Scott Anderson

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Scott Anderson

Post by miiqii » Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:08 am

Full name: Scott Anderson

Nickname: scott, miki

Age: 15-25 ( depends on the roleplay)

Personality: introverted, does not like crowds

Looks: his usual clothes (casual)

Hair color: dark gray

Eye color: dark green

2 Older brothers ( Kyle Anderson and Caylob Anderson)

Background: Scott Anderson comes from an average family, his parents left him with his 2 older brothers when he was at a young age. As he grew up, he soon found out that he wasn't like the other kids, he didn't have any parents. He decided to ask his older brothers but they refused to tell him. Curious of what had happened to his parents, he eavesdropped on them and had to find out about it in such a bad time. His grades started dropping after hearing about it, he wasn't smiling anymore. His older brothers were very worried and they tried to comfort him everyday by cooking his favorite food and turning on his favorite TV shows. But nothing mattered to him, he was scared of other people. Scared that they'll leave him just like his parents, he was selfish, not considering his older brothers's feelings. Now he is still in a miserable state.

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