Eri's Universe Guide

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Eri's Universe Guide

Post by Eriuna » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:41 pm

If I ever make a role play on this site again, this will be important to understand anything that is happening.
I have preset lore I use for everything because I like to keep everything connected in some way.
Because I cannot everything to everyone individually, I'll just explain everything here and hope for the best.
From what I saw it seems that unlike before, people are more open to larger chunks of information. That's good, and definitely beneficial to be, but for the sake of not taking that risk, I'll keep it brief.
What flavorful flavor the flavor text provides.

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Re: Eri's Universe Guide

Post by Eriuna » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:48 pm

I will just keep editing this one post so everything is together. Please be patient with me- there's a lot I need to write.

I'll start big then move on to smaller things.
Don't even try to read this without Legacy. It won't make any sense.

My universe:

This is the name of my universe. It is run by Creators, hence the name. In this universe, there is magic and multiple planets with a diverse set of creatures and plenty of conflict to work with.

Creators are the equivalent of gods in this universe, and those Creators are us. In my universe, the people of various different planets and subcultures choose a different Creator to worship based on what they are like, and each Creator has a Keeper who acts to represent what law they uphold in the universe. For example, Misti was Misterica, Creator of Chaos and Magic. Her keeper was Bunny, the absolutely insane girl who had the power to make whatever she said come true, although she didn't really know that she could do that. Very few people know Misterica exists, therefore very few worship her. I had Eriuna, Creator of Logic and Strength. My keeper was Cat, a very calm and focused girl who only had the power to summon a room of weapons, but was my strongest fighter.
Misterica and Eriuna combine together to create M.E. who is the main one worshiped by the people on Raline- more on that later. Misterica and Eriuna are also the main two, and all the rest fall under one of their categories.

Neo: Creator of Luck. Keeper- Panda

Tao: Creator of Karma and Revenge. Keeper- Wolf
Leviathan: Creator of Death. Keeper- Cobra
I don't care what you do with this information. If you want to make a Creator and Keeper to add to my universe, feel free to. If not, I don't care. Less work for me. Each person only gets one Creator and one Keeper, just so you know. Also, this is mostly and ego thing. I just like the thought of being worshiped hahaha.

In my universe, I'm fairly lenient on the type of magic your characters can have. What I am strict about, however, is how powerful they are compared to what they are.

I don't expect anyone to memorize all of this, but at least take a peek so you can understand me when I blabber on about this stuff.
Vessels: These are objects, weapons, or bodies that contain soul energy and magic energy.

Potential: This is how much Magic Energy a Vessel can contain before bursting or becoming unstable.

Magic Energy: This is how much power a person has. Their amount of Magic Energy is determined by what their Potential is, where they are, and how much they started off with.

Soul Energy: This is how much energy a person's soul gives off. Soul energy can also be looked at as the intensity of one's emotions.

Unstable: This is what happens to a vessel when it is nearing the limit of its potential. It can be identified by strange crystalline growths, the development of horns, or the spawning of multiple eyes on the vessel which weren't there before. This is the vessel's way of increasing the potential just the slightest bit in order to prevent itself from bursting.

Bursting: This is what happens when a vessel goes past its potential in magic energy. This is a dangerous event to be around. The vessel explodes with magic energy, destroying itself and causing a spike of magic energy in the area. Anyone around absorbs that magic energy and if they are unstable they will also burst, causing a chain reaction. Fun little concept to write about.

Souls: This is the source of life and magic in a living being. Without a soul, a person is emotionless and has no sense of morality. They also have no magic without a soul. The amount of magic energy a given person's soul can create in one second determines their base level.

Souls are an important part of my universe. Their energy acts as an energy source for the realms, people, magic, and just about everything. One soul can experience many lives, one after the other as the vessel it is contained in dies. This process is recognized as reincarnation. However, with every reincarnation, the soul loses a bit of energy. At some point, it is decided that the soul no longer has enough energy for another whole lifetime and it is then sent to be used as a power source in one of the realms.

The flame of the soul is the physical manifestation of its soul energy. Visually it looks like a flame, but its color and size vary depending on what emotion it is emitting and how strongly.
The bigger the flame, the higher the intensity of that emotion is.

The core of the soul is what determines its purity. In common terms, it's a person's morality. The core's level of purity can be measured by how dark it is and how large it is. The darker the core, the more impure it is. The larger it is, the more control over the vessel's own free will it has.
The core also is what produces a person's magic energy.

The shell of the soul is what contains the energy and the core, as well as regulates how much magic energy is released from the soul at once in order to prevent its vessel from bursting. The shell also protects the soul from any physical harm. Very rarely does the shell break, but when it does, the core has complete control over the vessel and the vessel's magic potential is ignored.

Souls are capable of something called fragmentation. This happens when any one part of the three sections is separated from the rest, removing whatever that part provided to the vessel. For example, if a soul lost its flame, the person housing the soul would have no emotion but would still have self control and a sense of morality.
Fragmentation can be caused by many things, although the most common cause is Expansion.

When a soul is not contained in a vessel, it experiences something called Expansion. The soul's shell regulates how much energy the soul emits based on the vessel it is in, but when it isn't in a vessel, there is nothing limiting it. Because of this, souls emit an immense amount of energy and suffer permanent damage. This is called Expansion, because that energy expands in the universe and spreads itself evenly across everything.
Expansion is the most common form of flame fragmentation because the soul permanently loses a chunk of its available energy.

Don't be overwhelmed. Most of them are never mentioned in any of my role plays. Important ones are marked with an asterisk.

Earth is just Earth. Humans are the natives to Earth, and humans have very low magic potential. Very few are capable of magic, and the ones that do usually hide them.
The law of the realms is that no magic is supposed to be used on Earth and demons, angels, and any roamer of the spirit realm is not allowed to interact with them directly. Ever since Raline was restored, though, more magic has been appearing on Earth and more humans have been discovering that.

Very few humans, if any at all, know about the other planets on the normal timeline.

Raline, also known as the capital of the universe. It consists of many islands surrounding one super continent called the mainland. Many lush forests run along the perimeter and in the center is the Universe Tower, surrounded by the largest city in the universe- fittingly called The Capital.
The Universe Tower is what connects all of the other planets with intelligent life together. It's the main communications tower and is filled with portals constantly maintained and open, used for travel. Every planet with a large city has a smaller installment called a Galaxy Tower.

The people of Raline are often a mix of races from other planets, dimensions, realms and everything between. Any natives came from the forest and as a result usually have animal features. Raline is very rich in magic energy, so the natural wildlife usually also have minor powers. There is no set level of potential for those on Raline due to its diversity, and the Capital is a recognized safe zone in the universe. The Capital welcomes everyone and its security force ensures safety.
Well, it did before the attack.
roughly 300 years ago Raline was attacked by a vengeful High Level spirit and was destroyed. During the attack most fled to other planets, including Earth because it was the most similar in size and shape. Because of this, over the next 300 years, Earth's total level of magic energy increased and more humans have developed powers.
There have even been some Raline-Human mixes which spawned outcasts on Earth consisting of people with horns, wings, tails, and anything out of the ordinary.

Raline was an important planet in the universe, acting as the key to inter-planetary peace. Because of this, it is being restored by the spirit realm and is nearly completely back.

Eilrah is a sentient planet with a soul, a voice, and a core made of pure magic energy. Eilrans are the natives to the planet, and due to its lower force of gravity, they are often tall and thin. They resemble elves in many ways, and they are all expected to train to become warriors and defend Mother Eilrah.
Out of all creatures native to the mortal realm, Eilrans have the highest magic potential. When Eilrans are born, they automatically create a link with the planet allowing her to watch over them throughout their entire life and lets them call on her for help at any time. Eilrans are also born with a magic core- an orb of pure magic which sits in their hearts and flows magic through their bodies. This is considered a gift from Mother Eilrah, because without it, Eilrans are fragile and cannot survive away from the planet. Their core is what gives them a link to their planet because it is a chunk of Eilrah's own soul core.
Eilrans all have elemental-based powers. How many elements they control is determined by the size of their core. The largest control all 5- Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Electricity. The smallest have barely any control over one.
When Eilrans turn 12, they are given a special weapon designed specifically for them and linked to their souls. The weapon is also a gift from Eilrah, given for them to use to protect her. These weapons are unbreakable and always be summoned or dismissed at any time.
Eilrans value their hierarchy more than anything else, seconded only by their love for Mother Eilrah. The royal family, the Bellisia family. sits at the top. The Queen is always the highest ruler. The rest of the hierarchy is based on your eye color.

These are the highest job statuses Eilrans can receive based on their eye color.
Green eyes- This is the status of the Bellisia family, and only they have this eye color.
Blue eyes- Advisers and close staff members of the royal family.
Yellow eyes- The direct guards of the Queen, King, and their children.
Orange eyes- Guards of the palace.
Red eyes- Lower staff of the palace.
Pink eyes- Shop owner
Purple eyes- Shop staff, if they can get hired.

The shade of the color also effects the opportunities Eilrans have.
Runes are a special material found only on Eilrah. They link to an Eilrans core and provide it with extra magic energy. However, only those with a small core who don't live on Eilrah use them.
Eilrans are also pretty racists. If you have dark hair, a small core, dark skin, wear heavy armor, or use runes, you are considered a disgrace.
Pale skin, hair, and eyes shows you have a large core.
Light cloth armor flows better and shows your belief in Mother Eilrah to protect you.
The use of runes means you have a small core and are in need of extra magic energy.

Eilrah was recently attacked by Kaalrons- their rivals. The battle was lost and Eilrah was destroyed.
It is being restored by the Spirit Realm because Eilrah's core was a huge source of magic energy in the universe.

Kniev is almost the opposite of Eilrah. While Eilrah is rich in wildlife and covered in green and blue, Kniev is dry, barren and riddled with parasites in every water source.
Kniev is a very large planet with no rotation, higher force of gravity, and barely any plant life. Only the side that faces the sun is ever roamed. The side that faces away- the backface- is never explored.
Because of the harsh environment, most wildlife either lives underground or lives on farms. Most are vicious predators living on a carnivorous diet, but some eat rocks and live on those minerals or eat magic energy.

Two intelligent races live on Kniev- the Kaalrons and the Sonres.

Kaalrons are angry all the time. They are short, they tend to have darker skin, and they typically have white hair and a pair of horns. They have blue marking on their face and back, and they are usually fairly muscular.
They are a battle-driven community who rarely think before acting and aren't proficient in magic. After Humans, Kaalrons have the lowest magic potential. Most don't have any magic ability outside of teleportation, but they use that to their advantage.
Kaalrons were constantly attacking Eilrah to get magic energy. Eilran cores were capable of purifying water and, when fed to the farm animals, could produce valuable fertilizers which allowed them to grow crops and get their vitamins.
Kaalrons also value their hierarchy, but the top position of General is achieved through battle. Anyone can challenge the General and the victor adopts the title and commands the Kaalron community.
Recently the Kaalrons destroyed Kniev. They didn't think about the consequences, though.

The Sonres live in many small farming communities along the rivers of Kniev on the line between the front and the backface. Unlike the Kaalrons, Sonres are pale, smaller in stature, and far more proficient in magic. They are pacifists and their magic is based on stances- parasitism, mutualism, and commensalism. They are what they sound like, though rarely do they switch to their parasitism stance.
They use their magic to purify their water, feed their farm animals and grow crops, and protect themselves from the Kaalrons. Ever since the Kaalrons destroyed Eilrah, the Kaalrons offered safety in exchange for water and crops.
Nobody ever goes to Kniev... Nobody likes Kniev, either. There's no reason to.

Esanth is a small, fiery planet ruled by dragons. The Elder Dragons and their descendants are some of the most powerful beings in the mortal realm and they all live in peace together. The Elder Dragon Descendants- the EDD- protect the planet with the use of their elder weapons. These are powerful tools that raise their potential a great amount and give them the ability to use powerful magic unlike anything seen before.
There are many different types of dragons on Esanth, and most have human forms so they can travel to other planets.
There are the scaled dragons, ranging from huge to small, four-legged to bi-pedal. Next there are the snake-folk who aren't just snake people. They are large and regal serpent dragons, but their mid-form makes them look like snakes.
There are Pultoni- the feathered dragons. These are the most respected dragons on Esanth, being the most naturally colorful.

Esanth dragons are interesting people. They are loud, rowdy, don't really understand what rules are, and love bright colors. The women are very tall in their human forms, often ranging between 6 to 7 feet tall. Their standards on beauty for women are tall, dark, big, and clad in vibrant colors with bright eyes to contrast their dark skin. On the other hand, they women like their men short, skinny, and equally as bright. The average male's height range between 5 to 6 feet tall.

The snake-folk are a little different. They are more intelligent, mature, and calm. They like neutral colors and calm environments, and they value their rules more than anything. The snake-folk and the other dragons don't get along very well.

Valin is another military planet, although unlike Kniev, they serve to protect. The Valin natives usually have magic which amplifies their natural strength like enhanced senses or increased speed. They can look like anything, although usually they have teal eyes.
Valin isn't a very visually interesting planet. It is mostly grasslands with sparse trees and water, but there is a huge training facility on it which often creates talented soldiers. Valin worked with Raline to ensure safety for not only the two of them, but also Zorada, Nira, and Valentia. In return, Valin received free resources from the four planets.

Nira is a unique planet when it comes down to its terrain. Because of the elements that make up the planet, crystal structures and precious gems formed all over the place before a series of many earthquakes and shifting plates brought them all above ground. The water on Nira is its most popular feature due to its pink hue.
A lush forest-covered planet similar in size and status to Raline. There are three main continents, each with a large city of its own similar to but not nearly as large as The Capital. Nira is a popular tourism sight due to its beautiful wildlife, pink oceans, and unique terrain. They are popular trade partners with the other largely industrialized planets, excluding Cadie, Rislein, Kniev, and Eilrah.
Their three cities are Loria, Doral, and Tiye. Each city is beautiful, but Loria is the largest and most popular. Loria is also where Nira's Galaxy Tower is located.
Loria was built atop a cliff which looks over a beautiful canyon filled with diverse wildlife and a coursing pink river.
Doral was built at the peak of a short but very wide mountain. At the base is a lush forest which glows at night, and in the distance you can see Loria and Tiye's lights at night.
Tiye was built along the most beautiful coast on Nira and juts out into and over the ocean. Tiye is popular due to their underground buildings and clear floors which let you observe their unique marine life in complete safety.

A popular sight for tourism and a popular trading partner. This planet is covered in vast cities and little nature still remains because of it, however they are famous for their beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and affordable luxury getaway hotels.
Plenty of attractions fill the island cities- aptly named Paradise, Haven, and Belle- which draw their visitors and revenue in.
Their Galaxy Tower is located in Paradise, the largest of the cities which spans the entire southeastern coast of their largest island.
Paradise is the most popular due to their amusement park theme all throughout the city and the beautiful light shows they display at night.
Haven is popular with the people who want a more relaxed stay with the most comfortable hotels and homes and laid back atmosphere. They are known for their food and is definitely much quieter.
Belle, the smallest, has nothing significant about it. It is simple and easy to navigate, and it holds the qualities of both Paradise and Haven but on a much smaller scale. Those who only stay on Zorada for a single day often choose to visit Belle.
Zorda has no native intelligent race. It was taken over by money-seeking people on Raline who wanted to build a getaway. Because Raline is insistent on not disturbing the wildlife and nature, they used Zorada.

Valentia is a small planet, roughly the size of Raline, and consists of one major continent which spans over nearly the entire planet.
Valentia is definitely not nearly as large as her three companions Raline, Nira, and Zorada, but it's a beautiful planet essential to the rest due to its excess of precious gems. Valentia is used primarily as a place of relaxation and a plentiful source of metals and gemstones.
Valentia is the quietest of the three, only having one big city that was built around a large, beautiful bay with underwater crystal formations, clean air, and peaceful marine life. This city, Azlin, is also the location of their Galaxy Tower.

The natives on Valentia often have very bright hair and eye colors with skin somewhere on the gray scale. The "women" are born infertile and are almost always appointed with the job of joining the guard and protecting Azlin.
There are two types of... "men". One type can conceive children.
Please don't ask any more about Valentien men. Please.

Meta is another sentient planet, but not in the same way Eilrah is. The life on Meta is the Polymers, expert shape-shifters who can turn into whatever shape, form, or even material they want to turn into. Meta itself is just a giant polymer with the intent to take over the universe. It shoots out parts of itself to reach other planets, take them over from the inside out, then send more out from there. Doing this spreads its consciousness and lets it spawn more Polymer children to kill off the wildlife on the planets and protect it from anyone who tries to fight back.
Because of the nature of these people, though, the Rage and Honey company has been taking the younger, smaller polymers and using their "flesh" to create transforming armor and weapons to sell.

What flavorful flavor the flavor text provides.

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