Circuit Release [Semi-Open]

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Circuit Release [Semi-Open]

Post by illirica » Tue Jun 30, 2020 7:19 pm

The lecture hall at Beacon Facility was packed, which was no surprise. With everything that had been going on lately, there were a lot of questions about the Society, and even without the current events, the Society’s press conferences had been few and far between. The room sloped up, reminiscent of collegiate lecture halls for large classes, but in this case the seats were filled - mostly - with members of the press. The stage area at the front of the room had chairs for those members of the Society who had chosen to attend.

Teja Docesznic stood in front of the podium, which was empty except for a glass of water. Everything she wanted to say was there in her mind. Notes... wouldn’t have helped, and might only have made things worse. She rested her hands on the sides of the podium, her mind meditative, waiting patiently as people settled in before choosing to begin.
“Good morning. I realize that it’s been some time since the Society released a statement, and as such, I know that there are a number of questions that people have, particularly regarding recent events. I want to assure you that I don’t intend to shy away from those discussions, but I would also ask that you bear with me for a few minutes while I acknowledge some structural decisions. I want to save those subjects that I feel people most want to ask questions about for the end, in order to better acknowledge those inquiries in a timely fashion.”

“First, just to discuss the current roster. I will confirm that Hector Williams is in a comatose state. He is currently under care offworld at the Terminal facility, under the care of Nicolas Pendragon. I have every faith that Mr. Pendragon will give him the best possible care. Tremor also remains comatose, currently on locale at the Empyrean. While it is a difficult decision to keep our people out of the many competent hospitals and facilities here on Earth, we want to acknowledge the previous challenges we’ve faced where the presence of a Society member at such a facility has resulted in an attack. In order to protect the other people who need to be there, including both patients and staff members, we’re choosing to maintain our long-term care elsewhere.”

“Noctua has recovered from his previous trials, and rejoined the Society, and we’ve been fortunate enough to bring on Ryoko as well. Baron Proton has made the decision to move on and invest in a new idea, and I think his experience will be valuable wherever he goes, and wish him the best. Axiom is choosing to step down as well and retire from the intensity of heroics for a time. To continue to build the Society, Maximum Man joins us from the future, and we’ve made the decision to add Miss Mango Goleme to the roster as well. Her age - seventeen - was a hold out point for quite some time, because while I’ve been scouting her for almost a year now, I wanted to wait until she was a little older before issuing an official invitation. Ideally, I had hoped to wait until she was eighteen, but she was deliberately targeted in recent events due to her abilities, and we came to the conclusion that between her admirable performances and the apparency of her being involved in these situations whether she - or we - should happen to choose that, it was time to acknowledge what she has done and bring her on board.”

“I believe that should serve to catch everyone up on the current personnel, and I appreciate your patience in going through that, as I think it will help contextualize some later statements. We’ve had a few updates as well - Elektra has been with the Society for nearly ten months now, and she’s been nothing but a positive influence. Her understanding of the legal repercussions of situations and her work with the IRPD have given her an excellent foundation to work from. As such, I’ve moved her into a leadership role. As I think many of you know, the Society was originally meant to have a triumvirate of leaders - circumstances being what they have been, I’ve ended up being solely responsible for the Society’s actions for some time now, and it’s time for that period to come to an end. Together, Elektra and I decided to bring Ryoko into the third extant leadership role. While she’s only been with us for about two months, she’s collected, mature, and extremely honest, and we believe she’ll be a good choice for maintaining the Society’s accountability.”

“That being said, I’ll go ahead and move on to the topic that I know everyone is here for - the extradimensional incursion information. Again, I would ask that we continue to hold questions until the end - there will be opportunities for them, but I would like to set out the framework of events for reference first.”

“This excursion was our first foray into operations that were not based here on our own Earth, and it showed. We made a number of mistakes - the first was not gathering enough information in the first place. Terminus and I were able to construct a device to cross over to the other dimension, powered by his Dyson Sphere. One of our primary concerns at the time was the students who had been kidnapped from Millennium Academy. As both are minors, for the sake of their privacy and that of their families, I will not be revealing their names at this time.”
The information was out there, but that didn’t mean it should be, and it didn’t mean that Capacitor needed to be a source of it for those who hadn’t already found it elsewhere.
“Because of that and the attack on St. Louis, we moved with the idea that time was of the essence, and in doing so we ended up making a number of errors due to lack of information. Our group, representatives from the Society as well as a number of allied heroes, divided into three strike teams with three separate goals. The first team’s goal was to disable the transdimensional laser that allowed the attack on St. Louis. The second team’s goal was to find the Academy students and retrieve them if possible, or at the very least retrieve information on what had become of them. The third group’s goal was to find the Dimension Tide device that allowed forces from the other dimension into ours, and destroy it.”

“Difficulties began almost immediately on the third team. William Magnusson chose to degroup and pursue a personal goal, and Revolt received comminique from her contacts in that dimension about an attack on an entity known as Source, as well as a request to defend it. She chose to follow through on that, requesting her team’s help if they felt comfortable with it, but at the time, neither Baron Proton nor Maximum Man felt that they wanted to deviate from the original mission, even given indications of the presences of Green Knight and Reaper at that locale. Both would momentarily move to back up the first team, led by Terminus.”

“That team, too, suffered from some unplanned choices. While the original goal of the team had been to get into the alter-dimensional Solar City and disable the laser, Terminus chose to open with a callout of the metahuman known as X, for her crimes within our own universe. For whatever reason, she chose to respond, and the resultant combat caused a degree of destruction to the city that we had been hoping to avoid. As a result of that, we’ve been making efforts towards reparations.”

“Meanwhile, an attempt was made to activate the laser through the Dimension Tide device to make another attack on our world. In a stroke of brilliance, Terminus was able to redirect the attack into Dimension Tide itself, destroying the device. We cannot be sure if or when it will be rebuilt, but for at least a time, that goal was accomplished.”

“Ongoing combat would eventually result in X’s removal from the battlefield, though she remains alive and is an uncertainty for the future. As the situation became more tenable there, Maximum Man moved on to the location of Source, with the idea of backing up Revolt in whatever was going on there. By that time, though, Source itself had been destroyed, and the veil that covered the world was lifted, revealing the true extent of Surgath’s decimation. People thought to be alive were found to have been killed, and in a matter of minutes infrastructure and leadership crumbled. The other dimension will be dealing with those repercussions in an ongoing fashion. Revolt was critically injured at the time, but chose to remain in her home dimension. Whether or not she will survive I cannot say, but perhaps she’ll be able to help her world rebuild.”

A pause, for a breath, and a sip of water from the glass by her side.
“With that synopsis, I’ll move on to the second team, my own. Due to the nature of the mission, we dropped in and had no communications with the other groups during the majority of the event, which is why I’ve chosen to discuss the situations separately. Using a dimensional identification scanner developed by Terminus, we were very quickly able to determine the location of the missing students at an offworld facility. Bran Sunderson was able to craft a portal to the facility that allowed us entry without using translocative devices that may have been guarded against. We were met almost immediately by the presence of another individual, placed there as a guard over the students being kept prisoner.”

“We had been expecting resistance. The trouble with expectations is that sometimes when you expect things to go a certain way, you end up pushing them in that direction, even though they could have been otherwise. Sunderson wanted to negotiate, but I pushed for an immediate strike. With Mango’s technological expertise and mine, we attempted to hack into the systems with the idea of setting the students free from their confinement. Our opponent, however, would turn out to be an extremely talented technopath, and had entrapment systems in place to prevent exactly such an attempt, and that resulted in the injury of the students we were attempting to rescue. While both would survive and we were able to retrieve them, what they suffered because of my haste was not acceptable.”

Another pause, this one somehow pregnant, waiting. She knew what it waited for, though she did not think anyone else did. She gave herself the moment, because she needed it to prepare.
“As a result of that and some ongoing challenges resulting from last summer’s defeat of Volksgeist, I have decided to step down from the current Society leadership, and ask Maximum Man to step into the role for as long as he’s able to assist us. I still intend to remain a member of the Society, and I still intend to be there for people, but I think that people deserve a better hero than I have been, and stepping out of the leadership role will allow me to pursue solutions that might not otherwise be available.”
“In time, I hope to once again become someone in whom you can place your trust.”

This is meant to be a press release thread, so no combat, please.
Existing press / journalist characters are welcome, but I would ask that people not create random ones just because. I’d really like the journalism aspect to get put in the hands of people writing journalists, because I know they don’t get many opportunities to do so.
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Re: Circuit Release [Semi-Open]

Post by MAXIMUM MAN » Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:38 pm

MAXIMUM MAN sat quietly among his peers while he looked out over the entire group of reporters. He had never been a fan of the press and their innate desire to stir up controversy for clicks however, his job had always put him infront of their cameras and microphones. Whether it was through taking home a champions cup or putting a villain in cuffs you could never escape reporters. This was going to be an especially important interaction for a variety of reasons. There was the Novak press release, the humanitarian effort to help the people of the Divergent universe, as well as the changing of the guard within the SOS.

As Teja went over the events of the incident he listened intently to her words as well as the reactions from the crowd. He had been keeping a close eye on public relations since they had discussed what to do about X's demands and to say things were rough would've been an understatement. Novak had thought he was doing the right thing but, the controversy it had stirred up seemed more like a hit piece than anything else. Since then it was the trend to drag Capcitor through the mud for anything she had done in the past and then others began dragging the SOS after that. MAXIMUM MAN was prepared to address the peoples concerns and to take an active, yet temporary, step of leadership. Just enough time for Teja to work through what she was going through so she could lead again.

As she finished speaking he rose to take the podium. "My name is MAXIMUM MAN and many of you probably know me by now. I've done my best to make an impact here in 2020. The Society of Superheroes is an organization that is committed to the defense of the people from meta-human threats and that will not change. However, from what I've seen, the organization has made the pivot away from superheroes and has become more of a meta-human special operations squad. This is something you'ld expect after fighting a threat like Surgath however, it's time The Society of Superheroes realigned their mission with their name. With the help of Elektra, Ryoko, Mana, and Noctua we will begin taking steps to legitimize hero work. We will work closely with the police in order to insure accountability as well as efficiency. Along with this the SOS will work closely with cities in order to help minimize collateral damage as well as assist with reconstruction efforts. Finally, we will embark on more humanitarian work. I hope that we can all become an example for the heroes of the world and I have a message for them as well. The job of a hero isn't to beat up a villain it's to save people. I encourage all of you to begin doing more community outreach, use your platforms to help make positive change. The goal of a true hero should be to deter villains, inspire hope, and uphold justice!

These are the values we wish to instill into the next generation and as such we shall be launching a large scale disaster relief project into the Divergent universe. Now, I know what your thinking and yes, this is us cleaning up our own mess. We contributed to the problem and we intend to do everything within our power to help make that mistake right. We will be holding a series of food drives around the world for those that wish to give whatever they can to alleviate the needs of our dimensional neighbors. This project will be lead by all of us and we encourage any hero or person to help. This is just one of the many steps we'll be taking in the coming weeks."

He moved away from the podium in order to allow others to speak however, he would also answer any questions posed by reporters.



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Re: Circuit Release [Semi-Open]

Post by Azra » Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:34 pm

Elektra had considered standing to speak after Teja, but when MAXIMUM MAN decided to she halted. Looking to turn a readiness to speak to just being quiet and unified. People needed to see that they could work in tandem, not step on eachother's toes. Besides she was never one for media attention, her sister was the seeker of that Elektra had just wanted to be a cop. That wasn't to say she didn't take pride in where she was sitting though, she was still trying to grasp the "promotion". At least she was composed though, the same couldn't be said for the seventeen year old off to her left.

The cyborg looked more red then her signature orange. Taking the stage for a science fair the young woman maybe could have done, being before a crowd though like this clearly got to her. Those mechanical tangerine eyes having almost gone wide as headlights when Teja ended her section like she had. Elektra understood the action though, it didn't quite sit well with her but did seem the right call.

To Elektra it seemed like by that action the history and trust built over a bit more then a year was being shifted around. Largely for the leadership of newer faces, she was the one exception and the officer struggled with that. She wasn't the soldier made hero or the visionary who started this all. She wasn't a hero from the future either or a dragon from the past, just a stone with a badge and passion for archery. It felt all just more grand in scope then she envisioned herself as being ever. At any rate she stood as MAXIMUM MAN stepped away. There had been a lot of words so she felt she should keep whatever she had to say a bit more brief in nature. "I'm sure you've questions so I'll give the floor to you soon. Just wanted to take a moment."

"Firstly I would like to clarify on the nature of the aid to the alternate world. Given the limit in resources we can't do more then provide goods. I don't fault Pendragon or Novak for their choices and I trust they can still do good out there. It does though go to show what we can do when we work together and how important working together can be. I want to try and work better with the heroes out there. So secondly I'd like to ask those willing to establish communications with others. If you're a hero and want to have us on call, or be on call say so. And I'll try and help make sure that is a option."

Elektra figured that the press didn't need a run down on the functions of the Prodigy. This was though a more manageable variation of the Aegis the SOS used. A device once shared with a room of heroes, some of whom had even become the more recent members. It was a way to keep in contact and better work together, and Quiver felt like she should get that out there if she could. She'd come to know she couldn't do it all, it was a lesson she held onto. If even just a handful of the ever growing roster of heroes out there could step up though maybe they could perform better. Not just in the scope of the team she represented but just as people as a whole. She didn't want to drop hit pieces, just do her job better. With that though she moved a bit from the mic so that the various journalists could have their say. Or throw a thousand questions into the air at any rate.

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Re: Circuit Release [Semi-Open]

Post by Ryoko » Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:20 pm

It was hard to describe how it felt up there on that stage.

"Nostalgic yet incredibly unusual?" Probably the best she could do if she had to put it into words. Having hundreds of eyes on her at once was commonplace in her old life but she'd always been a lone hunter; purging the world of evils on her own. Never did she expect to become a part of something larger than herself, and the idea of being asked to help lead a team would've made her laugh. She was just as surprised as she was flattered to be asked, if a bit nervous, but if her teammates saw something in her that made her worthy of nomination, then that was all the more reason to be the kind of person who could live up to those expectations. There were a few things that she wanted to say to everyone there...

...but they could wait until after the meeting.

For now, she would stand alongside the SOS in silence; a subtle smile on her face as she waved to the crowd. Practically everything that she might've needed to say at that moment had already been covered by the others, and Ryoko wasn't the type to give a speech just so everyone could hear her blather on about nothing or shit that's already been said. That, and she hadn't had much time to prepare her words, anyway. So she'd hold her peace until someone had a question for her or prompted her to speak.

And save her words for when she needed them.
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