Proving Grounds [Limited]

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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by LunaHawk » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:24 pm

The Custodian had chosen to wear her civilian clothing. There was nothing exceptional about it, her shirt and pants fit the fashion of modern teens and did more than her uniform ever did of highlighting her actual femininity. She didn't speak, just watched while Teja explained everything the students arrived. Eventually she stepped forward to take the coin. The idea she could be accused of altering the coin's flip in some way occurred to her but part of working with a team was learning to trust, it was a lesson she felt the students should learn.

She flipped the coin the old fashioned way. "Heads," she said with a smile. She walked with her hands clasped behind her back to the appropriate team and stood ready to see who else would be joining them. She closed her eyes and focused her mind, allowing herself to feel the flow of the gravitons in the room as a means of soothing her otherwise rapidly beating heart. Real fight or not this would be her first time in action since having the limiter installed. Feeling one of the fundamental forces of the universe flow around her was soothing. There was also something nice about focusing and feeling not the whole solar system, but rather just the room. It felt--like old times.

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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by Azra » Mon Sep 30, 2019 6:07 pm

"I figured it was trained team v students my bad. Granted expect the worst to right? The villains irl should be expected as knowing you, weaknesses and straight up wanting to kill you." She said it jokingly but her experience she thought kind of justified the opinion. Her experience in LA while not having people who knew weakness per say her was a violent sequence that wasn't exactly interested in keeping her alive. Although not to many students seemed to respond anyway. The jock didn't seem to notice and the guy on the bleachers while not aggressive didn't seem to want to grant access.

A speech is made a mention of alias and meaning. Mana wasn't sure how significant she could honestly say her curent one was, "Mango" was just what she was called by friends back in LA. Gearheads and mechanics just got in the habit of calling her such and it had stuck. If she changed it though she couldn't imagine what it'd be, the only thing coming to her mind was retro themed. The dumb cyber titles she'd see in comics and games those didn't really fit however. When Ms Teja mentioned an eagerness to see what the next generation would become Elektra the archer had nodded. Though her hand rested on the IRPD badge, the archer kind of hoping for the future to be more of an evolution towards heroism and police work rather then the sort of divided state it was in now.
Then came seven years, which caught more then a few people off guard. Manaria especially though, to her Ms Teja was a mentor and an idol. Her ingenuity something to aspire to reach, a mind she wished to come to know for every lesson and piece of information worth knowing. Was also just a kind person Mana didn't want to lose. It almost instantly took apart Mana's efforts of trying to be more cautious. Recently recovered injuries had her thinking that she should defend herself a little more, maybe next time not have her eye burned out. Knowing someone was on limited time though was only more solidification in something to protect though. Helped remind Mana just how real the clock could be.

Elektra the archer was also annoyed at the discovery. You bitch. I'd of taken the risks if I'd known, now I look bad. The thoughts were something Mana didn't mean to hear but she did the mix of sarcastic commentary to mask Elektra's concern helped lighten the mood. Well at least Mana's mood. She also noted just how loud the thought was, sort of like it'd been words in a cave. It had a sort of echo to it. A coin is tossed Tails for team Teja, Meira heads, bleacher kid tails, Custodian got heads. Mana wasn't sure which team she wanted to be on, had a little hope she'd be on the side with Tremor would be nice to be around Frankie again. Especially doing something other then usual class work, some might of thought she'd want to be on Teja's team but that actually wasn't so.

Mana felt like she was on Teja's side any other moment, plus the abilities of hers were a good counter part Mana thought to her own tech focused ways. Someone like Teja as a enemy might be one of the worst possible foes for her, it was exciting to think she might be at odds with her. Coin is tossed her way and Mana does what she can for stretching, wasn't to much of her to stretch to her such action was more testing response times. A tail flicks to catch the coin and flick it a hand moving to catch it from its fall as it passes by her eyes. Response time was minute so tiny a fraction to go from signal to action that it looked natural. Internally she then reached out with her mind to try and fine tune it a little more just incase someones electricity disrupted a connection.

"I'm a psychic with a tail I feel singled out here. Got heads by the way." She remarked amused with herself before flicking the coin towards the next person. Now set on a team she sent a command to turn of the explosive energy she placed into her needle munitions. Wasn't sure she would use them but as a safety measure she at least secured the more dangerous component. For the moment though her tail simply took up a sheathed knife her latest piece of work she was excited to use, even if more a club than a sharp object at the moment.

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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by Mach2 » Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:06 am

Tremor stood alongside her teammates, looking out at the small gathering of students as Teja gave her introduction. It was fairly standard, as far as introductions went. She invited the students to consider their choice of aliases, and Tremor found herself following the instructions as though she were still one of the pupils at Millenium Academy. She'd settled on her heroine persona pretty quickly, just days after figuring out the nature of her abilities. Tremor, because at the time, that was the biggest magnitude of blast she could release without hurting herself in the process. Tiny vibrations through the earth. Tremors. She smiled slightly, the expression obscured by her helmet, as she realized how far she'd progressed in the years since.

Teja's introduction continued, and the next words out of her mouth sent Tremor's train of thought flying off the rails.

"I have, to the best of my knowledge, seven years."

If there were reactions throughout the crowd, they were mostly subtle. Tremor's response, less so. She turned abruptly, head snapping to the right to look at her teammate. She stared at Teja, her incredulous expression masked by the glare of sunlight off her helmet's visor, trying desperately to find something in the woman's face that said that she was joking. That this was some sort of lie, intended to...what? Scare the students? Motivate them? Whatever Tremor was hoping to see on Teja's face, she couldn't find it.

Seven years. It was a long time. In the line of work they had elected to pursue, anything could happen at any moment. Invictus had proven that. Noctua, too. Tremor had even managed to come to terms with the fact that she was putting her own life on the line every time she put her helmet on. But Teja had always existed as some sort of constant. She had been a factor in Tremor's life since the first time she'd tried to stand against forces stronger than she was.

Seven years wasn't that long.

She was still staring in Teja's direction, an absolute failure at the art of subtlety, when the coin was tossed her way. It rebounded off her helmet with an echoing plink, pulling her back to what was happening now. Reflexes kicked in, and she caught the coin in her hand as it fell earthwards.

In the same motion, she flipped the coin onto the back of her other hand. "Heads," she announced, adding another body to the growing collection of students who would stand against Capacitor in this mock battle.

There was only one student remaining, and she wordlessly threw the coin in Jason's direction.

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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by Niku » Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:58 pm

The whole atmosphere had a somewhat melancholic air to it after Teja's introductory speech. Most students were inspired to unbeknownst heights to improve even further, reach the top of heroics as opposed to procrastinating on subjects, others had the faintest hint of sadness on their eyes whilst masquerading as indifferent. Some couldn't care less, obviously, since heroes always came and go and, well, everyone had their reasoning behind enjoying someone else's presence and overall work to improve the world they stood on, or to utterly hate it. Seven years, it wasn't much in the great picture, mostly since the vile darkness scattered throughout the cosmos was incredibly overwhelming to a select few heroes to wipe out. They were mismatched if their objective was simultaneously erasing all of evil, yet through becoming a beacon of hope, as well as a paragon of justice, they could inspire the next generations to take the mantles left behind, raise their heads, and keep on fighting. The fact she did not retire even after such depressing news was commendable, to say the least, and Jason quiescently admitted to comprehending Tremor's motivation for heroics if she had been tutored by the likes of Teja.

Still, if he had to be placed on a group of reactions, his was complete indifference. Not bearing any sort of ill intent, nor diminishing the sadness of such astonishing self-sacrifice. Rather, he could not feel sad. Everytime he put on his old hockey mask, he had to silently accept it might as well be his last day, and since no one would miss him, he eventually ceased caring about both his own effect on others' lives and their effect on his own. Steeled himself to outer pressure, emotions for those who had absolutely no impact on his life were cut short prior to even reaching his mind. He could acknowledge it, yet he could not feel for her. It was part of the job, and she was a complete stranger.

Getting attached meant hesitation.

Hesitation meant death.

However, he was but a human, an adaptative one at that, yet still solely a man wearing an adamant carapace. Through it's cracks, a few relationships seeped through, their ties so gently tying him with the emotional side of life he could swear was better to simply forget. Francine Southam certainly was one of the few people who squeezed by during the last couple weeks, which was precisely why Jason's reaction changed from indifferent to surprised in such a short span of time. It wasn't looking at Capacitor what changed it, it was gazing at Tremor's emotionless helmet, her inner thoughts as crystalline as water. It wasn't the composed tilt of the head he would have expected, neither was it the nimble reaction times she should have had, it was the otherwise strong-willed persona he met which apparently vanished from thin air, leaving a small sense of pity lingering inside his heart.

It was, in a way, as if he looked in the mirror.

Obviously Jason had had his fair share of misadventures in the past, his most evident breakdown dating to when his mother's situation worsened to an extent she could no longer discern real from fake, and snapped at him from being needlessly rude to her on a rather heated moment. That sentiment of guilt hammered against his chest even now, what if he hadn't pressured his mother? What if he had been a proper son? However, it wasn't that painful memory which connected himself to Frankie's circumstances at that moment. No, rather, it was another less depressing scene, although still vivid within the layers of his mind.

Back on his time with the baseball team in Chicago, a young member of the team got widly assaulted by a couple of thugs who bothered his younger sister for quite some time. Jameson put his body on the line before his big debut and bought enough time for his sister to escape, at the expense of being immediately sent into the hospital, broken bones ascertaining his permanent removal from the field. The team went to visit several times, friendly smiles and jokes to try and give those eyes devoid of any meaning a single spark of life. Tears wouldn't stop rolling, even as the boys' cheeks refused to let their grins die down. Boomer was silent throughout most of their meetings, his heartbeat accelerating everytime his gaze shifted back to the beaten up squadmate before him. His life with the team ravaged by forces he could not control.

Jason never had been one for amenities when it came to venting, and thus he took to the streets until nightfall more often than not. If it wasn't for his coach transferring all that wrath into productive energy by telling him he would need to play for two, to honor the boy's wishes, Jason would most likely have lashed out needlessly at whoever slightly wronged him. Hitting the ball, time after time, letting sweat roll down his face, soak his clothes, tire his muscles and empty his mind... It was an activity he often came back to whenever he was too stressed, it let the tears fill his eyes and his feeling of helplessness break away from his body through every mighty swing. Indeed, Jason played for two, even for three as they won game after game on an amazing avalanche of pure rage-fueled plays. It did not, however, put his mind at ease, and as soon as word got out about those thugs again, all everyone could wonder was how they were so violently attacked and sent into the hospital not unlike a few of their previous targets.

Entirely distinct situations, on his case he had his revenge much later than he so desired, but if it wasn't for a clearer state of mind, he would have gone insane with guilt and the feeling of being utterly useless. Frankie, to his eyes, was pretty much the same. She could not control whether her friend would legitimately die after seven years or not, it most likely would eat her from inside out, and even though words could not be conveyed into emotions in such a time, action certainly would.

He quickly grasped the coin midair, giving a slight nod as a polite mean of thanking her. Knowing his luck when it came to Francine, he could pretty much tell the results of the coin flip as he tossed it upwards, putting enough strength to send it high, the sole purpose being where it would land. Indeed, he could not express himself through words, their most recent encounter clearly showing that much through the girl's reactions alone. A thick accent and scrambled ideas of a weirdo were, possibly, the one thing she needed and wanted the less now. The coin stops over both index and middle fingers as he instinctively brought his hand towards the other open palm. Obviously he could not talk to Frankie, but if there was anything he could do to help her vent out her frustrations, well, it was to be the release mechanism for her anger. While most would pay attention to the last result itself, Jason twisted the penny ever so subtly with his fingers, switching it's side as promptly as it touched his other hand.

He let out a chuckle. Of course it would have been the other way around if he hadn't cheated. It was pretty much a running gag by now, when both were at the same place at the same time. Looking up at Teja, and completely ignoring the fact he would be mostly useless in any situation due to his very own mental limitations, he proudly announced. "Tails."
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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by illirica » Sun Oct 06, 2019 12:46 am

The coin passed, from one person to another. Mostly, it was done in relative quiet, people choosing to focus their energies internally rather than chat too much. Teja understood, especially in some cases. She'd pretty much dropped the equivalent of a conversational nuclear bomb, right at the beginning. It had been a difficult choice to do so - part of her had wanted to protect them, to protect their innocence. Part of her had wanted to protect herself - but the thing about information was that it wasn't always strongest when kept secret.

Hector knew already, of course - and Michael had known. Teja wouldn't be surprised if Nicholas Pendragon had figured it out either, at some conjunction of their working together, though they'd never spoken of the matter directly. The US government knew, as well... and therein was the sticking point. Teja trusted them with it - but Hector didn't, and there was somewhat of a point in the idea of an information leak - even if she trusted Damson and the people over at the Meta-Inception Project, that didn't mean that someone else couldn't get hold of the information somehow.

Someone like Assurance, perhaps. The company seemed happy to make whatever accusations brought them screen time, regardless of what good or harm they might be doing. Letting the information out normalized it, made it... not exactly harmless, but something more like it.

Tremor's reaction hurt, though. Perhaps it would have been better to take her aside, tell her more gently... but if Teja had done that for Tremor, she'd have done it for half a dozen other people, and that meant more time. There was never enough time, was there? Better to have it out, and have done with it. She could talk to Frankie later, some other time. Possibly try to make her feel better about the situation... not that Teja was really all that good at that. The difficulty about keeping her distance from people - that, and the suddenly relevant fact that just because Teja was keeping her distance from others didn't mean others were keeping their distance from her.

And Teja liked her. More than she wanted to admit. She gave Frankie a slight shake of her head, a vague we'll talk later gesture that was all that she was willing to allow right now. Let Frankie work out her feelings and her questions on that, as well.

There was also the subtlety to it of forcing the hand of bad news, right before a battle. One of the things that people had to learn was how to set these things aside. Truthfully... that never really worked. There were ways, though, of not allowing intrusive thoughts to be a distraction, and that was important. Someone like Volksgeist wouldn't hold back just because his opponent wasn't having a good day, after all.

Teja pulled the coin back to her hand after the last flip. The teams had ended up fairly even, three-to-four. She'd noticed some of them thinking about the randomness, the potential of ending up in a one-against-six, or something like that. Teja had been planning to alter the odds a little bit, if that had come up - it was one of the reasons she'd chosen a copper penny, after all. Copper was probably one of the easiest materials for her to manipulate, just by being so familiar.

She gave them a bright smile.
"So, only one of you cheated the coin toss, as far as I can tell. If there was one I missed, well done. And for the one I didn't miss... well done. The first thing you want to do in a fight is control the field. We'll see if your decision pans out for you or not. All right. Take the field. Elektra will tell us when the fight starts."

As far as when that was, even Teja didn't know. Elektra could choose to give them all a bit of preparation time - or she could choose to start things before people were even in position. Combat was a series of unanticipated events, after all. Teja stepped back, moving to the precise center of the field.

Sidelines, Hector? He couldn't see her smile. She reached her hand back a little, just past her hip, releasing the magnetic lock that kept Weregild in place at her back. The sword dropped into her hand as if it belonged there, comfortable and familiar. Aligned with her interests, for once, not in opposition. Her electrical nature she kept quiet.

You can hurt someone that way, she'd told Frankie, once. Aeons ago, when she'd taken down Meshindi - it had been a moment of brutality, but it had been effective. Hector liked to pretend, sometimes, that she wasn't like that - that the blade she carried was changing her. He hadn't seen her, though, with Meshindi. Or Volksgeist. Or Solveig.

No. She wasn't like that because she had the sword. She had the sword because she had always been like that. Staying rational was important. Staying controlled. Like Stahlzahn itself, it was best if she didn't unleash herself unless it was necessary.

Sometimes the most important part of a fight was knowing when to hold back.

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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by Fake » Sun Oct 06, 2019 3:27 am

Meira Campbell
The False Champion
Crossing her arms behind her neck and leaning to the side as he got her blood pumping, Meira silently counted heads as everyone sorted into their respective teams. So far as the numbers lined up, the results turned out fairly even, or at the very least a lot better then what they could have been. Her side had the advantage in that regard, one might even have some success in arguing they even had the advantage in quality. After all, they had two of the three SoS members participating in the activity on their side. Still, it felt more than a tad dishonest to simply assume that they all shared the same level of combat prowess. Not that getting carried by the instructors was something she was willing to let happen to begin with. No, she'd find a way to make herself more than the weakest link.

First, that meant a little bit of mental preparation. Landing on the same team as Tremor was quite the blessing unto itself, but to get both her and the girl who recently introduced herself as Mana together more like a dream come true. Meira grinned to herself for a moment. It had all worked out remarkably well actually. She might have chastized the psychic earlier for giving away her element of surprise so easily, but they would just have to work with that. What concerned her a bit more about the girl was the frankly extremely dangerous mindset she expressed. Maybe Meira was a bit too much of a pragmatist for her own good, but ceding an advantage on the assumption that you probably don't have it felt like the fast track to an early grave. Still, that wasn't her problem, right now she just had to deal with the matter at hand. Maybe she'd lend the cyborg a copy of The Art of War or something... maybe.

Grouping up with the rest of her team she gave a slight wave accompanied by a warm smile.

"Hey, a pleasure to work with the three of you. Meira, Meira Campbell. I sometimes go by Dynamo, but it's pretty much just a filler name until I graduate. Anyway, I'm a fourth-year and I'm pretty un-super. Still, I'll try my hardest not to throw this for the rest of you. Anyway, I come bearing gifts.."

As she spoke she kept the information accurate, while still slightly misleading in the case any unwanted ears decided to listen in. The introduction little more than small chat while she sought to reach out to the mental connection she had just recently closed. The process of speaking in her head and speaking out loud what keeping both coherent something the proved far more difficult then she could have ever imagined. Guess that explains why so many of them go crazy. Pushing the stray thought aside, she hunkered herself down slightly and tried to make content.

"Hey, Mana right? I'll try to make with quick since we could start any second, but do you think you could act as a bit of a relay for our communications? I've got a pack of earbuds with me, and while they might not be perfect, if we all had them in Tremor might be able to cut loose a little bit more. At least enough to leave their heads ringing and unable to communicate effectively, all while we bypass the audio chaos."

The plan was fairly simple all things considered and just strove to utilize a bit of on the fly synergy within the team's powerset, however simple didn't mean ineffective. Meira expected that at the very least Capacitor would have some form of countermeasures against her teammate's ability, given how ripe of friendly fire it seemed to be. However, if they could manage to hinder, or if extremely fortunate, debilitate two-thirds of the enemy team as soon as the match started, they could very quickly turn a slight lead into a dominant one. And given how there didn't seem to be much of a risk involved in trying it seemed like something that could only really go well, so she kept the pack of earbuds extended, hopeful that they would trust her enough to go along with it.

However in the case, the plan either failed, or her teammate didn't agree she'd have to attempt and approach the fight as a physical brawl, the field in which she was least likely to shine. At the very least she knew she didn't have the slightest chance attacking Capacitor head-on. She liked to think she was generally quite good at understanding her own limits, and Capacitor far exceeded even her most generous estimation of her own abilities. She'd leave her up to either the SoS pair or Mana. Once Meira had a chance to gauge the women more and determine how much of her power she was planning to utilize in the fight, then, she might find a place to slip in.

Until then, however, that left the two remaining boys. She couldn't get much of a read on their skills, but giving the bruises on the older one she assumed he was some form of brawler. Something the lack of weapons only further reinforced. However, it was the young one who gave her pause. She was hesitant to say he looked scrawny per se, but he didn't exactly look built for fighting at first glace. Yet that wasn't was really threw her off. It was what she'd been spotting in the corner of her vision for the last couple of minutes.

Every once in awhile she'd look to find him focusing on her. Simply observing her for a split second before looking away. His eyes housing an intelligent glint as he seemed to be doing his best to completely analyze her. Meira liked to think she wasn't a paranoid person, she very much was, occupational hazard, but this wasn't that. Something about him was causing her nerves to stand on edge, the sort of sixth sense that told her she was in danger. It didn't make sense, he was at least three years younger than him, and she could probably throw him a good couple feet straight up in the air. Yet even still, she couldn't stop herself hoping that, maybe even more then Teja, the initial attack would take him out of the fight immediately.
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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by Azra » Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:34 pm

Elektra seeing the earbuds one of the students had held back for a moment. She'd notch an arrow but otherwise provide the student with time to try and get the idea out there. "Go at the sound of the gunshot." When earbuds were offered, and maybe received the arrow would be let loose a few motions of the hand changing the nature of the arrow in use. The arrow would tear through the air as quick as any rifle munition before striking soil next to the two students and two SOS members. Mass of the arrow augmented to weigh like a car. Made incredibly dense the arrow ended up impacting earth with a sound more like a high explosive than a gunshot. It was both a starting sound and meant to be as disruptive and disorienting as a building knocked over.

Plugging the earbuds in the teen pointed to her head hoping to indicate she was moving to psychic communication. Moments before the arrow was loosed Mana reached out with her mind looking to connect the minds gathered. "Mana or Mango, I'll try and keep this open to just conversations, not intrude and contain excitement. I'd say go for students draw out potential or remove from equation. I'll try and hold off Teja until then." Admitedly one of the actual hero team members was probably much better trained then her, and she might even say her friend and prior roommate might be better do to experience. Mana figured though her needs for some electrical shielding and her own technopathy would help her endure what Teja might send their way a little better. She didn't think Teja would hold back or anything that would be wishful thinking, she did however also have a sword.

Mana jumped at the cacophony of what should have just been an arrow twang. Might have even fumbled if not for her tail helping maintain balance. Right after though she rushed in a sprinting speed that while not matching a vehicle was easily above human. Bolstered by cybernetics she closed the gap with minimal time and effort, while her tail went for a scabbard Where her hand was previously resting. Intending to hide its reach for the weapon. It'd also be kept at a knife length for the stat of her run easy to mistake as just another of the talon styled protrusions of her tail.

At a full sprint the cyborg kept her left hand ready to be defensive if need be. The metal limb a decent defense she figured if need be. Was better measures she had but those weren't available at the time. Meanwhile her free hand went for a punch to the gut, a fist that hit hard enough to dent most cars. She didn't have much confidence she would wind her given opponent almost didn't think she would even manage to land the hit. Manaria also just had difficulty coming to terms with trying to punch Teja in the face. Would have probably been a better move but the teen just couldn't find it in herself.

This punch however at least was a good enough cover she felt for the real attack. The compact kind of bulky looking knife would extend into it's sword length. Still within the sheathe it was more baton or boken than a cutting tool. Held within the tail it'd seek to snake behind Teja and then whip towards the Achilles' tendon. Or well close to it, instinctually the cyborg didn't want to do critical harm. The hit ended aimed a little high in a real world scenario meant to end movement but have less likelihood of permanent damage.

Despite what she had said though it just ended up untrue. The excitement she had was rather obvious given the smile of hers. Testing herself against Ms Teja of course had her enthusiastic. Working alongside Frankie again, which she hadn't really gotten to do sense helping her study for school what felt like forever ago had her only feeling positively. She wasn't familiar with the other two but that was its own bright element she looked forward to. Much as Mana wanted to think she could be a bad ass and take this serious in the end her own nature just managed to get in the way. Desire to be a hero and consider these people friends in everyday life and even more in a larger picture just got in the way of some of the edge her combat ability may have had.

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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by Anonym » Sun Oct 06, 2019 10:37 pm

Three versus four. That's better odds than I expected, starting out. Jason had been the tiebreaker. So rather than one competent fighter and me, it's two competent fighters and me. Well... two competent fighters, me, and Annie, but they don't really need to know about her outside of what we can do combined. The claws trick from Eisner park might come in handy today, but it'll take some focus to put it into practice, with time I don't have. So instead, it's an observation game unless they decide I'm not worth taking down in the first round.

They have an advantage with Mango's telepathic communications. She's one person I'm really concerned about, here. Then again... we have Capacitor on our team, which helps balance that out. The bigger issues are Tremor, who's got a reputation for wide-sweeping auditory attacks, and Custodian, who, according to some people, is a freaking Binary. I glance at Capacitor, then Jason. If Tremor and Custodian tag-team our SOS member, then it'll be a one-on-one for us and the other two students, in which case Jason and I can coordinate. If only one person goes after her, though, it'll be a three-on-two. Knowing Jason, he'd be more than happy to take on two people at once - even two SOS members - but I'm much less inclined to take that risk.

There's still only one way to find out, and Capacitor hasn't tried to coordinate Jason and me yet. Which means I should at least say out loud what I'm capable of, even if the roster probably already told her. It's a good way to open up communications, at least.

"I'm Z," I edge in, as the arrow is pointed skyward. "I- I can't feel pain. And I've got en-en-enhanced c-cognition."

Just when I got used to pronouncing Hyper-Sanity, Tristan decided that it would be better to go with the more common form of our ability. I can't blame him. I realize that maybe I should at least mention the psionic abilities, but those are more or less tied in with the hyper-sanity. Besides. Time's up.

The gun goes off. Only one person attacks Capacitor, and - weirdly enough - it's not one of the other SOS members. It's Mango, of all people, who their team needs to relay communications. Even as a technopath, she's not really much of a match for Capacitor, not in physical ability and not in skill. Which means she's playing the distraction while everyone else focuses on Jason and me. I have to pay attention to the rest instead of her, trusting that Capacitor can take care of herself.

I catch Meira looking back at me, gauging me the same way I'm gauging her. She seems pretty laid back, and if we're being honest, she's the best target for me to take, but that off feeling still hasn't left. She seems to be getting the same vibe from me, but then again, everyone does, so she's nothing new. If it comes to an offensive attack, she's the one I'm going to try to go for.

But defensive is much better for me, especially without my usual gear. With the Abbeys, I could probably withstand most auditory attacks Tremor can throw at me, but she, Jason, and I have all been in a tousle before. Even if neither of them knows it was me then.

Jason told me once that if I can prove myself in a fight, he'll stop taking care of my bullies for me, let me handle my own problems. Right now, though, he doesn't know how much experience I have - and I'm fighting today without my Spider-Sane spinnerets, or my Spider-Sane attitude. I'm just another kid. Quick-thinking and with claws if I can get my head in the game, but other than that... I might be stronger than most, but I'm also more breakable as a result. Chewing on my options - and my already-torn right cheek - I decide to edge closer to Jason. The look in my eyes is confident, but also trusting. We've got to be in this together. I can't lean on him, but I can't do this on my own, either.

"I-I'm fo-fol-lowing you."

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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by The Challenger » Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:43 pm

Haney Grounds;

After the two teams split and began plotting, a noise cut the silence. A mechanical noise of polyurethane against concrete. From behind the bleachers rode out a diminutive, unassuming figure. It was a small boy who couldn't have been older than thirteen. He had these huge, throwback circular glasses sitting over his eyes and his raven bedhead was reminiscent of an explosion of hair. One foot propelled him forth until he reached the center of the field where he kicked the skateboard into his hand.

"Hello!", he said with a moderately raised voice and cocksure smirk. He raised his hand somewhat awkwardly towards the field before turning his whole body towards the iron clad person at the sidelines. He recognized the man as Akhilleus from the Society. "I am Dumas.", the boy introduced himself and expected a handshake. Even if the hero wouldn't shake his hand, the boy would keep his hand raised for a couple more seconds before lowering it.

"I'm sorry for being late but I had a lecture about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on future history.", he said while somewhat jogging slash running towards Capacitor with his hand outstretched. It was hard to tell whether the gray sweatshirt he had on was intentionally oversized or a hand-me-down. Either was just as likely. From hat he read about the event, Capacitor was in charge of this mess. "Hello, Ms Capacitor. Big fan, big faaan.", he would exhale after shaking her hand and linger in awkward awe for a moment before snapping back to reality.

"Dumas Petrou, Technology Course. I want to participate in the combat exercise."
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Re: Proving Grounds [Limited]

Post by LunaHawk » Wed Oct 09, 2019 10:01 pm

Dia took the offered earbuds with a nod and no comment. She put them in and was promptly grateful for the effect when the sound amplification hit. One of her teammates was already launching into the fight but that was rarely Dia's strategy, even in her Custodian/Monitor days. She closed her eyes instead and took a few steps away from the front line, focusing her mind, clearing away the detritus of battle. She concentrated on the flow of gravitons through the room and felt their interactions with each individual on both teams.

She would begin slowly, as much as a strategy as because she was still getting used to her lowered power state. The easy win abilities of the past weren't there anymore, though most of those wouldn't have been use-able here, it still felt weird not to have them as options. The option she chose instead was augmentation. With a thought and a concentration enhancing hand gesture she nudged the gravity influencing Teja. She could have tried to drive her to the ground, a strategy she knew would only be temporary because of Teja's elctro-magnetic abilities, but she wasn't certain of her control levels yet. She didn't want to accidentally SMASH her into the ground.

Macro control and micro control had once been so easy, now they required hand gestures and concentration tricks. She opened her eyes and smiled a little, feeling something like her old battle self. For now though she bit back her once trademark battle sarcasm to give nothing away. She chose the smallest of adjustments in the hope her control was as good as she wanted it to be (it was) and in the hope Teja wouldn't notice right away. Her change was simple, she would attempt to increase the gravity effect on Teja just enough to slow her reaction speed down by fractions of a second. It wasn't big, but it would become a disadvantage quickly, especially against a swift fighter like Mana.

Unfortunately that was all she could do, focus on one individual at a time.

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