious to what a stone gate was doing in the middle of the street.

But soon enough the question was answered as from the void humans in an orderly fashion started to march out of the gate.

To say the least, the citizens of Dresarigrad were confused at this spectacle.

"Is this some sort of show?"

"Where in the world did these people come from?"

"What the hell?"

"Dude! Take a picture!"

Those who walked out the gate were clearly human. But there were also some very non-humans with them who were beastly in appearance. This unknown party seemed like something out of the medieval era carrying things like simplistic swords and spears which was an odd sight for anyone in the forty-first millenium. As more of them started to filter out they then made their intentions quite apparent. Drawing their weapons, that's when the attack was under way.

Panicked, civilians tried to run only to be killed. Those who ran were either slain by arrows or spears. Some were even chased down by cavalrymen to be cut down from behind. The more monstrous of these humanoids were brutal in their slaughter with their clubs, axes, claws, or fangs.

Steadily the invading force started to spread out causing all kinds of damage as the city was being ravaged. Civilians who were on the streets were either killed on sight or captured to be used as slaves. Buildings and property were being destroyed and set ablaze to intimidate. For what wasn't bolted down was pillaged by the invading army as they saw fit to claim it as if it were their right.

Watching this all happen from her monitors, Kat was both shocked and appalled as this enemy was far too arrogant to be attacking the capital of the Dresarian Dominion. But first thing was first as her people were her top priority. So going over to her broadcast system,
"attention! This is a red alert! All civilians quickly evacuate to a safety shelter! This is not a drill! Please get to one as quickly as possible!"
Then going to communications,
"Slipstream, are you seeing this?"

"Seeing it now"
said Slipstream, also an admiral of the Dresarian Dominion. "Don't know who they are as they just suddenly appeared in the middle of the city. However we can leave speculations for later as we need to get control of the situation".
Then bringing up a holographic projection, they monitored the activities of the enemies movements as they started to spread. Quickly coming up with a strategy, she put it to play.
"I'll take care of things from here. Put the palace on lock down until further notice. I'll update you as the situation changes".

"Then I leave things in your care admiral".

With that, Slipstream mobilized the Dominion forces...

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