Ground Zero [Open Event]

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Praeceps » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:21 pm




Executives Present:
Vanderhaal, Jacob.
████, ██████.
███████, ███.
████████, ████.
██████, █████.

"What's the ETA for Praeceps?"

"Seven minutes, if the weather over Montana remains clear."

Vanderhaal nodded slowly, one hand raising itself to his chin in thought as he crossed his arms and gave a sweeping glance over the Command Room of the bunker. MAVU's top minds had been gathered here. It was the moment of truth.

"Godspeed to Gamma. We can only hope he's able to hold out."


"Come on— come on."

Finally, within the last drawer of the third bench, a box of matches presented itself. Working with heightened speed gifted to him by his artificial limbs, Veigneur gathered the various bottles and jugs of 95% ethanol— lab-grade alcohol used in disinfecting, as well as chemical reactions— before uncapping their tops and tossing them upon the corner of a lab bench, the clear liquid sloshing out upon the marble tabletops and evaporating into the air. While the immediate explosion of gas in the room wouldn't catch anything on fire, the inherently flammable nature of the ethanol would provide a burn long after the initial blast. All he needed was something to ignite the vapors in the air— and while striking a match by hand would be the simplest option, Veigneur had come to like his limbs quite a bit. That, and he enjoyed having an intact face.

With the gunshots nearing closer and closer still, Gamma's mind turned to the rudimentary mechanical arms upon the lab bench. Designed with the intent to be a dumb lab assistant, the arms were glorified pincers, designed to both hold and move objects placed within their grasp. Luckily, all striking a match entailed was holding and moving the head across a rough surface; and with the arms capable of receiving dumb, shortened commands, all Gamma needed to do was access the small LED screen upon the benchtop to input a command.

He gave— hm— thirty seconds at the very most after he'd finished inputting the instructions. Given that the gunmen wouldn't expect much resistance, it was safe to assume that they weren't the type to be overtly cautious. Opening up the MOVEMENT tab of the program, O3's fingers practically became a blur as his fingers glided across numbers and symbols to input the distance across each axis that the hands would move. Two inches to the right. One inch upward. Seeing as the box could remain stationary as the match was dragged across it, Veigneur only needed to input movement for only one arm— which cut down the allotted time by a significant portion. The relative striking power to light a match was minimal, so three meters per second as a speed.

Eh, perhaps a smidgeon too fast, but it was better to overestimate than underestimate and look like a damn fool before—


The echoing sound of blood splashing across a wall in tandem with wet gurgling was not exactly the most reassuring thing to hear when armed terrorists attack the secure facility one works at, but Gamma had made peace with death long ago. After inputting the relevant code and parameters for the arms, Henri changed the timer from 30 seconds to a mere 10; the box and match were both procured and set within the pincers, the unshaken prosthetic hands masking the immense pressure upon his body and mind.

With a single tap, Gamma enacted the command as a blade cut through the security shutter like butter, a metal leg kicking through not a moment after. A group of four. One was but a small girl, with curly hair offsetting a very disturbed visage. He'd seen her face before, screaming at the Museum of Science. The dots began to connect in his head as he realized just how many contacts this Alpha woman had. Something was odd with her stomach, and he did not wish to find out just what it was.

His eyes drifted to the next person— a Zulu as referenced by the woman— and then to a familiar name. Jean.

The ringleader— or at least, it seemed that way— ordered one of her men to kill him. Despite the mounting odds against him, O3 couldn't help but give a small smile and adjust the glasses upon his face.

"A shame you move to kill so easily, madame. You seem familiar— you are the Alpha, yes? It is nice to finally meet you. I am—"

The room exploded.

Ah, exploded was too harsh a word. A concussive blast knocked Henri to the side as an evanescent inferno cascaded across the room before fading into oblivion; the detonation itself contained enough force to outright shatter the windows of the laboratory and adjacent rooms. The flame was, by its lonesome, nothing but a searing wave of heat that spread across the room— and while it had enough power to singe both clothes and hairs alike, it made no lasting damage. The ethanol near the front of the room, however, ignited instantaneously and released another burst of fire which remained constant, spreading to the wooden cabinets above the bottles and slowly starting an act of deliberate arson.

In the commotion, Gamma recovered from the blast and dove through the window of the decontamination chamber, slapping a crimson button upon the wall to release a cloud of vapor which both obscured and deafened the operative's retreat into the Storage Ward. From there, he would enact another lockdown procedure if the terrorists were not fast enough in their pursuit, dropping another shutter over the already-barricaded and shattered glass windows and door. It would mean nothing in a few moments, but it was a distraction, and that was enough. Veigneur grabbed a scalpel from a nearby table and looked around the room before taking cover behind a large cabinet, the darkness of the room obscuring his figure as he lay in wait.

This is not optimal. Not optimal in the slightest.

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Deus Mortis » Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:32 pm

”Zulu. Kill this man. No firearms. The room's flammable."

The Cybernetic Swordsman wouldn’t give any response to Alpha’s command. He didn’t need to. She already knew that Zulu would follow her every word without question, that his loyalty was absolute.

Even though he was across the room, he would walk towards Gamma while slowly unsheathing his sword, wary that the energy field within his scabbard might be what ignites the very room around them. While the man began to try and talk his way out of his inevitable death, Zulu would continue onwards. He had seen these attempts far too many times to pay them any mind, though he would mentally commend the man on his bravery. Attempting to introduce yourself while your death was just ordered a few moments ago? Bold. Though it wouldn’t mat-

Then the room blew up.

Great flickers of fire blew around Zulu’s body before he was sent flying back into a desk. Unlike some of the other members of the Pack, Zulu had done nothing to make his cleanroom suit more comfortable as the feeling of discomfort was now forever lost to him. There were no holes or cuts or overly exposed spots that the ensuing flames would be able to easily burn, though that didn’t stop the fire from incinerating his outfit. Where Zulu’s suit was once white, black, bubbly scorch marks stained his frontside, giving the impression that the man had bi-colored attire on.

Rising from the inwardly dented desk, Zulu would stare at Gamma right as he ran further into the Storage Ward and caused another set of security shutters to fall behind the Operative. Not knowing what tricks or further contingencies this facility may have, Zulu would charge forward at the shutters, embedding his sword right through the shutters. While other members of the Pack may have been wounded or even killed by the earlier explosion, he had no doubt that Alpha would still be capable continuing on with the mission. That was all that mattered.

Ignoring the vapors of the decontamination room, Zulu would begin slicing a hole in the shutters, its diameter and circumference being the exact same dimensions as the hole he had cut earlier. If the others were too wounded to continue the mission, they would let him know. And he would follow.

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Annasiel » Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:13 pm

Eliza didn't recognize the man from the museum, and even if she had, it wouldn't have bothered her. He was going to be dead soon -- stupid, thinking he could hold off the Pack by himself. He should have ran when he had the chance. Zulu was more than enough to take him out, maybe probably, even if he did have a little trick hidden up his sleeve. Or, according to Alpha, hidden in the very air. But now he was stopped before he even had a chance to use his trump, and the cornucopia of fun things was hers for the taking, just a hop and a skip away. Smiling brightly, Eliza reached out for Alpha's hand, touching her fingers moments before an explosion ripped through the lab.

Motion. Pain. The little doctor was flung backwards like a rag doll, thwacking against the concrete wall with a heavy, sickening crunch. She crumpled to the floor, clean suit dangling around her in tatters, half her face seared to the bone by the heat of igniting alcohol vapors. No more than a second passed, however, before she began to stir, pulling herself to shaky feet. The smile hadn't left her face. A blood-streaked hand twined loosely at her hair - mercifully spared, save for some singed chunks - and she giggled.


"That wasn't very nice, fuckwad," she called in a sing-song voice. "Not nice at all. You're acting really naughty."

Her other hand shivered, thin lines appearing between the joints of her fingers. From there, it split open, bones, tendons, and metal expanding outward from the core. The instruments clicked against each other like the mandibles of hungry insects, yearning to take a bite out of Gamma's flesh. She made to move forward, then paused, glancing at Alpha.

"Can I cut him up? Please? I know we're in a hurry, but please, I wanna. I wanna to cut him into itty-fucking-bitty strips."
"Life is a constant process of dying."

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Joyous » Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:25 pm

"Oh, It'd be my pleasure" Fredrick nodded his head before he looked towards the hall they'd traveled down, she wasn't upon them yet so he had a little bit of time. A bit of time to get prepared.

He casually pulled out his revolver and knocked the chamber open, spilling out five bullets that all clattered onto the ground. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of ammunition. All visually identical, but functionally extremely different. A combination of blacks and live ammo pulled in a way that even he didn't know which bullet was which. Which meant every time he pulled the trigger, it was down to luck if it ever went off. He called it taming his bad luck, a way to keep it in check.

His luck operated in two different states, good and bad. While in a good state the next action of good luck would bring him into the bad, and vice-versa. Which was were the random variance of his gun came in. It gave him a bit more control over the uncontrollable. If he found himself in a bad state he just needed to fire his gun, which would likely fire a black given his current state. Then with that act of bad luck, he'd be brought back to his good state once again and be allowed to enjoy the benefits of having luck on his side.

It was far from a foolproof method, but it was semi-reliable.

While bows weren't the most common weapon to see around, through Alpha he'd been exposed to them quite often. While he might not be a master at using one, Joyous had seen enough of them to know their general strengths and flaws. With the right bow, the power to projectile ratio was one of all non-explosive weaponry, and with the right arrows, it had a pretty nice array of options and tricks at its disposal. Still, the spacing between shots was significant and it was fairly obvious when a shot was being aimed.

Normally he'd love to have a chat before trying to murder someone, but there just wasn't the time. This wasn't one of his personal excursions. He vaguely felt the detention in the next room, but for the moment his attention was focused on his job. In order for this to go well, they each had to complete their part. So instead he just raised his gun towards the oncoming archer the moment he spotted her rushing their position. His finger pulled the trigger and... nothing.

Nothing more than a blank. His smile twitched ever wider as he sidestepped behind a cabinet to take cover, just the way he liked to start.
"Can someone tell him to stop FUCKING smiling?"

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Reyn » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:13 am

The man, the Intern, was immediately set in motion as soon as Jean passed through the room, turning around from his position to face whoever else came through the door. The people he was told to protect had already gone through the other door, so anyone else who came in must clearly be an enemy. He readied himself for a fight, his many eyes scanning the area around the ruined door to look for anything that moved- because anything that moved, he would attack.

He didn't want to do this. Why was he doing this? He had to do this.

It didn't take long for the first target to come into his line of sight, but said sight was almost immediately impaired. In the same moment that he noticed the metal-clad woman, a sudden burst of bright light hit him square in what used to be his face. He staggered back a few paces, bringing the bladed appendages round to his front just in time to take the brunt of the second hit. The sound of sizzling meat was heard from the Intern as the exposed muscle of the appendages was flash-fried by the heat of the blast, but that seemed to be the only damage he sustained. That head was tough, and it was beginning to look like this thing would take a good few hits before it went down. Still, it was clearly in pain. The Intern wanted to scream, but he couldn't. He was told not to.

What he was told to do, however, was to attack. Though the heat had obviously impacted the speed and functionality of the appendages, they were still his best option when it came to weapons. So, he used them to attack. He sent one blade forwards towards the attacker, aiming to cut her down by the neck, if such a task was even possible. The other found its way to a corpse lying on the ground beside him and began to entangle it, cutting through the dead flesh like the jaws of a hungry wolf. It was feeding, and the matter it gained from doing so would go to heal the burn wounds.

All he had to do was hope he didn't sustain any more.


"Disable them~?" Jean chuckled at the command "If you wish, lass. I'll scout the area for any more potentially useful specimens whilst I'm at it, okay? Oh, I've always wanted to do this sort of thing at MAVU! There have always been a few researchers I had my eyes on, you know... some of the people who work here are most e-"

His ramble was cut short by a sudden burst of heat and pressure, knocking the doctor off balance for a moment, causing him to stagger backwards into the arms of the guard he had 'chemically convinced' to accompany him. Another explosion, it seemed, but this one wasn't just aimed at a door. The clean suit seemed fairly fire-proof, and Jean would probably have remained relatively unscathed had it been in good condition... but, of course, there was the matter of the holes he had pierced through it when they had first entered the facility. These holes provided the perfect gateway for the heat to reach his skin and, since he didn't have the time to inject and form an exoskeleton, the skin it touched burned immediately. The sheer amount of burns would cause any ordinary man to cry out in pain, but Jean was no ordinary man, and his cry was in... something else entirely.

"Ohhhhh~!" Jean gasped involuntarily, his voice shivering with pleasure "Ah, that... wow, I can never get used to that, huh...""

He smiled giddily, taking a moment to steady himself before readying another needle. With a quick flourish of his hand, he turned the needle on his new companion, injecting his neck with the mutagenic serum and waiting for its effects to take hold. A thin fracture line appeared down the centre of the man's face, spreading from his forehead down to his chin. More fractures appeared in due time, breaking apart his face like it was made of brittle porcelain. Jean spun around again and, with a dramatic snap of his fingers, caused the man's full mutation to manifest.


"Aaaand another one~!" He grinned "Ha~! My, we're certainly getting a large influx of new allies now, aren't we?"

With a dismissive wave towards his new creation, Jean followed the rest of the Pack towards their objective.

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Deterrence » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:56 am

Seattle Airspace
0055 hours


It was unusual having a crew, thought Jason. The way they looked at him made him uneasy. Silent admiration bordering on terror. Absolute loyalty. It was almost inhuman. They had all been fed a steady diet of his exploits over the course of two, maybe three years. Since the organization had gone dark, and he'd been alone, it turned out all the new recruits had been tuning in to his missions. Drones had monitored his progress, and his suit cameras had been uploaded to Deterrence mainframes for them all to ingest. To them he was some ungodly mixture of George Washington, Han Solo, and Elvis. Maybe more.

The open air felt good. Jason twisted as he fell from the aircraft, helmet comfortably snug against his face. Easy breathing. A skydive was nothing compared to the things he'd face below. The things he'd faced in Rome. That was where the adrenaline was. Jumping out of a plane made him feel nothing.

The submarine had been comfortable, but never once had he been alone on it. Jason thought himself a people person, but his crew didn't seem much like people. They acted like drones. With training like that, how long could they last in the field? They were taught to emulate him, but they weren't him. They were like clones, both physically and mentally, but the soul was lacking. But big organizations didn't deal in soul.

The air rushed by him as he homed in on the lights of the city. His helmet aided in charting a path towards the MAVU building, a green tunnel for him to soar through. Pulling two cords, a massive vantablack parachute opened behind him, bringing his controlled fall into a slowed glide. Slipping between buildings, he squinted his single eye, getting closer to the secure research facility. About three stories tall. A good target.

On approach, the Third Eye readout picked up two corpses. Completely obliterated, it confirmed. Exit wounds. The projectiles weren't far off. Two long arrows embedded in the building- that confirmed his suspicion. The Alpha.

Tugging the cords, he dropped out of the chute. It evaporated behind him, a flash-flare eating away through the unusual material. It simply became smoke, up in a puff. Jason rolled on impact with the roof, flawlessly distributing the impact along his entire body. A perfectly-executed roll, bringing him to a crouched position. He removed his helmet with one fluid motion, dislodging it from the pressurized Quad-Type Miracle Suit collar.


His armament was simple. The Custom double barreled carbon shotgun. Two PKD .38 specials, one holstered over his breast, the other at his waist. An XOF-type submachine gun. Finally, his standard miscellaneous equipment. Explosives, flash pellets, the usual miscellaneous gear. It'd be enough to weigh a man down completely if it weren't for the suit. It nearly doubled the effectiveness of his muscles, letting him move like a jaguar despite the immense amount of gear he carried.

The desire was always there to turn that damned eye on, give up on the patch. It sat in his socket, deactivated, serving the same function as a simple glass eye. He wasn't going to borg himself, though. No way. Didn't need it.

There was one rooftop entrance / exit to the facility. The Eye confirmed no scientists were headed in this direction. He mined it, C4 latched to the side of the door. It wouldn't be a kill, but it'd be enough to throw her off-guard. That was key. In a moment he set up two remote gun turrets facing the door, armed with HV rounds. Another distraction play. But this was the coup de grace.

With a the tap of a few buttons, he'd diverted one of his crew, the loyal Murphy, to hack into the building's system. No use; closed circuit, he'd said. No cams. Very well.

Jason tapped his Widget, coding an audio frequency that could be picked up by all those below. A carrier wave that would be picked up by any cell phone, an open comm message to all those who might receive it. It would only get picked up over communicators, earpieces and the like. Display as text over HUDs. Invasive, but that was what the situation called for.

Hey Alpha. It's Jason Carpenter. I'm on the roof.

Black Ice was an easy kill. Can you do better?

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by illirica » Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:14 am


The fireball connected, the sizzling of flesh audible, distinct. The opponent didn’t stop attacking though, which meant that it wasn’t going to back off easily, either. Either it wasn’t one to go down simply, or it didn’t have a choice in the matter. An appendage shot forward, spiked at one end, obviously meaning to impale her. She didn’t feel like taking an impact, so she pushed one of the armor plates forward, catching the strike on a cushion of magnetic force and redirecting it, letting it slam into the plate, but getting nowhere close to her. The plate itself wasn’t harmed - she’d designed the suit to be difficult to assault, after all.

The second of the appendages struck as well, but not for her - rather it attacked a corpse on the floor, wrapping itself around the body. The appendage began slicing into the dead flesh, rending it or reaving it - she didn’t spend entirely too much time staring at it, after all.

Whenever an enemy went after something that wasn’t an opponent, it wasn’t a good sign. She wasn’t going to sit around waiting to figure out what it was doing, either. She was going to stop it. The fire had done some damage, and she charged it up again - left handed, aiming for the face again. Keep it blind.

Behind her, the series of plates detached along her spine - razor-sharp, she tugged an electromagnetic current to join them together, and the blade fitted itself into her hand. Too short for a sword, too long for a knife - more like a double-edged machete, there for the sole purpose of cutting things down.

She tapped the electromagnetic field and changed the current throughout the Valence Shell, propelling herself forward in an instant and brought the edge of the blade down to the extended limb, hopefully stopping whatever absorption - feeding concept it had going on, but she wasn’t going to stop and see if that finished it. The blade whirled, pieces separating again out into an array, then propelled forward as she pushed charge into them. This time, she targeted the torso again - below the face, into the body where there should have been organs, soft tissue, all of those things that didn’t need high-speed edged projectiles passing through them.

Another charge unleashed from her palm, high-burst plasma, targeting the center of mass or whatever was left of it. “Minimum force” was not a concept she was interested in utilizing - her goal was to put down the minor obstacles, as quickly and definitively as possible, and get to the source.

Whatever happened, it was certainly enough for her to move on into the rest of the complex. She doubted there would be much left to follow her, but if it did, she’d deal with it. It was obviously a guardian of some sort, and that meant its purpose was to stop her from something. She’d spent enough time on it. Moving on.

Downward and inward. It wasn’t like it was going to be too hard to find the source of trouble - it was more a matter of what it was when she got there, and how much trouble she had getting there in the first place.

So far, not too much.

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Alpha » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:59 pm

The Alpha picked herself up off the ground, tearing off the charred remnants of her suit. It had served her well shielding her body from the brunt of the blast, but the lack of protection from whatever they later unleashed was bothersome. Even if Eliza would be on-hand to provide inoculations.

She was about to respond to the Little Doctor's requests, when words flashed across her HUD, built into the contact lenses she wore on-mission.

The sensation she experienced next was best described as a cold rage. Her veins choked with ice, the battle-honed blade that was her mind turned towards making the Rook suffer. With a violent motion, she tore the gas mask off of her suit, the only part left intact, and strapped it on. Underneath the suit, she'd been wearing her combat armor, ceramic trauma plates over black clothing.

Quickly, the Hunter assembled her gear, much of which had been worn over the cleanroom suit. Sidearm, at her side. Knives, hidden in her clothing and under armor. The bow, she kept in-hand.

When she was finished, the black anger had subsided. The practiced ritual of it, enough that she was able to do it in seconds, was enough to clear her head.

"Patience, Eliza," she said softly. Her heart ached, looking at the girl's ruined visage. It would be easy enough for her to fix, but that didn't mean Lucia wasn't angry. "Sometimes we must delay our... gratification." She glanced upwards, eyes narrowing. "For instance, take one mister Jason Carpenter. He's just sent me a message, reminding me that he murdered a friend of mine. Right now, I'd like nothing more than to find him and put a knife through his remaining eye. But the mission, right now, is more important."

As she continued speaking, she heard Zulu finish cutting through the metal shutter. All that was left was the decontamination chamber, another door, and then their prize would be within reach. They didn't bother initiating the decon process, of course.

"Or, MAVU's assassin. She called herself Alpha too, though from what I saw of her skills, she was more of an Omega." She chuckled at that. The wolf metaphors were lost on most, but it was a small pleasure. "I had the opportunity to kill her- even felt like it, at the time. She stole my abilities, if temporarily, and burned down my friend's bar. But I left her alive knowing that revenge would be far sweeter when she saw that in death she had failed."

Though she had little knowledge of MAVU's top-secret Praeceps unit, the Apex was fairly confident Aleph would make an appearance. That was how these things went. If the rule of threes held true, this wouldn't be their final encounter, either. This time, though, she wouldn't be holding back.

An idea occurred, and the Alpha gave a wicked smile.

"Change of plans," she said, pitching her voice upwards, so Zulu, who'd begun cutting through the final door, could hear her. "If possible, leave the man alive. Obviously if it's between you or him, take him, but I think he might be more useful to us living than dead for the moment."

She looked back at the Grifter. "This way, you can use him as a test subject. He'll be patient zero for whatever you create with all the samples. We offer him to the rest of MAVU's forces as a Trojan horse, and you activate the virus. There won't even be a fight."

The circular entrance carved out of the shutter fell forwards, and after Zulu entered to pursue his target, the Alpha followed suit.

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Azra » Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:23 pm

Sure enough it seemed like throughout various communication systems the only one that got picked up on was looking to provoke. This did help provide insight on who was behind this attack but not much else, if they were lucky maybe the gamble would pull someone off from their predominant objective. It wasn't cohesion though, Quiver still concluding she was mostly apart of yet another scenario of individuals combating something.

There were two targets in close proximity, a man who seemed constantly smiling and loading a revolver. Don't underestimate a normal looking guy with an obnoxious smile of course but it did at least feel promising. She wasn't unbreakable but it'd take more then a sidearm to likely get through most of her. Well besides maybe a few selective areas, the other foe was a tad more concerning she thought. Some grotesque terror made of a staff member, burning and flailing while with a bladed head of some kind. Seemed safe to say it was a fate worse than death, also wasn't time for just going through those two. Was an armored woman ahead to help in a fight and plenty of people to stop.

Remove two more arrows, tenth of her supply being spent not to heavy a loss. One blunt arrow and one standard for smiles, released at the same time at the man not to far from the door behind a cabinet who fired a blank. The blunt arrow receiving all her strength moved for the cabinet hitting hard as it could. The shelve would be shot backwards brutally being thrown at a rate that made it more like cannon fire. Metal and wood of the cabinet would rend and shatter becoming not unlike a fragmentation grenade. The second arrow firing with a sound more equivalent to gunfire passed through the air like a bullet went for his sidearm. Aim for the hand looking to ruin the gun as much as fingers. Third arrow being aimed at the changed employee. A brief motion used to spray it with an ignition fluid.

The arrow aimed for center mass of the man, looking to split ribs and delve into the lung. As the arrow pierced as easily as a high powered rifle the arrowhead connecting with bone it would then ignite. With any luck the arrow would find its mark and then begin to burn inside the subject. Was a bit more of a visceral and potentially lethal move then she cared for but the turned staff member seemed gone by now. Much as she'd like to look after monsters and treat them like people this was more just an abomination. Taken out or still fighting though Elektra would still look to use shelves and her dexterity to parkour past them. Looking to go deeper into the facility and at worst bring them with her over getting caught up in a firefight at the entrance.

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Re: Ground Zero [Open Event]

Post by Joyous » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:38 am

Almost as soon as he'd taken cover, the furniture he'd hid behind exploded sending out pieces of shrapnel and debris everywhere. Caught right behind it the man known as Joyous should have been torn apart behind a rain of jagged metal. Yet, when it all settled, he was only sporting a couple of superficial cuts. The chaotic and unpredictable spread of shrapnel appearing to have... largely missed. The explosion had gone wide, sending most of the pierce away from the man behind it and those that had hit him only cut through his suit of glanced off his skin.

Yet before he'd time to celebrate his good fortune, the second arrow came whizzing by hitting his hand with a sicking thud as it sent his sidearm flying and pierced through his flesh. Ripping through his palm the arrow embedded itself in his hand. The pain shooting up his arm Fredrick stumbled, clutching it in pain as he doubled over. Unable to respond as the woman quickly ran past him.

Yet as he was passed up, something began to shake. The explosion that had rattled the building, disrupting the damaged wall the Pack had cut their way through. Causing a chain reaction the caused the ceiling and wall to begin to crumble, raining large chunks of rubble that had the chance of crushing the woman. Yet whether or not any pieces hit her, it was the pile of rubble that would prove the most disruptive as it blocked off the small hole leading from the entrance to the room the rest of his team had entered. Not the most sturdy of barricades, but one that would take a couple of uninterrupted minutes of digging in order to effectively get past.

Once again, his luck had come through.

"Tsk tsk tsk," Clicking his tongue Fredrick began to straighten up with a grin before walking towards the archer, "Now that was rather unfortunate, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a while until you get to see them. At least until you get through me." Beneath the tinted face of his suit, his smile grew a fraction. It was far more enjoyable to be a nuisance than a threat, anything to get that little bit deeper under one's skin.

Unarmed he moved towards the woman, before attacking with a surprising amount of speed given his figure. His leg swung out, attempting to hook her's and send the archer tumbling to the ground. Not an attack that was likely to cause much harm, but then again, it wasn't his job to kill her that was only a nice bonus. Rather he was there to simply stall.

Something he could do rather well.
"Can someone tell him to stop FUCKING smiling?"

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