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New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 9:37 pm
by illirica
Edit note: So, it was a fun idea, but it turns out most people don't really need a newbie area. Just ask for help if you need it, and jump right in! You've got this!
. Hey there, stranger.

Welcome to New Haven.

I won't ask how you found our little tucked-away city. Glad you're here, though. It's always nice to see a new face. I suppose we don't get a lot of attention from the big wide world. Maybe it's something about the city, I don't know. That's not to say we don't have troubles - everywhere has troubles - it's just that ours are more local. They start that way, anyway. There's always stories about someone who started out in a place like this, then went on to make it big.

Maybe that'll be you. You could save the world some day, stranger.

Sure, I suppose you could destroy it, too, if that's what you wanted to do. I've been around too long to be judgmental about that sort of thing. Whatever it is you're going to do, I look forward to seeing you do it.


Where can you go?

Well, you've found the Coffeehouse. Hot drinks and hot pastries, and a good place for idle chat if you're not sure what you're looking for. Maybe you just want someone to know you exist, tell them your story while you figure out how you want to tell it to the world.

Try the Museum of Heroes if you're interested in learning more about current events, or past events. There's always someone there who can catch you up on things.

And if you just want to see what comes, or start some trouble, or stop some? Well. Take to the Streets, then.

Your story awaits.

Welcome to New Haven! Unlike other areas in the Sandbox, this one is specifically designed for people who are new to the Sandbox to get a chance to get started. It's basically easy-mode: You don't need to worry about big world events or know who the major names are or how to do fancy code or anything like that. Just simple plug-and-play.

Regulars of the Sandbox will co-write whatever else is going on in here - it's a good place for them if they're looking for something to do but their usual characters are busy, or if they just want something a little different, too. We're happy to help you get started.

Please remember to follow all RPF Rules and Sandbox Rules, as always. If you have questions, Sandbox's OC Forum is a great way to get them answered, and all of you are more than welcome to join our very active Discord Server.

Hop right in! If you start your character off with a description of where they are in New Haven, someone will be along shortly to write with you!

NPCs in the city are sort of free-for-alls for sandbox regulars - that means anyone with some experience can grab them and start writing.

We have an NPC character creation thread if you want to try designing someone but don't want to write them.

The "voice" of the thread intro here is the owner of the coffee shop. I envision her as a woman in her 50s, sort of a kindly auntie type. She likes baking and that's all I know about her so far.

I'll add in more detail here as things come up.

Weed & Rat
They hang out in the streets. Rat is a tall guy, shabby clothing, bit of a gut, probably smoking half a cigarette. His real name is Rick. He's mostly interested in money, usually other people's - he rarely has any of his own, and if he does, it's somewhat questionable where he got it. For all that, he's not into drug running or large crimes, just petty theft and the occasional short-term scam. Incidentally, could you give him $20 for a bus ticket so he can get home to see his grandma one more time before she passes?

Weed is androgynous looking, dandelion-yellow hair, usually wearing a hoodie. Thin, kind of weird movements. They're nonbinary and mute, though they have an excellent repertoire of rude hand gestures. Apparently they're also fond of animals. They used to work for Barman, a while back.

Barman: The Drink Knight
The owner of a bar. He's a glum asshole, but at least he doesn't pour short. A bigger guy, well-built, he tends to loom, and also tends to glower at people. He doesn't talk much, but what he does say tends to be important.

"No credit."

The Museum of Heroes was inspired by an IC concept one of our members had on another site. Jack designed a "Museum of Living Bastions" for a dreamworld scenario, and I thought it was a neat idea, and it seemed like a great way to help people get all the lore if they're interested.

I'll put NPC creator credits here too, once we start getting those established.

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:15 am
by Veil Walker
The first thing Tyern knew, he was falling. Andubraka had hit him with a sucker punch, and made him take a step back. Suddenly his whole body felt cold, and he felt himself falling. With a glance, he knew this wasn't the world he was accustomed to. The buildings rose high into the air, shining in the sun. He realized a great many were glass, and he whistled. Glass in his world was worth a small fortune, the glassblowers trained to make it were few for a reason. To his left, he heard a grating sound, accompanied by a loud 'BORF.' Well, at least wherever they sent him, he'd have a friend. Looking down, he saw the world rising steadily up to meet him. Quickly, he grabbed the stone skin of his companion, and focused.

"I really hope this does not kill me. Still, I suppose even if it does, I'll be no worse off than I was." With a grunt, he landed, the stone hound held up from the ground. The impact seemed to rip through him, muscles rippling and bulging here and there on him. A thin line of blood trailed down from his nose, and he wiped it away angrily.

"Well, I'm not dead. Just have to see about getting home, and having another go at Andubraka. Perhaps this time he will not be inclined to cheat."
Setting Cafall, his stone companion down, he set off towards what looked like a bar. Old habits, and all that.

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 2:01 am
by illirica
"That dude just fall outta the sky?" The tall man was leaning against a building, smoking the end of someone else's cigarette. Much like it, he looked unwanted, second hand, half-used. A dusty jacket was zipped up about two inches at the bottom, before it reached the bottom of a paunch that probably hadn't been there when he'd gotten the jacket. Much like the wearer, the jacket gave up at the paunch, and slouched where it could.

His companion, a wiry androgynous figure in a gray hoodie, gave a critical nod of agreement with the sentiment. Tufts of yellow hair stood out haphazardly under the hood, in want of brushing - not blonde, but true yellow, like a dandelion.

The first speaker took a drag of the cigarette, which seemed surprised it even had another drag left, and exhaled a cloud of smoke that was probably an improvement on his breath, if the half-rotted teeth were any indication. "Think he's got any money?"

The second figure didn't say anything, just gave a shrug that shifted the hoodie more than it should have, as if the bones underneath moved around in ways that weren't to be expected. This seemed to be answer enough, in some way, and the wiry figure stepped away from the wall, approaching the newcomer and extending a hand clad in a cheap, thin glove, riddled with holes.

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 2:27 am
by Veil Walker
The dog took notice of the strangers first, letting out a warning growl that sounded like two pieces of shale grinding together.
"Easy friend, I see them." With this, the growl cut off, but two sharp eyes continued to watch their approach suspiciously. The dog, it was a dog in appearance at least, was shiny black stone, with pulses of lilac light showing through glyphs and in one or two spots, damage to the creature's structure. The tips of its paws ended in razor sharp obsidian, and it was obvious it would use them to protect this young man. The man in question was tall, easily 6'2", maybe 6'3", and broad, the kind of broad that made you wonder if he had to fold to go through doorways. He wore simple leather breeches and a slightly rumpled dark green jerkin. His build was somewhat portly, though he had an attractive enough face. That face was framed with hair of the purest white, ruffled in a way that appeared deliberate. His eyes were orange and glowed slightly, narrowing a bit as the men approached.
"Greetings friends. I don't suppose either of you fine fellows could point me to a drinking establishment, could you?" His words were spoken with a familiar accent that couldn't quite be defined. The smile on his face was genuine, but the sadness in his eyes was clear. Something tragic had happened to this young man.

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:04 am
by illirica

The word came not from the one who'd approached him, but from their companion, who was twirling the end of a cigarette between his fingers. "How much you wanna spend?" Important question, that was - some places cost more than others, after all. Plus, it was always a good idea to get an idea about how much someone had on them. The man gave him a looking over, one that seemed to take in the odd clothes and the strange pet, then shifted his gaze up to the sky, where the weirdo had fallen from. "And, uh... you got any money?"

Who knew what sort of thing passed for currency in the sky nation he'd fallen out of, after all - maybe they traded rocks.

There were plenty of rocks around, at least.

The second figure crouched down, putting their face at about the same height as the... thing that might have been a dog, looking as if they were considering whether or not to try to scratch it behind the ears with their gloved hand.

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:13 am
by Veil Walker
The dog snuffled a bit and softened its expression. At least as well as it could, given its features were stone.
"Ah. Yes. You raise an excellent point. I very much doubt I have the coin of the realm. I only have a few gold pieces on me at the moment. Perhaps I should seek out employment instead. Tell me, is there any place around here that quarries stone? Or anything related to physical labor? I'm a hard worker, when the need arises." He smiled more broadly at the pair, and this time his usual sadness seemed to dissipate a little. The dog meanwhile, decided it couldn't wait, and bumped the strangers gloved hand with its snout.

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:42 pm
by illirica
"Don't know about work." That probably wasn't a surprise - the scruffy look of the man suggested he wasn't exactly prone to holding down a job. His gaze drifted, seeking pockets. "How much gold you got on you? Might be willing to spot you a drink. Trade it out later. I'm Rick. They call me 'the Rat' on account of being a bit of a collector." His tone was somewhere between soothing and hinting, a suggestion that maybe a bit of gold might make this transaction all go a little easier. He nodded a dirty head towards his companion, who had reached a hand out tentatively and was scratching the dog-thing behind what probably passed for its ears.

"That there's Weed. Don't know their real name, just started calling them that, and they answer to it all right. They don't talk. Seem to like your dog... thing... though. Is that a dog?" The Rat didn't seem like he was quite convinced that this creature was actually a canine. "Where'd you come from, anyway?"

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:58 pm
by Veil Walker
"Indeed. Cafall is a temple guardian. We met when I broke in and he tried to eat me. We have been fast friends ever since. Rat, Weed, pleasure to meet both of you. My name is Tyern. As for where I come from, I'm originally from Stanra, in New Seshynuha. Given the strangeness of my current environment, I doubt you've heard of it. Currently, I only have ten gold pieces on me. Is gold a valuable substance in this world?" Cafall's jaws opened in a big doggie grin, a big pink tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth. It was an off putting sight, as his mouth was filled with rows of dagger like obsidian, but it was obvious he meant no harm.

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:07 pm
by illirica
"Guess that's one way to meet... dog... things." From the tone of the Rat's voice, he didn't sound like he was exactly too eager to replicate it, especially that part about things trying to eat him. He edged a little but farther away from the so-called temple guardian, evidently feeling he was on more solid ground with the man, rather than the dog...thing.

Weed apparently had no such concerns, and continued scratching Cafall behind the ears, entirely unconcerned with the prominence of razor sharp teeth in such close proximity. Rat gave his companion a look that suggested that he thought Weed might be a little bit crazy sometimes, but didn't comment on it. People had a right to be batshit crazy, he supposed - and plenty of people were batshit crazy, especially about dogs.

Case in point, this Tyern character, who apparently thought that creatures that tried to eat him made good pets. "Stanra, Seshyny....uya? Sounds Russian. You Russian?" It was half an accusation; apparently falling out of the sky and having a potentially murderous dog-thing was less problematic than potentially being Russian, but even Rat was pretty sure that gold wasn't the currency of Russia. Of course, in a certain way of thinking, gold was the currency of everywhere. "Depends how big the pieces are, I guess," he answered the question, "And who you sell it to. Gold's good for... jewelry, I guess. And tech? Semi-conductors or something like that. Ten doesn't sound like a lot, though," he added, disappointed.

"Tell you what. You're an interesting guy and Weed seems to like your... dog... thing - so how 'bout I spot you a drink and you can figure out where you and your thing are gonna go. Maybe hire out as mercenaries or something. Guess it depends what you can do, besides fall outta skies."

Re: New Haven (Introductory Area for New People)

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:47 pm
by Veil Walker
Tyern saw the man's nervousness, and grinned at him. He understood all too well how intimidating Cafall could be.
"Relax, my friend. They're protectors. They're bred not to hurt people unless absolutely necessary. Mostly they just try and deter people from the temples. As for this Russia, I fear I've never heard of it. Is it a good place? A drink sounds lovely, though I'm afraid my mercenary days are far behind me. I stopped all that when..." he trailed off for a minute, fighting a desperate battle against tears, before continuing.
"When my living situation changed. I'd like to say I don't often fall out of the sky, but it's a more common occurrence than you'd think. Tell me, do they have chefs in this world of yours? I do love to cook." Tyern's usual jolly manner has returned, but it's obvious at this point that it's just a mask, a facade kept up to keep from falling apart.
"Show me the way to this drinking establishment!"