The Hunt.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Azra » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:36 pm

Alezra didn't go and get drunk or high like some moronic eighteen year old looking to rebel. While maybe she kinda sorta wished some guy or girl would make a pass at her she didn't have a relationship to end up waking in a different bed. And if she wasn't asleep in LA well then she probably was just camping outside, and in those moments she stayed a ghost. So when she woke up she was quick to know she wasn't in LA. The rest would soon follow, the hardness of the mattress the lack of sheets, it was a cell of some kind.

Dont panic you're the ghost here she thought to herself to help ease her mind.

Was easy to get lost in memories of where she'd ran from and been running from. Of what they did to lock her up and what they did once there. This place didn't have that air though, it didn't have that smell. So she moved for the mirror on the wall dirty but functional in a cell that was more dirty and even less functional.

Still in my clothes. So girl probably this isn't some kinky dom making a pass at me. She moved to try and pull the collar from her neck concluding it wasn't an accessory. Surprisingly though she met resistance, rather then the collar turning intangible her fingers only chipped at it in small parts. Captor knows of me then, presumably well supplied if having this kind of gear. TV turns on Pay attention Azra.

Study the face, the paint, the mannerisms, every little detail. Name, a bloated one the kind of person who thinks their king of the world. Way it's said and who says it, there's enough there to have maybe some credibility to it. More faces, the first targets, study them as well. Alpha says some of them aren't as violent, study harder.

Who might they be? The weak links, the ones best removed from the picture to soft for the game in place. Did they deserve it no. However Alezra believed those here were either bad people or people who wanted to make a difference. If dying was how they could save lives then it was worth the cost. They didn't deserve to die, but they chose a livelihood where they might and so Azra would accept that she might have to do it. She could cry about it another time if need be. Incentive is given, a heavy amount of civilians. In a pretty world no one had to die, but if the under a dozen of players had to fall to spare at least four times as many then okay. The best value of a life was another life and one life wasn't four or five lives.

Time twelve hours, leaving room to prepare where she was at.

The reward to meet the woman responsible and those surrounding her. The invitation sounded like shit, but the chance to make sure at least one person who deserved to die did, that might be reward enough. If not, well she needed to at least think that way for now. Restraints come off and with that Azra gets to work.

Tuck the collar around her belt now that it was off, it won't work on her that way presumably but more importantly it wasn't being abandoned. However it functioned she would need to perhaps soon perhaps after all this, study it. Make sure to train to resist things like it. Because she never wanted to be in a cell again.

From there she went to a desk, grab a pencil and paper. Sketch every face she saw, quick work but a basis. Later she could maybe detail it more, for now however she at least had something before the memory was lost. Then came gear.

Using intangibility and her way of taking priority of matter in return she could put her hand through just about anything. She would use this to shape and mold some of her suroundings. She crafted from the cell bars two swords one of standard length the other a shorter more close combat design. Cell bars were also made into improvised javelins four in total, not to heavy or cumbersome but also good for projectile use. Tear at the matrice to craft rope to help keep gear in place, wasn't say a scabbard but they would make do.

Break the TV open and apart, it's usually a bit sturdier in materials so these would work as knives, jagged and misshapen but that might just be a benefit she had ten by the end. Gather abandoned office supplies, glasses and mugs. Use these to fill with fiber glass from the walls, regular glass from Windows and mirrors. Fill them with tacks, get some of the battery acid from discarded and unused batteries. While they might look like coffee mugs they would work as a sort of improvised grenade in a way, she managed to craft six in total.

Break apart chair padding to give a bit more of a handle and grip to these. Move to the walls to extract various long wires to tie into rope, connect a piece of cell bar to its end as a hook. With her phasing ability she could get it to latch to any surface this would help stay mobile. Lastly making a small pouch she went around and pulled out countless nails to form a bag of essentially caltrops. She had the abilities to help and experience hunting all her life so this didn't take to long she felt long term it did however even for her expend a good two hours and twenty three minutes. She was fine with this though as it meant having a load out without resulting to theft or reaching out to others and possibly endangering them. Once done she moved to the roof of the building she was in.

Once on the roof she would locate which way the wind blew and use that with intangibility to reach by a sort of floating the closest radio tower. She'd climb to its peak to get the best vantage point for now. And again she would study.

Azra looking to map out what places were more quiet or run down parts of Manhattan. The targets were likely closer then they knew she would bet. Not close, but probably manageable. These were also the kind of places shady jack asses could buy and do shit at which helped. Look for where gunshops would be, the more large chain advertised kind, and the tucked in the corner kind, as well as places of safety. Police, military, politics anyone that might be possible help. Players who were good people would likely go there. Locate veterinary buildings, hospitals were risky but worse case scenario one could break into such a place instead for medical needs. And lastly sketch it all down a hand drawn map might be less then perfect but it was something, and it wasn't stealing.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Akhilleus » Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:24 pm

"Just a precaution, but she might think us going towards the UN building as trying to get help, regardless of intent," Hector began as he stepped down the fire escape behind Capacitor, studying their surroundings one last time before turning his attention back to the woman in front of him.

"Y'all are probably more recognizable than me, out of the suit. I'll... I'll follow your lead."

Ultimately, he wasn't sure what the Captain was planning, nor did he have the general idea of how that was actually going to draw Alpha out. The way he saw it, she had the superiority, she had the hostages. Hell, she barely had to lift a damn finger to kill the people she kidnapped. Why would she compromise herself by leaving?

The energy shifted in the air, withdrawing Williams out of his thoughts for a moment as he tried to locate the source. The subtle crackle across Capacitor's hair confirmed his suspicions, though he didn't say anything.

Thought you needed a little bit of tech for that, Teja.

Maybe he was paranoid and being stupid, always second-guessing her abilities since the eavesdrop, but that white lie on the fire escape put him on edge. She was always one to tell the truth, anyway, always insinuating how much of an ass Hector was. Maybe he wanted dirt. Hell, he didn't know what he wanted.

To be treated without bias, maybe.

Yeah, well, that ship sailed long ago. Oh well.

The sixth sense of his energy location caused him to take two steps away from the field, masking his distance by pretending to look at something on the street. With any luck, she'd just assumed he was being a dumbass with a short attention span.

"Wonderful night for a walk. The smell is the best part." He murmured dryly, examining the wet, greased sides of the sidewalk as the two trekked along to their destination.

Never remembered New York being this bad.
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Re: The Hunt.

Post by illirica » Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:47 pm

"I know she might," Capacitor said grimly. "But what would you rather do? Stay on the sidelines and collect information while everyone else does the fighting?" That was, of course, generally precisely what she did, and she knew that he'd had a few choice words about her tendency to sit around and 'do nothing.' She had the distinct feeling that if she had been taking that route, Williams would have been equally dissatisfied. There was really no way to win with him.

Perhaps it was a bit provocative to call him out on the usual thought process - but at the same time, she'd always found it somewhat annoying that it bothered him how she did her job. Judiciously, she considered that he probably thought the same of her. "If you have any ideas, I'm open to suggestion," she added, in a more reasonable tone. "You could try seeing if you can callback on that phone and challenge her. I don't know if it's possible, or if she'd accept it, but it might flush her out. Taking her might be another challenge, but this time she wouldn't have the element of surprise."

She'd noticed him move away. It might have been nothing, but there had been a tension in him that had relaxed once he'd moved beyond her field. He knew. It had been a very scant hope that he wouldn't notice, with his ability, but at least he'd gotten it in his head not to talk about it. Change the subject. "What's the easiest for you to absorb? Low voltage, slow trickle, or all in one go?"

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Akhilleus » Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:14 pm

Teja's little riposte earned a sideways look of annoyance from Hector, who gave a small shake of his head at the response. He squinted at the pavement underfoot before looking back to his colleague.

"There's a reason I said 'as a precaution'. You really think I would have kept quiet about a plan if I really thought it was a bad one? I— nevermind." He said back, his irked tone dampening into a soft grumble as he tightened his jaw and stared forward. To her, every statement from him was either an attack on her patience or her credibility. Wasn't any God-damn way to win with her. Honestly. He'd either voice his opposition clearly and get called an ass, or try and put it with tact and she'd think he was being mocking.

"Sure, I'll call the cell-phone." He said, wanting to get off the subject of them arguing as fast as possible.

Two angry women with you for the price of one. Good deal, good fuckin' deal...

"Just dump it on me, faster that way. I can take a shock."

Every time he was with Teja, he always expected it to go at least somewhat well. After how many times it had gone shit, he honestly shouldn't have expected a kidnapping situation to suddenly make this the fuckin' corporate retreat of their missions together. Fool's optimism, maybe.

The sole number in the rinky-dink contact menu was dialed and Akhilleus held the phone to his face, sighing as the dial tone and mechanical whirr of the call tone sounded. A moment later, it ceased, and Hector cleared his throat.

"Yes, hello, this is Akhilleus, the man you kidnapped earlier. Now, I understand your time is precious, as is mine, so I think we should just hurry this little game up. You name a place and time in Manhattan and I'll be there to kick your ass so hard that the imprint of my fuckin' hand will be left on your God-damn face instead of that shitty third-grade face-painting project of yours. Try me."

He looked to Capacitor as he finished, raising a single finger up as if to say one moment as he awaited a response.

Come on. Take the bait. Fight me, you know you want to.

God, that sounds like a dick thing to say.
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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Deus Mortis » Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:47 pm

It had been an eventless few minutes.

Garrick had remained relatively motionless as he sat upon the ledge of the apartment building, his senses alert and mind akin to a machine as it sorted through the various amounts of stimuli he took in. Had this cycle of eventlessness persisted, Garrick would have simply taken to action as he knew time was of the essence right now. But instead, Garrick’s eyes would spot the hard-to-miss sight of a magical portal opening up on the rooftop across from him. From where he was, it looked as if there was a wrinkle in time as the motion of space behind the portal existed awkwardly with the rest of the environment. Like a splotch of grey on a black canvas.

A duo of figures came from the other side of the portal much to the surprise of Garrick. He observed them silently, wondering if these two were contestants or just a pair that coincidentally came across his path. Whatever their reason for being, he watched them, from the casual demeanor one seemed to have to the more cautious and perceptive nature of the other. This man was observing the streets and buildings it seems, until his gaze fell upon Noctua himself.

There was a small pause in time before the man jumped off the rooftop and a shadow took his place, shifting through the air and making its way up to Garrick’s position. This abrupt action was enough reason for alarm and in response, Garrick got far away from the edge of the building, just in time for the man to materialize from the shadow itself and charged forward towards Garrick. The man had a blade in hand, something our Owl-clad friend was in no rush to be impaled by. With a small side-step, Garrick would evade the man’s stab, countering with a cross-jab straight into the side of his temple, one supplemented by the weight and impact of Noctua’s armored gauntlet.

Whether the attack landed or not, he’d roll backwards away from the Shadowy Assailant and onto his feet, staring straight into Oculus’ eyes. Noctua would be absolutely clue as to what was about to happen because of his stare, his mind instead wondering whether or not his opponent was wearing contacts.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Oculus » Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:28 am


With his attack evaded and a counterattack on the way, Ezekiel's evasive movements came just as quickly as his initial attack did. With his Oculus reading his opponent's movement the moment they began, he started to move even faster. Dashing at, then past, his opponent so quickly that as swift as the man's counter jab was, it struck nothing but air.

Perfect Vision granted The Devoted Son far more than just prediction, it gave him one of the most powerful edges in a fight one could possess. The right of postponement, he could follow an attack plan right up until the moment it would fail before quickly adjusting. While it didn't make him utterly immune to counterattacks, it granted him the ability to keep all his doors open until the very end. To never fully commit, and be punished for it. At least not as long as his eyes could view his target.

In the end, the opening blows of the fight had resulted in little more than a feel for the others movements and reaction speed. However, one notable action has occurred, one that would change the land space of the encounter entirely. One simple glance from his target, a look into the Oculus was all it took. For the eye to awaken, and the plane of The Absolute Equalizer to fall.

Within milliseconds the surrounding backdrop and lights of Manhatten vanished. Replaced by an oppressive and stifling darkness, the two fighters surrounded by what seemed like a neverending void. To all those looking in from the outside, all they would see is an impenetrable wall of shadows. A ghastly dome that seemed to be radiating with an ominous aura, an aura that made it very clear that nothing good would come from touching it.

However, The Absolute Equalizer was far from just a simple way to section off the fight from the outside world, that was merely a secondary benefit. The true aim of the field was to change the conditions of the fight complete, to strip the fight down to it's barest elements. To remove the presence of supernatural and meta abilities. Not only would it roughly equalize both fighters physical strength, but it would attempt to rob Garrick of his supernatural abilities. His senses dulled to that of a normal mans, his talons no longer able to extend and his neck losing its flexibility. It wouldn't affect his suit or any trick and skills he had, however, while in The Absolute Equalizer he would most likely find himself back to that of a normal human.

Yet the name, The Absolute Equalizer, was a bit of an unfortunate misnomer. For if it was anything, it was far from equal. In truth it's purpose was to ensure that the wielder of the Oculus always possessed an advantage. So while yes, his strength and speed were averaged out with his opponent, his unusual eyes still retained their properties of True Sight. After all, it was the Oculus that generated The Absolute Equalizer, and if it was to cancel itself the field would instantly fall. So even within this "equal" fighting arena, Ezekiel still possessed his ace.

It was for this reason that Ezekiel rarely fought more than one person at a time. Because it was in situations like this that he excelled, where he possessed all the advantages while robbing his opponents of theirs. To fight the Devoted Son in a one on one duel was tantamount to suicide.

If the field had worked and his opponent's senses had been neutralized, he would find himself surrounded by darkness without the sight to see through it. Leaving him fighting a man with perfect vision, in the complete and total dark. A man who would call out to him once, constantly moving as he did so to avoid given his position in the darkness away.

"Let's negotiate. You concede and I'll let you live."

If his opponent refused to yield or failed to answer within the next ten seconds Ezekiel would wait no longer. The glow of his eyes would fade completely and his position would become utterly obscured. Then after relocated with a series of rapid and quiet movements he'd strike. A single silent slash, cutting through the darkness in an attempt to sever the man's spine.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by The Broker » Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:04 am


Arthur got to see their first attempts at striking one another, but before the real fight could begin the dome had appeared, blocking all view of the excitement inside. Arthur felt somewhat worried whenever his best friend entered combat inside of The Absolute Equalizer, despite the fact that he knew that Ezekiel had the upper hand, as it was pitch black in there and only Zeke would be able to see with his gifted eyes. Alongside that he also had the capability to become even less visible than he was in the pitch black, while simultaneously moving at an incredible speed. If the fight even had a chance to begin,
it certainly wouldn't last very long.

Boredom quickly fell upon The Broker, who laid down on the rooftop across from where his dearest friend was currently in a duel to the death, probably. This isn't very comfortable... He didn't know why he reached out with his mind like that, he knew there was no one there to hear him. I think I know how I can make this better... A small portal opened up next to him, he reached through and grabbed a pillow off of his bed and then placed it under his head. Much better. He was used to being able to feel Zeke's presence. Arthur was always lonely whenever Zeke went off and fought someone within the Oculus' trap.

Arthur felt that was enough feeling sorry for himself, just because Ezekiel was off fighting without him, doesn't mean he can't still be productive. The pulled the flip phone out of his pocket and pulled up the screen to send a response text to his mysterious captor.

"Hello, Alpha. I would like to thank you for selecting Ezekiel and I for your competition.
However, I am also curious about how and why you came to choose the two of us?"

The message didn't need to be elaborate, short and simple would do it fine. He just wanted to know a little bit more about this fascinating individual. Why is she going through so much effort for what could be a simple recruitment? Or was the recruiting merely a cherry on top? Was she looking to challenge the moral strength of heroes and vigilantes? Arthur was thoroughly engaged in this game she was masterminding so elegantly. Any sort of response from her, including the lack of any kind of response, would help him understand her just a little bit better.

He pondered on what other kinds of people Alpha had collected. He recalled seeing the face of a young looking girl and wondered what she brought to the table to make her worthy of having a chance to join Alpha's pack. Maybe he'll have the opportunity to see first hand what she can do, he certainly hoped he did.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Alpha » Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:40 pm

11:30 PM, EST.

T+ 30 Minutes.

The pair struck first. As anticipated. The Hunter would have liked to watch the fight, but there were other things to attend to. Firstly, one of them had contacted her. If it had been one of the children, begging her to be released, she would have ignored the message. With the Broker, though...

'You and your friend the kind of killing instinct that the other contestants lack. Steel sharpens steel, but bashing blunted blades against each other accomplishes nothing.'

'As for my methods, I will not be divulging that information.'

With a deliberate tap of the button, she sent the message.

At around the same time, one of the trackers in the phones went dead. Idly, the Alpha clicked another key on her keyboard. On the feed from the hostages' location, she saw one slump over out of the corner of her eye. Turning back to the messaging client, she accessed the 'chat' that everyone would receive messages from. She'd arranged it so they couldn't communicate through it, though. That would be too easy.

'47 remain. Thanks to Capacitor.'

Almost as soon as she'd sent it, the phone began to ring. Hector. The Spartan reached for it without turning away from the screen.

"Were it anyone else calling me," she said softly, after he'd finished his tirade, "I would tell them there are eight people for them to deal with before they'd have the privilege of facing me. For you, though... I'll make an exception. Survive until midnight, and I will meet you in Times Square."

She paused for a moment.

"Did I say eight? Apologies. I meant nine."

Without waiting for a response, she disconnected. There was no need to hear what he had to say- she already knew full-well.

Finally, the Pack Alpha pressed a short series of keys, and a new hunter was released.

The man known as Resolute wakes up in a coffin.

The super-soldier's hands are cuffed, and the lid of the pine-wood box has something taped to the inside. A tablet. Moments after 'Rook' awakens, the screen comes to life. A woman's face is facing the camera. She speaks.

"Hello," she says, her voice almost perfectly unaccented. "I am the Alpha. You are all here because you are strong. Strong enough to merit my interest. But the question is... are you strong enough? Are you predators, or prey?

"I invite you to write me your answer in blood. The blood of the seven other individuals of interest I am speaking to now."

Eight images, taken all at roughly the same angle, of six unconscious individuals, appear on the screens. They linger, even as the Pack Alpha's voice returns.

"It does not escape my notice that some of you are not inclined towards... violence. As such, I have provided... motivation."

The screens now display what appears to be a live video feed. It shows around fifty people, all with black bags over their heads, lined up on their knees against a wall. No details that might betray their location are shown, as the feed only remains on-screen for a few moments.

"You will have forty-eight hours for one of you to elimate the other seven, and prove your strength to me. For every hour that passes without blood shed, I will execute a hostage. Steel sharpens steel.

"Your contest will be restricted to the island of Manhattan. If any of you leave the perimeter of the island, I will murder multiple hostages, and then you. If you make an attempt to 'foil my plans,' I will murder all of the hostages, and then you.

"Whosoever survives this trial will have a standing invitation to my Pack. I wish you... the best of luck.

"Remember. There is only one sin: defeat. There is only one grace: victory."

As the screen returns to black, Resolute's cuffs open, and he's free to shove the lid off the coffin. To look around, he'd find himself inside a morgue, the coffin itself resting on a steel surgical table. The equipment one might expect to find in a place like this remains- scalpels, knives, and the like- but not a single other sign that a human has been here in months.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Reyn » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:10 am

The gas did a fairly good job at getting Kat to move.

She had been pepper sprayed before, during that incident at the mall, and it wasn't something she cared to repeat. Though reluctant to go outside, she was also reluctant to stay inside, lest her eyes cloud over completely and sacrifice her vision for the remainder of this game. Perhaps staying in the place she was dropped off in wasn't such a good idea after all. Still, she needed to be somewhere. If she couldn't stay and hide in that building, she would have to stay and hide somewhere else.

What a fucking joke. Did this Alpha really expect a child to act any differently?

"Where to, Katherine?"
Linaria sighed, pushing the anvil away from the door so Kat could escape
"Have you finally decided to fight, hm~?"

Kat laughed. Not a nervous giggle, nor a madwoman's cackle, just a plain old laugh, as if Linaria had said something funny. She shook her head lightly, rubbing her eyes against her sleeve and shoving the door open.

"Shush, you." She shook her head "We're going to do something fucking smart this time. No reckless murder, no putting my life in danger for the sake of some idiot's SAW fanfic, nothing like that at all. Now, shut the fuck up and talk to me through my head or some shit. I wouldn't be surprised if we're being watched right now."
"Well excusez-moi, Katherine..."
Linaria clicked her tongue, falling into silence but refusing to change shape
"Seeing as you have centuries of military experience under your belt, I suppose I'll have to listen to you- oh wait, I'm not on your belt this time, am I?"

"Just shut the fuck up and move the fuck out."

God, that sword was a pain sometimes. Linaria stayed in human form, mostly for Kat's protection, but she remained silent as per the girl's orders. It was almost an act of respect; Linaria had never seen Kat so... independent before. She wanted to see where this was going. Maybe soon she would get what she wanted.

In the mean time, however, it was fairly obvious where it was going; to a run-down sports supply store close to the warehouse. Kat walked in and, using the money Linaria had most likely stole from her parents, bought herself a fencing mask and a small knife. She had to keep her identity protected, after all. Kat put the mask on and gestured to Linaria to leave the store, and the two set off towards a more densely-populated area of town. No stupid-ass metahuman was going to try murder her in front of all these witnesses. With Linaria acting like a legal guardian, Kat could just pretend to be some seriously ill kid who needed a mask to protect her from her skin condition.

It was a good plan.

It was going to work.

Nothing could go wrong.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Akhilleus » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:57 am

Hector grunted in affirmation.

"I hope," He began, only to stop as the short click of the receiver meant Alpha had hung up on him prematurely.

You and every other person I talk to.

"Hope you wear your Sunday best, bitch." Williams finished in a half-hearted attempt to one-line before clicking the phone shut. He breathed out, looking over to Capacitor.

"Got us a date. Times Square, 12 PM, so..." He started, unearthing his smartphone and checking the time. "Shit. Timezones, right, and daylight savings is automatic..."

After a moment of fumbling around the screen, Hector pulled up the clock for New York.

"30 minutes. You still wanna pay the UN HQ a visit or beeline to the nicer part of this city—"

There was a notification on the screen— a tiny blip ignored during his call with Alpha. Raising an eyebrow, he flipped it open and viewed the contents of the text message sent to him.

47 remain. Thanks to Capacitor.

If it were possible for him to have paled, he would have. Instead, his face contorted into the brief appearance of a rictus before he flipped the phone shut and stared out onto the road, his expression sullen as he debated whether or not to tell Teja the entire truth. Would she be angry at him for telling her, or angry for him withholding? Would it be both? She didn't have a phone, since she'd destroyed it. Come to think of it, that was probably why—

"She's killed three hostages. Said it— it was because of you." Williams spoke, clearly and lowly.

No. She deserved to hear the truth, and he wouldn't lie to her. Would only complicate things. It was tough, but it had to be done.

"I'm going to Times Square. Whether or not you follow is up to you. 'Boutta end this bullshit night once and for all. Three's already too much." He continued, breathing out and pulling up a GPS to find the New York City landmark on Google Earth.

"Not your fault," Williams stated to Capacitor. He felt like he had just told her a lie.

Stepping away from the Captain, Hector moved towards an alleyway that would spit him out onto a street which, more or less, would put him on a straight shot to Times.

"Let's hope this ain't a trap, right?"
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