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Post by Miro-chan » Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:24 am

She was falling.

Her arms were wrapped around something.

No, someone.

Her hands were holding onto one another, making sure the person she held onto couldn’t escape. She kept her tight hold on them as they struggled in their free falling. Her eyes were shut tightly and her face was buried into the space between their shoulder blades. The air was harshly brushing against her sides, somewhat blocked by the other person she held so desperately onto. She could not let them go no matter what. Feeling the butterflies rise within her stomach, she forced her face to turn a bit to the side, forced one of her eyes to open to a squint. Tears dripped from the open eye at the feeling of the wind hitting against it. She could make out the black blur that was the person she was holding onto and then she could make out hints of white and different shades of blue from the large body of water below them.

A sudden rush of water took over the two figures’ bodies and she let out a gurgled cry as her head hit against one of the many jagged rocks near the bottom. Her grip slowly released the person she had been holding onto. Bubbles of different sizes floated from her mouth and her body slowly turned upright, causing her to face towards the surface of what would be her grave. Her blue orbs were barely open and she could barely make out the moon’s light hitting the waves on the surface and as her body began to drift down towards the sandy ocean bottom, she made out a black blur making its way towards her as her world turned into complete nothingness.

Jill awoke in a tube. Her blue eyes snapped open and she blinked, feeling the stinging water against her eyes. Shutting them, she moved her hands up to touch the glass surface.

She couldn’t breathe.

She reopened her eyes and she tried to inhale, but she had a tube down her throat.

She could not breathe.

She tried to ignore her eyes’ irritation from the stinging, clear water and she tried to scream, began hitting her fists against the glass that would not break. She could make out a few figures of people and she tried to yell, but the tube was in the way. She tried to scream, to tell them that she could not breathe because of the tube that was blocking her air way. Bubbles filled her glass prison and she saw a few strands of platinum blonde float in front of her face. The blurred figures seemed to finally take notice of her, faced in her direction, but they didn’t move. Her vision blurred even more and the tightness in her chest increased until she finally couldn’t keep her eyes open any more. Her world returned to the sea of darkness.

The next time she awoke, she found herself lay on a table. Her head was thumping wildly with an ache of pain and her throat was sore. The table was metallic and caused goosebumps to appear all over her skin due to its coldness. A cold chill caused her to shiver and she tried to move her hands upwards to rub her upper arms. To create some sort of warmth in the cold, white room. However, she found she couldn’t move. Not only because her body was exhausted, but because her wrists, ankles, and midsection were strapped down by metal cuffs, which were attached to the had various utensils lay on it. Her eyes moved to look around the room she was in.

Everywhere was white. The walls, the door, the floor, everything was white besides the table she lay on and the little table with wheels, which was the table she lay on. Beside and behind her head was a large monitor, which was causing a quickened beeping noise to come from it. Jill guessed it was a heart monitor. She looked down to see an IV was taped into her left wrist. A clear liquid was flowing into her, causing her smell and taste a strange aroma. She wasn’t in the attire she had worn back at the Spencer Estate. She had been changed into a light sea green hospital gown. Sighing, the woman lay her head back down onto the white pillow and closed her eyes. However, a split second later, he eyes snapped back open as a sudden panic arose.

Where was she?

In a hospital?

Had Chris found her after she had jumped out of the window with Wesker?


Had Wesker taken her to some facility?

The heart monitor’s beeping began to pick up pace as her heart did. The sudden panic at the thought of her being turned into one of Umbrella’s experiments began to rise within her and she began to try to move. She stopped, becoming still a moment. Her crystal blue orbs gazed down at her legs, then her ankles, and finally her feet.

There weren’t any cuffs around her ankles.

Jill’s eyes widened and tears began to prick at the sides of them as she tried to move her lower body.

She couldn’t feel anything from her hips down.

Was she paralyzed after her fall with Wesker? The hope of ever escaping soon left her as she tried to sit up and her hands strained within their metallic restraints to attempt to brush her fingers against her thigh. As the first tear slipped down the side of her face and her brows rose in a saddened desperation, a pair of foot steps echoed in the white room. Jill sucked in a breath as she slowly turned her attention to the person who had entered the room, desperately hoping it would be Chris, or a doctor, or nurse, who worked at a hospital. However, the man standing beside her bed simply looked at her, his face emotionless.

“I am pleased to see that you are awake, Miss Valentine,” came his cool greeting.

His eyes were hidden behind his damned sunglasses, but she could feel his gaze shift from her face down to her toes and back up to her face. After a few moments, Wesker turned to the monitor to check her vitals.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, his eyes still overlooking the monitor.

Jill tried to say something, wanting to insult him, but all that came out of her were hoarse noises and eventually trying caused her to cough. He returned his attention to her before he left the room and came back with a small, white, paper cup filled with water. Seeing the water made Jill realize just how dry her throat was, but she glared daggers at the man who stood beside her iron prison. His face was still blank as he brought the cup up to her lips with a surprising gentleness she never knew he even had.

“Drink this. It will help with the soreness of your throat,” Wesker commanded and he frowned slightly when she kept her mouth shut.

He lifted his other hand, gripped each sides of her jaw, and squeezed. It took her a few moments before her resistance was soon stopped as he increased the pressure. Her mouth was barely open and she felt the liquid pour the inside. The coolness felt wonderful against the dried skin and she only swallowed a little, relishing the feeling.

“Better?” Wesker asked with a slight tilt of his head as he finally released her jaw.

His frown deepened when a spurt of water suddenly hit against his face and sunglasses. Water dripped from the ends of his chin and fell to the tiled floor. His teeth clenched together as he removed his glasses to clean them. He didn’t so much as offer her a glanced before he had the liquid wiped from them and they were carefully placed back onto the bridge of his nose. Tucking the white cloth back into the pocket within his coat, he returned his attention to her.

“Suit yourself, Miss Valentine. You are only going to make things much more difficult for yourself the more you attempt to deny my help,” he stated before he left the room, the door slid shut behind him.

Afterwards, her eyes closed and she was soon greeted by the icy, cold fingers of darkness for the third time.
"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things." -Leonardo Da Vinci

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Re: Broken

Post by Miro-chan » Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:09 am

The next time Jill awoke, she wasn’t on the table. Instead, she lay in a twin sized bed, which had white sheets, two white pillows, and another, thicker blanket was draped over the end of the bed. Her head still pounding, Jill lifted one of her hands up to touch the place that hurt. Underneath her hair was a soft, yet scratchy type of material. Jill presumed it was gauze and she lowered her hand down to lift her head from the pillows. Her body still ached and it was difficult for her to move. It was then she decided to gaze about the room. Right beside her bed was the white wall, where a rather large window was. Its position was close to where her knees and the blinds were blocking her view from the outside world. If she wasn’t in a facility, anyway.

Turning her towards her right, she could see the rest of the room. There was a white dresser beside the bed and beside the dresser was a large, brown bookshelf with many books placed on its shelves. On the wall straight to her right was a door, which had a silver door handle, and beside it was a smaller desk. On the desk was a lamp, three notebooks and folders, which were stacked on top of one another, and what looked to be a large, black cup, which had a few black and red pens, as well as a pencil, within it The desk had four drawers on each side of its legs and pushed underneath the desk was a black leather chair with small wheels on the bottom. She turned her head back to look in front of her and there appeared to be a very narrow, short hallway, which had a door further within. Right outside the door was a white counter, which had a large sink. Above the sink was a tall and wide mirror and Jill could just make out her reflection from her spot on the bed. On the ceiling was the single lamp, which was shining its light brightly down on her. Blinking a few times, she removed her gaze from the blinding light and looked around for the light switch. Shockingly, it was right beside the dresser, near the back of the bed.

She slowly reached over her opposite shoulder and it took nearly all the energy she had to flip the switch down. Still struggling, Jill didn’t notice the sound of the door opening, or the clicking of heeled shoes hitting against the tiled flooring. The woman jumped a bit when he saw a hand had reached towards her own. Jill quickly turned to her head to see who had entered and was a little baffled at seeing a woman younger than herself, had removed her hand away from the light switch. The woman had short brown hair, fashioned much like Jill’s had been when she had been in S.T.A.R.S. and green eyes. Her skin tone was a bit darker than the other woman’s and her outfit consisted of a simple black dress, black heeled shoes, a white lab coat, and a pair of silver earrings on either ear. Jill also took noticed of the bit of makeup on her face, including the light pink gloss on her plump lips, as well as the hint of silver or light grey eyeshadow on her eyelids. On the left side of her small chest was a red and white badge, which had both the Umbrella logo and her first name. Upon seeing Jill looking back up at her face, the young woman offered her a warm smile.
“Hi. I’m glad that you’re awake now. I was pretty worried when you first arrived…” She stated as she gestured towards the light switch. “Do you want the lights turned off? I can turn them off for you, but I’m afraid I’ve got to check your vitals before you go back to sleep.”

Jill gave her a tired, yet irritated look without really meaning to and the woman gave her an apologetic smile.

“Sorry. It’s just part of work. I’m Melanie, by the way. I’ll be looking after you while you’re recovering.”

Jill eyed her as she checked her pulse, blood pressure, and her body tensed up when she could see some sort of needle in the small container she had placed when she first walked in. Melanie noticed where her gaze was and she assured her, “Don’t worry. I don’t have to do any blood work on you until you have some strength back.”

Jill let out a silent sigh of relief and relaxed a little. Melanie brought a small flashlight from her pocket and shined it’s bright light into both Jill’s eyes. After writing something down on her clipboard, she snapped her fingers beside both of Jill’s ears and wrote down something else down. She hesitated a moment before looking at her patient, “It’s probably going be a little chilly, but I’m going to lift the blankets off of you so I can see if your other bandages need to be changed.”

Jill stared back at her a few moments and finally nodded, allowing her new nanny to do as she told her. It wasn’t like she could say no, or do anything to defend herself in her current state, anyway. Once the covers left her body, her skin instantly got covered with goosebumps. Jill began searching for the other bandages that Melanie spoke of and went even more pale when she saw both of her legs were entirely covered in white material. She also finally noticed that her arms had various gauze wrappings around them. Melanie changed all of them, just to be safe, and Jill had been horrified at the sight of her legs. They appeared to be disfigured, mostly held by various sized stiches and she knew she would have scarring after they healed.

“Miss Valentine, are you alright? Are you in pain?” The younger woman asked, her voice full of worried urgency.

Jill looked over at her and felt the tears that fell down her cheeks. She wouldn’t be able to escape if she couldn’t walk. She wouldn’t be able to contact Chris and let him know that she was okay. The hope that he would come take her from wherever she was was still in the back of her mind. She finally shook her head and opened her mouth to speak, but her both her mouth and throat were dry and it caused her to cough a bit. Melanie quickly walked over to the sink, having grabbed a small cup from somewhere, and brought it back, full of water. Unlike her reaction with Wesker, Jill gladly drank as much as she could. The cool liquid felt amazing.
She cleared her throat a bit and struggled a few moments before she spoke, “I… I can’t…feel…them…”

Melanie was a bit confused and asked, “What? Can’t feel what?”

When Jill gazed down at her legs, the care giver’s eyes followed and she immediately asked, “Your legs? You can’t feel your legs?”

Jill closed her eyes, which caused more tears to fall down her face, and shook her head. Melanie began poking and lightly hitting her legs and the only time Jill made a movement of having felt a pinch was when she had pinched a bit above her hips. Melanie quickly replaced her expression of shock with a calm demeanor. Writing something else down on her clipboard, she stated, “I’m done for now. Next time I see you, I’ll bring you something to eat. Let me turn off the lights for you…”

She reached beside her and flicked the light switch down, turning off the bright light of the room. She picked up her things and added before she left the room, “Get some rest, okay? I’ll see you later, Miss Valentine.”

Jill gazed up at the ceiling and didn't bother to wipe her eyes as she closed them, allowing herself to fall asleep.
"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things." -Leonardo Da Vinci

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Re: Broken

Post by Miro-chan » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:54 pm

The next two weeks consisted of Jill sleeping and getting daily visits by her caregiver. The first few days, she couldn’t even lift the spoon, or hold the stray, and Melanie had to feed her by hand. By the second week, she was able to talk regularly, finding it not to be difficult at all. The younger woman knocked at the door, causing Jill to turn her in that direction. She forced a small smile on her as Melanie walked inside the room and Jill noticed she had a wheelchair being pushed towards the bed. Jill blinked down at the white and grey chair once it was placed right beside where she sat on the bed.

“Good afternoon, Miss Valentine,” the other woman greeted as she stepped beside the wheelchair to place a hand on Jill’s shoulder.

“Good afternoon,” she replied, not tensing up as much as she had in the past.

“Can you guess what we’re going to do today?”

Jill smirked up at her, a brow rose, “I’m gonna be put in the wheelchair, aren’t I?”

Melanie nodded, “Yup!”

“Good. I’m tired of sitting in this bed all day. I can’t wait to move around,” she stated as she began to take the covers off from where she was.

Melanie got a good grip of her before she lifted Jill from the bed and put her into the chair. Both women nodded once the task was over and Melanie instructed Jill on how to use it. Soon after, Jill was moving about the room with ease, grinning a bit at being off and away from the bed. After a few moments, she turned to the other woman, feeling the wonderful, yet painful burn in her arms. She was breathing pretty hard and was frustrated and ashamed at how exhausted she was after a few minutes. Then again, she was still recovering from her fall and she hadn’t moved much, besides turning her upper body and head, before she received the wheelchair. Melanie immediately walked over to her, asking, “Are you alright?”

Jill nodded as she responded, a bit breathless, “Yeah… It’ll just take time for me to get used to moving around again.”

Melanie was already in the process of pushing her back to the bed. Jill frowned a bit as she knew her nurse was going to make her get back into the bed. However against it Jill was, her body was all for laying down and sleeping some more after it’s workout. Grunting a bit as she lifted herself out of the wheelchair, Jill lifted her legs up onto the mattress and with Melanie’s help, she lay back down into a comfortable position. Jill wasn’t able to hear what the young woman had told her due to already feeling herself fall into a deep sleep.

She and the rest of the S.T.A.R.S. team had landed a bit away from the Arklay Mountains. Captain Wesker had briefed the group about there being strange sightings of cannibalism having happened around the area and they were sent to investigate. The group had slowly walked towards a small clearing and Jill had glanced around. The night was still young, the full moon was high in the sky, and as the dark grey clouds had drifted in front of it, it caused the scenery around her to look rather frightening. Hearing the command to look around from their captain, the twenty year began to cautiously look around. It didn’t take her long when she found a horrifying sight in front her. A group of dogs had surrounded a body and they were eating it. That wasn’t what shocked her the most. When the moonlight poured down over them, she could see that the rottweilers had chunks of flesh missing. One of them caught her scent and it turned to her, causing her to freeze in place. Its eyes were completely white and the flesh around its mouth was completely gone. It growled at her, catching the other four dogs’ attention. They all slowly padded toward her, each growling with their heads down. When the first finally began running toward her, it leapt up in the air and Jill had lifted her gun too late. Thinking quickly, she covered her face with her arms and tripped over her feet in an attempt to back away. A gun shot ran in the small clearing and Jill looked up, seeing the dog had been shot and had landed a few feet away from her. Her mouth was open with shock and she turned her head when someone called to her.

It was Chris.

He had already reached her by the time her brain had registered the attack and he pulled her to her feet. Jill had opened her mouth to thank him, but was cut off when another one of the dogs had jumped towards the two comrades. Jill shoved Chris out of the way and managed to side step the undead canine’s attack. Jill had only been able to get a glance of its appearance, it having a missing eye as well as its right ear, and a ray of bullets was shot towards the two. Two of the dogs went down quickly and Jill heard Wesker’s voce yell at them, “Come on! This way!”

Chris and Jill didn’t think twice before they began to run towards their savior. Even after she ran past him, Chris a bit in front of her, she could still hear a few more gunshots behind her. Once the gunshots went quiet, she could hear the blonde catching up with them. Jill had glanced backwards, seeing that the pack of dogs had tripled as they ran towards the group of three. The woman briefly wondered if the others had made it and as she looked forward, seeing the outline of a large mansion, and let out a loud yelp as her foot got caught on a large rock. She fell to the ground with a grunt and quickly pushed herself up onto her elbows. It hadn’t been too much longer before she felt a large hand grip her upper arm and roughly yanked her up to her feet.

“Get up, Jill, and keep running!” Wesker commanded, a bit breathless, and she did as he told without really thinking.

Chris shouted back over his shoulder, “I see a mansion! We’re almost there!”

The three had made it to the porch and Berry had soon joined them, having opened the door for the small group. They were able to make it into the building, Wesker having slammed the door shut moments after. Jill doubled over, placing her hands on her knees, and it took her a few moments to catch her breath. From behind her, she heard Barry ask, “What is this place..?”

Wesker had replied to him, glancing around, “Not quite your ordinary house, that’s for sure.”

Jill straightened up and turned to her captain, her brown brows furrowed in confusion, “Hey, Wesker, where’s Chris?”

She had darted past the tall male, her hand already on the door handle, but his quick, harsh command stopped her from opening the door, “Jill, no!”

The young S.T.A.R.S. member had spun around to face him, seeing that he had turned a bit to face her.

“You don’t want to go back out there,” he continued.

A worried frown formed on her lips she took a few steps toward him and she started to argue, “But we’ve got to find—”

Her argument was cut short when the sound of gunshots came from the room to their left. The group turned their attention to the wooden beside the large staircase.

Barry spoke up first immediately afterwards, “What was that?”

“Chris..?” Wesker wondered aloud.

Jill had taken a step towards the door, muttered a low, “No…” to herself.

With his normal, calm tone, their captain spoke up after a few moments, “Jill, go and investigate.”

Berry had turned to the two other people, “I’m going with her.” He took a few steps towards them and continued, as if he needed to explain his reasoning for going with her, “Chris and I go back a long way.”

“Alright. You two go. I’ll secure this area,” the blonde stated and as the duo walked towards the door, he added, “Stay sharp!”

Berry shoved the door open and Jill followed him inside, both aiming their guns in different directions. It was a large dining room. The tiled floor below them was white and at the other side of the room was a large fireplace. In front of the two was a long, wooden dining table, and Berry slowly moved forward, going to one side of the table, while Jill moved to the opposite side of him. At the other end of the table, right in front of the fireplace, was a puddle of dark red liquid. The older male had knelt down by it, his eyes narrowed as he inspected it. His eyes widened a bit just as Jill had walked to stand by him.

“It’s blood,” he answered the question she was going to ask. “Let’s just hope it isn’t one of our comrades’…”

“Or Chris’s,” she added and the two looked at one another.

Their attention was soon removed from the puddle on the floor and focused onto the wooden door to the right of the fireplace. Jill had started to walk towards it, Berry had pulled his gun out and aimed towards the door, and it was slammed open. A bald man stumbled inside, making incoherent sounds, and he turned to face Jill. Her breath caught in her throat at his appearance within the well lit room. His skin was pale in color, almost grey, his lips were missing, and his eyes were completely white.

Just like the dogs.
The man had made it to Jill and gripped her arm and shoulder. In reflex, she immediately began trying to push him off and when he began to try to bite at her neck and face, she leaned away from him. In a panic, she yelled for Berry’s help, which came no sooner than he had started to bite at her again. Two shots came from his gun and the strange man was shoved onto the floor. Jill huffed as she quickly walked to stand beside her friend, keeping her eyes on the twitching body.

The two shared a glance and Jill thanked him.

“What the hell is wrong with this guy…?” The older man muttered to himself, looking as frightened as his young companion did. He took a few steps closer to the downed man and the corpse finally stopped twitching.

Jill awoke with a start, beads of sweat covered her body. Her heart was racing and her breath came in hitched gasps at the memory of her first mission as a S.T.A.R.S. member. She ran a hand down her face and looked around her room. It was dark and she couldn’t see much of anything. When she was sure no zombie was going to jump at her from the darkness and eat her, she finally rested her head back against the pillow. It had been years since Jill had a nightmare about the Arklay Mountains mission…
Taking deep breaths, the woman closed her eyes.

It took her nearly two hours to fall back asleep.
"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things." -Leonardo Da Vinci

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Re: Broken

Post by Miro-chan » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:28 am

The days move by very slowly and were very repetitive for Jill. She had been stuck in her room for nearly two months, getting regular check ups by Melanie, or napping when she had nothing else to do. She actually looked forward to her nanny’s visits. She would have someone to talk to and Melanie had inform her on many occasions that she would bring Jill anything she needed. Jill had told her she wanted a few more pens or markers so she could attempt drawing. She had never really been the artistic type. She’d always enjoyed reading, writing, and working out at the gym. Though, she could never understand why Chris had always turned out much buffer than she was. She often teased him when they would go to the gym, playfully accusing him of using steroids as a cheat. In response, he would give her a look, failed at forcing his grin away. Then they would laugh a bit and start their routine workout. The woman sighed and stared down at her petty drawing of him. Melanie had given her two sketchpads just in case she ever got bored and Jill chuckled faintly at her sorry attempt of a drawing. His eyes were too far apart and she had made his nose too big… The hair looked just like his, though. Blinking away the tears that threatened to fall, she turned the page and held her breath a few moments.

Chris would find her.

She knew it.

He had to.

If not, then… Who knew what would happen to her? Was she going to be stuck in the wheelchair for the rest of her life? Was she going to be turned into some sort of freakish, hideous monster by the hands of Wesker, or Umbrella?

Jill looked back down at the blank page before she slammed the book shut and turned her wheelchair away from the desk. Pushing the wheelchair across the room, she came to a stop by the sink. The woman hadn’t been able to see her reflection ever since she woke up. Whenever she was on the bad, she had only been able to see her lower body in the mirror. She turned away from the low sink and focused her attention on her legs. Her crystal blue orbs glared down at the two, worthless, unusable appendages attached to her body. They wouldn’t move, not so much as twitch, no matter how hard she focused, or how hard she pushed her brain to tell them to move.

She stared down at them for a good ten minutes before finally growling in frustration. She placed her elbows on the middle of her thighs and then placed her head in her hands. Letting out a series of frustrated, quick sighs, and Jill felt the familiar clench of her heart. The tears she had kept held back soon began to run down her face. Her expression showed a mixture of emotions.





The old S.T.A.R.S. member finally allowed herself to let all of those emotions pour out as her tears did. She didn’t care about how loud or babyish the noises coming from her sounded. She didn’t care how stupid she looked. She didn’t care how much she was crying. She didn’t care about the snot that ran down her nose.

For once she didn’t care because it felt good to finally cry.

Jill sobbed and sobbed until she couldn’t anymore.

She missed Chris.

She missed Barry.

She missed all the comrades she had lost over the years.

She missed being able to walk around.

She missed being free.

Her nose was all stuffy, here eyes were swollen and red, and a large portion of her gown, which was underneath her elbows, was soaked. She didn’t move from that position for a long time.

Jill’s eyes slowly fluttered open as she woke up. She hadn’t thought she’d be able to sleep that well due to all the stress she had, but then again, she was somewhat grateful that she had cried so much. The emotional exhaustion she had the day prior had worn her out. She sat up and started her daily routine.

Lifting herself from the comfortable bed, she carefully placed herself into her mini transportation and wheeled herself towards the small bathroom. Relieving herself, Jill moved to the sink and washed her hands and face, being sure to get all of the crusted mucus around her eyes. Feeling a bit better, she wheeled herself toward the desk and found that her breakfast had already been brought in. It was on a metallic tray, covered by a plastic, white lid. Lifting the lid from the tray, the food’s smell filled her nose and caused her mouth to water. On the menu was a few scrambled eggs, sausage, and two pieces of toast. On the side was a plastic fork, a plastic knife, two small paper baggies of salt and pepper, and a small paper cup with a scoop of butter. Jill began eating her sausage and eggs and once they were gone, she began to spread the butter onto her slices of toast. She stared down at the knife with a thoughtful look, thinking about how she had been very skilled at using the weapons when need be. She pulled herself from her thoughts and began to devour the first slice of toast. Once she finished her breakfast, she put the trash and utensils back onto the tray and replaced the lid back onto it as well.

She pushed herself to the sink and began to brush her teeth. Putting the toothbrush back where she got it, the woman made her way to the bookshelf and lightly brushed the tips of her fingers over the books she had already finished reading. Finally finding one she thought she hadn’t read yet, she pulled it out from its spot and had started to open it when the door opened behind her.

“Melanie, when you have a moment, could you move some of the books from the higher shelves down for me? Since I can’t reach them, I thought I’d ask… I put the trash in the tray like I always do and also,” she continued as she turned herself around. “I started a small list of things I’d like you to get for me. It’s not much, but I…”

Jill finally looked from the book’s cover and froze.

In front of her stood the traitor himself, Albert Wesker. He was wearing a black shirt, which had a silver zipper going down its middle, and the collar was tucked nicely around his neck. The sleeves had been rolled up to his elbows and his pants were tucked into his black boots. Around his waist was a black belt, which had a holster holding his handgun, and Jill was a little surprised that he wasn’t wearing any gloves. His blonde hair was smoothed backwards and, as usual, he had on a pair of black sunglasses.

“I’m afraid Dr. Miller is going to be a bit late.” He tilted his head to the side a bit and gestured towards her with one of his hands, stating, “By all means, Miss Valentine, continue.”

The woman in front of him frowned and stared up at him, her eyes locked onto his black shades. After a few moments of tense silence, she asked, “Why are you here, Wesker?”

The blonde slowly made his way over to her desk as he spoke, “Am I not allowed to visit an old friend? I thought that you’d be happier to see a familiar face.”

She could tell that he was looking over the list she had been talking about and she stayed silent when he looked over at her from his stance by the desk.

Her frown deepened as she snapped at him, “Well, you’re wrong. I’d rather not see you at all. In fact, I’d be much happier if you would leave.”

The man’s stoic expression hinted with a bit of distaste, but he smirked as he began to walk toward her.

“I’m afraid I cannot do that. In fact, you’ll be seeing me more often after today.”

He stopped right in front of her and in a split second, Jill felt something being stabbed into her neck. As soon as she did, she shoved the man’s hands away from her, the force causing her to tip her wheelchair over and she fell onto the tiled flooring. The woman let out a series of pained noises, desperately gripping at the stinging area around her neck. The stinging intensified and spread throughout her body, causing her to jerk around some.

“What… What did you do…to me…?!” She demanded through clenched teeth.

Jill’s eyes had watered so much that she could only see Wesker’s body as a black blur. He crouched down and he lifted the needle held within his hand.

“What I just injected you with was an enhanced version of the T-Virus. Do you remember the Mansion Incident?” He asked her, his voice cool.
Jill could only stare up at him, horrified at the thought that she was infected.

He continued without waiting for a response, “You had already been infected by the snake B.O.W. all those years ago and your body adapted to it. The strain I gave you should enhance its abilities and I assure you, it won’t harm you…” His smirk grew, “Much.”

Jill bared her teeth and she lifted her shaky hands up to weakly grip at his arm.

“Y-You… bastard…!” She forced out as she tried to reach for his face and the man’s hand lightly gripped at her wrist.

“Now, now, Miss Valentine. There is no need for such foul language. You should be thanking me.”

Her eyelids began to drop and she spat out weakly, “For what…?”

“You will see,” came his reply.

He didn’t do anything as she started to lose consciousness.
"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things." -Leonardo Da Vinci

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